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  • 2 rounds mock for now (updated)

    2 rounds mock for now (Updated)
    I had the patience to type it so please read it.
    And dont say ____wont fall this far or I want _________ or someone wont go _________here and please explain yourself. READ THROUGH THE WHOLE THING AND NOT JUST YOUR TEAM.

    1.Oakland Raiders-Where to go here... the offensive line has been crap, but that was partly due to bad coaching, and they already have enough young guys on that line. Al Davis still runs the team and he has a history of not taking 1st round QBs... That leaves AD and CJ. Al Davis loves speed and whoever has a better combine will likely be the choice here. I dont think the raiders can get both wide recievers traded and they have some solid underrated WRs behind Moss and Porter... I expect AD to have a combine that reminds people of how good he is, Peterson is the pick here

    2.Detroit Lions-The Lions can go a number of different ways here...obviously Kitna isnt going to be a long term option, they also need some help at DE. I think in the end they'll go with Quinn and try to develop him into a Franchise QB behind Kitna (as we already saw with Palmer) and take over as the starter in his second year in the league

    3.Cleveland Browns- This pick was easier for me to predict.. with AD gone, Crennel needs a big 3-4 NT for his defense... A crucial position for every 3-4 D... I expect Alan Branch to have a great combine, imo he's a great 3-4 NT prospect, and plus the fact that there's not that much 3-4 NT prospects this year, Branch is the guy they go with here.

    4.Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Their O-Line was pretty bad this year and they could certainly use some help in that area... They also need to get a DE in the draft as Rice only has a year or two left, but in the end I think they'll go with the BPA, the WR out of GT because of Galloway's age and Clayton's regression. They'll give Simms a target to toss it up to

    5.Arizona Cardinals- Easiet pick to make so far, They need a LT bad, Leinart needs protection, James need someone to run behind. Thomas is obviously the best LT prospect this year.

    6.Washington Redskins-I put CB and DE down as the positions they'll go here... Hall would work but to me he seems like a reach here and I dont expect him to have that great of a combine so I dont think his stock will be his high come draft time... The two top DE prospects are still left on the board. So the question becomes, Anderson or Adams. It looks like Washington prefer the more complete DEs than just the pass rushing DEs... Jamaal Anderson Is the pick here because he's the more complete player of the two

    7.Minnesota Vikings-The Vikings need help badly on defense, but they also need help at WR and right side of the o-line... given that its too early to take a non-LT o-lineman prospect and the fact that this draft is loaded with WRs, they go D here. On D I have them either taking DE or S here... Childress is a guy who believes in fixing things inside out, and vikings need a lot of help at the DE position... Udeze has been a disappointment and none of their DEs look so hot right now. Their pass D was horrid but getting a pass rush could also help the D out. In the end I believe that Adams will appear to be the better prospect than any other S prospects come draft time so they'll go with the pass rusher from Clemson here

    8.Houston Texans- Two of their biggest needs are S and HB. But Kubiak is a ZBS guy which means he likely wont take a RB this high so I crossed that off the board. It comes down to Reggie Nelson or Laron Landry. While I believe Landry's the better player of the two, I also believe that Nelson will edge out Landry at the combine...I dont think they can go wrong with either here, so I have them taking the S from Florida who had a better showing last year

    9.Miami Dolphins-Pretty easy pick for me here. All the top DL prospects are gone so their aging Front will be addressed later. They need a top CB, and while as previously stated I dont think Hall will have that great of a combine, I believe he still wont fall out of his position as the top CB prospect to many NFL teams.

    10.Atlanta Falcons-With Petrino coming in, one might think they go WR here, but they already have enough underachieving first rounders and with the new addition of Bengals WR coach they should be fine there. One suprising pick I think about is Lynch going here. With Dunn aging and Norwood being a c-o-p speed back this pick wouldnt be crazy. But I think they'll be fine there for another year or two so I have them going S here, their most glaring need. They grab Landry here.

