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Patriots-Lions 2008 NFL Mock Draft #2

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  • Patriots-Lions 2008 NFL Mock Draft #2

    Ok, here it is. Three rounds this time. I actually hate this mock. The only reason I'm posting it is so you guys can tell me what I did wrong, and I don't have to start over from scratch. As always, if you're not going to explain why you don't like a pick then don't bother posting. My only request is that if you don't like a pick, tell me who you'd rather have at that spot. The draft order is accurate as if the season were to end after Week 5.

    Round 1
    1. Miami Dolphins – OT Jake Long, Michigan

    No QB or RB needed here. DL was a consideration, but I’m not sold on Dorsey or Campbell in the 3-4. Dolphins upgrade their OL with Long, who is arguably the top senior in the draft. Long can play LT or RT in the NFL, and Vernon Carey’s performance should dictate where Long plays.

    2. St. Louis Rams – DE Calais Campbell, Miami (FL)

    Again, I don’t see QB or RB going here. Dorsey is the “Best Player Available” but I think the Rams might be better off with Calais at DE and Carriker at DT. I’m not sold on Campbell going this high, but he gets the nod.

    3. New Orleans Saints – DT Glenn Dorsey, Louisiana State

    The Saints have major needs on the defensive side of the ball at DT, LB, and CB. Many people would argue that Dorsey is the best player in this draft. The Saints get a combination of “BPA” and need, which is ideal.

    4. New York Jets – RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

    I really didn’t want to do this, but I had to for a few reasons. The first reason being that I don’t project trades. I know they just traded for Thomas Jones, but he is struggling and is going to be 30 next year. I would’ve gone OT, DL, or LB had there been someone of value available here.

    5. Atlanta Falcons – QB Andre Woodson, Kentucky

    Atlanta goes for the best QB in the draft, rather than taking Bobby Petrino’s college QB. Woodson has had some minor issues this season, but he has the accuracy and all the physical tools to succeed. Not seeing any OT that is worth it this high, but if there were he’d probably get the nod over QB.

    6. Buffalo Bills – DE Chris Long, Virginia

    This pick was probably the most difficult in my entire mock. The top two guys at DL were gone, no OL is worth it here, and I don’t think DeSean Jackson is the type of receiver they’re looking for. Chris Long is a high motor, every down DE who would be an upgrade over Chris Kelsay.

    7. Minnesota Vikings – QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

    It already seems pretty apparent to the Vikings and their fans that Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer at QB. I think if the Vikings finish this high, they have to go QB. Matt Ryan is the biggest riser, so the Vikes go with what seems to be the obvious choice.

    8. Cincinnati Bengals – S Kenny Phillips, Miami (FL)

    The Bengals defense has been horrendous this season. Their secondary has been the worst part, ranking 28th in the NFL and giving up nearly 250 yards per game through the air. After recently draft two corners, the Bengals add an impact safety that will help Jonathan Joseph and Leon Hall in the defensive back field.

    9. Philadelphia Eagles – LT Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma

    Phil Loadholt is a monster at 6’7” 350 and has ridiculous athleticism for a man of his size. Loadholt has arguably been the best tackle in the nation this year, and if he puts up the combine some expect, he could be long gone. Drafting Loadholt lets Winston Justice slide back to his natural position of RT.

    10. Kansas City Chiefs – LT Michael Oher, Ole Miss

    Rumors lately have suggested that Oher is leaning towards returning for his senior year, but if he comes out he’ll be in the mix for the top tackle available. I originally thought Oher would be more suited at guard, but the more I hear and see of him the more I like him at LT. The Cheifs line is a mess, and Oher would give them a stud LT to build around.

    11. New England Patriots (f/ SF) – CB Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State

    With Asante Samuel not expected to return next season, the Pats need a stud corner to pair with Ellis Hobbs. Jenkins is arguably the best corner available in next year’s draft and has a knack for making big plays while not letting any up. The rich get richer as the Pats get the best player at a position of need.

