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    Tampa Bay Buccaneers R1P14 R2P14- Arizona Cardinals R1P7
    Houston Texans R1P15- Washington Redskins R1P20 R3P20 2009 R3

    Round 1
    1. Miami Dolphins Jake Long, OT Michigan

    Reason: While not ideal value, Long is a good fit for the Miami Dolphins. He is a better fit for the right side in many people's opinions, and Vernon Carey has been very good for the Dolphins on the left side this year. John Beck, although I don't like him, has not been given a shot to take the lead. Ronnie Brown has been excellent, and no WR warrents this selection. On defense noone has a good combination of value and fit or need.

    2. Atlanta Falcons- Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas

    Reason: Although many peg this as a sure spot for Brian Brohm, I disagree. While I believe Brohm is a very good QB and the top QB in the draft, McFadden IMO is the clear cut best player in this draft. We, the Falcons, have a very talented youngster in Jerious Norwood but have regalated him to a role in which he receives roughly 10 touches, let alone carries, a game. Maybe we want him fresh, maybe we want him fresh, maybe he isn't ready. But it doesn't matter, we seemingly don't want him as the primary ball carrier so we pick up the best player in the draft. Also, this is a deep year for quarterbacks and many QBs can be made to work in Petrino's system.

    3. Buffalo Bills- Glenn Dorsey

    Reason: Although the Buffalo Bills have aquired players both in the draft and in free agency, they are still relatively weak inside at defensive tackle. Their run defense needs improvement and although they have many small, passrushers inside at defensive tackles they don't put up the numbers expected. Glenn Dorsey is the ideal undertackle and is even more perfect for the Cover 2 scheme that the Buffalo Bills use. Brian Brohm and Andre Woodson get some looks as well but they go with Glenn Dorsey in hope that one of JP Losman or Trent Edwards step up.

    4. Saint Louis Rams- Calais Campbell, DE Miami (Florida)

    Reason: Campbell has off-the-charts potential at 6'8" and 280 pounds with excellent athleticism. His production is good as well and he is a great fit for the Rams, who have an aging Leonard Little at one end, an aging Simeon Rice at another, and a sub-par James Hall. Even though they have solid players at the position Campbell is just too big of a playmaker to pass up on and they grab him here.

    5. New York Jets- Quentin Groves, DE/ OLB Auburn

    Reason: Maybe a reach by most people's standards, I think this is a very good fit for the New York Jets. Groves is a productive, athletic playmaker and would be an ideal outside linebacker in New York. I though Jarvis Moss or Anthony Spencer would have been a great pick for them last year, but they didn't so Groves is the pick for them this year. Kellen Clemens has some potential so they stay away from Brian Brohm and Andre Woodson, and no Nose Tackle is worthy of the pick.

    6. Kansas City Chiefs- Andre Woodson, QB Kentucky

    Reason: Although Brodie Croyle is a first day pick from not-to-long ago he was known to be injury-prone coming out of college and he hasn't screamed franchise quarterback since being drafted. Although I believe Brian Brohm is the top QB in the draft many agree and I can see Woodson in a Chiefs uniform easier than I can see Brohm in one. Offensive tackle and cornerback are also big needs but I don't believe Sam Baker or any of the top cornerbacks warrent this high of a selection.

    7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (f/ Arizona Cardinals)- Brian Brohm, QB Louisville

    Reason: To get the player they want the Buccaneers hop over the Minnesota Vikings. There was no excellent value available for the Cardinals so they trade down. Brohm is a very good fit for John Gruden's offense and is probably the best player available at this point of the draft. He is also very NFL ready if Jeff Garcia decides to call it quits. Sam Baker, Keith Rivers, and Sedrick Ellis were the other options available.

    8. New England (f/ San Francisco 49ers)- Dan Connor, LB Penn. State

    Reason: While New England is strong on many fronts, they are getting old at inside linebacker and outside linebacker. Connor is the type of smart, productive player that New England likes to have on their roster, and he is athletic as well. Junior Seau and Teddy Bruschi are both getting up there, and Rosevelt Colvin, Mike Vrabel, and Adalius Thomas are all over 30 as well. Connor could step in right away or wait a year, depending on what Bruschi and Seau do with their careers. Other options include Tommy Blake and James Laurinitis or Rey M. if they come out.

    9. Minnesota Vikings- Matt Ryan, QB Boston College

    Reason: Considered the top QB in the draft by some (although not me), Ryan is a fine fit for the Vikings. Not that he immediately takes the job away from Tarvaris Jackson, but he definitely could. He has proto-typical size for a quarterback and is relatively experienced in a good college football conference. Other options include Keith Rivers, Chris Long, and Fred Davis.

