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  • Hoopz first ever mock

    This is my first attempt at a mock draft ever so cut me some slack here... im just taking the order for Scotts draft aswell so please to gripe about the position your team is picking. All your feedback is appreciated though.

    1. Oakland Raiders- Darren McFadden RB Arkansas
    Simply because they have their QB... Now if Lamont Jordan has a great season then i could see Jake long being a strong possibilty here

    2. Houston Texans- Jake Long OT Michigan
    I think he will ultimatly end up being a career right tackle in the league but the texans havnt made great decisions in the first round of hte drafts as of late.. still will be a solid 10 year starter on that line

    3. Minnesota Vikings- Andre Woodson QB Kentucky
    I belive they will realize that jackson is not the long term answer at quarterback and will look to draft one high this year.. i also see woodson having the same kind of skyrocketing stock this year as jamarcus did last year

    4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Glen Dorsesy DT LSU
    Now that they are bascially rebuilding an aging defense.. gruden will get the quick penetrating DT in the mold of sapp that is an intrical part in having a succesfull Cover 2 Defence.. i strongly considered Sam baker for this pick as they seem to be building that offensive line through the draft

    5. Dallas Cowboys (f/CLE)- Quentin Groves OLB Auburn
    I know it is a little high for him but with ellis aging they can get a potential instant impact at rush backer. Besides they have another pick later in the first round where they can get another position of need.. which would be a better place to get a runningback like stewart or slaton.

    6. Washington Redskins- Calais Cambell DE The U
    This is the pass rusher they have needed for a long time.. just fits an extreme need and he has potential to be great.

    7. Miami Dolphins- Kenny Phillips S The u
    There is no way with the need the fins have at safety they could pass up a player that played his college ball in their own backyard... although suprinsgly not many hurricanes have lasted a full season with them or been drafted by them.. we could be suprised but this pick seems to perfect not to happen if he was there

    8. Detroit Lions- Sam Baker LT USC
    I think they grabbed a franchise type left tackle that also has athletic versatilty and gives thema better line to protect Drew Stanton when he finally takes over the reighns... atleast when they give him the chance to

    9. Buffalo Bills- DeSean Jackson WR Cal
    Now im a Bills fan and i know receiver isnt our bigest need area... but if a telant like this falls to us i think we have to take it. Parrish hasnt shown much, Reed and Price arent the answer either... So we give J.P another target and make our offence and preyy good threat to score.. another option would be Sedric Ellis, Dan Connor or Justin King

    10. Kansas City Chiefs- Micheal Oher OT Miss
    They need offensive line help badly and he fits a need perfectly... with baker and long off the board already i think this is the pick here.. althought its prolly the worst case scenario in their minds

    11. Arizona Cardinals- Dan Connor MLB Penn State
    They are making the switch to a 3-4 defence and Gerald hayes is not a long term answer in that system.. Connor has some rexperiance wiht the system from last season at Penn and is a terrific playmaker and fits the bill here

    12. Tennessee Titans- Mario Mannigham WR michigan
    With Desean gone they grab the second best deep threat in the draft and give a nice compliment to David Givens for Vince Young

    13. Atlanta Falcons- Brian Brohm QB Louisville
    If Brohn falls this far then i think the falcons grab him up.. their new headcoach has coached him at lousiville before.. and if anyone knows if he can be a NFL quarterback its petrino. And with Vick semmignly done.. this only fits even better

    14. New York Giants- Sedrick Ellis DT USC
    They grab themselves on hell of a player to solidify the middle of that defence in the middle of the first round...

    15. Green Bay Packers- Barry Richardson LT Clemson
    I was really thinking about a runningback at this spot but i think they give jackson another shot even if he dosent live up to expectations the first year.. and clifton isnt a long term answer and isnt getting younger... richardson is another talented tackle in this class that could prove to be very good

    16. New England Patriots (f/SF)- Aqib Talib CD Kansas
    With the strong possibilty they lose samuel in the free agency next year talib is a great pick

    17. St. Louis Rams- Derrick Harvey DE Florida
    I think this pick will get a lot of flack.. but with carricker holding up against the run on the other side and demanding double teams becasue of his strength and athletisism. This would open up the other side for a speedy pass rusher like harvey

    18. Jacksonville Jaguars- Lawrence Jackson DE USC
    This gives the jags and actually pass rush threat on the defensive line... and he with those beast at DT... its not liek theey can double team them all... right?

    19. Carolina Panthers- Jonathan hefney S Tennesee
    With Minter out of the picture they need a safety... and they way it looks at the moment is that hefney is the best fit here.. he is also quite capable at lining up at corner and makign an impact

    20. New York Jets- Vernon Gholston DE/OLB Ohio State
    With the 3-4 defence there is no better fit than the strong hard hitting gholston... he has shown flashes in coverage during the season although hasnt been asked to do it that often. he is a beast of a pass rusher and is a definate upgrade over bryan thomas

    21. Pittsburgh Steelers- Jack Ikegwuono CB Wisconsin
    This pick for me was as tuff to decide as it was to spell his name... i dont really see any major areas of need for the steelers.. and an extra corner with pro bowl potential is a great thing to have on your roster... would be a starter in 2 years or so

    22. Dallas Cowboys- Rey Maualuga ILB USC
    With the outsides future solidified now its time to look on the inside and ask yourself do you really want your future and IL to be brady james and akin ayodele? i wouldnt want both of them that is for sure... Rey is a strong sure tackler and would adjust to the new system quickly IMO