    12. Denver Broncos – LB Keith Rivers, Southern California

    I think this pick is probably going to be DT or LB. I really like Sedrick Ellis, but I’m not sure he solves their problems stopping the run. After Ellis, I can’t see any other DT this high. While this may be a few spots too high for Rivers, he’s the best LB available at this point, and he would fit real well next to D.J. Williams in the Broncos’ LB corps.

    13. San Diego Chargers – RB James Davis, Clemson

    This pick is not so much me thinking the Chargers will take a RB, but me not seeing them take another position. They need help in the secondary, but are they going to give up on Cromartie and not give Oliver a shot. There is no safety value here. They could use another receiver, but they just took Craig Davis. I really don’t see an ILB fit right here. The Chargers opt to replace Michael Turner with James Davis, who I really like.

    14. Chicago Bears – QB Brian Brohm, Louisville

    The Bears are expected to part ways with Rex Grossman after the season. Most expect them to look for a QB sometime in the draft. The Bears luck out with Brohm falling to them all the way at #14. While Brohm probably isn’t going to win games by himself, he isn’t going to lose them and that is exactly what Chicago needs.

    15. Dallas Cowboys (f/ CLE) – WR DeSean Jackson, California

    DeSean Jackson is arguably the biggest playmaker in the entire draft, and a threat to score a TD every time he touches the football. Dallas is going to be looking for a replacement for Terry Glenn as he is coming off an injury and getting older. Patrick Crayton’s return to the Cowboys is questionable as well. Terrell Owens and DeSean Jackson is a scary tandem to think about.

    16. Oakland Raiders – DE Quentin Groves, Auburn

    The Raiders could go in a number of different directions here, but it seems that one of their biggest problems this season has been rushing the passer. Groves is an athletic specimen who is as good as anyone in college football at getting to the QB. If Groves blows people away at the combine, he could be long gone by now.

    17. Carolina Panthers – OT Sam Baker, Southern California

    Both Travelle Wharton and Jordan Gross are free agents at the end of the year. They are expected to only bring one of them back, if any. Baker’s stock seems to be falling a bit, but getting him at #17 is a mini-steal for the Panthers. They have needs all around on both sides of the ball, but Baker is too good to pass up.

    18. Baltimore Ravens – CB Aqib Talib, Kansas

    The Ravens have a good defense, but it is aging and they need future replacements at a lot of positions. With Chris McAlister getting older and Samari Rolle declining, I think the Ravens will look at add a CB in the first this year. Talib is a guy who doesn’t have great speed, but makes up for it by making a lot of plays.

    19. Detroit Lions – DE Vernon Gholston, Ohio State

    Most people feel Gholston’s best fit is at 3-4 OLB, and although I agree, I think he can be an excellent fit in the Cover-2 as well. Gholston is a monster athletically and is always in the backfield. If Gholston plays to his potential, this picks makes the Lions DL elite. Marinelli wanted Gaines Adams last year, but Vernon Gholston is a hell of a consolation prize.

    20. Houston Texans – FS Reggie Smith, Oklahoma

    I considered Jonathan Stewart here, but I think that the Texans’ need at safety is more pressing than its need at RB. Ahman Green was signed to decent sized contract and has been effective so far. Reggie Smith is a guy who can play both CB and FS, and play them real well. Smith gives the Texans the safety that they’ve never had.

    21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DE Lawrence Jackson, Southern California

    I realize that Tampa just drafted Gaines Adams last year, but they still need a DE to work opposite of him. Greg Spires is getting pretty old and will need a replacement. I mainly made this pick because I didn’t like the value at the other positions of need. Too high for Ainge or Henne, Sedrick Ellis is a possibility but I don’t think UT is a huge need, and there are some questionable WR, maybe Malcolm Kelly…

    22. Arizona Cardinals – OLB Derrick Harvey, Florida

    The Cardinals are in the process of making the transition from the 4-3 to the 3-4. Aside from NT, the most important part of the 3-4 defense is a pass rushing OLB. Harvey had a very underrated 2006 until he became a household name after demolishing the Buckeyes in the National Championship game. Harvey seems like the ideal fit for Arizona’s 3-4 defense.