    10. Oakland Raiders- Sam Baker, OT USC

    Reason: The Raiders now have pieces set at QB, RB, and on defense. But they still have their issues in pass protection on the offensive line. Sam Baker's forte is in pass protection, although he isn't horrible in run blocking. He would likely step in immediately at left tackle for the Raiders. Some even believe he is a better prospect than Jake Long. Other options include DeSean Jackson and Sedrick Ellis.

    11. New Orleans Saints- Terrell Thomas, CB Southern California

    Reason: Thomas is one of many USC defensive studs, and he would be great for the New Orleans Saints. Obviously their pass defense is a big problem and Thomas, with an excellent size-speed ratio, would be a big step towards solving the issue. Other options include USC teammates Keith Rivers and Sedrick Ellis.

    12. Cincinnati Bengals- Kenny Phillips, S Miami (Florida)

    Reason: The Bengals have a lot of issues on defense, and Phillips would help all over. He can play any position in the secondary, and is a great athlete with great size for a safety. He is a playmaker in the pass game who can also come up and tackle the runningback. The Bengals are fortuneate to grab Phillips this late. Other options include Chris Long, Sedrick Ellis, and Keith Rivers.

    13. Dallas Cowboys (f/ Cleveland Browns)- Jonathan Stewart, RB Oregon

    Reason: Built like Ronnie Brown and possessing similar athletic ability, Stewart is finally living up to his college potential. He has a 7.0 yard per carry this year and 5 TD, and is on pace for nearly 1,400 yards on less than 200 carries. Julius Jones is going to be gone after this season and the Cowboys place an emphasis on running the ball. Marion Barber is an excellent player but lacks explosiveness, and the two-back system is popular in today's NFL.

    14. Arizona Cardinals (f/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers)- Derrick Harvey, DE/ OLB Florida

    Reason: With Arizona switching from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4 defense, Harvey would be an excellent selection. Before trading down Harvey might have been the easy pick and they grab him here. Although short, Harvey has a nice build and is an excellent athlete that knows how to get to the QB. Other options include Tommy Blake, Keith Rivers, Antoine Cason, and Fred Davis.

    15. Washington Redskins (f/ Houston Texans)- Chris Long, DE Virginia

    Reason: A big defensive end with great production and intangibles, Long is a dream fit for the Redskins. He can stuff the run and rush the passer and probably should have went in the top 10 picks. He has been even better his senior year and has the potential to be better than his father Howie Long. Other options include Early Doucet, Antoine Cason, and Sedric Ellis.

    16. Detroit Lions- Antoine Cason, CB Arizona

    Reason: Detroit is definitely weak in the secondary, and most people probably can't name their cornerbacks. While CB is not a big need in the Tampa 2 defense, Cason is a great football player and his attributes are perfect for this defense. He makes a ton of plays and might be the best CB in college football, but not so great timed speed- leads to him dropping. Other options include Fred Davis and Lawrence Jackson.

    17. Tennessee Titans- DeSean Jackson, WR California

    Reason: The Titans obviously lack a top receiving threat, and Jackson falls into their laps here. He is like Tedd Ginn in the aspect that he is an excellent kick returner and punt returner, but is a much better route runner and has better hands than Ginn. Right now the Titans have a safety returning punts and that usually doesn't scream explosiveness, so Jackson would help in that facet of the game as well. Other options include Lawrence Jackson, Sedrick Ellis, Keith Rivers, and Aquib Talib.

    18. Chicago Bears- Keith Rivers, OLB USC

    Reason: A tackling machine and a perfect fit for the Tampa 2 defense, Rivers is a fine pick for the Bears. If he was 240 Rivers would most likely be a top-10 lock, but due to only being 225 (albeit at 6'3") he drops here. If Lance Briggs leaves or not, Hunter Hillenmeier isn't a standout player and Rivers also provides special teams value.

    19. Denver Broncos- Xavier Adibi, OLB Virginia Tech.

    Reason: An undersized playmaker with excellent speed, Adibi fits into the speedy Broncos defense perfectly. A guy who makes a ton of tackles behind the line of scrimmage, Adibi is a ballhawk who will constantly. He is a 3-year starter on an excellent Virginia Tech. defense and should step in for Nate Webster immediately.

    20. Houston Texans (f/ Washington Redskins)- Early Doucet, WR Louisville

    Reason: Houston, although improved, has problems at both runningback and wide receiver, not to mention defensive problems at linebacker, cornerback, and safety. Doucet has been injury riddled this year but has all of the tools to be an excellent wide receiver. Steve Slaton was another option but they have a decent commitee of backs where as they have noone outside of Andre Johnson and potential-filled Jacoby Jones at WR. No safety warrents this pick.