    23. Seattle Seahawks- Martellus Bennet TE Texas A&M
    Marcus Pollard is old and isnt the player he used to be... Bennet is in the mold of former hawk jeremy stevens... minus the attitude and problems... gives them another peice of the superbowl puzzle... so they can make one final run before players start moving on and retiring

    24. Cincinnati Bengals- Keith Rivers OLB USC
    With Pollack out still and maybe forever and Thurman not coming back anytime soon the bengals linebacking core is shaky at best... so why not add one of the best, perhaps the best linebacker in the draft.. if he falls this far i see the bengals wasting no time to pulll that trigger... with no character concerns im sure the bengals would love him

    25. Philadelphia Eagles- Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma State
    The Days with Terrel Owens and a good receving core are long gone and in some ways not missed... But Bowman give McNabb a big athletic target that will be a redzone threat almost from day one. Tha is of course if McNabb is still there

    26. Baltimore Ravens- Tommy Blake DE/OLB TCU
    Depending on what happens with blake this offseason and leaving hte team and all... we will see if this happens.. but he he is a great rusher off the edge as the ravens begin to find personel for a 3-4 defence

    27. Denver Broncos- Brian Cushing OLB USC
    With DJ Williams moved inside they need another linebacker.. Cushing has not hid the fact he is more comfortable in a 4-3 linebacker role than a 3-4 and he is a better suit for the 4-3 IMO. Another possibilty is drafting Jasper Brinkley and move DJ back to the outside.

    28. Chicago Bears- Xavier Abidi OLB V-Tech
    With Briggs still unhappy its not the best thing for chemistry... abidi gives them an option if they decided to deal or let briggs go... he is a fast playmaker who would flourish wiht that defenisive line in front of him

    29. New Orleans Saints- Terrel Thomas CB USC
    They have needs at linebacker and coner... but with thomas still available here they take him with the hopes of getting somone like Vince hall, Little Animal, Ali Highsmith, Jonathan Goff or Jasper Brinkley in the second round.

    30. San Diego Chargers- James Laurinaitis MLB OSU
    Losing both Godfrey and Edwards last season will be more costly then they would have thought... so they grab a young playmaker with tremendous upside

    31. San Francisco 49ers (f/ IND)- Chris Long DE Virgina
    They are suprised to see Mr. Long fall this far but wont hesitate to to snatch him up and give themselves a solid DE that will be able to hold up against the run. After all Bryant Young will run out of gas eventually... right? or maybe he will actaully play forever...

    32. New England Patriots- Jasper Brinkley MLB South Carolina
    With older MLB in the fold, this gives them a good oppertunity to let two great players who have been around and seen a lot to teach a young gun the ropes... with all that knowledge and experiance it would be hard to see Brinkley being a flop in the league

    It is extremly early but i have wanted to try one of these for a long time.. thought it would be fun..

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    eh I don't see the Packers taking a tackle with Tauscher and Clifton still performing, maybe in the future but this year seems to be CB or possibly RB depending on how Morency/Jackson pan out

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      I'll take Brian Brohm over Dorsey.


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        Originally posted by 24cadillac24 View Post
        I'll take Brian Brohm over Dorsey.
        Well i was just thinking that garcia will hold up for atleast 2 seasons and Chris Simms is still there... And the next draft seems to hace a fair amount of good QB's that will be first and second round picks...

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          Cowboys dont need another OLB, they have Ware and they drafted Anthony Spencer in last years first round. Maybe Kenny Phillips since Ken Hamlin is on a one year contract.

          Great Seahawks pick.

          thanks Bengals1690


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            Packers pick is a possibility but a rare one at that. I think the Packers eventual plan will be to put Colledge at LT and Moll at LG with Barbre as the RT. I would look at giving the Packers a youngster at CB or maybe even addressing TE

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              Originally posted by 23trufant View Post
              Cowboys dont need another OLB, they have Ware and they drafted Anthony Spencer in last years first round. Maybe Kenny Phillips since Ken Hamlin is on a one year contract.

              Great Seahawks pick.
              oh dude i complety forgot about spencer!!!!!! dam my bad

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                you need to change where Oakland's picking.
                EDIT:Nevermind.Good pick I guess.
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                  Like/Love the Bills pick


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                    I think I love you....

                    PERFECT PHINS PICK! Also I'm glad to see you have Woodson going before Brohm, because I also believe that will happen. Nice work man!

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                      Originally posted by bills_red View Post
                      Like/Love the Bills pick
                      I had a reciever going to you in my mock and you booed it.... my pick actually made sense because it was Sweed who was a bigger reciever to go along with the speedy evans. Two of the same type of recievers doesn't make sense. I guess you just like speed. Don't blame you for that. Although you do have Roscoe too.

                      Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                        Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
                        I had a reciever going to you in my mock and you booed it.... my pick actually made sense because it was Sweed who was a bigger reciever to go along with the speedy evans. Two of the same type of recievers doesn't make sense. I guess you just like speed. Don't blame you for that. Although you do have Roscoe too.
                        i was so tempted to give them Adarius Bowman... but Desean falling to ten need sto jumped all over... i dont like sweed as a constant playmakes though... he has had the tendency to make one amazing play then dissapear from teh game

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                          I doubt the Lions will pick a Left Tackle in Round 1.. We just don't 'need' one, we've got Jeff Backus secured at the LT spot for the next few years at a hefty amount of money.


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                            Well thanks for all the input and hopefully keep it coming and my next mock will be better because of it

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                              I really like the chargers pick. Im just not sure if Laurinaitis can play in the 3-4. I think I read on here somewhere that he isn't the type of player for a 3-4. I could be wrong though

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