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New Draft, some changes 5 rounds with some comments

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  • New Draft, some changes 5 rounds with some comments

    Its defenitly not the best and some things i forgot like Heitman the center for 49ers. Just give me a little break its not perfect cause i only know what the packers kinda need. This is all for fun and i wanted to see how i did. so please give me a grade

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    Good hawks mock, though I dont see us taking two DB's

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      Solid Packers mock. I really like the Rouse and Lynch pick.


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        Good Bears draft, just change Craig Davis to Brandon Frye in the third, and then in the Fifth give us Laurent Robinson and Id cry of happiness.
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          Good chargers draft.


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            good pack draft. (Though i dont think of patrick as a good reciever at TE)
            For the rest there is alot i disagree with but the things i disagree with are reasonable


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              A decent Lions mock

              1- JaMarcus Russell
              If the lions go QB, which they probably wont, i think theyd prefer Quinn

              2-Joe Staley
              DE is a bigger need, so if we can get a DE like the guy below then this pick is very good, otherwise im not sure its the right pick.

              3-Charles Johnson
              This makes the second rounder acceptable. Great Pick, dont think he'll slide this far but ill definitely take it.

              4-Aundrae Allison
              I dont think theyll take a WR here, they still havent addressed MLB CB or OG. Those are all better picks

              5-Tim Shaw
              Not a bad pick but we need a MLB or OG more. Especially with Mike Jones still on the board.



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                Good Bengals 1st rounder.

                In the 2nd I'd rather see Weddle.


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                  Miami Dolphins Levi Brown T Penn State 6-5 325 Even with a new offense, they dont go QB. McIntosh did alright in at left tackle but Brown could be a that Franchise LT, but could also be a Dud. They think that the rewards outweight the risks and grab him at #9.

                  I would go Quinn over him personally but I think he is a solid pick

                  41 (9) Miami Dolphins Tank Tyler DT North Carolina State 6-2 310 Fantastic value and can start at NG for them from day 1.

                  Very nice pick I like a lot

                  73 (9) Miami Dolphins H.B. Blades MLB Pittsburgh 5-11 240 Blades is a solid, instinctive LB and would fit perfectly in a 3-4 defense.

                  I like the pick very much as well, I would most likely go Buster Davis over him personally whom I feel is a better Inside Linebacker. Ikaika Alama-Francis would have been a very nice pick as well, Trent Edwards would have been interesting too for a project QB

                  Miami Dolphins Chansi Stuckey WR Clemson 5-10 185 Could still use maybe 1 more wr to battle for the 3rd spot.

                  Don’t really need a 3rd WR, we have about 6 of them, we need a number 1 honestly.

                  Marshal Yanda, Doug Datish, Baraka Atkins would all look nice there honestly.

                  If you can change the 4th rounder to atkins or Datish I would be happy with the draft, perhaps edwards in the 3rd but I cant complain of Davis there either (blades seems more of a project then davis).

                  1st brown LT
                  2nd tyler NT
                  3rd Davis ILB
                  4th Atkins DE

                  Now I know alot of dolphins fans wouldnt want that much concentration upon the lines but I would like it specially if we could sign a good center or guard to replace jeno james.


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                    very solid raiders mock.


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                      Interesting Denver draft:

                      Victor Abiamiri going in round 3 seems awfully late, especially considering the run on DL in round 2.

                      round 1 - Moss looks good here, though in some ways I like Carriker better

                      round 2 - lots of DL getting grabbed in this round. I like Mebane over Brown, but either way the help at DT is needed... though I like Abiamiri even better despite picking up Moss in round 1. Might consider an RB here too.

                      round 3 - CB/KR is okay (WR/KR is better, tho), K is dubious. A RB is likely here if one isn't taken in rounds 1 & 2.

                      round 4 - Wright would be a much better pick here if we're still looking for a RB, or maybe OL help

                      round 5 - Good. OL help is definitely needed


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                        New Orleans Saints:

                        Round 1: I don't see us reaching for Marcus McCauley here. Would rather have us taking Paul Poluszny or Aaron Ross.

                        Round 2: There is no doubt that Marcus Thomas is a great player, but with his character concerns we can easily pick him up later. H.B. Blades, Mason Crosby, Brandon Siler and Eric Weddle are all better options here.

                        Round 3: You have us taking a DT in Round 2 and 3?

                        Round 4: I like the Desmond Bishop pick here.

                        Round 5: OK pick. Don't know much about Stephen Nicholas though.

                        Grade: D

                        Sveen's 2015 NFL Draft Spreadsheet


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                          Sidney Rice WR South Carolina 6-2 200
                          Rice is one of the purest route runners in this draft. They arent the best, but he has a talent with it, and he has the hands to be a solid #1. He'll be used as the speedster.
                          Rice is no speedster, but good pick nonetheless. Blaylock could also be posssibilties there along with Poz because we could easily get a good #2 WR in rounds 2 or 3
                          Brandon Siler MLB Florida 6-1 235
                          Can take over for ether ILB for the chargers.
                          Nice pick and theres pretty good value there.
                          Josh Gattis FS Wake Forest 6-1 215
                          Had a solid week of practice at the Senior Bowl and the game was alright. His physical and athletic tools are a huge part of him.
                          Gattis's week at the senior bowl was far from solid. He really struggled. I could live with that pick but I dont think he could ever be a starter.

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                            Im working on a new one that will also be 5 rounds, but with more talk. Later i will take there combine numbers along with there stats to determine their rises and falls, but scotts rankings dont hurt. the first five round should be done in about a week. The detailed on i will start working on (word) to see how detailed i can get it, i get kinda bored and its fun.


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                              1. Take a LB over Hughes.
                              2. I like Leonard being a Rutgers fan, but I don't know how well he'd do here.
                              3. Lorenzo's pick would be odd if we took Leonard in the 2nd.
                              4. Meh
                              5. We're not drafting a punter.



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