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  • Scotty's 1st mock

    Ok, say rainy day, no school, and here's my first mock. Dont complain about order, it's espn's power rankings, and 1 round. Constructive criticism, got it? reasoning is excellent and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!

    1: Miami Dolphins- Oh geez, where to go here? They've got a stud with Ronnie Brown, but he's gone for the year. Their OL hasn't been too bad actually. Long is a possibility, as is making a slight reach on a QB, but they've got Beck. So, to get their D on track with some youth, to pair up with Crowder, they're pick is...
    Glenn Dorsey DT LSU

    2: St. Louis Rams: Oh Rams, how you pain me with making Brian Leonard suffer through an awful season. No need at all for a RB with SJax and God, so DMac is ruled out. The OL just has been bad this year, granted it's been plagued by injuries, but it's been awful. Now, I know yoda hates Bulger, but with line woes, and lack of depth, i give them
    Jake Long OT Michigan- can sit a year or 2, get ready and either succeed Pace, or line up with him on the other side.

    3: New York Jets: Wow, couple options here. Considered drafting them their own stadium, but they have more pressing needs. Clemens will be a stud at QB, once Chad's arm finally falls off. Their D needs someone to get to the QB, badly. God, DMac is soo tempting here. LWash is a stud returner and playmakers, but is he an everydown back? I think not, but also feel Thomas Jones will get going again. Now, I'll give them Chris Long, but other viable options are Sam Baker, Loadholt, and DMac. So, at #3, the jets take
    DE Chris Long, UVA

    4: Atlanta Falcons: I feel bad for them, I really do. 2 busts on the roster as starting QB options(leftwich now hurt, but still). Turmoil all over, rookie head coach in the NFL, disgruntled star CB, locker room falling apart. Man oh man. I think, they gotta go BPA here to get on track. Dunn is aging FAST and Norwood, i love the kid, could use some help. Falcons opt for a 2 back exciting combo. Think of this as a Saints-Bush pick.
    at #4, Falcons pick
    Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas

    5: Patriots f/SF: Oh god, the rich get richer. The pats are probably doing something else wrong too. damn cheaters. Say WTF do they need? youth at LB, and Laurinitis and Connor fit in perfectly. Now, a reach at CB or trade down are likely(trade down more likley), but I'm not doing trades. Pats stand pat(boo bad pun) and take:
    Dan Connor, LB PSU

    6: Oakland Raiders: How long till Russel starts huh? He's the QB of the future there, and they've got plenty of talented backs. I've seen Calias Campbell as popular pick here, and it makes sense. Another option i really like, is Desean Jackson though. He'd bring electricity to Oakland's O and KR and would fit nicely with his speed and Jamarcus' cannon. BUT, i see Campbell more of an option here
    Calias Campbell DE, Miami(FL)

    7: Minnesota Vikings: I dont know where to go here. I mean, do they dare go with a WR in round 1? get help for Jackson? I dont see it. They need a QB, give up on Jackson. Now, Brohm, Ryan or Woodson? Well, i know one guy here who loves this pick, and many who dont, but I'm giving them
    Andre Woodson, Kentucky, QB

    8: Buffalo Bills: Well, I like where this team is going. 2 young QB's, stud rookie RB and an improving D. Not many D players I'd give them here, and with Evans and Parrish, they need another playmaker on O. BUT WAIT!! Look who has taken a bit of a tumble! It's Kenny Philips! He and Whitner would be a dominant young duo for a while. Or do they go Jackson? well, with Mcgee locking up return status, I go with
    Kenny Philips, Safety, Miami(FL)

    9: New Orleans Saints: What a difference a year makes, huh? top dogs to top 10. ouch. They need a CB and LB. Where do they go here? May be a bit of a reach, but I'm gonna go with
    Keith Rivers, OLB USC- Jackson intruiged me here, but Saints go witha bigger need.

    10: Cincinatti Bengals: DEFENSE PLEASE!!!! screams out ocho cinco. ok ocho, I've got a pick here that'll help that D of yours...
    Derrick Harvery DE, Florida

    11: Philadelphia Eagles: Wow, is the Iggles era fading? Kolb is the future there, it's obvious. Reggie Brown, where art thou? Give Kolb some future weapons and give him the speedy threat of a guy who can hold on to punts too..
    Desean Jackson, WR, Cal

    12: Houston Texans: Houston, not in the top 10!!! wow. Well, they've neglected OL for quite some time now. Same with RB, but Green is servicable for them, and RB's are availible later in the draft for them. Now, i dont have Loadholt coming out, so the pick here is
    OT Sam Baker, USC

    13: Arizona Cardinals: Well, Leinart is their QB of the future, and they're set at WR, and Edge is still pretty good. They need some D, and i think a pass rusher would be the best for them. THey just need some D, so I'm giving them
    DE/OLB Vernon Gholston OSU

    14: Dallas Cowboys(f/Cle): Stupid Cowboys, picking having 2 1st rounders. you anger me. Well, the brownies are winning more than they were supposed to, and DMac, Jackson and Dorsey are gone. Well, I feel they need some more meat up in the middle, and another WR. CB is another possiblity.. well where do i see them going?
    Sedrick Ellis, DT USC

    15: Chicago Bears: I think the best pick for them would be Baker, but he's gone, and I'm not so high on Clady or Cherlius. Now, Rex, well he's going soon and Griese is old. It's kinda obvious to see where I'm going here, but which of the 2 do i go with?? hmmm...
    Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

    16: Denver Broncos: Well, this pick may be a bit of a surprise to some, but i think it makes sense. I recently found out, Rod Smith CANT play forever, go figure, so where they go here?
    Malcolm Kelly, WR, Oklahoma

