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fenikz's 1st 2008 mock draft

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  • fenikz's 1st 2008 mock draft

    the draft order are the rankings voted on by this site

    1- Oakland: Darren McFadden HB Arkansas
    He is to much of a talent to pass up even if they have a terrible O-Line

    2- Dallas(fCLE): Kenny Phillips S Miami
    I feel the experiment of Williams and Hamlin will fail miserably and they will get a safety that can actually cover, BTW this will be the highest a safety has ever been drafted so i expect them to trade down.

    3- Atlanta: Brian Brohm QB Louisville
    This a basic no brainer, unless Harrington some how gets the team to 8-8 I think you can lock this up.

    4- Kansas City: Sam Baker OT USC
    They once had a great O-Line but as the years have passed players have gotten old and retired Baker is a good start to bringing it back.

    5- Tennessee: Desean Jackson WR/KR Cal
    When they lost Pac-Man they not only lost a quality CB but a good KR, Jackson gives young the explosive player maker he needs and is a very rare talent.

    6- Miami: Glenn Dorsey DT LSU
    The Dolphins draft a young stud for a aging defense, he may be the best overall player in the draft and should be a force to reckon with.

    7- Minnesota: Andre Woodson QB Kentucky
    Tavaris Jackson is very questionable at QB so depending on how he does this pick could change. Woodson may still go unnoticed by most of the country but he definitely won't get past the NFL scouts.

    8- Tampa Bay: Calais Campbell DE Miami
    They still need help on the O-line and Garcia isn't a long term solution at QB but you can't pass on a talent like Campbell, along with Adams they could be the best DE tandem in the league for many years to come

    9- Detroit: Quentin Groves DE Auburn
    Although I kinda want to keep him for the Cardinals he is a perfect Cover 2 DE and with his 4.4 speed he will make up for them not taking Gaines Adams last year.

    10- Houston: Ryan Clady OT Boise ST.
    At sometime in the existence of the Texans they need to address their O-Line, Shaub will find out why Carr wasn't successful and even if Clady is a reach I don't think they have much of a choice.

    11- Buffalo: Dan Connor LB Penn St
    Thier LB core is pretty much non-existent, along side Poz these two can bring back the good ole' days at Penn state.

    12- New York Giants: Chris Long DE Virginia
    Strahan will more than likely retire after this year and even if he doesn't he will be 36, he is good value here.

    13- Washington: Derrick Harvey DE Florida
    They are set at Safety for a while with Taylor and Landry but besides that most of the team could use a upgrade, Derrick Harvey is probally the best player available here and he fills a need

    14- Arizona: Malcomn Jenkins CB Ohio State
    The Cardinals have actually decided to address their O-Line recently with the signings of Mike Gandy & Al Johnson and with draft Levi Brown, so this becomes a fairly stable position, a 3-4 OLB is needed to go along side Berry, but Moses may step up into that role, but CB is by far the biggest need of Arizona, Rolle has struggled a lot and Hood & Green are better fit for the nickel

    15- Green Bay: Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon
    A true work horse of RB who can carry the ball 20-25 times a game, although they drafted Brandon Jackson he doesn't have the talent to be a long term solution.

    16- New England (fSF): James Laurinitis LB Ohio St
    Many thought that they would draft David Harris last year but they ended up trading the pick and it will more than likely work out for them, Laurintis is a step below A.J. Hawk but he is a very solid LB.

    17- New York Jets: Steve Slaton RB West Virginia
    Many feel that Thomas Jones will be a quality starter for the Jets, but I don't think he will, at 29 he is on the down side of his career and isn't a long term solution.

    18- Carolina: Jonathan Hefney S Tennessee
    Carolina's biggest need is safety, although this class isn't very deep at it Hefney is a good prospect that may be over looked because of his size.

    19- Seattle: Colt Brennan QB Hawaii
    Seattle's entire team is getting old, they are pretty solid in almost all areas as of now but how long can this last, RB, QB, & OG are pretty big needs, Hasselbeck is on the downside of his career, but since he is still pretty good right now Brennan can sit for year so and learn a NFL style offense as opposed to the spread offense being ran at Hawaii.

