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do you play with/against anyone who is being recruited?

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  • do you play with/against anyone who is being recruited?

    just wondering as i found it kinda cool that our MLB, Patrick Larimore(3 star prospect) has already comitted to UCLA for 08 and we played another UCLA 08 comittee in E.J. Woods from Crespi in passing league today.

    anyone else play with or against anyone who is being heavily recruited?

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    Already out of HS, but I did play against Heath Miller in HS.

    He was a senior when I was just a freshman. Dude was a freakin' MONSTER of a quarterback (yes, he was a quarterback in HS). I caught him on a bootleg once, chasing him to the sideline. Guy could've easily turned upfield and outran me, since I was a 250lbs defensive tackle. Instead, he lowered his shoulder and planted my a** in the dirt. Was by far, the hardest I had ever been hit.

    You would think that guy is just a bit unathletic watching him play football, but that is far from the truth. In his senior year of HS, he switched from 1st base to shortstop in baseball. Made the move easy and was a slick fielding shortstop. Could've easily been a draftee in baseball. I think he struck out maybe 3-4 times in his 4 years in baseball as well.

    Scary good athlete.


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      Played with and am freinds with Braden Hanson, QB from NC. He is highly recruited 4 star. About the 6th rated QB on

      thanks Bengals1690


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        Bryshon Nellum(track phenom,WR) lives across the street from me, and I play basketball with him at the gym.


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          Jake Christenson - Iowa QB
          Dave Molk - Michigan OL recruit
          Aaron Nagel - ND recruit
          Brett Nagel - bunch of offers
          Coby Fleener - TE Stanford Recruit
          Graham Pocic - Tons of offers OL recruit.

          Among others who are getting some interest like Gordon Kickles, Bobby Ernest, Willie Hayes, etc..

          All on the same pop warner team.. Pretty stacked team if you ask me.


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            on my team are also
            -Delano Howell(3 star on
            -BR Holbrook(invited to Army all-star game)

            i have played against
            -Shane Vereen RB/CB Valencia(full-ride to CAL)
            -Darrell Scott RB St. Bonaventure(#1 recruit on
            -Vaughn Dotsy OT St. Bonaventure(3 star on
            -Milton Knox RB Birmingham(4 star recruit on scout)
            -AJ Wallerstein OG Canyon(3 star recruit on scout)
            -Michael Herrick QB Valencia(Ole Miss QB)
            -Joseph Fauria TE Crespi(full-ride to Notre Dame, 5-star recruit)
            -Shane Moleen RB Mission Viejo(RB, UCLA)

            ...and many more, it is actually kind of cool to say that i played against all of these great players


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              my friend is the #37 ranked player in the nation for the 2009 basketball class
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                Last Season i played with

                Carson York who was the #8 OT in the nation on scout, although i didnt think he deserved it cuz he kinda blew. just HUGE. (going to oregon.)

                Brandon Hanna who was the 15th ranked MLB absolute animal, was an even better running back. had 150 rushing yards in our state championship (going to oregon)

                Also been playing with Byron Hout since my freshmen year. Hes been an all state defensive end his soph, and junior years and won All State player of the year last year as a junior, but because of his size hes switching to Middle linebacker this year. hasnt played a down at linebacker but hes already got 5 offers, best one is washington right now, but AZ State is coming soon and so is Oregon. Kid is an absolute STUD. Check him out on Scout. Had 85 tackles and like 6 punt blocks as a soph, and then 87 tackles and 12 sacks with a punt block his junior year.


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                  I ve played against, had a camp with, or seen play in person. Now that i look at this list im amazed at some of the people ive competed against

                  Adrian Clayborn - Iowa - 4 star
                  Paul Chaney - Iowa
                  Jeremy Maclin - Mizzou, returned 2 punts against us - 4 star
                  Blaine Gabbert - Nebraska commit - 4 star
                  Logan Gray - Georgia - 4 star
                  Wes Kemp - undecided
                  Munir Prince - Notre Dame - 3 star
                  Keith Williams - Nebraska - 3 star
                  Aron White - Georgia - 4 star, #1 TE on rivals for 2007
                  Lamark Brown - K State - 4 star
                  Marvin McNutt - Iowa - 3 star, best high school athlete ive ever seen
                  AJ Jimmerson - Michigan St
                  Jairus Byrd - Oregon - Freshman All American at DB, but was an amazing QB
                  Taylor Bennett - G Tech - Was not that good, no one in the St. Louis area understood how he got a D1 scholarship offer, but hes making the best of it
                  Will Franklin - Mizzou - Saw him play basketball in high school he put the ball through his legs and reverse dunk it
                  Will Paul - Michigan
                  Rolandis Woodland - Mizzou commit - 3 star

                  Leroy Smith -


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                    Any thoughts on Hansen?

                    Given that it's a down year for QBs and Rutgers needs one badly, they've offered seemingly every QB in the East. I heard he was a UNC lean but they need to nab one of them somehow.


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                      Originally posted by Jonny View Post
                      Any thoughts on Hansen?

                      Given that it's a down year for QBs and Rutgers needs one badly, they've offered seemingly every QB in the East. I heard he was a UNC lean but they need to nab one of them somehow.
                      Everyone seems to think he is leaning to UNC but he is pretty opened at this point. He wants to visit all the schools. He really liked Alabama and Saban but they have yet to offer. I would say Rutgers has chance but since he isnt all that familiar with it Im not sure. He just visited it though, but I have not talked to him about it.

                      He has a huge arm and great accuracy. He doesnt play against top notch schools though because he goes to a smaller private school. He has also had the benefit of playing with good WRs. He has all the physical tools and really understands the game. I would like to see how he faired against greater competiton because in NC last year he threw for about 20 more TDs than anyone else. He deserves all the credit he gets but he will have to work hard to be a D1 QB and I think he will. I dont see him coming in as a freshman and starting so Rutgers better have someone who can play until he is ready if he decides to go there.

                      thanks Bengals1690


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                        Yeah, QB is locked up for the next two years, but the depth chart is empty after that. Make sure to tell him that any commit to Rutgers this year will probably be a 3-year starter :)


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                          I played against A.J Green.


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                            i played against the 3 star recruit DT Ian Williams who commited to ND....
                            and i just got back from a UCF Camp where Matt Patchan (5 star recruit) was there....

                            that kid is a giant sissy though, he was crying after he lost a tug-of-war competition that the Offensive line coach for UCF had the o-linemen doing


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                              My cousin Austin Champlain is an OL/DL in California who has recieved interest from Oregon, Utah, UNLV, Fresno State, and SDSU



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