    21. Seattle Seahawks- Steve Slaton, RB West Virginia

    Reason: Shaun Alexander has not been the same since his record-breaking 2005 season (which has since been broken by LaDainian Tomlinson), and the whole Seattle offense has suffered because of it. Unfortuneately someone has to win this division and it looks to be the Seahawks. Slaton is an explosive player who can catch the ball out of the backfield, which a back needs to be able to do in the West Coast offense. Other options include Fred Davis and Martin Rucker.

    22. New York Giants- Sedrick Ellis, DT USC

    Reason: Ellis really should go in the top half of the draft, he is that good. But do to team need and other high value selections he drops to the Giants, who gladly take him. They are weak inside at defensive tackle, and that allows teams to double-team their good pass-rushing defensive ends. Ellis is undersized but can stop the run as well as stop the passer. A very high-value pick.

    23. Carolina Panthers- Reggie Smith, DB Oklahoma

    Reason: The Panthers need a defensive back, more specifically a safety, and Smith fits the bill. One of the more underrated players in college football, Smith can play any position in the secondary and if he declares he should be a first round draft pick. Other options include Martin Rucker and Fred davis at tight end.

    24. San Diego Chargers- Thomas DeCoud, S California

    Reason: A guy I think could rise a lot before the draft, DeCoud is an effective player against the run who can also drop back in coverage. At over 6'2" and 205 pounds he has excellent size. He experienced injury a couple of years ago but is now back to form and I see him rising prior to the draft. Another option at safety is Darien Williams from Oklahoma.

    25. Green Bay Packers- Mike Jenkins, DB South Florida

    Reason: A big, athletic defensive back who can play corner or move to safety at the next level, Jenkins looks to go in round 1 come April. The Packers lack depth at cornerback and both Charles Woodson and Al Harris are getting older. At safety they have one good player in Nick Collins but the other spot isn't so great.

    26. Baltimore Ravens- Tommy Blake, DE/ OLB TCU

    Reason: A big, rangy athlete who can play defensive end or linebacker in a 3-4 scheme, Blake will drop due to missing some time this year due to personal reasons. The Ravens should not hesitate to grab him with Terrell Suggs possibly leaving and the other spot not being to strong either.

    27. Jacksonville Jaguars- Vince Hall, MLB Virginia Tech.

    Reason: Although they have some young talent at the position in the form of Clint Ingram, Justin Durant, and Darryl Smith, none look to be an able successor to Mike Peterson at MLB. Hall is a solidly built player (6'0" 240) with good athleticism (4.7 40 yard dash) and amazing production. He tallied over 100 tackles as a sophmore and as a junior, and was on pace to do it again as a senior. He is the leader of an excellent defense and is also very experienced.

    28. Pittsburgh Steelers- Gosder Cherilus, OT Boston College

    Reason: Max Starks is a underachieving, overrated player who is getting beat out by Willie Colon. Cherilus might be best suited as a right tackle in the NFL, and that is where the Steelers would place him. He has excellent size and would be a mauler alongside those other big Pittsburgh lineman.

    29. Dallas Cowboys- Harry Douglas, WR Louisville

    Reason: Dallas has young possession receivers in the forms of Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd looking to step in for Terrell Owens and Terry Grant when they call it quits, but lack a speedy player like Douglas. Not that Douglas is only speed, as he runs outstanding routes and is extremely productive. One of my favorite players in the draft.

    30. San Francisco 49ers' (f/ Indianapolis Colts)- Limas Sweed, WR Texas

    Reason: Although they picked up Darrell Jackson (trade) and Ashlie Lelie (free agency) over the offseason, their WRs still haven't been good. They also lack a big WR. And a deep threat. What do you know, Sweed is a good receiver, big, and a deep threat. A perfect fit for the 49ers.

    31. Philadelphia Eagles- Phillip Wheeler, OLB Georgia Tech.

    Reason: While Philadelphia's defense has been incredibly solid this year (7th in total defense), they have a bunch of no-names at linebacker with the exception of Takeo Spikes who is old and is not the player he once was. Wheeler would step into the weakside linebacker position when Spikes retires. At Georgia Tech. Wheeler had a combined 13 sacks, 160 tackles, and 4 interceptions in his sophmore and junior seasons.

    32. New England Patriots Forfeited

    Reason: This selection is forfeited if they make the playoffs due to the Patriots videotaping scandal. In this mock they make the playoffs. If they do not make the playoffs then they will forfeit their second and third round selections.

