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2 Rounder with a couple trades.

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  • 2 Rounder with a couple trades.

    Comment Away, but if you feel like ripping one of my picks please provide some other options. Thanks.


    1. Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell QB LSU
    • I’m making this pick with the caveat that I could change completely based on what the Raiders do with their WR’s this off-season. Scott Wright makes a great point in his mock that CJ21 could very easily go here but for now they still have Moss and they don’t really have a QB who’s any good. I know Al Davis doesn’t draft 1st round QB’s but I don’t think that they can go without taking a great QB this year after they missed on two last year.

    TRADE DET trades #2 overall pick to NE for #24, #28, #60 a 2008 2nd rounder

    2. New England Patriots (f/ DET) - Calvin Johnson WR Georgia Tech
    • This trade makes sense for both teams, the Pats have only one glaring weakness on their team and it is at WR. Caldwell was playing very well until he dropped some really bad balls against Indy, which could possibly have cost them the game. Everyone knows how good CJ21 is and he very well could go #1 in which case this trade would never happen. The Lions get several draft picks which will help them because they have so many holes.

    3. Cleveland Browns – Brady Quinn QB Notre Dame
    • Cleveland is another team that cannot keep going with their ineffective play at QB, Frye was a nice story but its time to bring in a legit franchise QB to lead this team back to respectability. Quinn was out played by Russell in the Sugar Bowl but is still highly regarded and he has said before that he would love to play for the Brown’s, not to mention the Belichick Protégé connection with the Head coaches, the stars simply seem to be aligned for this pick to take place.

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jamaal Anderson DE Arkansas
    • Here’s a player that has really burst onto the scene since declaring for the draft after his Junior season. He has elite size and great speed as well. With the imminent loss of Simeon Rice, the Bucs could use a legit pass-rush threat to replace him they find it here in Anderson.

    5. Arizona Cardinals – Joe Thomas OT Wisconsin
    • The player who they have openly coveted falls right into their laps just like last year with Leinart. Thomas gives them a great prospect at OT and really buffs up the only really big hole on their team. If Edgerrin James can run for 1000 yds behind a bunch of bums like he did this year just imagine what he can do behind a much-improved line anchored by Thomas.

    6. Washington Redskins – Alan Branch DT Michigan
    • The skins desperately need some help on the DLine especially at DT and they get the best DT in this draft in Branch. He’s a physical freak and has a nonstop motor. He’ll step in immediately and start alongside Kedric Golston. Not only is he a force but he will most likely command double-teams right off the bat which should help near bust Andre Carter out quite a bit.

    TRADE MIN trade #7 pick to GB for #16 and #47

    7. Green Bay Packers (f/ MIN) – Adrian Peterson HB Oklahoma
    • These Packers desperately need a HB and they trade up for the best one in the draft. Minnesota, on the other hand, has a much bigger need in WR and they can pick up a very good pick farther down in the draft and they pick up a second rounder to pick up another position of need. Peterson helps the Packers a whole lot on offense seeing as Green is on his way out and Morency is not the answer at HB.

    8. Houston Texans – LaRon Landry S LSU
    • The player they coveted was just snatched up the pick before they could get to him so they go with plan B which isn’t too bad either. Landry was one of the best DB’s in the country all season and will provide a huge upgrade over either safety spot right away. The Texans could also trade down and try to nab Reggie Nelson later on if they can find a partner.

    9. Miami Dolphins – Amobi Okoye DT Louisville
    • After reading Scott Wright’s mock draft I couldn’t agree more with this pick. Okoye is only 20 yrs old and will be immediately inserted into the DLine rotation. The Dolphins also get Rodrique Wright back next year; he was a 7th rounder, after being projected to go in the first by several Mock Drafts, due to an injury. Those two would provide a serious injection of youth and would seriously help the aging Phins D.

    10. Atlanta Falcons – Leon Hall CB Michigan
    • Although he is a bit overrated at this point he is still the best CB in the draft and will allow the Falcons to kill two birds with one stone like Scott said by moving Jimmy Williams to Safety. Reggie Nelson is a possibility if they decide to keep Williams at CB.

