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No factual information can be posted without a link to the source of that information. This means any time a player commits to a school, names a leader, drops a school from his list, etc. you must provide a link with your post. If you do not have a valid link supporting your information then keep it to yourself. Obviously, you don't need to link to your own personal opinions. Just make it clear that they are your opinions.

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Disciplinary Action:

Since this is a fresh reminder, everyone gets one freebie. The first time you break this rule, you will have your post deleted and that is it. If you break it a second time, your post will be deleted and you will get a warning. If you ignore the warning and break it a third time, you will receive an infraction.

Remember, these are Scott Wright's rules not mine. We want everyone to still have fun, but we can't keep ignoring the rules of the website.
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Miami U - Poor recruitment

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  • Miami U - Poor recruitment

    I do not understand sometimes the recruitment of Miami, let
    good players on your side and will seek players who do not have much to do with college, so good that the team had a good month in the old recruitment but
    need to look at it now, since just what happened
    with the brothers browns, lately has good values and past players behind Miami "star high" setting aside some underrateds as "Jackson Jeffcoat, Todd Chandler, TJ Leifheit, Luke Joeckel ... that's sad

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    i do not understand sometimes wtf you are saying?

    English not your 1st language?


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      da recruitment of da miami isn't da worst, playerz dat da football is played with weather sunny and some eggz for breakfast.


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        centering response makes reading easiest this way
        Originally posted by njx9
        i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


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          Ok don't use english translators please..


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            english motha fucka, do you speak it!

            RIP, Sean Taylor.


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              I am now dumber after reading this.


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                I think I love this man, but......

                Originally posted by Jurrell Casey
                I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


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                    I like the centered type. I saw a block of centered type and I thought I was gonna read a poem or a haiku or something. what a let down.


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                        You know how everyone tried to make all of RC3's epic? This is the epic thread we have been searching for.
                        Originally posted by SNIPER26
                        fwiw, i amz deunks ofs myt ass. ilo vez drinmoinz befotre i post. wha t a hreat ideas.z.


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                          + rep to the person that can translate this.

                          Originally posted by Jurrell Casey
                          I love light skin and white women but my main chick is brown skin


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                            Originally posted by ATLDirtyBirds
                            Coples is that dude.
                            Go Amare. I Love Tayshaun Prince...

                            Orioles - Raiders - UNC - Nuggets/Wizards


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                              Originally posted by DoughBoy View Post
                              + rep to the person that can translate this.
                              I think hes saying Miami's recruiting is confusing him because he doesn't understand how they're letting good kids like Jackson Jeffcoat who's from the same region as Miami (the south) go and they're getting guys that aren't there for the right reasons....ahhhhh I got a ******* headache



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