    11.San Francisco 49ers

    Niners need defense badly. With the 3-4 in place their ILBs looked horrible this year. Their Safetys need to be upgraded. They need a NT. With Okoye weighing out at 290 he's crossed off as a NT prospect.They need a 3-4DE. They need a pressuring 0LB. Nolan has been seen talking to LBs but they are all 2nd-3rd value. Willis would be a reach here. Griffin would be a reach here. I expect Carriker's value to rise but selecting a 3-4 DE seems a little iffy this high in the draft. I went back and forth with this pick. Tank would be a reach here. any of the remaining top 3-4 OLB prospects wont go this high. I ended up giving them Carriker because I expect him to Shoot up draft boards and I think Nolan will go ahead and take him. He's the prototypical 3-4 DE.

    12.Buffalo Bills- LB is the biggest need. CB could be the pick if Clements goes but I am assuming he gets resigned. Lynch wouldnt sound crazy either due to the fact that McGhaee will probably be out pretty soon. I also considered right side of the line/interior lineman but Blaylock isnt looking so hot in senior bowl practices and neither is Brown. Timmons can come in for SLB and they could switch Crowell to MLB imo. Timmons is a beast already and he has a lot of potential. They could fix that horrible run D with this run thumper.

    13.St.Louis Rams- Remaining LB prospects would be a reach at this point and I expect them to draft a DT who might appear to them as the better prospect than all LB prospects anyways. Amobi Okoye is one of the most intriguing prospects to come along in recent history. At the young age of 20, he already has 4 years of College Football under his belt, and even though he was a little light at the senior bowl weigh in, his athleticism makes him dangerous; he also has the frame to put on weight. Still with A LOT of room to grow, He's St.Louis's choice here.

    14.Carolina Panthers- One of the easier picks. Panthers need a S because their safety play was horrible last year. Carolina has been seen talking to Griffin at the senior bowl and I feel that he's a guy that really fits the panthers well on D. Some might consider him a reach here but I expect him to have a solid combine and therefore he's the pick here

    15.Pittsburgh Steelers- This pick was very hard to make. Even though Tomlin came in Lebeau was retained as D-coord. What I expect to see is some sort of hybrid 3-4/4-3 D. But there's no 3-4 OLB prospects worth taking here imo (with Porter and Haggans both due to become FA's, I expect at least one of them to not get resigned.)With that said I think their O-Line issue needs to be addressed. the whole right side of their line is suspect and they've always been know for line and toughness. Depending on the combine, I think Levi Brown would make sense here due to his toughness and his run blocking skills

    16.Green Bay Packers- Packers did a good job in the draft last year addressing several needs but there are still some holes left. They need someone to come in and play with Nick Collins at S but the top 3 Safeties on the board are gone. They could use Ginn Jr. here but with Driver and Jennings and a couple of other wrs with potential, I expect them to pass at WR in the first and give Favre/Rodgers a great running back prospect that could take pressure off their shoulders. Obviously Ahman isnt what he used to be anymore and Lynch from Cal would make perfect sense here.

    17.Jacksonville Jaguars-S,DE,QB are their top needs. S can be crossed off since the top 3's gone. So it comes down to QB and DE. Russell is still left on the board and he's a great value here but they also need an edge rusher who can provide some needed pressure. The jury may be out on Leftwich and Garrarad certain hasnt shined when he started. The question is do they pull the plug on Leftwich. Jags probably wont want to have a 3-QB contoversey and I believe they are still strong contenders next year. Running is their game so Leftwich doesnt need to be great, just be solid which I think he can be (if he remains healthy). Instead of starting over with a new QB, I expect them to go ahead and take a DE who'll have a great combine, someone who has great physical tools and should see his stock rise. They go ahead and take the DE who had a great game in the NC.

