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    QB Devin Gardner
    QB Cornelius Jones
    RB Austin White
    RB Stephen Hopkins
    WR Ricardo Miller
    WR Jerald Robinson
    WR Jeremy Jackson
    WR Tony Drake
    WR Drew Dileo
    WR D.J. Williamson
    OG Christian Pace
    DE Kenny Wilkins
    DE Jordan Paskorz
    DE Antonio Kinard
    DT Terry Talbott
    CB Courtney Avery
    CB Terrence Talbott
    DB Marvin Robinson

    "Great" or "Good" Chance
    LB Josh Furman
    LB Troy Gloster
    CB Cullen Christian
    DB Brandon Ifill
    DB Bobby Swigert

    Outside Shot
    P Will Hagerup

    Long, Long, Long, Long, Long Shot
    OT Seantrel Henderson


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      I hope that Christian and Ifill would stay home, but they wont.


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        Christian has been U-M's to lose for a long time now


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          I'll give it a try.

          QB- Clint Trickett
          RB- Gio Bernard, Debrale Smiley
          WR- Kenny Shaw, Christian Green, De'Joshua Johnson
          TE- Tank Sessions, Neil Basford(maybe)
          OL- Ed Christian
          DL- Tavaris Barnes, Darious Cummings, Corey Miller, Brandon Willis, Damien Jacobs, Cameron Erving
          LB- Nigel Terrell, Telvin Smith, Holmes Onwukaife, Jeff Luc, Christian Jones
          DB- Lamarcus Joyner, Terrence Mitchell, Terrence Brooks, Chad Abrams, Greg Dent, Scooter Haggins
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            Originally posted by P-L View Post
            Christian has been U-M's to lose for a long time now
            I'm not liking that he's drawing it out. I've seen this too often.


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              Originally posted by JoeyJr09 View Post
              He's openly recruiting players for them and he was the ring leader of their recruiting section during the FSU/UM game last Monday.
              I heard Joyner didnt make it to that game.


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                Originally posted by keylime_5 View Post
                I heard Joyner didnt make it to that game.
                I talked to people that saw him there.


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                  Originally posted by Sniper View Post
                  I'm not liking that he's drawing it out. I've seen this too often.
                  Especially with DBs. Tony Grimes could be on that list as well.


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                    Penn State

                    I will be using Scout's rankings.

                    Already Commited:

                    QB Paul Jones *****
                    WR Adrian Coxson *****
                    FB Zach Zwinak ****
                    LB Mike Hull ****
                    TE Kevin Haplea ****
                    C Miles Dieffenbach ****
                    QB Robert Bolden ****
                    DT Evan Hailes ****
                    DT Daquan Jones ****
                    DE/OLB Dakota Royer ****
                    RB Silas Redd ****
                    DE Kyle Baublitz ****
                    OT Tom Ricketts ****
                    OG Luke Graham ***
                    WR Alex Kenney ***
                    WR Levi Norwood ***

                    Still in the picture:

                    RB Marcus Lattimore ***** (Doubtful but seems to like Penn State a lot)
                    DT Sharif Floyd ***** (Got a lot of bad remarks about Penn State, but still think he ends up a Lion)
                    WR Kenny Stills ***** (Seems to really like us and says he will visit. Doubtful, though)
                    LB Khairi Fortt **** (Down to Georgia and Penn State. I think we land him.)
                    DT Michael Thorton **** (We are in his top 5 and says he will visit, but I don't think he leaves the state of Georgia)
                    DE C.J. Olanidan **** (Tough to read this kid, but I think he's Michigan State)
                    DE Dominique Easly **** (Was a Florida lean, but they didn't accept his commitment. Penn State does well in New York and I think we land him.)
                    RB Storm Johnson *** (Probably a Florida State and was a LSU commit. Apparently really likes Penn State, but I don't think we land him.)
                    OT Robby Havenstein *** (Teamate with Zach Zwinak, but I think we have too many Oline prospects this class.)
                    S/OLB Travis Williams *** (In his top five, but I think he goes South.)


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                      Minnesota should have the full 28 scholarships to give. I'll add an extra one for good measure.

                      QB (1)- Tom Parrish ***
                      RB (2)- Lamonte Edwards****, Donnell Kirkwood ***
                      WR (3)- Toby Durham***, Marquise Hill ***, Chris Hawkins ***
                      OT (3)- Jimmy Gjere****, Mark Lenkiewicz***, Matt Eggen***
                      G (1)- Jonathan Ragoo***
                      DE (3)- Tobi Okuyemi***, Josh Tauaefa, Vincent Johnson
                      DT (3)- Beau Allen***, Zac Epping ***, Doral Willis**
                      LB (4)- Nduka Onyeali***, Kevin Kisseberth***, Willie Tatum**, Dwayne Mitchell**
                      CB (6)- RobDonovan Lewis***,Kenny Bell***, Jabari Price***, Tyrone Bouie***, Antoine Lewis***, Allen Veazie
                      S (2)- James Manuel***, Dominique Sanders ***
                      K (1)- Kip Smith***

                      No Seantrel. :(
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                      Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                        NC State should have a surprisingly decent class this year

                        OT Rob Crisp *****
                        RB/WR Tony Creecy ****
                        DT/DE Fre'shad Hunter ****
                        OL Tyson Chandler ****
                        DT Thomas Teal ***
                        DT Raynard Randolph ***
                        DE AJ Ferguson ***
                        RB/WR Tobias Palmer ***
                        WR Bryan Underwood ***
                        OLB/S DJ Green ***
                        OL Torian Box ***
                        FB Logan Winkles ***
                        S Pete Singer **