    20- St.Louis: Tyson Jackson DE LSU
    The entire Rams defense needs help, last year they were terrible against both the run and pass in a division where the 49ers can Cardinals have great young offensive talent it won't get any easier for them, for some reason last year they drafted a DE to play NT this year they will take a DE to play DE

    21- Jacksonville: Mario Manningham WR Michigan
    Depending on how Garrard does this season they may need to draft a QB, but I personally feel he can manage the game for them which is all they need with a great rushing attack and a quality Defense, WR has always been a need for the Jags Matt Jones was a beast at the combine but it hasn't showed up on the field

    22- Pittsburgh: Antoine Cason CB Arizona
    Last year the Steelers were going to take Revis until the Jets traded up to snatch him up, this year they grab Antoine Cason and get the B that they need

    23- Philadelphia:Lawrence Jackson DE USC
    The 2 things that Philly never drafts are WR and LB and I expect to see this trend continue even if it is a position of question, LoJack is a huge steal at this point in the draft and he will help immediately as a pass rushing DE

    24- Dallas: Malcom Kelly WR Oklahoma
    Tony Romo may or may not be the answer at QB, he has 1 year left on his contract so depending on his season they might draft 1(even if they have Isiah Stanbeck) but WR is the biggest position of need, Crayton is the only decent WR on the team who isn't close to retirement

    25- Denver: Frank Okam DT Texas
    Okam is a man child and is exactly what Denver needs to strengthen that Line, with him the defense would be nearly complete and probably top 5 in the league

    26- Cincinatti: Jerod Mayo OLB Tenneessee
    The Bengals always need help on defense, last year they drafted Leon Hall to play CB this year they will strengthen up the LB core

    27- New Orleans: Justin King CB Penn State
    They have basically no secondary, their game against the Colts proved it, Justin King is a huge steal here and may actually be the #1 CB in the draft after the combine

    28- Baltimore: Keith Rivers OLB USC
    I know a lot of Ravens fans don't like McGahee, but I feel he will be a very good running back behind that O-Line, although they can basically just plug in random Linebackers and they become pro bowlers beside this year they may need to actually draft a player of substantial talent

    29- Chicago: Michael Oher OG/OT Ole Miss
    The bears have the oldest O-Line in the league, I know there are a lot of Grossman haters out there but I expect him to have a decent year and keep his job

    30- San Fran (fIND): Earl Bennet WR Vanderbilt
    They have some good building pieces on both sides of the ball, even though they got a steal in Jackson from Seattle WR is still a need so they will take 1 here in the 1st

    31- San Diego: Jonathan Goff ILB Vanderbilt
    They don't have many needs anywhere on the team, both sides of the ball are stacked with young talent, ILB may be the biggest need on the team, safety is another option but I don't think Z is 1st round material.

    32- New England: Talib Kalib CB Kansas
    Since they got a quality ILB early in the 1st they may trade this pick off again, or they could draft a possible replacement for Asante Samuel or Richard Seymour

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    I like the Chris Long pick because it is:

    a) an area of need with Strahan's age and Osi's inability to stay healthy.

    b) We will be Howie Long's team to win every week. =D

    Originally posted by Halsey
    I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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      Shouldn't a certain OT from Michigan be on your list?


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        Manningham plays at Michigan, and no Jake Long is absurd. For Philly, give us a CB or LB before another DE.


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          Stewart is a nice player and probably a big time need after seeing Brandon Jackson yesterday, but I would prefer Antoine Cason

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            Originally posted by MURPHMAN View Post
            Shouldn't a certain OT from Michigan be on your list?
            some how i completly forgot about him

            and the manningham thing was just because i forgot about him too and replace bowman with him

            i guess getting beat by App State & Oregon will do that


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              So you have the Patriots over the Chargers in the Super Bowl?


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                Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                the draft order are the rankings voted on by this site
                Originally posted by Apriori View Post
                So you have the Patriots over the Chargers in the Super Bowl?
                Read Mother Trucker. And I see the Chargers losing in the Divisional round again.

                Originally posted by Halsey
                I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                  Baker is good but no way we pass on Jake Long


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                    Okay packer pick, talent, not a huge need yet. I wanna see how the Morency/Jackson duo does first

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                      i don't see the jets going with a rb for the first pick.... MAYBE second, but as you saw yesterday they have other concerns.... 3-4 DE, another CB, Interior OL
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                        Originally posted by mangini for pres View Post
                        i don't see the jets going with a rb for the first pick.... MAYBE second, but as you saw yesterday they have other concerns.... 3-4 DE, another CB, Interior OL
                        I considered giving them a CB but i don't think they will go back to back years drafting one, no guard is 1st round worthy imo(ever) how would you feel about Sedrick Ellis of USC?


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                          Nice Vikings Pick


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                            I'm definitely not a fan of Calais Campbell becoming a Buc, however at that particular draft position, he was probably the best option.


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                              The ravens first need isn't a linebacker, we already have three young ones with alot of potential (Edgar Jones, Antwan Barnes & PreScott Burgess). I think they would go after a corner like Kalib.

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