    23. Seattle Seahawks – TE Martin Rucker, Missouri

    Seattle could go a number of directions with this pick, but their only glaring needs are at OG and TE. Martin Rucker is a beast at 6’6” 255. Assuming that Martellus Bennett doesn’t declare (I don’t have him in my mock) Rucker should be the #1 TE taken in next year’s draft.

    24. New York Giants – WLB Philip Wheeler, Georgia Tech

    Most people expect the Giants to upgrade both WLB and LT in the draft, and they decide to go with Wheeler. In his time at Georgia Tech, Wheeler has put up some pretty ridiculous stats. He has good size and very good speed and should be able to contribute from day one.

    25. Washington Redskins – RT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College

    I think a lot of people will have a problem with this pick, but I’m making it anyway. Despite getting extended, Jon Jansen has missed all of two of the last three seasons. His health has got to be a major concern from this point forward. Cherilus would give them quality depth on the OL in case Jansen can’t stay healthy, and you could argue he is “BPA” at this point.

    26. Jacksonville Jaguars – WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma

    The Jags have tried drafting receivers before, but no one has stepped up to be a #1 WR. Malcolm Kelly has seen his stock soar this year and has some amazing production. Should he leave school early, he may be too talented for Jacksonville to pass on. QB was also a thought, but this is too high for Erik Ainge or Chad Henne.

    27. Tennessee Titans – DT Sedrick Ellis, Southern California

    Even if the Titans re-sign Albert Haynesworth, they could always use and upgrade at UT. Tony Brown and Randy Starks have been serviceable, but Ellis is a major upgrade. Once draft time rolls around I have a real hard time seeing Sedrick fall this far. He may not fill a major need for the Titans, but he is “BPA” at a position that could use and upgrade.

    28. Green Bay Packers – CB Justin King, Penn State

    Both Al Harris and Charles Woodson are getting older, and the Packers need a CB to eventually take over for one of them. King would start out as their nickel corner and could take over return duties from Charles Woodson until he is ready to start.

    29. Pittsburgh Steelers – LT Tony Hills, Texas

    The Steelers should be looking to upgrade their OL, and more importantly, give themselves and LT for the future. Hills has been a stud so far this season, and has been working up draft boards like crazy. I believe Marvel Smith’s contract is up after 2008, and Hills should be ready to take over in 2009.

    30. New England PatriotsForfeited

    This selection will be forfeited by the Patriots should they make the playoffs, as I project them in my mock. The forfeiting of the pick is punishment handed down by the NFL due to the Patriots’ videotaping scandal.

    31. Dallas Cowboys – CB Terrell Thomas, Southern California

    Thomas is one of those CB/FS tweeners that could play either position in the pros. This pick actually gives Dallas some flexibility in the secondary. No one knows if Ken Hamlin will return in 2008 or not. If Hamlin comes back, Thomas gets to stay at corner and provide much needed depth behind Terrence Newman and Anthony Henry. If Hamlin leaves, then Thomas can be the future at FS.

    32. San Francisco 49ers (f/ IND) – NT Dre Moore, Maryland

    The 49ers have a lot of needs, but their biggest needs are arguably on the DL. Moore can play either DE or NT in the 3-4, and because NT is the most important position in the 3-4; he’ll get the opportunity to play there first. Moore could easily be an upgrade over Aubrayo Franklin.

