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    1. MIA - Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas*
    BPA. Don't want to reach for Long and Dorsey is not a great fit for the system. Trade down most likely.

    2. MIN - Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky
    Tavaris Jackson isn't the answer. I think Woodson has the best shot of succeeding in the NFL. Strong work ethic coming from a military backround.

    3. ATL - Brian Brohm, QB, Louisville
    Almost getting bored with this pick, but, it makes a lot of sense.

    4. BUF - Glenn Dorsey, DT, Louisville
    Best player in the draft at a position of need. He and McCargo could form a great duo.

    5. KC - Jake Long, OT, Michigan
    With the retirement of Roaf, this became a position of need. Long plays LT, but has the ability and skillset to play RT as well.

    6. STL - Calais Campbell, DE, Miami (FL)*

    Rams defense has been horrible this year. That starts with a lack of a pass rush. Campbell's rush could help the development of young guys like Tye Hill and Ronald Bartell in the secondary.

    7. NYJ - Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
    Small reach, but I don't want to do trades. Ellis could play DE in the Jets' 3-4 scheme.

    8. NE (v/SF) - James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State*
    Great fit for the 3-4 at ILB. Laurinaitis has the grit of a Bill Belicheck type player.

    9. OAK - Chris Long, DE, Virginia
    Might face unreasonable expectations, being the son of former Raider, Howie, but it's a position of need and he's the best DE in the draft after Campbell.

    10. PHI - Kenny Phillips, S, Miami (FL)
    Philly lands a steal here with Phillips. A mold of Sean Taylor and Ed Reed. Sean Considine leaves a lot to be desired next to Dawkins.

    11. CAR - Keith Rivers, LB, USC
    Losing Delhomme will hurt the Panthers more than you think. Matt Ryan is an option here, but they need to much help at LB to take a QB here.

    12. DAL (v/CLE) - DeSean Jackson, WR, California*
    Terry Glenn is close to the end of the road, if he's not already there, and DeSean Jackson is a very dynamic playmaker. A perfect slot guy for the Cowboys.

    13. NO - Dan Connor, LB, Penn State
    A disappointment thus far, and while the offense has been bad, it should turn around soon. The LB corps is the problem on defense, and that's where Connor comes in.

    14. HOU - Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma*
    Loadholt is very athletic for his size, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was drafted before Long when all is said and done, but he's a great fit for Houston's zone blocking scheme.

    15. CIN - Quentin Groves, DE, Auburn
    A bit smallish, but he makes up for it with his athleticism. Cincinnati needs a DE.

    16. ARI - Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State*
    Roderick Hood is their best CB right now. Enough said. They need help at DE, but Jenkins provides far better value here.

    17. DET - Reggie Smith, CB, Oklahoma*
    I love Reggie Smith. He's a great athlete with terrific instincts. Rod Marinelli will love him to. The departure of Dre Bly has hurt more than the Lions thought.

    18. SD - Derrick Harvey, DE, Florida*
    Tough pick to make because the Chargers really don't have many glaring needs other than at Safety, which provides no value here. BPA in my opinion was Derrick Harvey, so that's the pick.

    19. CHI - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

    Not sure if he's for real or not, but Rex Grossman finally was shown the bench, and Griese is not a long-term solution.

    20. JAX - Sam Baker, OT, USC
    I think part of the reason the running game has struggled is because of poor blocking. Baker provides good value at a position that could use an upgrade.

    21. TB - Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona

    They have no depth behind a couple of aging corners in Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly. Cason could be a good nickel back while learning under the two.

    22. TEN - Adarius Bowman, WR, Oklahoma State
    Even before the Sweed injury, Bowman was the #1 senior WR to me. Great size and good speed makes him a great target for Vince Young.

    23. NYG - Ryan Clady, OT, Boise State*
    David Diehl has performed well at OT, but his best position is Guard. Bringing in Clady would improve the Giants line, even though it's performing well as it is. CB and LB don't provide good value here.