    18.Cincinnati Bengals- They still have a lot of needs on D. CB, NT, or LB (now that Pollack is gone) I expect them to take a CB here because of the depth at LB and the situatuion at corner (bad play). Revis is still left and I expect him to have a solid combine and he should be a good value here.

    19.Tennessee Titans- They have several needs. They could use someone opposite of Pacman and could definitely use a pass rusher to improve their D-Line. But I expect them to go WR here because of a great talent still left on the board. Vince Young needs someone to throw to and pairing him with this guy makes a lot of sense. I also expect the USC connection of Chow and Fisher to come into play of this pick.
    DWYANE JARRETT, WR, Univ. of SpoiledChildren

    20.New York Giants- They need secondary help and there are a lot of those guys left. Now that top HBs are off the board they'll be looking at a RB in the second. This was one of the easier picks to make. I originally had McCauley here but he's hurting his stock more and more, so another great CB prospect, Chris Houston is the pick here
    Chris Houston, CB, ARKANSAS

    21.Denver Broncos- With the death of Darrent Willams they need a corner in the first....
    jk, messing with bronco fans
    The broncos need to strengthen their D-Line. Warren is now looking like a one year wonder and they certaily could use another edge pass rusher. I had two guys here, either Johnson of Georgia or Tank of NCST. I ended up giving them DE here because I think Shanahan will want a guy who can consistently bring pressure who can play more than one down (*cough Dumervil).

    22.Dallas Cowboys- They dont have that many glaring needs but could use a speed WR or some help/depth on the lline. They also need a safety who can actually cover (*Roy Willams) but the top safeties are gone now. I dont think Weddle will put up great numbers at combine but Merriweather could probably sneak in here (although I still think its too high for him) . So what do they do? They trade down.
    TRADE: #22 for #30, 94, and 126(S.D. Chargers)

    22.San Diego Chargers- They traded up because they didnt have that many needs but they could use a speedy big play WR. With Ted. Ginn Jr. still left on the board and likely to be gone before pick 30, they trade up to take this speedster who can also help them out at the return game.

    23.Kansas City Chiefs-They need WR, LT, and a DT. With the departure of Roaf that line is not as superior as it once has been anymore and this LT draft is not very deep to say the least. They can get a WR in the second and here they take Willie's replacement, Ugoh, a guy who has been rising up draft boards and will continue to do so.

    24.New England Patriots- They need ILBs and a #1 WR badly. With the Saints and Eagles picking before their second 1st rounder they take the ILB prospect off ther board. I see Willis fitting pretty well in a 3-4ILB role and he's the pick here/

    25.New York Jets-A couple needs here. 3-4 DE,OL, CB, maybe a Rb. But with Carriker gone they go top CB here. IMO Josh Wilson's stock will rise before the draft (very underrated prospect), his only flaw is his height, but this would be about the right place for him.

    26.Philadelphia Eagles-They need some OLB and S help, and maybe WR. But they should be alright at S with an average starter next too Dawkins and I expect Stallworth to be resigned. I have them going Woodley here, a very versatile player who imo can play olb and line up as a pass rusher when needed.

    27.New Orleans Saints-They need to address LB and CB. But their CBs are adequat and their LBs are no namers. I have them finally spending a first rounder on a linebacker, a guy who I think Sean Payton will like. He might fall here because of his combine numbers, but he has all the intangibles to succeed.

    28.New England Patriots-They addressed D with their 1st pick, so here they go offense and give Tom Brady a target to throw to. The guy I have them taking is a senior whose stock has been soaring in the senior bowl.

    29.Baltimore Ravens- JaMarcus Russell is still available (no I am not on anything, I just have him falling here not because of his lack of talent but because of the situation). They dont have any glaring needs and McNair isnt going to be a long term starter and I dont but Boller coming back under center. They take the BPA here, Franchise QB for the future.

    30.Dallas Cowboys(via trade down)- They traded down and their guy is still on the board. They go for the Safety who excels at covering, a guy who can even play CB if needed.

