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The 2011 Recruiting Thread

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  • Sheldon Richardson flips double birds to Lane Kiffin and Ed Ogre and signs with Mizzou. Love it.
    Credit to BoneKrusher for the Sig
    RIP themaninblack


    • rudock's a hawk


      • Ryan Shazier met with Muschamp and thinks he fits better with CWM than he did with Meyer. He's taking his OV to OSU, but should announce a "re-commitment" to UF sometime in the next few days.

        Muschamp is going to be one hell of a recruiter, and supposedly Ray Drew would really like to meet with him.



          New York may not have wanted to see Drew leave, either. At one point during his trip, Drew witnessed a man digging through the trash. Drew asked him if he was hungry, to which the man replied yes. So Drew took him inside a sandwich shop and bought him a sub and chips.

          "I couldn't just pass him by. He was a human being who was digging through trash for his dinner," Drew said. "He just wanted to eat so I was happy to help him. I might be broke if I lived here because I'd want to help them all."


          • definitely sounds like the type of kid UF could use, what with all the arrests. Would be a fantastic first commit if Muschamp could somehow reel him in.


            • Ray Drew, Isaiah Crowell and Jay Rome are all UGA in my opinion.
              Credit to BoneKrusher for the Sig
              RIP themaninblack


              • Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
                Ray Drew, Isaiah Crowell and Jay Rome are all UGA in my opinion.
                Yes, at the moment. But we all know how fast recruiting changes. Not saying we suddenly are going to get Drew, but a meeting with Muschamp is a great start, especially given how well he's done with current commits.


                • Originally posted by Sniper View Post
                  Bleacher Report....Lol.
                  also lol'd at this and everytime he quotes it.

                  also, kris frost is leaning michigan now instead of auburn :( but auburn is going to have a huge weekend of recruiting with multiple people coming in.

                  RB Savon Huggins
                  RB Marlin Lane (Clemson commit)
                  DB Erique Florence
                  OL Christian Westerman (Texas commit)
                  OL Greg Robinson (AU commit - unofficial visit)
                  ATH Louchiez Purifoy (Florida commit)
                  DL DeVaunte Sigler
                  ATH C.J. Uzomah (AU commit)
                  WR Sammie Coates (AU commit)
                  LB Justin Garrett (AU commit)
                  RB Jeremy Hill
                  LB Tony Steward

                  ATH Quan Bray
                  OL/DL Stephon Tuitt (ND commit)
                  CB Jonathan Rose (AU commit)

                  some could be dropped by friday but this is the unofficial list. steward was supposed to visit florida this weekend and is up in the air between AU and UF.
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                  RIP, Sean Taylor.


                  • Make sure you guys treat Steward well for us.


                    • According to a source on the FSU board close to the Tony Steward situation, he won't be visiting Auburn this weekend.

                      It's only a matter of time...


                      • James Wilder Jr. was named the Florida 5A POTY.
                        Karlos Williams was named the Florida 3A POTY.

                        I haven't seen who got the 6A POTY, but I am actually surprised it wasn't Devonta Freeman, who put up 354 yards in the State Semifinals and leads Miami Central against Dr. Phillips in the 6A Title game.


                        • Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post
                          rudock's a hawk
                          Not if we push for him. Sorry dude.

                          sig by BoneKrusher


                          • Not worried at all. He will sign with Iowa.


                            • I'm not even sure I want him here but all of a sudden I feel very good about our chances.

                              That is correct comahan
                              I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                              <3 dg


                              • Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
                                Ray Drew, Isaiah Crowell and Jay Rome are all UGA in my opinion.
                                I'd be surprised if Rome doesn't go to Clemson.



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