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  • Mock Attempt Number 2 (Hoopz)

    Well this actualyl try three... cause i was half done this one and i lost all my info... so mad right now. But i took a short cut wiht my first mock and took scotts order, i made my own order and that took me longer than i expected.. went through the entire schedule and guessed how it would go.. kinda predicted it.. all the records. This is what i got... i didnt know much about the Cowboys or Lions.. i learned a bit so hopefully this one turns out a bit better. Feedback is apprieciated.

    #1 Vikings - Andre Woodson QB Kentucky
    I was thinking Brohm could go here but thought about the past scenario's liek this. Jamarcus/Quinn, Manning/Leaf... it seems the quarterback with the highest ceiling gets taken over the quarterback that is most NFL ready. Now Peyton went before Leaf... but look how that turned out. We will have to wait and see how the other one turns out

    #2 Chiefs - Jake Long LT Michigan
    The Chiefs need to address their line situation badly, long is the best offensive lineman in the draft IMO. Now im one of the people who belive he will be a right tackle sooner rather than later but he wil be a ten year starter in teh league regardless. A mauler who loves to dominate and punish his opponents.. love how he plays.

    #3 Falcons - Brian Brohm QB Louisville
    Petrino knows more than anyone if Brohm can be a starter in the league. So if he has an oppertunity at him i think he grabs it. With Vick being done and suspended this pick is only starting to make more sence. Although if petrino passes on Brohm... i could see a Brady Quinn/Aaron Rodgers esk fall in draft stock.

    #4 Dolphins - Kenny Phillips S The U
    The Doplhins safety situation is absolutly abismal. So what do they do, they take by FAR the best safety of the class and a local guy. When a player has been called a mix of Ed Reed and Sean Taylor adn he plays in your backyard... its a pick made in heaven. If he is available it would take a minute for the dolphins to get their selection to the commish.

    #5 Packers - Darren McFadden RB Arkansas
    It took me a long time to come up with the pick for the pack. I think no matter how Brandon Jackson does, if they have a shot at grabbing the top player on many teams boards... they do it. He fills a need that they have, corner is another need but its far to early to grab one. If McFadden falls this far the pack could trade down with a bunch of hungry teams fighting to grab him.

    #6 Texans - Sam Baker LT USC
    At this point the texans war room is crying and smashing their heads off the wall because the one player that could let fans forgive them for the previous draft... was taken before them. However this gives them a great oppertunity to address that horrid line that has plagued them since entering the NFL. Baker fits a need perfectly and can be trusted to protect Shaubs blindside. Bakers athletisism is also a perfect fit for Kubiaks zone blocking schemes.

    #7 Cowboys (From the Browns) - Jack Ikegwuonu CB Wisconsin
    This may be a little early but with a second pick in the first round the boys can address the runningback situation later. They snag the top corner in the draft IMO and solidfy that already menacing defence. Stewart and Slaton were thoughts here but they should be available later.

    #8 Bills - Glen Dorsey DT LSU
    The Bills have many needs, but to have the top DT in the draft fall to them at 8 i think they jump on it. Unless McCargo lives up to his billing then they have really no playmakers here. Other thoughts here were Desean Jackson, Dan Connor or Justin King. No matter who the bills take.. they are sitting pretty with this pick.

    #9 Bucs - Justin King CB Penn State
    The bucs keep adding young talent to that defence with the speedy playmaking King. With starting corners Barber and Kelly being 31 and 32 repectivly.. they will need to address this sooner or later. Desean Jackson is another thought as Galloway is getting old and Clayton hasnt been teh same player since his rookie season.

    #10 Rams - Dan Connor OLB Penn State
    They need playmakers on the definsive side of the ball badly, with this pick the get arguably one of the best linebacking prospects in the draft. Penn State has him playing MLB this year but he is better suited for outside linebacker in a 4-3 defence. He will imeadiatly improve their attrcious rush defence. And in a division with Deuce, Bush, Norwood, Dunn, DeAngelo and Foster.. that is definatly needed.

