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gpngc Mock Draft 10-4-07

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  • gpngc Mock Draft 10-4-07

    I want feedback... What does your team need instead?

    01. Rams: Calais Campbell
    02. Dolphins: Jake Long
    03. Bills: Glenn Dorsey
    04. Falcons: Andre Woodson
    05. Jets: Darren McFadden
    06. Saints: Sedrick Ellis
    07. Vikings: Brian Brohm
    08. Chiefs: Sam Baker
    09. Patriots (49ers): Dan Connor
    10. Eagles: DeSean Jackson
    11. Bears: Michael Oher
    12. Panthers: Kenny Phillips
    13. Raiders: Keith Rivers
    14. Bengals: Chris Long
    15. Chargers: Rey Maualuga
    16. Ravens: Mike Jenkins
    17. Cowboys (Browns): Adarius Bowman
    18. Broncos: Frank Okam
    19. Texans: Steve Slaton
    20. Redskins: Justin King
    21. Giants: Jonathan Stewart
    22. Cardinals: James Laurinaitis
    23. Lions: Malcolm Jenkins
    24. Jaguars: Vernon Gholston
    25. Titans: Early Doucet
    26. Bucs: Gosder Cherilus
    27. Packers: Travis Beckum
    28. Steelers: Eric Young
    29. Seahawks: Martellus Bennett
    30. Forfeited (Patriots)
    31. Cowboys: DeJuan Tribble
    32. 49ers (Colts): Quentin Groves

    33. Rams: Ali Highsmith
    34. Dolphins: Aqib Talib
    35. Bills: Brandon Flowers
    36. Falcons: DeMario Pressley
    37. Jets: Derrick Harvey
    38. Saints: Xavier Adibi
    39. Vikings: Malcolm Kelly
    40. Chiefs: Matt Ryan
    41. 49ers: Dre Moore
    42. Eagles: Marcus Griffin
    43. Bears: Limas Sweed
    44. Panthers: Colt Brennan
    45. Raiders: Kentwan Balmer
    46. Bengals: Roy Schuening
    47. Chargers: Reggie Smith
    48. Ravens: Shawn Crable
    49. Browns: Ray Rice
    50. Broncos: Thomas DeCoud
    51. Falcons (Texans): Tony Hills
    52. Redskins: Lawrence Jackson
    53. Giants: Barry Richardson
    54. Cardinals: Antoine Cason
    55. Lions: Jonathan Goff
    56. Jaguars: D.J. Hall
    57. Titans: Vince Hall
    58. Bucs: Keenan Burton
    59. Packers: Mike Hart
    60. Steelers: Philip Wheeler
    61. Seahawks: Andrew Crummey
    62. Patriots: Chris Williams
    63. Cowboys: Kendall Langford
    64. Colts: Allen Patrick

    65. Rams: Terrell Thomas
    66. Dolphins: John Carlson
    67. Bills: Kellen Davis
    68. Falcons: Tony Joiner
    69. Jets: Shannon Tevaga
    70. Saints: Trae Williams
    71. Vikings: Fred Davis
    72. Chiefs: Zack Bowman
    73. 49ers: Keilen Dykes
    74. Eagles: Ben Moffitt
    75. Bears: Chad Henne
    76. Panthers: Martin Rucker
    77. Patriots (Raiders): Dwight Lowery
    78. Bengals: Marcus Harrison
    79. Bears (Chargers): Kirk Barton
    80. Bills (Ravens): Andre Caldwell
    81. Browns: Harry Douglas
    82. Vikings (Broncos): Bruce Davis
    83. Texans: Marcus Monk
    84. Redskins: Andre Fluellen
    85. Giants: Malik Jackson
    86. Cardinals: Louis Holmes
    87. Lions: Dustin Keller
    88. Jaguars: Chevis Jackson
    89. Titans: Pedro Sosa
    90. Bucs: Jonathan Zenon
    91. Packers: Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie
    92. Steelers: Dorien Bryant
    93. Seahawks: Jacob Hester
    94. Patriots: Steve Justice
    95. Cowboys: Red Bryant
    96. Colts: Brandon Miller
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    I would be relatively satisfied with that Buc draft but I think some defensive line help wouldn't go astray.