    31.Chicago Bears-(yes I have you guys losing the SB just because)This pick is going to suprise some. Their tackles have problem handling speed rushers and this will be further exploited by Freeney in their superbowl loss v.s. Colts. They need a guy to come in who can handle a speed rusher since they dont have any glaring needs. Plus Sexy Rexy cant handle pressure so they need someone real good to protect his blindside.

    32.Indianopalish Colts-The Colts have needs at OLB DT and CB. But given that cover 2 systems rarely take OLB in the first. Although they could use a dynamic player at CB they've already spent tons of first day picks on the position in the past few years. Althogh I am not sure Tyler would be the best fit for them he would give them a run stopping DT that can rotate with their guys. Improving that horrible run D would do them a lot of good


    33.Oakland Raiders-OAK needs a WR as I am sure Porter is out and Moss is unreliable. I am sure Al Davis loves speed and WR needs are addressed here
    Robert Meachem, WR, Tenessee

    34.Detroit Lions-A DE is badly needed for the system they run, they need that pass rusher. Abiamiri has been rising and will continue to do so at the combine.
    Victor Abiamiri, DE, ND

    35.Cleveland Browns-They need to address the RB problem as Drougns was bad last year. Lorenzo Booker's stock has been flying and his combine workout will bump him up here.
    Lorenzo Booker, HB, FSU

    36.TB Buccaneers-They need someone at DE. Rice is getting older and they need another pass rusher. Moses has been falling but I believe he'll have a solid combine.
    Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia

    37.Arizona Cardinals-They could use someone at DE or at CB. At CB there is very little or no depth. Griffith wont play much longer... They draft Wedell, a guy who's versatile enough to play both and can help out right away.
    Eric Wedell, S, Utah

    38.NY Jets- They need some pass rusing OLB to go with the 3-4 system. They grab one of the top guys here
    Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB, Purdue

    39.Minnesota Vikings-They'll take a WR here to help out that crew... They went with speed in Willamson and it turned out horredous for them... now they go with hands in Jason Hill, a guy whose stock should rise before the draft.
    Jason Hill, WR, Wash. St.

    40.Houstan Texans-D.Davis (or whatever his name is) had a major injury and isnt likely to get it done after this... Gado and Dayne are next on the depth chart... they go with a guy whos perfect for ZBS.
    Kenny Irons, HB, Auburn

    41.Miami Dolphins-They need an LB to come in because they could definitely upgrade the crew, and Zach Thomas isnt getting any younger. They grab a guy from the U here.
    Jon Beason, LB, Miami

    42.Atlanta Falcons-Dunn is getting old, Norwood is more a speed guy, and Petrino's HB at Louisville is still on the board. That UL connection plays a huge factor in this pick.
    Michael Bush, HB, Louisville

    43.San Fran Niners-They now move on to address offense. They have solid guys but they could use a deep threat here.
    Sydney Rice, WR, SCAR

    44.Buffalo Bills-They have to address the line situation. Blalock's stock has been falling (a lot) but his fall ends here
    Justin Blalock

    45.St.Louis Rams-They need an OLB here. They pick up a guy who is, although not a great athlere, has great instincts, intangibles and versatility.
    Buster Davis, LB, FSU

    46.Carolina Panthers-They take a tight end here. Why? because with the departure of their Old O-coord they can actually use a pass catching one and give Delhomme a safety blanket. Out of the two top ones they take the more complete one who can also contribute in blocking.
    Zach Miller, TE, ASU

    47.Pittsburgh Steelers-They go D here. I expect them to still run a 3-4 D with Lebeau staying, and they need an OLB because of free agency issues. But there's no real good value here so they upgrade their secondary by taking a corner with potential.
    Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno St.

