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  • 1st Round Mock

    I'm no expert so i assume i blew a few picks. please vote on your teams pick.

    #1 Oakland- Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
    #2 Detroit- Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson
    #3* Cleveland- Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
    #4* Tampa Bay- Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
    #5 Arizona- Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
    #6 Washington- Leon Hall, CB, Michigan
    #7 Minnesota- Dwayne Jarrett, WR, U.S.C
    #8 Houston- LaRon Landry, S, L.S.U
    #9 Miami- Paul Posluszny, OLB, Penn State
    #10 Atlanta- Frank Okam, DT, Texas
    #11 San Francisco- Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State
    #12 Buffalo- Levi Brown, LT, Penn State
    #13 St. Louis- Alan Branch, DT, Michigan
    #14 Carolina- Reggie Nelson, S, Florida
    #15 Steelers- Justin Blalock, OG, Texas
    #16 Packers- Marshawn Lynch, RB, California
    #17 Jacksonville- Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State
    #18 Cincinnati- Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia
    #19 Tennessee- Jeff Samardizija, WR, Notre Dame
    #20 NY Giants- Quinn Pitcock, DT, Ohio State
    #21 Denver- Victor Abiamiri, DE, Notre Dame
    #22 New England**- Michael Griffin, S, Texas
    #23 Dallas- Jake Long, OT, Michigan
    #24 Kansas City- JaMarcus Russell, QB, L.S.U.
    #25 New Orleans- Patrick Willis, MLB, Ole Miss
    #26 NY Jets- Lawrence Timmons, OLV, Florida State
    #27 Philadelphia- Michael Bush, RB, Louisville
    #28 New England- Rufus Alexander, OLB, Oklahoma
    #29 Indianapolis- Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville
    #30 Baltimore- Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
    #31 Chicago- Sam Baker, OT, U.S.C.
    #32 San Diego- Earl Everett, OLB, Florida

    *pick decided by coin flip
    ** from Seattle

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    Horrible redskins pick
    RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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      Although I don't expect Baker to come out, I'd be thrilled to see him in Chicago.

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      I don't care...


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        Great Cardinals pick.



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          #10 Atlanta- Frank Okam, DT, Texas
          Horrible pick. We have Coleman, Jackson, Shropshire and Babineaux ta DT. We will not waste a pick on a DT in this years draft especially not our first rounder on a position that we have Coleman and Babineaux at. we don't need a DT and will not get one. we need a DE, a S or a RB in the first round and would get S Reggie Nelson here.

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            Good Bucs Pick


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              Even though I don't think the Pats will take a S in round 1, Griffin is a good and understandable pick.



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                Other than getting the position of the player wrong, you did a great job for the Colts.

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                  Originally posted by Dam8610
                  Other than getting the position of the player wrong, you did a great job for the Colts.
                  typo, i changed it.

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                    Jets Pick

                    The Jets are getting a defensive player, but its not a OLB. Our defensive worries are in the D-line position. We need someone at nose tackle to stop the run game.


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                      Thumbs up Bucs.

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                        Pitcock is bad


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                          Re: 1st Round Mock

                          Originally posted by jackalope
                          #24 Kansas City- JaMarcus Russell, QB, L.S.U.

                          :shock: :shock: :shock:


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                            Ravens great pick of Brian Brohm. :D

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                              Whats the deal with Mock Draft Forum???

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