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The 2011 Recruiting Thread

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  • TE Eric MacLain decommits from Tennessee.

    Facts aren't 100%, but apparently MacLain, who is reportedly around 6'5, 270 now, really wants to play TE and not OT. The staff hasn't contacted him since signing day two weeks ago, which has MacLain upset. I believe he still plans on attending UT's junior day though.
    Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
    Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


    • Karlos Williams commits to FSU at junior day this morning.


      • Michigan got it's third commit today in MI WR Shawn Conway. He's a relative unknown because he only played in two games his freshman and sophomore years due to transfer. He must have really impressed the staff, considering that we are only going to take one or two receivers in this class. Scouting report sounds promising.


        • LB Steve Edmond commits to Texas


          • auburn is in good shape early on to land the better of prospects from alabama.

            RIP, Sean Taylor.


            • FSU is racking right now early on with 8 commits

              Eric Beverly RB High
              LeMarcus Brutus DB
              Trey Pettis OL
              Keelin Smith DB
              Karlos Williams DB
              Sterling Lovelady OL
              Niles Lawrence-Stample DT
              Derrick Mitchell DT

              I would expect a couple of more at the end of the week after the 2nd Junior Day...I know a lot of fans are hoping for a Ray Drew Commitment DE out of Georgia


              • Iowa has a legitimate shot with DE Aaron Lynch.

                I think we'll be in a situation similar to Nebraska with Owa' last year.


                • Austin Blythe could end up top guard prospect.
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                  • Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post
                    Iowa has a legitimate shot with DE Aaron Lynch.

                    I think we'll be in a situation similar to Nebraska with Owa' last year.
                    I believe most of his family is from Ohio and his uncle played at Mount Union. He said he watches OSU every saturday too (who doesnt? :)). Should be an interesting recruitment, but my gut tells me if he goes out of state it would be in Columbus, if he stays in state it would be at Miami.

                    That guys has really blown up though with big offers, I wonder where he ends up in the rivals/scout 100.
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                    • DaVaris Daniels likes his Hawks.

                      Did not know the Ohio connection Keylime. Interesting factoid.


                      • Originally posted by ToldLikeItIs View Post

                        I think we'll be in a situation similar to Nebraska with Owa' last year.
                        Basically, you are saying you won't get him?


                        • That's exactly what I'm saying.

                          We'll be top 3 in the end, assuming it drags out that long, and we'll push him on the idea of being the next "Adrian Clayborn". We won't get him, but the national spotlight we'll receive with him should be enough to sway a few other good recruits.

                          Either way, I'm fine with it.


                          • Sedrick Flowers Committed to Texas today. Thats #15

                            QB David Ash
                            RB Joe Bergeron
                            WR Jaxon Shipley
                            WR Miles Onyegbule
                            TE MJ McFarland
                            OL Sedrick Flowers
                            OL Marcus Hutchins
                            OL Taylor Doyle
                            OL Josh Cochrane
                            DT Desmond Jackson
                            LB Steve Edmond
                            LB Chet Moss
                            DB Sheroid Evans
                            DB Leroy Scott
                            DB Mykelle Thompson

                            Visiting This Weekend
                            WR Marquis Jackson
                            WR Hakeem Flowers
                            OL Matthew Hegarty
                            OL Garrett Greenlea
                            OL Taylor Chappell
                            OL Le'Raven Clark
                            DT James Castleman
                            LB Kendall Thompson
                            CB Eric Agbaroji
                            CB Charles Jackson
                            S Franklin Shannon
                            S Nick Shepard
                            ATH Quandre Diggs
                            ATH Ladarius Brown


                            • Updated Hawkeye feel-good list:

                              Christian French - 6'6 4.37 (Biggest freak in class?)
                              Austin Blythe
                              Nick Temple
                              DaVaris Daniels
                              Victor Nelson
                              Brian Bobek (if we offer, this one is puzzling)
                              Derek Farniok
                              Justice Hayes
                              Aaron Lynch
                              Cardale Jones
                              Ashton Gaines
                              Remound Wright
                              Zach Sterup
                              Cole Fisher
                              Melvin Gordon

                              French is a relative unkonwn. Son of 6'9 former Hawkeye basketball player Cherokee French. He ran a 4.37 LAST YEAR at 6'6 220. Tape looks good. I suspect he'll be rivals100, possible 5*, just based on measurables alone.


                              • Iowa is sitting 4th at best for Daniels.

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