    48.Green Bay Packers- Franks is Horrible. They need a new weapon here. Pretty easy pick.
    Greg Olsen, TE, Miami

    49.Jacksonville-They need a safety and they take a guy who I think is underrated and whose stock I expect to rise come draft time.
    John Wendling, S, Wyoming

    50.Cincinati Bengals-They could use some fresh blood in the middle of D line. They are deep at LBs so I dont go LB here, I go DT, a guy who's fallen because of measurables but is an overachieving hardworker.
    Quinn Pitcock, DT, OSU

    51.Tennessee Titans- They need to upgrade interior O line. They take the guy with the most potential
    Ben Grubbs, G, Auburn

    52.NY Giants-They need a DT up in the middle to with those talented DEs. They take a guy who can penetrate and has good-great potential here.
    Kareem Brown, DT, Miami

    53.Denver Broncos-They could use a guy to complement Walker as their other WRs are either getting old or not performing well. They also need a return guy after lossing Willams. They take a guy with potential who's also a top return man
    Craig Davis, WR, LSU

    54.Dallas Cowboys-They need a guy with speed due to age of their WRs. This guy can fly.
    Johniee Lee Higgins, WR, U.T.E.P

    55.Kansas City Chiefs- It's time for them to take a WR. This guy is a freak and has all the physical tools but has been underperformin all his career. He has great potential at the next level.
    Paul Willams, WR, Fresno St.

    56.Seattle Seahawks-They didnt look too good after letting Hutchinson go... they take a guy here to improve that inside O line.
    Josh Beekman, G, Boston College

    57.NY Jets.-They take a 3-4 DE here and continue to improve that defense.
    Ikaika-Alama Francis, DE, Hawaii

    58.Philadelphia Eagles-They need some depth behind Brown and Lewis. No S prospect is good enough to get a look here.They go WR
    Anthony Gonzazles, WR, OSU

    59.New Orleans Saints-They need a CB. The crew was average but they can definitely improve it. They also need depth at that position.
    Aaron Ross, CB, Texas

    60.New England Patriots- They addressed some needs before. No S prospect is good value here. They need an LT prospect because of Matt Light's play.
    Doug Free, OT, Northern Illinois

    61.Baltimore Ravens- They could use a DE, a pass rusher and some depth. They take a guy who's very versatile and could play both DT and DE at the next level.
    Ray McDonald, DE, Florida

    62.San Diego Chargers-They need an ILB prospect because of the age of their ILBSs. They take a guy who fits the system perfectly.
    David Harris, LB, Michigan

    63.Chicago Bears-They take an OLB here for depth and assuming they dont resign Briggs. Perfect guy for the system.
    Rufus Alexander, LB, Oklahoma

    64.Tampa Bay Buccaneers-They need someone, a LT prospect. They also need a DT. I ended up givin them this guy because I believe Ryan Harris's stock will fall and they'll go with DT.
    Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee

    65.Oakland Raiders-They addressed some problems on O...time to go D. Al Davis loves taking gambles and Oakland need some fresh blood in the middle of that D line, but they also need a pass rusher from the RE position... I think they go DE here.
    Dan Bazuin, DE, Central Michigan

    66.Detroit Lions-They need to take someone and attempt to fix that Oline. They've got Backus on the left side so they take a right tackle prospect whose stock has been on the rise.
    James Marten, OT, Boston College

    67.Cleveland Browns-They take a LT prospect here, who although have fallen, is the top LT prospect left on the board at the third round.
    Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame

    68.Tampa Bay Bucs-Gruden fell in love with him in the senior bowl... He should come in and give them a one two punch, after all you cant keep handing the ball to Cadillac 30 times each game behind that line. His power complements Cadillac's speed.
    Brian Leonard, HB, Rutgers

    69.Arizona Cardinals-They need a guy to line up on the other side of end and he and Bertrand gives them two solid DEs.
    Tim Crowder, DE, Texas

    70.Denver Broncos-They need a big DT guy inside. This guy has great physical tools but is very raw. He's a hit or miss type prospect but Shanahan will take this gamble.
    Ryan McBean, DT, Oklahoma St.