    Round 2
    1. Miami Dolphins – FS Jack Ikegwuonu, Wisconsin
    2. St. Louis Rams – LT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt
    3. New Orleans Saints – CB Mike Jenkins, South Florida
    4. New York Jets – OLB Shawn Crable, Michigan
    5. Atlanta Falcons – OT Barry Richardson, Clemson
    6. Buffalo Bills – WR Adarius Bowman, Oklahoma State
    7. Minnesota Vikings – WR Early Doucet, Lousiana State
    8. Cincinnati Bengals – DT Andre Fluellen, Florida State
    9. Philadelphia Eagles – WLB Dan Connor, Penn State
    10. Kansas City Chiefs – CB Antoine Cason, Arizona
    11. San Francisco 49ers – WR Keenan Burton, Kentucky
    12. Denver Broncos – SS Craig Steltz, Louisiana State
    13. San Diego Chargers – ILB Jonathan Goff, Vanderbilt
    14. Chicago Bears – LT Heath Benedict, Newberry
    15. Cleveland Browns – DE Kendall Langford, Hampton
    16. Oakland Raiders – RB Felix Jones, Arkansas
    17. Carolina Panthers – FS Darien Williams, Oklahoma
    18. Baltimore Ravens – LB Erin Henderson, Maryland
    19. Detroit Lions – CB DeJaun Tribble, Boston College
    20. Atlanta Falcons (f/ HOU) – RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
    21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – QB Erik Ainge, Tennessee
    22. Arizona Cardinals – RB Tashard Choice, Georgia Tech
    23. Seattle Seahawks – OG Jeremy Perry, Oregon State
    24. New York Giants – FS Simeon Castille, Alabama
    25. Washington Redskins – DT DeMario Pressley, North Carolina State
    26. Jacksonville Jaguars – QB Chad Henne, Michigan
    27. Tennessee Titans – WR D.J. Hall, Alabama
    28. Green Bay Packers – RB Mike Hart, Michigan
    29. Pittsburgh Steelers – DE Tommy Blake, Texas Christian
    30. New England Patriots – OLB Ezra Butler, Nevada-Las Vegas
    31. Dallas Cowboys – RB Allen Patrick, Oklahoma
    32. Indianapolis Colts – DT Frank Okam, Texas

    Round 3
    1. Miami Dolphins – DT Red Bryant, Texas A&M
    2. St. Louis Rams – CB Tracy Porter, Indiana
    3. New Orleans Saints – WLB Xavier Adibi, Virginia Tech
    4. New York Jets – RT Kirk Barton, Ohio State
    5. Atlanta Falcons – DT Marcus Harrison, Arkansas
    6. Buffalo Bills – MLB Vince Hall, Virginia Tech
    7. Minnesota Vikings – OG Shannon Tevaga, California-Los Angeles
    8. Cincinnati Bengals – TE John Carlson, Notre Dame
    9. Philadelphia Eagles – WR Limas Sweed, Texas
    10. Kansas City Cheifs – WR Harry Douglas, Louisville
    11. San Francisco 49ers – DE Maurice Murray, New Mexico State
    12. Minnesota Vikings (f/ DEN) – SS Josh Barrett, Arizona State
    13. Chicago Bears (f/ SD) – WLB Ali Highsmith
    14. Chicago Bears – WR Marcus Monk, Arkansas
    15. Cleveland Browns – NT B.J. Raji, Boston College
    16. New England Patriots (f/ OAK) – OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh
    17. Carolina Panthers – QB Colt Brennan, Hawaii
    18. Buffalo Bills (f/ BAL) – CB Dwight Lowery, San Jose State
    19. Detroit Lions – OG Eric Young, Tennessee
    20. Houston Texans – OT King Dunlap, Auburn
    21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DT Red Bryant, Texas A&M
    22. Arizona Cardinals – CB Trae Williams, South Florida
    23. Seattle Seahawks – DT Trevor Laws, Notre Dame
    24. New York Giants – CB Chevis Jackson, Louisiana State
    25. Washington Redskins – WR Andre Caldwell, Florida
    26. Jacksonville Jaguars – DE Chris Ellis, Virginia Tech
    27. Tennessee Titans – CB Terrence Wheatley, Colorado
    28. Green Bay Packers – TE Fred Davis, Southern California
    29. Pittsburgh Steelers – WR Will Franklin, Missouri
    30. New England Patriots – ILB J Lehman, Illinois
    31. Dallas Cowboys – DE Keilen Dykes, West Virginia
    32. Indianapolis Colts – RB Justin Forsett, California

  • #2
    1st pick looks good 2nd pick...I dont like to much.with how bad our run defense is I think were more likely to go Pressly or Okam.
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    • #3
      you hit the Giants' needs right on the head. WLB, FS, and CB. excellent work. dont know much about the 2nd and 3rd round guys, but I'll keep an eye out for them, being at positions of need for my g-men
      We ALL bleed scarlet
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      Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


      • #4
        i love the first two picks, i dont know much of franklin but i saw his numbers and he looks like a stud

        good draft for the steelers


        • #5
          P-L, I want to have your babies. I'd cry many tears of joy if the Eagles got Loadholt, Connor and Sweed. Man that would be amazing.