    24. DEN - Philip Wheeler, LB, Georgia Tech
    A reach, but it's a position of need for the Broncos and I couldn't find another pick for them here. Wheeler is still a great talent.

    25. WAS - Lawrence Jackson, DE, USCThe last remaining pieces to the puzzle that is the Washington defense is on the defensive line. Jackson is one step closer to completing that puzzle.

    26. BAL - Vernon Gholston, DE, Ohio State

    A replacement for Adalius Thomas is what the Ravens defense needs right now.

    27. GB - Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon*
    The Packers need a running game like a baby needs a bottle. Stewart is physical, and quick.

    28. SEA - John Carlson, TE, Notre Dame
    Jerramy Stevens is gone, and the Seahawks don't have a lot of needs.

    29. PIT - Gosder Cherilus, OT, Boston College

    Marvel Smith may be gone soon, and no one is in line to replace him. Value isn't there at LB either.

    30. SF (v/IND) - Early Doucet, WR, LSU
    When Alex Smith returns, he doesn't have much talent at wideout besides D-Jack. Arnaz Battle is good, but not a #2 options. Ashley Lelie is a bust.

    31. DAL - Mike Jenkins, CB, South Florida

    I like him more than Cason, but he hasn't passed him yet in the public view. Cowboys need a CB because behind Newman and Henry, they have nothing. The Giants proved that the first week of the year.
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    LOVE KC's pick


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      I like the Giants pick considering Rivers and Connor, as well as Jenkins and Smith are gone.


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        fine by me assuming a trade down works


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          Originally posted by JagsFanWL View Post

          21. TB - Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona

          They have no depth behind a couple of aging corners in Ronde Barber and Brian Kelly. Cason could be a good nickel back while learning under the two.
          From that comment I can automatically tell you have not watched 1 Tampa Bay game this year. Phillip Buchanon has been great this year and I would be very comfortable with him starting more often (He started a few this year for the injured Kelly). I don't think the pick is that bad, although Cover 2 corners are rarely drafted in the 1st round, it is just that the reasoning behind it is grossly misinformed.


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            Good Cowboys Draft but I doubt we take a WR like Jackson - give me Bowman with our second pick and a Jenkins with our 1st...

            If you really want to earn brownie points, give us Loadholt then Jenkins (SoFl) :)
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            Mad props to Houshyamomma on


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              I think the Steelers require a guard, seeing how Faneca is going to be leaving.


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                I think that scenario is likely if we have the first pick, draft mcfadden and use him as trade bait.... I like it!

                If not, I think Calais would be the pick, he's the only other player worthy, IMO.

                Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                  Panthers need too much help at LB? That's news to me.

                  Davis is coming along nicely on the strongside and Beason looked nice in the middle the first came he played there this past week. Only LB position we possibly need is weakside which could very well be James Anderson's position to win or lose by the end of the season if Beason stays in the middle.

                  The defensive position we need help at is Safety. Other than that our biggest problems defensively are coaching related (ie, the scheme as a whole & the coaches determination to stick with veterans that are obviously not producing).

                  With Delhomme having Tommy John surgery, and Carr looking no better than he has to date QB is a definite possibility. As is OT since both of our starters are UFA's after this season.


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                    Tarvaris may not be answer but Andre woodson and his slow release is not the answer neither.


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                      i like the Rams Pick


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                        Harvey >>> Jenkins

                        I don't know what the better value thing is about because Harvey is a top 10 player IMO and Jenkins is a mid to late 1st rounder

                        I value Mike Jenkins, King, Thomas, Bowman just as much as Jenkins


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                          perfect cowboys mock


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                            btw that's a sick sig JagsFanWL


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                              Originally posted by bhaarat316 View Post
                              I think the Steelers require a guard, seeing how Faneca is going to be leaving.
                              We have Kemo.

                              Change Gosder to Chris Williams.

                              Yeah, I play WoW too.[/CENTER]



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