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    I'm currently making a 2008 mock even tho it's really early. I'd like a fan point of view on what they think they teams biggest needs are considering nobody knows your team better then you. If y'all could list you team, some top needs and some reasons, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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    oops, accidentally put this on the college board instead of NFL, my bad.


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      meh i'll help you out
      1 CB- With Harris and Woodson aging and a lack of depth a CB is a huge need. Fan faves... Cason and Jenkins

      2 TE- Bubba, even if he had a comeback year (still got my fingers crossed) is up there in years and isnt that good anymore.

      3 SS- Atari Bigby won the job in camp so he did something right, but if he cant do the job this year we'll be looking for a SS. We just drafted Aaron ROuse but he could end up playing LB

      4 HB- I dont wanna give up on Jackson but it is a need.

      5 OL- Mostly just depth

      6 OLB- We'll see if Poppinga can fill the job

      7 DE- Kampman, Cullen, and KGB form a great trio, but KGB is up there and his pass rushing abilites arent what they used to be. So a pass rushing DE would be nice.

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        The Seahawks have only two real needs: TE and OG

        After that, you could make a case for almost every position. QB, HB, O-Line, DT, and LB.

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        Everyone pwns the Rams.


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          Best value at the position to determine 1st rounder.


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            1. 34 DE
            2. WR (we need a #2 badly behind Braylon)
            3. 34 NT/RB

            if a real good WR falls to the 2nd then give us him because 34 DE can usually be had in later rounds


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              1st: Offensive Tackle-The bears have many O-lineman on the wrong side of thirty and this years draft class is stacked with alot of top senior talent at the position. Left Tackle especially is a need.

              2nd:Safety-Mike Brown cannot stay healthy. We have solid depth but Daniel Manning has this year to prove he deserves to start, otherwise we can draft a replacement. (Or Archuleta's eventual replacement for that matter if Manning does well)

              T3rd:Wide Receiver- This is a "want" not really a "need." A good possesion receiver to replace Moose would be good.

              T3rd:Runningback- Yes it was only the first game, but Benson hasn't looked good. If alot of the young talent comes out this could be a serious want otherwise we might as well wait another year.

              5th: Defensive Tackle- Dusty D, Tommie Harris, and Darwin Walker. DD is a ? due to his injuries. Tommie is a stud, and Walker is probably the top backup DT in the league. But behind that theres pretty much nothin. So gettin a guy in the 3rd-5th wouldnt be bad.

              6th:Fullback-If a fb like Brian Leanord was available I'd say we should snatch him up, but I dont think there is one in this class.

              XFactor: Quarterback-Grossman has not been resigned, and he may not be if he doesn't perform. Again this is a strong senior crop and if a guy we like happens to fall, we may say goodbye to Grossman regardless. This could be our #2 need if Grossman fails, or no need if he plays decently-good.
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                1. Inside LB
                A big run stuffer with athleticism who will play in the middle of our 3-4. ILB or CB should what we user our 1st rounder on

                2. CB
                Little/no depth behind Asante and Hobbs. Meriweather will probably play SS when Rodney leaves too

                3. DE/OLB
                A guy like Tommy Blake/Bruce Davis/Quentin Groves/Vernon Gholston/Derrick Harvey if one of them falls to round 2/3

                4. RB
                We could use a guy with speed or power, we have very little depth besides Maroney/Sammy Morris

                5. TE
                We need another TE outside of Watson. David Thomas is pretty much an H-Back/WR and Kyle Brady has about 2 years left in him and all he can do is block


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                  well it's hard to tell know what team needs cuz it's not even the off-season yet


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                    He's making a mock so just give an idea about what you're team looks like they need based on paper and week 1 performance. I know the Pats certainly need an ILB.


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                      for the rams ethier a LB,DE,DB,OL


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                        In order...



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                          Originally posted by KCJ58 View Post
                          well it's hard to tell know what team needs cuz it's not even the off-season yet
                          Obviously, it's just for now. Like It's pretty obvious that the Dolphins need OL and the Falcons need QB. It's just to get ideas from fans on what they feel their team needs for my mock.


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                            big need:

                            1. CB
                            2. LB
                            3. S

                            moderate need:

                            4. LT


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                              In (My) Order:
                              • QB - Joey Harrington is the starter, 'nuff said.
                              • LT - Wayne Gandy is a FA and won't be resigned. No real replacement is on the roster.
                              • DT - Rod Coleman and Grady Jackson are aging and depth is a concern.
                              • MLB - Keith Brooking doesn't really fit well at MLB and he too is aging.
                              • RB - Warrick Dunn is a FA and Jerious Norwood doesn't have the make of a feature RB.
                              • SS - Lawyer Milloy is ancient and Daren Stone may not be the answer.
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