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MaddHatter's Week 6 1 Rd (Attempt: 2)

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  • MaddHatter's Week 6 1 Rd (Attempt: 2)

    Order created first based on projected finish to the year.

    1st – St. Louis: Glenn Dorsey (DT) LSU
    * After picking up Carriker last year, St. Louis brings in Dorsey to shore up it's DT need, replacing the ancient La'Roi Glover.

    2nd – Cincinnati: (Trade via Buffalo) Calais Campbell (DE) Miami
    * Buffalo has to trade down here and finds a partner in Cincinnati who want's to jump ahead of the Jets and snag the best DE in the draft. Cincinnati moves up 5 spots and it costs them their 07 1st and 07 2nd.

    3rd – Miami: Phil Loadholt (OT) Oklahoma
    * Miami has a proven RB and an up-and-coming QB, now they need to solidfy their line. They bring in the best OT in this years draft, and one of the few people to completely defuse Miami's Calais Campbell this year. He's rough around the edges, but you can't deny his physical abilities and his technique is getting better every week.

    4th – NY Jets: Chris Long (DE) Virginia
    * They could have gone a number of ways here, but Chris Long is a solid DE/OLB candidate who could play either position - when Kenyon Coleman is starting at DE for you, you know you have problems.

    5th – Atlanta: Darren McFadden (RB) Arkansas
    * Norwood/McFadden - it just roles off your tongue so easy... and will be one of the most feared RB Tandems in the NFL for many years to come. They could have gone Brohm here, but I think McFadden is undeniably the BPA here.

    6th – Dallas: (Trade via New Orleans) Kenny Phillips (FS) Miami
    * Dallas get's savy here and uses 1 stone to kill two birds - using it's 07 1st via CLE and 07 3rd they jump ahead of Philadelphia and snag the best ballhawking Safety in the draft, allowing them to cut Hamlin and prevent a NFC East foe from getting stronger.

    7th – Buffalo: (Trade via Cincinnati) Dan Connor (OLB) Penn State
    * After trading down and getting an extra pick in the 2nd, Buffalo picks up the best LB in the draft, adding some much needed depth and firepower to it's defense.

    8th – Philadelphia: DeSean Jackson (WR) California
    * When TO was in Philly, McNabb had some of his best seasons and took them to a Superbowl. Reggie Brown isn't the answer, and after losing Donte Stallworth last year, they need a Playmaker. Jackson is their guy and is solid value at 8th.

    9th – New Orleans: (Trade via Dallas via CLE) Jake Long (OT) Michigan
    * New Orleans trades down, snagging an extra 3rd round pick, and still lands the guy they wanted all along. Stinch and Brown aren't exactly performing to their expected level, but if Long doesn't immediately replace one of them, he also has value at G if necessary. It's amazing what Drew Brees can do when you give him time, and this is what NO needs more then anything else available.

    10th – Houston: Jonathan Stewart (RB) Oregon
    * They've built their defense, they've found their QB, now they need a RB who isn't 35+ - Ahman Green was a nice experiment, but they found out quicly why the Packers let him go so easily. Kubiak may not be a fan of using a 1st on a RB (See Denver) but with the talent left on the board, he'll either try to trade down or take the BPA that fits a huge void in their offense.

    11th – Denver: Keith Rivers (LB) USC

    12th – Chicago: Matt Ryan (QB) Boston College

    13th – Minnesota: Andre Woodson (QB) Kentucky

    14th – New England (via SF): James Laurinaitis (LB) Ohio State

    15th – Oakland: Sedrick Ellis (DT) USC

    16th – Detroit: Malcom Jenkins (CB) Ohio State

    17th – Tennessee: John Carlson (TE) Notre Dame

    18th – Kansas City: Antoine Cason (CB) Arizona

    19th – Seattle: Gosder Cherilus (OT) Boston College

    20th – Washington: Frank Okam (DT) Texas

    21st – NY Giants: Terrell Thomas (CB) USC

    22nd – Carolina: Reggie Smith (CB) Oklahoma

    23rd – Arizona: Quentin Groves (DE) Auburn

    24th – Baltimore: Derrick Harvey (DE) Florida

    25th – Jacksonville: Sam Baker (OT) USC

    26th – San Diego: Early Doucet (WR) LSU

    27th – Tampa Bay: Chris Williams (OT) Vanderbilt

    28th – Pittsburgh: Tommy Blake (OLB) TCU

    29th – Green Bay: Mike Jenkins (CB) South Florida

    30th – San Francisco (via IND): Jonathan Hefney (S) Tennessee

    31st – Dallas: Adarius Bowman (WR) Oklahoma St.

    32nd – Patriots: Forfeited
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    good mia pick

    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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      3rd – Miami: Phil Loadholt (OT) Oklahoma

      nice player but think he will surpass long? that is quite a leap.


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        Reggie Smith is 20x better than Thomas. Anyway, I like Smith playing FS for us. I also don't think that Thomas is a 1st rounder anymore after his game against Stanford.

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        I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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          Originally posted by Finsfan79 View Post
          3rd Miami: Phil Loadholt (OT) Oklahoma

          nice player but think he will surpass long? that is quite a leap.
          If he declares, I think he's worthy

          Mad props to Houshyamomma on


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            Woodson at 13 is great for us.


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              Bengals would never trade up, if anything they'd trade down.

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                First of all i want to say nice mock draft.. nice to see things mixed up for once. I think the Bills pick is good grabbing an extra pick where we can get a wideout and a corner in teh second cause both are DEEP in those rounds.

                Though with all this stuff involving tommy blake.. i think he falls out of the first round for sure... unless something in his interview changes the teams minds about why he was stressed and left.

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                  Good positional pick and player pick although I'm a bigger fan of some of the juniors like Clady.


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                    Terrible pick, Okam couldn't last a game in a Gregg Williams defense. You need to be able to run, and Okam cannot.

                    I'll take Harvey or Sam Baker over him.


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                      For the Titans...

                      Carlson is a great pick. I prefer Rucker over him, but a great pick nevertheless.
                      Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

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                        honestly...I can only see the Boys trading up for one player and his name is Darren Mcfadden.

                        Thanks BoneKrusher^

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                          I do not not like mocks with projected trades, espeically in October. And were cutting Hamlin already? Wow


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                            I personally do not like chris long for the jets. From what i've heard he is always playing around the 270 or even 260 range. That just isn't the size we need for a 3-4 DE. Kenyon Coleman has actually been a decent starter this year, and has shown he is capable of being a solid DE. I like the DE pick, but i dont think chris long will be it. I would look to trade down personally, but it is always hard to predicts trades especially this early.

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                              Fine Titans pick, even though it might be a bit high for him it does fill a need. It would definitely help make Vince better.

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