    71.Minnesota Vikings-They badly need someone who can cover. They take this all around player with potential.
    Michael Johnson, S, Arizona

    72.Houston Texans-They need an insurance option behind David Carr... this may be his last year if he doesnt step up. They take a guy who has 1st round potential here.
    Drew Stanton, QB, Mich.St.

    73.Miami Dolphins-They also need some insurance behind QB. They are not sure how Culpepper will come out and the guys behind him just cant start.
    Kevin Kolb, QB, Houston

    74.Atlanta Falcons-They need a pass rusher in case Abraham gets hurt again, even if Kerney stays, they need some depth behind them.
    Brian Robinson, DE, Texas

    75.San Fran 49ers-They need an ILB to come in and take over for the guys they have. This guy doesnt have the measurables but has the intangibles and fits well into the system.
    H.B. Blades, LB, Pitt

    76.Buffalo Bills-They could use a big possesion WR guy to complement their small and speedy recievers. They go with this guy, who also has some burst and whose stock is rising.
    Aundrae Allison, WR, East Carolina

    77.St.Louis Rams-They could use a DE but the value is shaky here at best.. Bruce isnt getting younger and neither is Holt so they go with a young WR here who's also a guy that can help out on special teams.
    Chansi Stuckey, WR, Notre Dame

    78.Carolina Panthers-They need a MLB insurance badly. They addressed TE and S previously so here they go with a great value that somehow slipped to the third.
    Brandon Siler, ILB, Florid

    79.Pittsburgh Steelers- They could use a 3-4 DE here but a 3-4 OLB is more important in the system. Their top guys will become FA's and I expect at least one of them to not get resigned. They take a guy who could be switched from DE to a 3-4 OLB here.
    Jay Moore, DE/OLB, Nebraska

    80.Green Bay Packers-They've already addressed HB and TE, they need to find a physical safety to play along side Collins.
    Aaron Rouse, S, Virgina Tech

    81.Jacksonville Jaguars-They need a Qb to groom because the whole Garrard and Leftwich situation isnt working.
    Trent Edwards, QB, Stanford

    82.Cincinati Bengals-They've addressed other needs earlier but its now time to look at OLB because of Pollack's injury. This guy's stock has been shooting up.
    Stewart Bradley, OLB, Nebraska

    83.Tennessee Titans-They also need a LB to come in and help out Bulluck. But they need a DE badly to provide some pressure but there's no good value here... so they address CB and finds someone to play on the opposite side of Jones.
    Fred Bennett, CB, SCAR

    84.NY Giants-They need to address the RB situation but with the backs left they probably want to wait till later. Meanwhile they go ahead and continue to fix D by going S. This guy has great tools, doesnt play up to his potential but could be coached up.
    Josh Gattis, S, Wake Forest

    85.Denver Broncos-With their fourth pick in the draft they go CB here to improve depth problems.
    Eric Wright, CB, UNLV

    86.Dallas Cowboys-They need a LT prospect here. They take the top guy on the LT's left on the board.
    Brandon Frye, LT, Virginia Tech

    87.Kansas City Chiefs-Law and Surtain are more than adequate but they could use a prospect here with their age.
    Tanard Jackson, CB, Syracuse

    88.Seattle Seahawks-They need some depth in that secondary badly, they take a guy who has great physical tools and potential but lacks execution here.
    Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee

    89.New York Jets-They spend another pick here to fix up the right side of the O-Line.
    Marshall Yanda, OG, Iowa

    90.Philadelphia Eagles-They've addresed LB and S, now they move on to address the corner and its depth.
    Tanard Jackson, CB, Texas

    91.New Orleans Saints-The need a guy up in the middle who can provide some pressure. They take a gamble with this guy who was a first rounder before his troubles this year.
    Marcus Thomas, DT, Florida

    92.New England Patriots-They need some depth in the secondary... They take the best safety prospect available on the board here.
    Sabby Piscitelli, S, Oregon St.

