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do you play with/against anyone who is being recruited?

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    Originally posted by bwillie26 View Post
    Already out of HS, but I did play against Heath Miller in HS.

    He was a senior when I was just a freshman. Dude was a freakin' MONSTER of a quarterback (yes, he was a quarterback in HS). I caught him on a bootleg once, chasing him to the sideline. Guy could've easily turned upfield and outran me, since I was a 250lbs defensive tackle. Instead, he lowered his shoulder and planted my a** in the dirt. Was by far, the hardest I had ever been hit.

    You would think that guy is just a bit unathletic watching him play football, but that is far from the truth. In his senior year of HS, he switched from 1st base to shortstop in baseball. Made the move easy and was a slick fielding shortstop. Could've easily been a draftee in baseball. I think he struck out maybe 3-4 times in his 4 years in baseball as well.

    Scary good athlete.

    My cousin played basketball against him. What school did you go to?

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      today in a passing league i played notre dame high school who has anthony macdonald(4 star on rivals;comitted to notre dame) at MLB and dayne crist(4 star on rivals;also comitted to notre dame) at QB. macdonald was a dick and repeatedly threw me to the ground for no reason. crist seemed way overrated as he threw numerous picks to our D.

      also, donovan carter(3 star on rivals) was MLB for birmingham, who we played last week


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        recruits i've played with/against(don't know their rankings or anything)
        Devier Posey,WR
        Riley Dunlop, WR
        Kyle Rudolf, TE
        Jeff Rieskamp, DE
        Eugene Clifford,S
        Revelle Sadler, CB
        Ben Martin, DE/LB
        Adam Myers-White S/LB
        Tyler Moeller, LB
        Cobrani Mixon, LB
        Rick Schmieg, OL(just committed to Purdue)
        Tirdell Byrd, DT
        Alex Albright, DE
        Curtis Meyers, DE
        Jeff King, DT
        Frank Becker, OL/DT
        Spencer Smith, LB/FB
        Connor Smith, OL
        Mister Simpson, FB
        Dominic Goodman, QB/WR

        some of those guys are bigger names than others but they all play D1 football or are going to this upcoming season.

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          Originally posted by elway777 View Post
          Bryshon Nellum(track phenom,WR) lives across the street from me, and I play basketball with him at the gym.
          Kids a beast.. I watched him at State, It was like God in spikes.


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            anyone heard of Demitrius Bronson?

            Originally posted by slightlyabroncosfan
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              lets see, I played with Kevin Bemoll, Greg Peat, Ryan Williams Nick Reed, any good true Freshman that went to Mission Viejo in 2001. P.T. Gates, Jess Beets, Nick Nelson, Jesse Lee. I played against Alex Parsons, anyone in the Seaview league from 2002-2005. anyone in the mission conference from 2006-07(JC) oh and ive talked to Warren G, and have help his son in FB, and have seen the Pierce(Antonio) Kids play football, and they call ball really good.


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                I play against Mike Tyson's son who's surprisingly pretty good but plays for a crappy team.

                I have to wear earmuffs under my helmet.
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                  Originally posted by djp4516 View Post
                  my friend is the #37 ranked player in the nation for the 2009 basketball class
                  i looked at scout and none of the 09 guys are ranked yet and then rivals i could not seem to get it.... a name would be cool?

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                    I just played against a couple of good recruits at my last camp. This is there rankings in Northwest.
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                    Originally posted by STARHEATHER
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                    Originally posted by A Perfect Score
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                      I tackled jonas gray in a scrimmage once, realy hard to take him down. Hes solid.


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                        Big T


                        One of my best female friends went with him for like 5 months.


                        both just beast
                        Jamaal Charles is the best RB in the NFL


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                          Originally posted by Primetime21 View Post
                          I just played against a couple of good recruits at my last camp. This is there rankings in Northwest.
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                          thats awesome man, i play with Hout, hes definately a stud. he plays middle linebacker for us. how did he do while you were there?


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                            I ran track with Emmanuel Moody. He was soph when I was a senior.

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                              We played EJ Manuel's team last year for homcoming and we beat'em in the last seconds.
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                                Originally posted by djp4516 View Post
                                my friend is the #37 ranked player in the nation for the 2009 basketball class

                                If you mean Rodney Williams he is a beast. I watched him play my friends AAU team and he had 5 dunks, threw one off the backboard to himself and a couple of 360 slams.



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