    11. San Francisco 49er’s – Ted Ginn Jr. WR Ohio State
    • The Niner’s biggest need is CB but now that Hall is off the board there is no CB really worth taking here so they address their second biggest need and take Ginn. He not only provides a great compliment to their weapons already in place (Gore, Davis, Bryant) he immediately improves their special teams as well. He is a big play threat who can house it any time he touches the ball and will really help Alex Smith’s rapid development.

    TRADE BUF trades #12 to CIN for #18 and WR Chris Henry

    12. Cincinnati Bengals (f/ BUF) – DE Gaines Adams
    • Cincinnati trades the third member of their deepest position for a player who can make an immediate impact one the DLine. Adams is a monster who could very well get picked long before this, who will be an immediate upgrade over Robert Geathers. The Bills get a WR to complement Lee Evans’s speed and who’s better than Josh Reed, Henry will be their #2 right away and this trade allows them to remain in the 1st round and to get another impact player.

    13. St. Louis Rams – Lawrence Timmons OLB Florida State
    • The Rams had one of the worst run defenses in the league last year and started Brandon Chillar at SLB which simply wont work. Timmons played with some really great LB’s at FSU and while he is still raw he can start right away for the Rams. If he progresses like people think he will then he has a chance to be something really special for the rams D for years to come.

    14. Carolina Panthers – Reggie Nelson DB Florida
    • Nelson had a magical season leading the Gator’s D to a Nat’l championship, and will continue his meteoric rise up draft boards with a solid combine. The Panther’s have a bigger need at MLB if Morgan gets hurt again, which is never out of the question, but Safety is a big need with Shaun Williams being the current stop gap solution. Nelson gives this D an explosive playmaker in the secondary which they lost last year without having Ricky Manning JR.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers – Marshawn Lynch HB Cal
    • This pick definitely falls under the category of BPA. The steelers really don’t have a huge need that they cant address in the later rounds where talent like Lynch’s won’t be available. Lynch is a stud of an HB and he will allow Willie Parker to return to splitting time like he did when they won their Super Bowl. He also has decent hands so he can help in that department as well.

    16. Minnesota Vikings (f/ GB) – Dwayne Jarrett WR USC
    • Minnesota gets their man here and helps them address their one true glaring need. Jarrett has fallen down some draft boards lately because of some comparisons of Mike Williams, but he is clearly a better prospect (he didn’t take a whole year off of football). The Vikes are seemingly on the cusp of at least competing in the NFC North and Jarrett will give Tavarious Jackson the main target which he needs if they want to do so.

    17. Jacksonville Jaguars – Darrelle Revis CB Pitt
    • Jacksonville needs a QB badly but they cant do anything about that here so they look to their next biggest area of concern, the secondary. Revis is a good prospect who could go earlier depending on his workouts but for now his value is about right here at 17. He will most likely take over at nickel back his rookie season and could possibly unseat Brian Williams very soon afterwards. If the Raiders actually select CJ21 don’t be too shocked if the Jags make a huge jump up with to #’s 2-4 and try to get their hands on one of those top 2 QB’s.

    18. Buffalo Bills – Levi Brown OT Penn St
    • The Bills move down and in the process assess two of their biggest needs with Henry and Levi Brown. Brown may be a slight reach at this point but the Bills have never been shy when it comes to reaching on picks (Whitner, McCargo last year). He will start over Terrence Pennington right away and dramatically improve the Bills OLine.

    19. Tennessee Titans – Adam Carriker DE Nebraska
    • Strictly a system pick because Carriker can fit either scheme that the Titans dabble in (3-4, 4-3). Carriker is a huge DE at 6-6 300 lbs, and will provide some serious run support and will probably allow for LaBoy to get more sacks due to the extra rest. Damieyon Hughes and Marcus McCauley are also serious considerations but the Titans can probably attract a pretty good CB talent in FA.

    20. New York Giants – Marcus McCauley CB Fresno State
    • Sam Madison isn’t a starter any more and they desperately need a replacement because they don’t have one on their roster right now. McCauley has prototypical size and speed for a CB but is dropping because of the questionable competition in the WAC. He may not start right away but should see immediate playing time.

