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    Originally posted by BRAVEHEART View Post
    Will Campbell, Nick Perry, Brandon Graham
    Eh... if i were to rank MI recruits based on "bigness":

    1. Ronald Johnson
    2. Charles Rogers
    3. Ernest Shazor
    4. LaMarr Woodley
    5. Kelly Baraka
    6. Gabe Watson
    7. Kevin Grady
    8. Brandon Graham
    9. William Campbell
    10. Kyle Brown
    I'm a state.


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      Tamba Hali
      Greg Olsen
      Brian Toal
      Dwayne Jarrett
      Eugene Monroe
      Myrone Rolle
      Atwine Perez
      Will Hill


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        I guess Michael Oher's recruitment was kinda a big deal.

        Patrick Turner, Chris Donald, Jacques Smith are the other Tennesseans I can think of off the top of my head.
        Credit to BoneKrusher for the Sig
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          Probably Martez Wilson in the last 5 years.


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            Originally posted by Preston View Post
            Probably Martez Wilson in the last 5 years.
            Kyle Prater
            Martez Wilson

            those are the top 2 in the last 5

            Sig by me... Hold the applause.


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              Jesse Palmer? Lol. Even though he is not since 2000.

              Originally posted by Scott Wright
              Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
              Originally posted by njx9
              do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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                Top recruit in Ohio since 2002:

                2002-Mike D'Andrea/Maurice Clarett
                2003-Donte Whitner/Prescott Burgess
                2004-Ted Ginn Jr.
                2005-Alex Boone/Jamario O'Neal/Mario Manningham
                2006-Chris Wells
                2007-Ben Martin/Eugene Clifford
                2008-Mike Adams
                2009-John Simon/Melvin Fellows/JT Turner
                2010-Jordan Hicks
                2011-Braxton Miller

                top recruit out of Ohio during the past decade was Ted Ginn Jr., though Chris Wells was the #1 player in the country in 2006.


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                  Kwame Harris I guess

                  I can't think of any big time recruits from Delaware, except this one guy who went to my school named Corey Sanders who dominated Harris in the state championship game. To bad he got locked up in high school, he got offers from a bunch of schools and was going to Miami.


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                    A.J Green
                    Daquan Bowers
                    Carlos Dunlap
                    Robert Quinn
                    Marcus Lattimore
                    Ricky Sapp
                    Stephen Gilmore

                    I'm going to say Bowers because he was getting sucked off by scouts so much
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                      Originally posted by islandboy843 View Post
                      A.J Green
                      Daquan Bowers
                      Carlos Dunlap
                      Robert Quinn
                      Marcus Lattimore
                      Ricky Sapp
                      Stephen Gilmore

                      I'm going to say Bowers because he was getting sucked off by scouts so much
                      clearly it's gonna end up being Jadeveon Clowney. Best DE prospect in a generation at least.


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                        Ted Ginn Jr in Ohio

                        Josh Jenkins in WV only one i could i can think of off the top of my head

                        RIP themaninblack


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                          For PA... Terrelle Pryor


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                            For Wisconsin

                            John Clay and Josh Oglesby, both in 2007

                            Travis Beckum, who I thought was going to be a great Linebacker for Wisconsin, but they turned him into a Tight End, which they already had, Graham and Kendricks

                            You don't get too many blue chippers here in Wisconsin


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                              Originally posted by jballa838 View Post
                              Kasen Williams.
                              Jake Heaps
                              Johnathan Stewart
                              Austin Sefarian-Jenkins
                              Jake Locker
                              JR Hasty/Steve Shilling
                              No Taylor Mays??



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