          Colts winning the SB? Intriguing. And you're projecting Jack Ikegwuonu as a FS?


          • #6
            You have Red Bryant going twice. Don't really like him as a NT though and DE we're relatively set at. Vince Hall, Tevaga and Carlson are interesting options there though. Long seems like the only option at one so no argument there. I like Ike there too.

            That is correct comahan
            I ******* LOVE YOU DG
            <3 dg


            • #7
              Good first pick for Oakland and good explanation. 2nd round pick is ok we might need a RB but I think WR is bigger need in round two
              Taking a Knapp.


              • #8
                I like the Gosder pick, but I don't think he would drop that far. If he doesn't Ellis or King seems like a good secondary pick.

                I like the Pressley pick, he would be a nice anchor to the line.

                I do not like the Caldwell pick. We do need WR help, but not another 6 footer. If we are getting somebody, they have to be a big redzone possession type.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by SNIPER26 View Post
                  P-L, I want to have your babies. I'd cry many tears of joy if the Eagles got Loadholt, Connor and Sweed. Man that would be amazing.

                  Colts winning the SB? Intriguing. And you're projecting Jack Ikegwuonu as a FS?
                  He could play either CB or FS in the NFL. He'd be a good FS, but I think he has potential to be a shutdown corner. At the beginning of the season I thought he was a lock to enter the draft. He isn't having that great of a season though so I'm starting to thnk he might stay.

                  As for the Packers draft, first and third rounds are good, not really liking Hart in the second though. I'm not sure who else to put there with the way you have the draft going. I'd guess picking from the guys you have after him I'd want Limas Sweed. We'd be stockpiling WR, but he'd be hard to pass up.


                  • #10
                    solid rams draft


                    • #11
                      Jake Long is solid as the number 1 pick for the Dolphins.

                      In round 2, there's alot of other ways the Dolphins need to go before FS. They will need a FS in the future but Yeremiah Bell is their best defender in the secondary and will be back to full strength next season. Dan Conner would make a much better pick at that spot. Zach is coming off another concussion and could be considering retirement and the Dolphins run defense has been awful. Conner will eventually replace Zach and will can play ILB to help stop the run game that has killed us this season.

                      In round 3, I think you need to flip flop Red Bryant and Frank Okam. Bryant has the size to play NT but plays smaller then he is and really doesn't take on multiple blockers. He would be a better fit for the cover 2 system that the Colts run then the 3-4 hybrid system that the Dolphins run. I think the Colts would take Bryant with the last pick of round 2 leaving Okam to go to the Dolphins with the 1st pick of round 3. Okam has similar size to Bryant but is more used to taking on multiple blockers and eating space against the run which is what the Dolphins need is a NT. While he is not a true NT, he has more potential in that role then Bryant does and will help the Dolphins awful run D.
                      Last edited by Joeyjr09; 10-14-2007, 11:51 AM.


                      • #12
                        Okam gets destroyed by double teams, he's a penetrator, not a NT. Neither are good fits.

                        That is correct comahan
                        I ******* LOVE YOU DG
                        <3 dg


                        • #13
                          I would absolutely love that Bears draft, though I doubt Highsmith makes it to the mid-3rd.

                          Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


                          • #14
                            I am almost entirely in love with this packers mock, love both 2nd and 3rd round,but as ive said before i like Cason alot

                            Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


                            • #15
                              16. Oakland Raiders – DE Quentin Groves, Auburn

                              The Raiders could go in a number of different directions here, but it seems that one of their biggest problems this season has been rushing the passer. Groves is an athletic specimen who is as good as anyone in college football at getting to the QB. If Groves blows people away at the combine, he could be long gone by now.
                              Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

                              16. Oakland Raiders – RB Felix Jones, Arkansas
                              A homerun hitter to pair with Bush. I can dig it. A DT or WR would also make sense. But getting Jones here would be a really strong addition to our offense.



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