    #11 Titans - DeSean Jackson WR Cal
    If he falls this far this isnt a difficult pick to predict. Young needs more playmakers in his receiving core and Jackson is the best big play receiver of this group. A real threat to take it to the house whenever he touches the ball. Basically a way more polished as a receiver version of Dolphins pick Tedd Ginn.

    #12 Raiders - Calias Campbell DE The U
    I had this pick all written up as Mario Manningham... then i came back to it cause i had a feeling Al Davis couldnt pass over a physical freak like Campbell. Brayton just simply isnt that good... and with this addition it would help take some pressure off Burgess and make that defence even better.

    #13 Redskins - Lawrence Jackson DE USC
    They need defensive end help badly, they basically have no rush and its making some talented defensive backs look terrible. They finally realize that their defence wont be good again until they get a rush and draft an extremly good 4-3 end. He can get the quarterback and isnt to bad at defending the run either. He played and starred at USC, so you know he is good.

    #14 Giants - Sedrick Ellis DT USC
    The Giants arent really terrible here but they can upgrade big time. Ellis will help that run defence and also help open it up for Antonio Peirce to make more plays. CB and RB were other thoughts here but both can be addressed later in the draft. Especially at corner where they spent a first round pick last year on Aaron Ross.

    #15 Jaguars - Derrick Harvey DE Florida
    They have some good defensive lineman agaisnt the run, but pass rushing is still a sore spot. Harvey gives them a guy that once its one on one... its basically a sack. He wont receive many double teams either as they have two monsters of DT's manning the middle.

    #16 Jets - Vernon Gholston DE/OLB OSU
    He is a perfect fit for that 3-4 defence and can also play with his hand on the group as a 4-3 end if needed. He has a sick combination of speed and strength which makes him a terrific pass rusher. He gave premier tackle Jake Long one hell of a time last year. A playmaker that could make a Shawn Merriman esk kind of rookie impact.

    #17 Patriots(Via Niners)- Brandon Flowers CD V-Tech
    Originally i forgot they had the Niners pick so this was a little late getting up. He fills a need because the chances of them giving Samuel a new contract are slim, especially the size he is looking for.

    #18 Lions - Rey Maualuga MLB USC
    The Lions may still want to give Boss Bailey one more chance to be injury free before they lose all hope in him. That is the only thing that mad me pick Rey over his USC teamate Keith Rivers. Rey Brings a toughness and a hard hitting mentality to the defence. With him on board it gives the Lions a chance to have one of the best young linebacking cores in the league.

    #19 Bengals - Keith Rivers OLB USC
    With Pollacks football career looking unlikly to resume and Odell Thurman being suspended they need playmaker badly in the linebacking core. Brooks will be given a shot at MLB so Rivers fits a need as the OLB. he is a premier pass rusher and makes a lot of tackles. Him and Connor could be argued endlessly to be the top OLB prospects in this years draft.

    #20 Panthers - Martellus Bennet TE Texas A&M
    They have basically back-ups and NFL journeyman on the roster right now and thats not gonna hold up if you wanna be a succesfull team. Bennet gives them that receiving threat they have lascked in recent years and is a pretty good blocker. With no other glaring needs this could very well be the pick.

    #21 Steelers - Quentin Groves DE/OLB Auburn
    With Timmons playing ILB and Woodley playing OLB on the other side... Grooves fits one of the Steelers only needs. at 6'3 254lbs Grooves still manages to run a 4.4 40... im pretty sure that he would be a welcomed defensive player on any team. In this system he would be a front runner to win the defensive rookie of the year.

    #22 Eagles - Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma State
    They have a good receiver in Reggie Brown and now they add a red zone threat in the big athletic Bowman. He is terrific at making tough catches over the middle and can be relied on in the clutch. His blocking abilty is also a plus.

    #23 Seahawks - Jonathan Hefney FS Tennesee
    They have old timer Deon Grant there right now, and they know he isnt the future at the position. Hefney gives them a chance to have their own Bob Sanders and he will be able to contribute right away as atleast a nickleback on third down situations.

    #24 Broncos - Brian Cushing OLB USC
    With DJ Williams being moved inside to replace the departured Al Wilson, this leaves the OLB spot wide open. Cushing has been public stating he is more comfortable playing OLB in a 4-3 rather than a 3-4 defence and his coaches agree. He would be an excellent fit as Denver attempts to rebuild their once great linebacking core.