    21. Denver Broncos – Tank Tyler DT North Carolina State
    • This makes for four NCST DLineman taken in the first round in the last two years. Tank makes sense for the Broncos because after Gerard Warren they have no depth at DT. The name says it all he is definitely a “Tank” and will cause some serious disruption along the Dline which will help them cover up for their deficiencies at DE as well. Quentin Moses and Damien Hughes are possibilities here as well.

    22. Dallas Cowboys – Justin Blalock OG Texas
    • Fills the biggest offensive need for the Boys. He can play either guard or tackle and will most likely start on one of those positions right away. If they were feeling daring they could trade up and try to land Nelson or Landry to play alongside Roy Williams in the secondary.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs – Arron Sears OT Tennessee
    • A very versatile prospect who will attempt to fill one of the gaping holes Willie Roaf left and Will Shields is about to leave in that OLine. Should provide an immediate upgrade over Jordan Black and help plow the holes for Larry Johnson for many years to come. Sidney Rice and Robert Meachem are possible reaches here as well because of the Chiefs never ending search for a number one WR.

    24. Detroit Lions (f/ NE) – Quentin Moses DE Georgia
    • After a sub-par senior campaign Moses’s stock is plummeting but the Lions are happy to pick him up in the later half of Round 1. The Lions desperately need a pass rushing DE to help trigger their new Tampa 2 Defense. Moses can provide that threat and If he can return to his Junior Season form he could turn into a huge steal at 24.

    25. New York Jets – Damieyon Hughes CB Cal
    • Could be a slightly overrated prospect but the Jets need a CB desperately so he is the pick here. Justin Miller struggled this year and Hughes would help him out quite a bit. The Jet’s could also go for a 3-4 OLB like Jarvis Moss. Super-Sleeper: Dan Bazuin Central Michigan – slightly undersized but has the speed to play OLB in the 3-4 and recently earned DMVP at the East/West shrine game.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles – Michael Griffin S Texas
    • Michael Lewis took some serious steps back this year and Sean Considine is simply not a starter. Griffin can provide an impact player who can learn alongside one of the best ever in Brian Dawkins. The Eagles could also use a hardnosed running back to complement and rest Brian Westbrook so Michael Bush may be a sleeper pick here.

    27. New Orleans Saints – Paul Posluszny LB Penn St
    • The Saints were the story of the NFL this year but their inability to stop the run was their ultimate downfall this year. They currently have Scott Fujita and Mark Simenaou as two of their starters and that just wont do. Puz was probably the best LB in College this year and could turn out to be the steal of the 1st Round here. He can start either inside or outside so he will really give a big boost to a young growing defense.

    28. Detroit Lions (f/ NE) – Patrick Willis LB Ole Miss
    • This would be a total coup for the Lions. PWillie is a ferocious MLB who can stuff the run with the best of them. He would provide yet another impressive young cog into the Tampa 2 defense. With Moses and Willis the Lions are in great shape.

    29. Baltimore Ravens – Jarvis Moss DE/OLB Florida
    • Moss was another player from that Florida Nat’l Champ Team who will benefit greatly from his teams success. Adalius Thomas is on the out’s and Baltimore needs a replacement who can come in and have an instant impact; Moss is that player. He is a slightly undersized DEnd but is quick enough to play OLB in Baltimore’s 3-4 scheme.

    30. San Diego Chargers – Sidney Rice WR South Carolina
    • The Charger’s had such an explosive offense this year but in all went through Two Letters, LT. He will continue to be a perreneal MVP candidate but Rivers is going to have to carry more of the load, Rice will give him his #1 option that he has lacked at the WR. Rice is simply the best WR left on the board, especially now that Samardzija is no longer an option for any NFL team. Rice’s speed will stretch the field and allow for Gates to work with even more space over the middle.

    31. Chicago Bears – Greg Olsen TE Miami (Fl.)
    • The Bears need a TE that can catch the ball, period. Desmond Clark is serviceable but is not the Dynamic threat at the TE position that would help this Offense so much. Adding Olsen would give Rex Grossman a much needed safety blanket on the underneath routes and would also give them the ability to stretch the field and take advantage of the TE-LB matchup on passing plays.

    32. Indianapolis Colts – Jon Beason LB Miami (Fl.)
    • The Colts need help on defense, they were abysmal against the run and it may only get worse because Cato June may be leaving this offseason and Gilbert Gardner is a huge disappointment at OLB. Beason adds to the immense number of players from the U selected in the 1st Round. He will at the least get significant playing time if he doesn’t start and will definitely improve their run support.


