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Future NFL'ers from the 2009 class from your team

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  • Future NFL'ers from the 2009 class from your team

    Just a Fun thread.

    Pick 3 players from your team's 2009 class that you think will play/Star in the NFL someday.Must be a Freshman.

    Texas Longhorns

    DE Alex Okafor 6'4 240(Huge Frame,Great Motor,Long Arms)

    OT Mason Walters 6'6 295(Massive Frame.Carries weight well.Athletic"Big Country"type of OL)

    OL Thomas Ashcraft 6'5 315 (Very athletic and strong. Reminds me of a young Justin Blalock.)

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    CB Cliff Harris- Not sure I've ever seen a HS kid with a better feel for the CB position, though I admit I've only seen a relatively small number. He's a natural with great fundamentals and ball skills. Often appears to be the intended receiver if not for his opposing jersey. A true cover corner who displays great fluidity and is precise in his movements. NFL scouts will love his tape, and there figures to be 3-4 years worth of it as a starter in the Oregon secondary. A good candidate to jump to the NFL as a RS junior. Also has good value as a return man.

    WR Diante Jackson- A lot of guys appear to have the size and speed and skill to make it to the NFL someday, but the primary reason I like Jackson is he appears to have that drive to get there. He seems like a perfectionist who desperately wants to be the best at everything he does. Very coachable, and likes doing the little things like blocking and has even taken ballet classes to strengthen his knees. Seems committed to his craft, which leads me to believe his rise will be steady. With starting roles there for the taking at Oregon, Diante projects to be a 3-4 year starter and with his size and skill level, the chances are high that he'll get a shot at the NFL.

    OT Everett Benyard- His tremendous size combined with the tutelage of Coach Greatwood will hopefully produce an outstanding NFL prospect. We all know it's all about technique and there's quite a bit for this guy to learn over the next several years, but I'm betting on his size and Coach Great's rep. Could have a big time future if he stays focused and committed. Will have to work extremely hard just to earn a starting role sometime in the next few years. I like his chances though.


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      LB: Manti Te'o: Most pro ready linebacker I've seen on high school film (not saying he is ready but he is as close as anyone), great lateral movement and hits hard and clean. Ideal SLB for a 4-3 pro team.
      OG: Chris Watt: I normally wouldnt pick a guy that was an offensive guard since half the guards in the pros were tackles in college but this kid is something special, relentless in persuing his blocks, nice mean streak, good feet, great hands and a great frame.
      DB: EJ Banks: Great all around athlete, could have played qb elsewhere but is just to good an athlete to miss out on the trip to the next level.

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        Ray Ray Armstrong - Big frame and great overall athletic ability. Naturally talented. Could end up at DE, OLB or TE.

        Mike James - Fred Taylor, Chris Wells, Earnest Graham, etc. That kind of talent.

        Curtis Porter - Ideal 3-4 NT.

        There are others but these 3 are the most unique prospects.

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          For Illinois i think the three best prospects will be: (not in any order)

          1. Michael Buchanan DE: 6-6 220 very athletic basketball player. Should definitely get some looks because of his size and athleticism.

          2. Justin Green CB: 5-10 174 Green is lightening quick and very fast. Is going to play RB in college, but would probably project best to CB at the next level. Will likely be drafted as a KR or developmental type player unless he moves to CB earlier in his career.

          3. Terry Hawthorne WR: 6-0 168 Dynamic playmaker, he's great with the ball in his hands. He's not out of this world fast, but he's got good speed, and has great quickness, and has great hands.

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            QB Garrett Gilbert
            DE Alex Okafor
            OL Mason Walters


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              qb geno smith
              wr logan heastie
              cb pat miller
              s jonathon scott

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                DE: Donte Moss- *****
                DT: Jared McAdoo- ***
                RB: A.J. Blue- ****
                Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
                Coples is that dude.
                Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

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                  Florida State Seminoles

                  1. DT Jacobbi McDaniel (6'0 267) - Relatively quick DT and should have a lot of publicity throughout his career at FSU. The spotlight early can really help or hurt, its up to him to be dominant like he has in high school. Although he isn't very tall and may seem a little light, he makes a living off of his quickness.
                  2. ATH Willie Downs (6'2 192) - He could afford to put on some weight and play some safety or keep his current weight and play corner. For some reason, he didn't receive many offers despite his ball skills and versatility. He could play some offense as well as he develops his techniques on the defensive side. He has the athleticism down.
                  3. DE Demonte McAllister (6'3 263) - Passed up the top half of the SEC and USC to commit to FSU. He had 97 tackles and 19 sacks in 2008 while being lined up at DT. The next athletic DL to rave about from FSU.


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                    QB Zack Mettenburger - 6'5 228 pound QB who is suppose to have one of the strongest arms in the class

                    WR Marlon Brown - 6'5 205 pound who should put up good stats playing along side A.J

                    CB Branden Smith - A playmaker who will probley start as a freshman.


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                      Jamarkus McFarland- He is simply a beast and is going to a good school for developing DTs. (Tommie Harris, Demarcus Granger, Gerald McCoy)

                      Ronnell Lewis- An amazing athlete...I don't care if he played 8 man high school ball, the dude is gonna be amazing. Very raw right now, but sky high ceiling.

                      Justin Chaisson-Great frame and skill set, may need some more bulk

                      Sooners are lookin good :D

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                      Originally posted by BaLLiN72
                      i wish NFLDC had something like "wall to wall" where we could see Brodeur and Job's conversations.
                      Originally posted by Job
                      NFLDC would be jizzing itself non-stop.


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                        Rutgers Scarlet Knights:

                        QB Tom Savage
                        DT Isaac Holmes
                        DT Antwan Lowery

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                          Virginia Tech Hokies

                          TE Logan Thomas
                          RB David Wilson

                          #4 Duke Blue Devils (4-1)
                          2010 & 2015 National Champions!!!
                          2015 2K Classic Champions



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                            In parenthesis are "full potential" comparisons

                            DT William Campbell (Kris Jenkins)
                            DB Justin Turner (Malcolm Jenkins)
                            OT Taylor Lewan (Jason Smith)
                            I'm a state.


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                              Matt Barkley
                              Devon Kennard
                              TJ McDonald



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