    #25 Bears - Xavier Adibi OLB V-Tech
    The fast athletic Abidi is a good fit for the bears defence. Is a great playmaker and is a steal at this point in the draft. With no chance that Briggs resigns this is an easy choice.

    #26 Ravens - Tommy Blake DE/OLB TCU
    The new look 3-4 Ravens are drooling when they bring a talent like Blake into their camp. He is one of the best DE/OLB prospects in the entire draft. He can rush the passer and is very effective at stopping the run. The only thing that may make them hesitate is the fact that he left TCU for awhile because the pressure of having scouts at his practices was getting to him. He needs to get over that if he wants to play at the next level.

    #27 Cardinals - Micheal Oher LG/LT Ole Miss
    He has limitless upside and some of the best footwork of an offensive lineman in some time. Now they could use help at both gaurd and LT and he has the versatilty to help out imeadiatly at both. He has started at guard his two previous seasons so he has a ton of experience there.

    #28 Niners (Via Colts) - Terrance Taylor NT Michigan
    Possibly one of the strongest players in the country and seems to suit teh role of nose tackle perfectly. Reminds me of a stronger Casey Hampton and thats not a bad thing.

    #29 Cowboys - Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon
    The second best runningback prospect in this draft falls all the way to their second pick and the Boys are looking great after the first round. With the likely hood that Jones wont resign, this gives them great depth and a potential pro bowl player.

    #30 Chargers - Vince Hall ILB V-Tech
    The Bolts basically lost everyone last season they had that could play ILB decently. They realize their mistake in not getting someone in last season free agency and pull the trigger on strong athletic linebacker Vince Hall. He is good and controlling blockers and would be a great fit for that 3-4 defence.

    #31 Saints - Malcolm Jenkins CB OSU
    They didnt draft anyone last year to help their secondary and it will hurt them. Jenkins is one of many great corners in this years draft, he is a big guy at 6'1 202 and yet has teh speed to stick to smaller receviers. Will be an absolute stud in a couple years.

    #32 Patriots - Jasper Brinkley ILB South Carolina
    He is big and strong standing at 6'2 262. He is easily able to over power blockers and control them to make a play. He is always around the ball and will fit in great with the rest of that great defence. He has two great ILB's to learn from on the roster and this will help him come along quicker than most rookies in this class. the only question is whether he can handle Bills defensive schemes seemingly changing week to week.
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    Groves isnt that great against the run to play in Pitt. If the Steelers do go that route of OLB I think they go Harvey, Gholston, Blake, Maualuga in that order.


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      Hate the fact that we have the #1 pick, but can't argue with Woodson.


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        Pats have the niners pick.

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          I kno McFadden is the next Bush, but i dont really care for him too much.

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            Originally posted by DWilliams2IndyColts View Post
            Pats have the niners pick.
            oh **** they do thanks man i forgot about that

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              The Pats do have the niners pick, but I love the Brinkley pick for NE. He is exactly what we need. A corner would be good for the pick that belongs to us from San Fran.


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                I would cry in joy if we got McFadden

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                  Nice Bills pick


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                    Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                    I kno McFadden is the next Bush, but i dont really care for him too much.
                    more like the next LT if anything.


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                      Brayton doesnt play DE anymore and will probably be cut.
                      And Ryan seems to love both Moses and Richardson both rookies.
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                        Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                        I kno McFadden is the next Bush, but i dont really care for him too much.
                        Huh & Huh?
                        Originally posted by DChess View Post
                        more like the next LT if anything.
                        Where's -black with that .gif of Chapelle turning his head and squinting...

                        Very poor pick. I pray we don't pass on Calais Campbell & DeSean Jackson for a CB. Justin King is not top 10 material anyway, and he's not a Cover 2 CB either. I don't see him as a lock for declaring anyway so I don't know why he's in your mock.

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                          Way Way Way better cowboy Mock...Good Job :)


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                            Cant see the bucs passing on a top 3 talent like Calais at 9 for a CB who doesnt fit their system


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                              happy with the Packers' selection

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