    33. Oakland Raiders – Tony Ugoh OT Arkansas
    34. Detroit Lions – Josh Beekman OG Boston College
    35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Chris Houston CB Arkansas
    36. Cleveland Browns – Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio State
    • Would play DE in the 3-4
    37. Arizona Cardinals – Charles Johnson DE Georgia
    38. New York Jets (f/ WAS) – Kenny Irons HB Auburn
    39. Minnesota Vikings – Ben Grubbs OG Auburn
    40. Houston Texans – Joe Staley OT Central Michigan
    41. Miami Dolphins – Aaron Ross CB Texas
    42. Atlanta Falcons – Ryan Kalil C USC
    43. San Francisco 49er’s – Josh Wilson CB Maryland
    44. Buffalo Bills - Buster Davis ILB Florida State
    45. St Louis Rams – Viktor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame
    46. Carolina Panthers – Zach Miller TE Arizona State
    47. Minnesota Vikings (f/ GB) – LaMarr Woodley DE Michigan
    48. Pittsburgh Steelers – Anthony Spencer DE/OLB Purdue
    49. Jacksonville Jaguars – Troy Smith QB Ohio State
    50. Cincinnati Bengals – Brandon Merriweather S Miami (Fl.)
    51. Tennessee Titans – Robert Meachem WR Tennessee
    52. New York Giants – Brian Leonard FB Rutgers
    53. Denver Broncos – Fred Bennett CB South Carolina
    54. Dallas Cowboys – Eric Weddle S Utah
    55. Kansas City Chiefs – Dwayne Bowe WR LSU
    56. Seattle Seahawks – Manuel Ramirez OG Texas Tech
    57. New York Jets – Anthony Gonzalez WR Ohio State
    58. New Orleans Saints – Justin Harrell DT Tennessee
    59. Philadelphia Eagles – Earl Everett OLB Florida
    60. Detroit Lions (f/ NE) – Drew Stanton QB Michigan State
    • This is the ONLY way the Lions draft a QB in this draft, with their 4th pick in the first 2 rounds, and it’s a Value pick as well, he’ll sit for a year and then hopefully take over.
    61. Baltimore Ravens – Ryan Harris OT Notre Dame
    62. San Diego Chargers – H.B. Blades ILB Pitt
    63. Chicago Bears – Rufus Alexander OLB Oklahoma
    64. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (f/ IND) – John Wendling S Wyoming


    "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio


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    Give us manuel ramirez

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    Originally posted by yodachu
    Everyone pwns the Rams.


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      Ok Done


      "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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          bad raiders picks.
          the usual arument for the first pick.
          since you didnt give the Raiders a playmaker with the first pick give em a playmaker in the 2nd.
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            Niners Draft- F!


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              Give the Bucs Branch, then Johnson in the 2nd


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                The packers get AD compliments of minny? I like.

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                they get smoked.

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                Hint:Not the Bears.


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                  Originally posted by TitleTown088
                  The packers get AD compliments of minny? I like.
                  Like we'd really trade within the division

                  This might take the cake as dumbest draft possibility this year.


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                    As long as marv is in charge the bills will never trade for or sign a player with character issues (chris henry)


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                      Jimmy is gonna play corner, so we would get either Reggie Nelson or Gaines Adams. In the 2nd we get Woodley or Weddle, depending on who we got in the first.

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                        Originally posted by DBeebe82
                        As long as marv is in charge the bills will never trade for or sign a player with character issues (chris henry)
                        Agree. But he might think he could trun him around, and If he could I would like that trade.


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                          Spectacular Cowboys draft!!!


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                            I'd like to hear P-L's take on this draft, personally I feel that trade is unlikely in the extreme, but I'd be greatly in favor of it needless to say.


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                              Beason wouldn't be a bad option at pick 32, hopefully they will pick there. I do not expect a DT like most people have suggested as Reagor should be back next season and I also expect Booger to remain a Colt through 2007. Then there's the Corey Simon situation that needs to be settled but I think SSLB will be looked at come draft day.
                              Is that a rash?

                              Give JKPIGSKIN credit for this masterpiece



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