                        Projected Commits:
                        QB Tyler Brosius *** (supposedly just decommited from UVA and committed to NCSU after the Pitt game, but it's being kept quiet until he irons things out with the Cavs first)
                        S David Amerson ***

                        Will get one of:
                        RB Mustafa Greene ***
                        RB James White ***
                        RB James Holland ***

                        S Dontae Johnson *** (back up plan to Amerson)
                        LB/S Roy Mangram **** (probably won't have the grades to come in after two years in JC, parted ways with)
                        LB Aramide Olaniyan **** (huuuuuuuge long shot)

                        Don't have a ton of scholarships open this year, so after Brosius, Amerson and an RB commit O'Brien will probably only take 1-2 other guys that the recruiting sites don't even know about yet. Probably a CB and a DE


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                          Originally posted by JoeyJr09 View Post
                          Geomar, pretty far off the mark . We aren't even recruiting some of those guys on the list and you completely left you a couple of OOS kids that we've pretty much already got in the bag. You must have missed Hurtt's interview yesterday because we said we will not be signing more then 24-25.

                          Here is my projection:

                          QB- Stephen Morris, Miami Shores (FL) Monsignor Pace (3*)
                          RB- Darion Hall, Naples (FL) Lely (3*)
                          RB- Eduardo Clements, Miami (FL) Booker T Washington (4*)
                          FB- Maurice Hagens, Tampa (FL) Tampa Bay Tech (3*)

                          WR- Ivan McCartney, Miramar (FL) Miramar (4*)
                          WR- Allen Hurns, Miami (FL) Carol City (3*)
                          TE- Alex Smith, Cincinnati (OH) Lakota West (4*)
                          TE- Clive Walford, Belle Glades (FL) Glades Central (3*)
                          OL- Shane McDermott, Wellington (FL) Palm Beach Central (3*)
                          OL- Jonathan Feliciano, Davie (FL) Western (3*)
                          OL- Tavadis Glenn, Jacksonville (FL) Terry Parker (4*)
                          OL- Malcolm Bunche, New Berlin (NY) Milford Prep (4*)

                          OL- Arie Kouandjio, Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha (4*)

                          DT- Todd Chandler, Miami (FL) Northwestern (4*)
                          DT- Louis Nix, Jacksonville (FL) Raines HS (4*)

                          DE- Ego Ferguson, Chatham (VA) Hargrave Military Academy (5*)
                          LB- Tyrone Cornelius, Stone Mountain (GA) Stephenson (3*)
                          LB- Kevin Nelson, Gainesville (FL) Gainesville (3*)
                          LB- Javarie Johnson, Washington (DC) Dunbar HS (4*)
                          CB- Jeremy Davis, Fort Myers (FL) Fort Myers (3*)
                          CB- Kacy Rodgers, Southlake (TX) Carroll (3*)
                          CB- Raheam Buxton, Pahokee (FL) Pahokee (NR)

                          CB- Keion Payne, Ft Lauderdale (FL) St Thomas Aquinas (3*)
                          S- Lorenzo Waters, Hyattsville (MD) DeMatha (3*)

                          Will add 1 of these guys if they have a change of heart and decide they want in:
                          OL- Brandon Linder, Ft Lauderdale (FL) St Thomas Aquinas (4*)
                          DE-Corey Lemonier, Hialeah (FL) Hialeah (4*)
                          LB- Jeff Luc, Port Saint Lucie (FL) Treasure Coast (5*)

                          Other Options:

                          WR- Michael Lee Harris, Miami (FL) Northwestern (4*)
                          WR- Sean Tapley, Jacksonville (FL) Raines (3*)
                          WR- Willis Wright, Miami (FL) Miami Springs (3*)
                          DE- Dominque Easley, Staten Island (NY) Curtis (4*)
                          CB- Devont’a Davis, Gainesville (FL) Gainesville (3*)
                          S - Greg Dent, Belle Glades (FL) Glades Central (3*)
                          Well based off the new numbers that Hurtt threw out just a few days ago we are looking more and more closer to 28-29 honestly based off the target numbers he gave, and that I have caught up with recruiting again(When I threw out that prediction I wasn't really updated at the time so it wasn't that bad.) and that I was wishing that Gore would be in and Dent before, but then again after reviewing tape I see why they will not. I have caught up with recruiting again since being busy with work and all. Here is something solid I will stick with for some time.

                          QB: Stephen Morris
                          RB: Darion Hall & Eduardo Clements
                          FB: Maurice Hagens
                          WR: Ivan McCartney, Allen Hurns, and Sean Tapley
                          TE: Clive Walford & Alex Smith
                          OL: Malcolm Bunche, Jonathan Feliciano, Tavadis Glenn, Shane McDermott, Brandon Linder, Arie Kouandjio, Andrew Tallman

                          DE: Ego Ferguson
                          DT: Todd Chandler & Louis Nix
                          LB: Tyrone Cornelius, Jermaine Johnson, Kevin Nelson, and Travis Williams
                          CB: Raheam Buxton, Jeremy Davis, Kacy Rodgers, and Keion Payne
                          S: Devont'a Davis(CB or S) & Lorenzo Waters
                          ATH: Willis Wright

                          30. I will stick with this for some time. Im positive on this like never before. My first prediction was without looking at sites and off of hearsay from people so this is as solid as my predictions will get. 30 might seem a bit over 27-28, but it's not. Always will have a few non qualifiers. No way I don't see the staff not going big. Plus we might have some surprises as well.
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                          Graig Cooper makes opposing defenses look silly.


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                            WR-Fred Pickett!! (WVU)



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