    93.Baltimore Ravens-They need a running back for the future because Lewis isnt his old self anymore. This guy could come in and help out right away. The best HB prospect left.
    Antonio Pittman, HB, OSU

    94.Dallas Cowboys(via trade down w/Chargers)-They need someone at guard with the Rivera situation. They take one of the strongest prospects in the draft here.
    Manuel Ramirez, OG, Texas Tech

    95.Chicago Bears-They need a tight end to come in and give Grossman a safety blanket.
    Joe Newton, TE, Oregon State

    96.Indianopolis Colts-With June's future in a colts uniform in doubt, they take a guy who I think is built for the cover 2, speedy and undersized and a big hitter who can also cover.
    Justin Durant, OLB, Hampton

    4th Round

    97.Oakland-They need a center and this guy is great value here.
    Ryan Kali, C, USC

    98.Detroit Lions-They need some CB depth
    A.J. Davis, CB, NCST.

    99.Cleveland Browns-They take one of the top 3-4 DE prospects availabe here.
    Baratka Atkins, DT/3-4DE, Miami

    100.Tampa Bay Buccaneers-They've addressed DT, WR, Power RB and DE so far, they go for depth at CB because of age concerns. This guy fits what they run perfectly imo.
    David Irons, CB, Auburn

    101.Arizona Cardinals-At CB they are very very thin... they take a CB here to improve depth.
    C.J. Gaddis, CB, Clemson

    102.San Francisco 49ers-They need a safety prospect... They take the best S on board, a speed guy who played in for two years before switching to TCU.
    Marvin White, S, TCU

    103.Minnesota Vikings-They need a LB to improve that horredous run D. This guy's stock has been soaring and this will be low for him come draft time.
    Stewart Bradley, LB, Nebraska

    104.Houston Texans-They need to improve their offensive line so that Carr have time to throw.
    Samson Satele, OL, Hawaii

    105.Miami Dolphins-They could definitely use a center, especially with Cam Cameron there, they go for one of the top young centers in the country.
    Doug Datish, C, OSU

    106.Atlanta Falcons-They go offensive line man here. They could use a versatile guy who can play several positions and this guy is the pick here.
    Kyle Young, OL, Fresno St.

    107.San Francisco 49ers-They might go for a pass rushing OLB here but there arent any good value here...they instead improve their RT position by taking a guy with a lot of potential.
    Mansfield Rotto, OG

    108.Buffalo Bills-They still need a NT because John McCargo is more of a penetrator and they need a big run stuffer in the miiddle.
    Paul Soliali, DT, Hawaii

    109.St.Louis Rams-They need a center prospect. They take a guy here with experience and could come in and contribute right away.
    Leroy Harris, C, NCST.

    110.Carolina Panthers-They want to draft a qb that they can develop here. Delhomme isnt looking too good and is old, same with his back up. They take the heisman winner here who falls due to measurables.
    Troy Smith, QB, OSU

    111.Pittsburgh Steelers-They need a power back because I am not convince Davenport could get it done
    Dwayne Wright, HB, Fresno st.

    112.Green Bay Packers-They need a quick DE who can come in on 3rd and rush the passer... and with Gbajamila's recent play he's not that guy anymore
    Justin Hickman, DE, UCLA

    113.Jacksonville Jaguars-They need a speed receiver to come in and help out the QB because of the big possesion guys they have.
    Rhema McNight, WR, Notre Dame

    114.Cincinnati Bengals-They can use an athletic Tight End that can catch, gives Palmer another weapon.
    Martinez Miller, TE, Georgia

    115.Tennessee Titans-They need a DE who can contribute right away... This guy is the pick here.
    Xzavie Jackson, DE, Missouri

