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  • 2 round mock draft

    Round 1

    1 ATL BROHM, Brian QB Louisville
    2 BUF LONG, Jake OT Michigan
    3 OAK MCFADDEN, Darren RB Arkansas
    4 DAL DORSEY, Glenn DT LSU
    5 JAC JACKSON, DeSaun WR California
    6 K.C WOODSON, Andre QB Kentucky
    7 WAS CAMPBELL, Calais DE Miami (Fl)
    8 MIN MANNINGHAM, Mario WR Michigan
    9 T.B BRENNAN, Colt QB Hawaii
    10 MIA PHILLIPS, Kenny S Miami (Fl)
    11 DET THOMAS, Terrell CB USC
    12 ARI LONG, Chris DE Virginia
    13 HOU BAKER, Sam OT USC
    14 NYG SLATON, Steve RB West Virginia
    15 STL JENKINS, Malcom CB Ohio St
    16 TEN HARVEY, Derrick DE Florida
    17 G.B STEWART, Jonathan RB Oregon
    18 N.E CONNOR, Dan LB Penn St
    19 PIT BOWMAN, Zack CB Nebraska
    20 PHI KELLY, Malcom WR Oklahoma
    21 DEN CHERILUS, Gosder OT Boston College
    22 NYJ OKAM, Frank DT Texas
    23 CAR CLADY, Ryan OT Boise St
    24 DAL HEFNEY, Jonathan S Tennessee
    25 SEA DOUCET, Early WR LSU
    26 BAL TRIBBLE, DeSaun CB Boston College
    27 S.F DOUGLAS, Harry WR Louisville
    28 CHI RIVERS, Keith LB USC
    29 S.D LAUIRIANTIS, James LB Ohio St
    30 CIN FLUELLEN, Andre DT Florida St
    31 N.O BRINKLEY, Jasper LB South Carolina
    32 N.E CASON, Antonie CB Arizona

    Round 2

    1 ATL ELLIS, Sedrick DT USC
    2 BUF WHEELER, Phillip LB Georgia Tech
    3 CLE GROVES, Quentin DE Auburn
    4 OAK RICHARSON, Barry OT Clemson
    5 JAC LONGSHORE, Nate QB California
    6 K.C SWEED, Limus WR Texas
    7 WAS PHILLIPS, Randy CB Miami (Fl)
    8 MIN HENNE, Chad QB Michigan
    9 T.B HARDY, James WR Indiana
    10 MIA JACKSON, Lawrence DE USC
    11 ARI LOWERY, Dwight CB San Jose St
    12 ATL WILLIAMS, Darien S Oklahoma
    13 DET HILLS, Tony OT Texas
    14 NYG TALIB, Aqib CB Kansas
    15 STL DECOUD, Thomas S California
    16 G.B BECKUM, Travis TE Wisconsin
    17 S.F PRESSLEY, DeMario DT North Carolina St
    18 PIT BLAKE, Tommy DE TCU
    19 TEN BURTON. Keenan WR Kentucky
    20 PHI GOFF, Jonathan LB Vandibilt
    21 DEN MERLING, Phillip DE Clemson
    22 NYJ ARNOLD, Will OG LSU
    23 CAR CARLSON, John TE Notre Dame
    24 DAL LANGFORD, Kendall DE Hampton
    25 SEA ZBIKOWSKI, Tom S Notre Dame
    27 IND PORTER, Tracy CB Indiana
    28 CHI BOOTY, John David QB USC
    29 S.D DAVIS, Bruce DE UCLA
    30 CIN ADIBI, Xavier LB Virginia Tech
    31 N.O JACKSON, Dexter WR Appalachian St
    32 N.E CHOICE, Tashard RB Georgia Tech

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    are you a jets fan? cause that draft would just be so awesome for us... gives us our two biggest needs... 3-4 DL and OG
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      The Steelers second rounder is awesome.


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        You really think the Bills will take a RT(Jason Peters is our franchise LT) with the 2nd pick when they could solve their run defense issues by taking Dorsey?


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          have there been a lot of trades i don't know about?? a few teams don't pick in the same spot as others. is that meant?? are you speculating trades?? this seems to be a deep draft. Pressley, Highsmith, Adibi, Talib, and Sweed as 2nd rounders must mean a deep draft.

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            Love the first round pick for Miami, but Dwight Lowery or Tony Hills would be better picks in the second.

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              I tell you now.. the bills in that position would not take long... they dont need a first round offensive lineman. They would take dorsey wiht that pick without hesitation! Even Campbell has a better whot there... as for hte second round pick... not to high on wheeler personally.. i would rather take one of hte many talented corners in this years draft.

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                I don't think we go DE in the first, and not with a pass rusher like Harvey. We're solid this year at the DE spot in both starters (Vanden Bosch, Odom) and depth (Fisher, LaBoy, Conover). On defense, FS and DT would be bigger 1st round needs. A run-stuffing MLB would also be considered in rounds 2 and later.

                In the second, we get a WR. Its a need, but I don't know much about Burton. I'm surprised you don't have Adarius Bowman going in the first 2 rounds. I think I'd prefer Bowman over Burton. Or even taking a WR in the 1st and selecting another need in the 2nd.
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                  Not too bad of a Packers draft.....Stewart is a nice player, but I think TT would give Jackson atleast two years to prove himself and if thats the case then go Cason in round 1

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                    Great first rounder, Jackson doesn't fit the 3-4 though. Blake or Hills would be much better options.

                    Um, Randy Phillips coming out early, and then being drafted in the 2nd round? He was just moved to safety, not seeing that happen.

                    That is correct comahan
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                      I know Cover 2 teams don't value CB that highly but we really need a secondary help. I don't know about Thomas's physicality but I like his size. Then either a MLB or DE in the second.


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                        The Bears dont need a 1st rd LB. Give us Barry Richardson the OT. Our second round pick looks good. Or you could give us James Davis if he comes out.
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                          I would prefer Rivers/Connor in the first, but the Talib pick is solid. =D

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                            Groves would play OLB in a 34 if he came to Cleveland and OLB is not a huge position of need we either need a 34 DE or a WR....give us Sweed there thanks!


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                              I think Kenny Phillips and Lawrence Jackson would be a much better draft for the bucs



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