    1. Miami Dolphins- Jonathan Heffney, DB Tennessee
    2. Atlanta Falcons- Erik Ainge, QB Tennessee
    3. Buffalo Bills- Zack Bowman, CB Nebraska
    4. Saint Louis Rams- Tony Hills, OT Texas
    5. New York Jets- Frank Okam, DL Texas
    6. Kansas City- Tracy Porter, CB Indiana
    7. Arizona Cardinals- Dwight Lowery, CB San Diego State
    8. San Francisco 49ers- Red Bryant, DT Texas A&M
    9. Minnesota Vikings- Darien Williams, S Oklahoma
    10. Oakland Raiders- Adarious Bowman, WR Oklahoma State
    11. New Orleans Saints- DeMario Pressley, DT North Carolina State
    12. Cincinatti Bengals- Lawrence Jackson, DE Southern California
    13. Cleveland Browns- Bruce Davis, DE/ OLB UCLA
    14. Arizona Cardinals- Jonathan Goff, ILB Vanderbilt
    15. Atlanta Falcons (f/ Houston)- Barry Richardson, OT Clemson
    16. Detroit Lions- Chris Williams, OT Vanderbilt
    17. Tennessee Titans- DeJuan Tribble, CB Boston College
    18. Chicago Bears- Colt Brennan, QB Hawaii
    19. Denver Broncos- Josh Barrett, SS Arizona State
    20. Washington Redskins- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB Tennessee State
    21. Seattle Seahawks- Martin Rucker, TE Missourii
    22. New York Giants- Peyton Hillis, FB/ RB Arkansas
    23. Carolina Panthers- John Carlson, TE Notre Dame
    24. Miami Dolphins (f/ San Diego)- Fred Davis, TE Southern California
    25. Green Bay Packers- Mike Hart, RB Michigan
    26. Baltimore Ravens- Kendall Langford, DE Hampton
    27. Jacksonville Jaguars- Tom Zbikowski, SS Notre Dame
    28. Pittsburgh Steelers- Chris Ellis, DE/ OLB Virginia Tech.
    29. Dallas Cowboys- J Leman, ILB Illonois
    30. Indianapolis Colts- Andre Fluellen, DT Florida State
    31. Philadelphia Eagles- Jamar Adams, S Michigan
    32. New England Patriots Shawn Crable, LB Michigan
    Virginia Tech.
    ACC Champions 2004, 2007, 2008, 2010

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  • #2
    I'd much rather see the Buccaneers go Desean Jackson and Colt Brennan/Chris Williams or something along those lines than trade up for Brian Brohm. We need someone to replace Garcia in a few years but we also need that 2nd round pick to upgrade OT/WR/DT/CB etc.


    • #3
      i really dont see why houston would draft a WR. we've already got our #1, jacoby jones is filled with potential, kevin walter has been fine as our #2, and andre davis has been awesome filling in for andre johnson. we need a LT or a FS


      • #4
        Good Vikings pick Matt Ryan is the perfect fit for the Vikes... Although in the second round I don't think we could afford to pass up on Barry Richardson.


        • #5
          I hate the Keith Rivers pick as we have MUCH bigger needs then OLB. HH is vastly underrated and Jamar Williams would likely be starting on plenty of teams, plus there is Briggs. OLB right now is far from a need.

          We need (in this order): QB/OT, OT/QB, S

          ^Thanks to Eaglez.Fan for the sweet sig!


          • #6
            People still overrate the Panthers 'need' for a TE. Jeff King was catching more passes when Jake Delhomme was playing. The 3 games Delhomme played some part of he caught 13 passes. The 3 games since he has 5 catches. King can be productive....if the Carr or Vinny would look for him.

            Better options would be QB, OT, or possibly even DT.


            • #7
              Good 1st round pick but DE and DT are bigger needs than WR.
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              • #8
                I actually don't mind Bowman in Rd2. Much rather have Sed Ellis or even Howie's kid in Rd1, though. Sims is adequate enough at LT for us to use this pick on the much greater need on the D-line.


                • #9
                  I like the thinking for KC. If KC was to go Woodson..i'd want Richardson 2nd round. Richardson can be RT right away and maybe switch to LT later. Then grab Simeon Castille in 3rd round
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                  What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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                    Hilarious KC is picking 6th and Denver 19th.


                    • #11
                      I think Brennan is a much better fit for the Bucs, and trading up for Brohm is definetly not worth it.

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                      • #12
                        Brennan on the Bears? Wow and they thought dealing with Rex was bad.


                        • #13
                          Decent trade, I could work with that. Long would help a lot.


                          • #14
                            Yeah that would be the worst possible draft for the Bears. LB is more of a want in this draft, and I would kill myself with Colt Brennan in the 2nd.


                            • #15
                              First off, Early Doucet plays for LSU, not Louisville. Second, thats a horrible Jaguars mock. All the linebackers you mentioned are capable of taking over for Mike Peterson.



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