    116.New York Giants-They have to address the situation at HB. This guy imo has enough speed to compliment jacobs and is one of top RBs left.
    Brandon Jackson, HB, Nebraska

    117.Denver Broncos- they need some depth at linebackers and they wind up picking a versatil guy with limited measurables but is a great leader and playmaker.
    Jon Abbate, LB, Wake Forest

    118.Dallas Cowboys-They need a 3-4 lb on the other side to compliment Ware
    Mkirsto Bruce, DE, Washington

    119.KC Chiefs- The Chiefs could use a mlb prospect. I think this guy's stock will rise enough and he'll end up here.
    Desmond Bishop, LB, Cal

    120.Seattle Seahawks-They need a te on the team besides Stevens, who seems to disappoint more and more each time you see him on the field. They go with the guy from Iowa.
    Scott Chandler, TE, Iowa

    121.N.Y. Jets-They still need a 3-4 OLB guy who can bring the pressure, this guy has the looks but not sure how he looked in practice. Putting him
    Chase Pittman, DE/OLB, LSU

    122.Philadelphia Eagles-They need a power Rb to come in and complement Westbrook.
    Gary Russel, HB, Minnesota

    123.New Orleans Saints-They need a speed thread besides Henderson... Horn is gettin gup there in age and Colston is more of a possesion guy. I am not sure how this pick will turn out but this guy is an athletic QB who could switch to WR and whose stock shall rise.
    Isaiah Stanback, WR, Washington

    124.Oakland Raiders-They need a BIG NT to clog up the middle and help improve the run D
    Stanley Doughty, DT, SCAR

    125.Baltimore Ravens-They could use some depth on O-Line and this guy's toughness improves their depth and possibly run game.
    Tim Ducksworth, OG, Auburn

    126.Dallas Cowboys(via trade down with Chargers)-They've addressed all major needs and can now afford to take a kicker to upgrade their special teams
    Mason Crosby, K, Colorado

    127.Chicago Bears-They need a physical possesion receiver to come in because Moose has been declining. This guy is that possesion wr.
    Courtney Taylor, WR, Auburn

    128.Indianopolis Colts-They can take interior O line here to improve their depth. This guy has some of the physical tools and should have good work outs.
    Dustin Fry, C/G, Clemson

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    That'd be a close one between Revis and Willis but either way you can't go wrong. It's not so much that we need LB's we just need impact LB's, we have several above average LB's but none that are playmakers.


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      Good Buc pick


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        You're joking right? ... This is all a big joke?
        R.I.P. L.E.F.
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          Pretty good Chargers idea. And for the record, I just read my team's mock. Sorry.


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            Colts pick is bad. I don't see them going corner 1st round considering all the corners they've taken as of late. Tank Tyler would be balla there.


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              Originally posted by Xiomera
              You're joking right? ... This is all a big joke?
              you wish?

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                Originally posted by cardsalltheway
                Colts pick is bad. I don't see them going corner 1st round considering all the corners they've taken as of late. Tank Tyler would be balla there.
                Yeah but Hughes fits perfectly and I am not so sure Dungy wants a big run stuff only tackle

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                    love the raiders pick

                    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                      That would be awesome if the chargers could get Ginn

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                        Originally posted by sdpads24
                        That would be awesome if the chargers could get Ginn
                        Read through the whole mock draft and you'll see why he was available at 22.

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                          Originally posted by 4pAc
                          Originally posted by cardsalltheway
                          Colts pick is bad. I don't see them going corner 1st round considering all the corners they've taken as of late. Tank Tyler would be balla there.
                          Yeah but Hughes fits perfectly and I am not so sure Dungy wants a big run stuff only tackle
                          I'm really not all that sure about Hughes in the Cover 2, but we've spent 5 first day picks on CB's in the last few years and others in late rounds. The best Hughes would be is the #4 corner.


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                            Great Cardinals pick.



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                              Originally posted by 24cadillac24
                              Good Buc pick



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