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The 2012 Recruiting Thread

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    Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
    i want to get into recruiting for realz guiz. I started to big time come the whole Savon Huggins thing and it reminded me how awesome recruiting is to follow. Using that link posted of the top 150, I looked into 3 guys from NJ/NY.
    4* ATH DJ Singleton seems to be a guy we can get, it says 4* safety Elijah Shumate is good friends with QB Gary Nova who committed to RU this year, and it says Wayne Morgan (CB) is between really Penn St. and Miami, but USC and Rutgers are still very much in the mix.

    any good sites where I can really get into the whole recruiting buzz and ****?
    Another guy to look out for is Alvin Cornelius from Staten island. Big 6'2 WR who made a lot of buzz last year and is expected to have a huge season this upcoming fall. I hear he has a lot of interest in Rutgers.

    Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
    AJ Leggett back to Miami. This should be fun.

    DB class of Leggett, Howard, Willie Bailey and Deon Bush sounds decent.
    Is he related to Lance?

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      Don't believe so.

      That is correct comahan
      I ******* LOVE YOU DG
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        Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
        but I hae read he's good friends with Gary Nova, which could be Rutgers best shot, especially if Nova wins the starting job this year.
        We're going to need a really good season this year to start keeping the top talent in state.

        what's the word on guys down in Florida? any liking RU? since Rutgers seems to get just as many Florida guys as we do NJ/NY guys
        Also, don't forget that since we got Hafley our relationship with Don Bosco has improved immensely which is going to pay big dividends for us. Schiano and Toal didn't get along that well and he didn't want many of his kids going to Rutgers but that relationship seems to have been repaired. I'm not going to count us out of the Bosco players like I had to before Hafley arrived.

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          Rivals 250 watch list

          That is correct comahan
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            With the rich talent in their area, PSU has no excuses to not have a top 10 class this year.


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              Ohio has some pretty soild DE propects out there.

              RIP themaninblack


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                Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
                With the rich talent in their area, PSU has no excuses to not have a top 10 class this year.
                Michigan fans are expecting a top ten class too based on how loaded the Midwest is this year, but it's still going to be difficult for a team who isn't regularly in the top ten to get there. You gotta figure that Alabama, Texas, LSU, Ohio State, and Florida State already have half of the top ten spots locked up. Auburn will probably finish with a top ten class coming off of a National Championship and I expect Florida to rebound in a big way. If USC can find enough scholarships to give (and I assume Kiffin doesn't have an issue with over-signing) then they will have a top ten class as well. Realistically, there isn't going to be many top ten spots up for grabs. I think Michigan and Penn State fans should aim for a top 15 class. Setting the bar any higher is likely going to lead to some disappointments.
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                  Notre Dame's visitor list for junior day later this month:


                  Ifeadi Odenigbo OH DE
                  Frank Taylor PA OG
                  Shane Callahan CO AT
                  Colin Thompson PA TE
                  Robert Gregory IL QB
                  Anthony Maddie IL QB
                  Brendan Nosovitch PA QB
                  Desmon Peoples PA RB
                  Gehrig Dieter IN WR
                  Efe Scott-Emuakpor MI WR
                  Maty Mauk OH QB
                  Jordan Payton CA WR
                  Bryce Treggs CA WR
                  Jordan Westerkamp IL WR
                  Pharaoh Brown OH TE
                  Kent Taylor FL TE
                  Blake Thomas OH TE
                  Brandon Arcidicano PA OL
                  Taylor Decker OH OL
                  Jordan Diamond IL OL
                  Benny McGowan OH OL
                  Andrus Peat AZ OL
                  Dan Voltz IL OL
                  Noah Spence PA DE
                  James Ross MI LB
                  Mike Scherer MO LB
                  Terry Richardson MI DB
                  Tyler Lance OH ATH


                  Troy Watson OH OG


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                    after getting westerman auburn is trying its luck in arizona.

                    offered davonta neal 5-9 170 with ridiculous numbers.

                    Neal had a huge junior season totaling 29 touchdowns and leading Chaparral to a 14-0 record and second-straight state championship. On offense, he had 37 receptions for 907 yards and 11 touchdowns and 59 carries for 551 yards and 12 touchdowns.

                    As a cornerback on defense, he added 22 tackles, nine pass breakups and five interceptions, two of which he returned for touchdowns. He also totaled 665 return yards and four more touchdowns.
                    annnd andrus peat the top OT 6-7 280. he already expressed interest back in jan around nat champ time.
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                      You stay away from Neal!! I doubt Penn State gets Neal anyways.

                      Peat should be going to Nebraska.


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                        neal would be so sexy with malzahn's offense mmmmmm :)

                        RIP, Sean Taylor.


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                          Rich Rodriguez summed up in two sentences


                          In the fall of 2008, Clowney's sophomore year, then-Michigan assistant coach Tony Gibson was recruiting [CB Stephon] Gilmore. The Wolverines wanted him as a quarterback to run their zone read in Ann Arbor.
                          Let's recruit one of the top corners in the country- AND PUT HIM ON OFFENSE!


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                            FL QB Gray Crow commits to Miami.

                            That is correct comahan
                            I ******* LOVE YOU DG
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                              Originally posted by critesy View Post
                              neal would be so sexy with malzahn's offense mmmmmm :)
                              He would be MUCH sexier in Chip Kellys offense....


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                                Who will be your team's next (or first, in some cases) next 2012 commit?

                                If I had to guess, I'd go with MI TE Ron Thompson for Michigan.



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