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      Titans first round: Doucet would be a good pick, but right now I have Malcolm Kelly higher than him, and would take Kelly before Doucet right now. B+ pick though

      Titans second round: Vince Hall makes good sense, however we need to upgrade our starting TE, so someone such as John Carlson or Martin Rucker would be better. B pick

      Titans third round:Don't know anything about him but I can say we could use a SS unless Michael Griffin goes back to his original position.

      Originally posted by bearsfan_51
      Show me your Wang, if you will.


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        great phins draft.... im not sure a lot of your 3rd rounders will last that long, including ours.

        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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          Originally posted by thebow305 View Post
          great phins draft.... im not sure a lot of your 3rd rounders will last that long, including ours.
          Every year players drop... At this time of year people always say- "He won't fall to the 3rd" and then sure enough he drops to the 6th. There are only 64 first or second round picks, so a bunch of prospects who we think may flirt with round one will inevitably fall to the third... happens every year.

          Thanks for the feedback guys... I worked hard on team needs so I'm looking for more feedback... other fans???
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          - Ko Simpson


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            Originally posted by gpngc View Post
            10. Eagles: DeSean Jackson
            I could definitely live with this pick, but the Eagles don't do first round wideouts, especially not wideouts who can return the ball. Kenny Phillips, Keith Rivers, Rey Maualuga, Justin King are options here.

            42. Eagles: Marcus Griffin
            Assuming the Eagles go DJax in round 1, Barry Richardson, Jon Goff, Phil Wheeler are nice options here. Not a huge Marcus Griffin fan.

            74. Eagles: Ben Moffitt
            Martin Rucker would be stellar right here, as well as Martellus Bennett. Basically a TE is a need. But Moffitt is good too.

            Left some comments. Good positions, but I'm not crazy about the players.


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              Good Bears draft. I'm not that sold on Oher, and actually doubt he'll come out, but he's got that potential to go high.

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                I doubt GB goes TE in the first especially when he isnt the clear cut best like the 2nd rounder

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                  28. Steelers: Eric Young

                  Don't need a day 1 Guard. Need a day 1 Tackle though. None here. Derrick Harvey or Brandon Flowers would be our BPAs. We have 3 OG's on the roster that could be starting.. Simmons, Kemoeatu and Colon. Give us Brandon Flowers Here.

                  44. Panthers: Colt Brennan

                  Do the Panthers need a #3 QB in round 2?

                  60. Steelers: Philip Wheeler

                  Give us Chris Williams for LT here. Phillip Wheeler doesn't fit a 3-4 OLB and we don't need a Mack ILB. I don't think he's capable of Buck. Chris Williams would be a much better pick.

                  69. Jets: Will Arnold

                  Will Arnold can no longer play Fulltime OG. He's limited to 20 snaps a game because of extensive knee and ankle injuries.

                  92. Steelers: Dorien Bryant

                  Not a fan of Dorien Bryant. Hook us up with Jeff Otah here. He'll be our BPA.

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                    Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                    Good Bears draft. I'm not that sold on Oher, and actually doubt he'll come out, but he's got that potential to go high.

                    I agree and if he didnt, Ryan Clady most likely would. But for the sake of argument (that you dont have Clady in your mock) that neither come out. Give the Bears Kenny Phillips. Then just have the mock progress like you have it and the Bears end up with a stellar draft.

                    Edit: Actually give the Bears Eric Ainge in the third instead of Henne. I dont see him in your mock and I like Ainge more than Henne anyway.
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                      Not a big fan of the Raiders spending a first round pick on a LB..especially a LB that is gonna play SLB..Sam williams is playing good and fits SLB better..

                      I would go with Adarius Bowman and in the second Tony Hills
                      Derrick Morgan > All


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                        Good pick for my Vikes.



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                          Although the Laurninitis pick would work, I think Groves & Harvey are better overall players and Dansby could get comfortable playing ILB instead of having to shift outside again.

                          I like Cason in the 2nd, but Holmes doesn't fit a 3-4 too well, he isn't fast enough to play OLB and he isn't big enough to play DE, plus he would be a 3rd or 4th string guy at either position. Some O-line depth is needed and a player like Sosa could helps us out.


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                            I'd much rather the Eagles get Phillips/Sweed...than Jackson/Griffin..They seriously need size at WR...Not sure the Moffitt pick makes too much sense, they've invested a lot at LB...and they have the MLB spot solidified. They will probably go elsewhere with that 3rd rounder..


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                              I love this draft for the Bears, all 3 positions are a huge need and henne in the third is a solid value and some who can be groomed.



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