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    2007 nfl mock draft

    Please give feed back!

    1. Oakland- Jamarcus Russell
    2. Detroit- Joe Thomas
    3. Cleveland*-Brady Quinn
    4. Tampa Bay*- Calvin Johnson
    5. Arizona- Alan Branch
    6. Washington- Gaines Adams
    7. Minnesota- Leon Hall
    8. Houston- Adrian Peterson
    9. Miami- Amobi Okoye
    10. Atlanta- Laron Landry
    11. San Francisco- Dwayne Jarrett
    12. Buffalo- Marcus McCauley
    13. St. Louis- Paul Posluszny
    14. Carolina- Patrick Willis
    15. Pittsburg- Justin Blalock
    16. Green Bay- Marshawn Lynch
    17. Jacksonville- Ted Gin Jr.
    18. Cincinnati- Michael Griffin
    19. Tennessee- Jamaal Anderson
    20. N.Y. Giants- Darrell Revis
    21. Denver- Quinton Mosses
    22. Dallas- Reggie Nelson
    23. Kansas City- Levi Brown
    24. New England- Sidney Rice
    25. N.Y. Jets- Jarvis Moss
    26. Philadelphia- Lawrence Timmons
    27. New Orleans- Buster Davis
    28. New England- Eric Weddle
    29. Baltimore- Ben Grubbs
    30. San Diego- Dwayne Bowe
    31. Chicago- Zach Miller
    32. Indianapolis- Quinn Pitcock

    Feedback please

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    9. Miami- Amobi Okoye

    jamaal anderson instead he is the best defensive player in the draft and a top 5 player.


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      Griffin isn't a terrible pick but Anderson would be almost a lock if he actually fell to 18.


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        Won't happen..but if it dose..Great pick


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          I'd be so happy if Levi Brown fell to KC


          • #6
            A+ Buc pick


            • #7
              I really don't like Alan Branch to the Cardinals because they already have 3 starting caliber DT's on the roster.


              • #8
                wonldn't mind Ben Grubbs in b-more


                • #9
                  Yeah the Cardinals don't need a starting DT, drop Alan Branch to the niners. :D


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                    * I would flip-flop Washington and Arizona's picks. Washington needs as much DL help as possible, and Arizona needs DE and OLine.

                    * Agree with the prior comment about Jamal Anderson being underrated in your mock.

                    * I don't think SF goes WR in round 1. Just a hunch, but I can't argue with Jarrett.

                    * I feel like McCauley is way too high for Buffalo there. DC is likely a need, but not as much as DT, LB, and RB.

                    * Waaaay too early on Posluszny. He is not an early first. Just fact.

                    * Willis to the Panthers make sense, but he's also not a top 15 pick.

                    * Ginn to the Jags is just silly to me. They have WR's out there. I don't care what other people are saying. I just don't see it.

                    * Michael Griffin being taken ahead of Reggie Nelson? Wow...

                    * Levi Brown probably won't fall to KC.

                    * I love Timmons as an Eagle, but he's flying up draft boards. Consider flipping the Eagles and Panthers picks.

                    * Buster Davis is not a first rounder and will fall due to size issues. He is a great player, though.

                    * Zach Miller is not a first rounder, and Chicago will go with OLine or WR needs well before they address a backup TE.

                    I think you need to do a little more research about team needs and scouting reports.

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                      Switch eagles pick with rams pick
                      Definatley move up Nelson and Anderson who both should be going in the top 10 for sure after combine.


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                        Blalock will not go that high anymore

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                          i love the revis pick for the giants but it would b tough passin on reggie nelson

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                            "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                              the niers will only take a WR i it is CJ in the first round



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