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Kiffin accuses Meyer of recruiting violation

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  • Kiffin accuses Meyer of recruiting violation

    Funny stuff.

    "I'm gonna turn Florida in right here in front of you," Kiffin told the crowd at the Knoxville Convention Center. "While Nu'Keese was on campus, his phone kept ringing. One of the coaches says, 'who's that?' And he said, Urban Meyer."

    "I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn't get him," Kiffin said.


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    I'm sure this isn't the biggest recruiting violation Urban pulled this year. Funny thing is, I'm not so sure Kiffin was squeaky clean himself...


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      Kiffin has already been blasted by Spurrier. He's becoming the most hated Coach in the SEC

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        LOL, everyone hates Lane Kiffin already
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          Awesome. +1000 for Lane Kiffin who just became my third favorite head coach in college football (Behind Shannon and Zook).


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            Both are scum. Meyer is a dirtbag and Kiffin is a tool.

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              lol@kiffin...awesome. It's true though, meyer is scum...but i guess his do whatever it takes to win attitude is what makes him so good?
              Time for damn change!


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                Kiffin and Dan Mullen have been taking some shots at other teams and I would not consider that a wise thing for a first year SEC coach to do, especially when they are each inheriting recently struggling programs.


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                  Go kiff, stick to CUM.


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                    Kiffin better live up to the recruiting bill the next few years or he'll be the one being joked about.


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                      Originally posted by tjsunstein View Post
                      Kiffin better live up to the recruiting bill the next few years or he'll be the one being joked about.
                      Exactly. Recruiting is not the end all be all beleive it or not, he is in for a rude awakening next season if he doesn't tone down the cockiness and sense of entitlement.


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                        Originally posted by Don Vito View Post
                        Exactly. Recruiting is not the end all be all beleive it or not, he is in for a rude awakening next season if he doesn't tone down the cockiness and sense of entitlement.
                        I like it, (IMO) for right now he's slowly taking off the loser label off of Tenn, and makes them seem like...USC, or something. I think this will help the team, and gives them (what do the young people say today....) a kind of "swagger". Tenn has talent, but they weren't coaching it up and probably gave up after the first loss. Of course everything will be dictated during/after the games, but for right now, I like it, and I see nothing wrong with it.

                        Right now Kiff is my favorite coach in the SEC (just like coach O, for obvious reasons) . I used to root for Miss (coach O) and MissSt (Croom, I just like the guy), but they dont have the coaches that liked anymore.


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                          Originally posted by BRAVEHEART View Post
                          for right now he's slowly taking off the loser label off of Tenn
                          It takes a lot more than recruiting and **** talking to take a loser label off of a team, though. Ole Miss went through much worse times than UT has before we got Nutt, and when Nutt came he wasn't taking jabs at other teams he only worried about his own. We had a very good season last year and we may not be looked at among the likes of Florida and Bama as the kings of the SEC, but we have lost the loser label we had prior to last year. The only thing Kiffin is doing by saying things like that is painting a bullseye on his own head and the head of his team for when actual football is played in the fall.


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                            After getting called out by Steve Spurrier, I'm glad Kiffin is showing a backbone. It's never a good idea to give another team bulletin board material, but I'll admit it's a breath of fresh air.

                            It's actually kinda smart, media wise. After the Georgia over-celebration two seasons ago, that was all that was on ESPN, FSN, etc. for the entire week prior to their rematch this past season. Kiffin's comments and other coaches' comments on Kiffin are getting the Vols in the headlines. As long as he doesn't do anything overly reckless, I'm fine with it.
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                              Negative exposure is better than no exposure.



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