    17: Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Well, this team's got youth on the OL and some pretty decent skill players. Their D does need to get younger, but it all came down to this, do they trust Simms or Gradkowski for the future? do they go far the future here? or more for now? I say now, and they pick
    Ryan Clady, OT, Boise Sate- Pettigout blows, and LT is the missing link on a great young OL

    18: Seattle Seahawks: Who is this team? they are so unbelievably inconsistent. And that Shaun Alexander guy? over rated. they make a pretty big statement here and get a nice playmaker...
    Steve Slaton, RB, WVU

    19: Baltimore Ravens: OH my, a Baltimore wet dream. Boller? i say not the future, and McNair has lost alot. Now, I HIGHLY doubt this guy falls, i think somone trades up earlier, but hell, the pick is
    Brian Brohm, QB Lousiville

    20: Kansas City Chiefs: Their OL, getting old and well, not good. Croyle's got some talent, as does Huard, but they need some time. LJ with a good line is pretty scary. I'm not big onthis guy, but he fits the bill
    Gosder Cherlius, OT, Boston College

    21: Carolina Panthers: I really think they trade up and snag one of the 3 QB's. If Colt was playing better, he'd be a possible fit here. Where do they go? well, I'm a fan of this kid, who would fit in well here, but unfortunately may get tainted by Tim Lewis..
    Jonathan Hefney, Safety, Tennesse

    22: Detroit Lions: *Insert cliche Lions drafting a WR joke here*. Defense, defense, defense. That's how i feel. With no Dre' Bly, they go with a CB, a guy who probably shouldnt last this long...
    Malcolm Jenkins, CB OSU

    23: Washington Redskins: Hey, lets draft a safety!! eh, Lions WR jokes are better. Anyway, they need better run stuffing on the DL, here, their man is
    Frank Okam, DT, Texas

    24: San Diego Chargers: Well, the team in whales vagina has gotten back on track. I dont know much about them, but a stud LB next to Roidman would be a devastating combo...
    James Laurinitis, LB, OSU

    25: Tennesse Titans: I think, come april, they'll be much higher, but for now, they're here. Young needs some freakin WR's man. Dont really like the guy, but give him a quality young WR. And why not his old teammate?
    Limas Sweed, WR, Texas

    26: Jacksonville Jaguars: Ok, a very good WR has fallen to them. BUT they've had bad WR 1st luck in the past, so lets just look right past Doucet, and.. NOOO we cant pass him up...
    Early Doucet, WR, LSU

    27: Pittsburgh Steelers: A guy i think who'd fit pretty nicely in their 3-4 system falls, and well, why not grab him?
    DE/OLB Quentin Groves, Auburn

    28: Green Bay Packers: OK, so Stewart falls, Pack need a RB, really, no explanation is needed. Jackson is a talented back, and nickel CB is a need, but ehh it's stewart or Jenkins, I'm giving them
    Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon

    29: New York Giants: OK, we need a LB, safety and CB. Out of those 3, the best value is easily CB. call me biased, but I hate Jenkins because he goes to USF. I also really like this kid from Arizona, names
    Antoine Cason, CB, 'Zona- him and Ross form a great yound tandem

    30: Dallas Cowboys: Ok, i already gave them a big boy in the middle, now? How about a CB? To me, it's between Jenkins, and Bowman at WR. I give them
    Mike Jenkins, CB, USF

    31: Indianpolis Colts: This team, has not to many holes. But, i think they could upgrade at OG. So, the best rated OG is...
    Eric Young, OG, Tennesse

    32: pats r cheaters

    again, constructive comments, correct my mistakes and all that jazz
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    We ALL bleed scarlet
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    Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
    BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.

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    From what I've heard Chris Long actually weighs less than his listed 280, which might be too light for a 3-4 DE in the NFL anyway. But regardless, I'm pretty sure he's not a good fit for the scheme that we run. If you were doing trades, I'd suggest a trade down, but since you don't McFadden is probably the best option. I'd have a hard time taking a right tackle (Loadholt) with a top 3 pick because the value there is just really bad. And I think Baker, like Chris Long, isn't even an option because I don't think he's that great of a fit for the right side. More of a pass protector than a run blocker, and while pass protection is nice we're better off waiting till the second or third to get a road grader that isn't bad in pass pro.

    Also, although Harvey is a solid pick there, the Bengals could be hard pressed to pass on Sed Ellis, who is a really talented interior player. The Bengals could probably use more help at end than inside at tackle, but I think with a defense as terrible as theirs is they go for the best available defensive player besides a corner, at least if there's a significant difference in value. I guess you could go either way, especially if you think Harvey is better than Ellis, but I wouldn't pass up a better player to fit a bigger need.


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      Safety is not a need for the Bills. We have two very good, young starters and a lot of backup depth. A safety at #8 is hardly a BPA scenario, so I don't care if you think he took "a bit of a tumble"


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        For Green Bay
        CB is a WAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger need
        Brandon Jackson is only a rookie
        Deshawn Wynn is only a rookie
        Vernand Morency has only played 3 years
        Noah Herron is on IR
        Ryan Grant is pretty much a rookie

        At CB
        Harris is 32
        Woodson is 31
        Jarret Bush is our biggest weakness in the secondary

        Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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          Doubtful the Eagles take Jackson. They're not too fond of first round wideouts, and for some reason they love Curtis. Reggie's struggling but he's shown some signs of life the past couple of weeks. Personally I wouldn't mind a WR/PR/KR, but the Eagles don't value the position(s).

          Sam Baker, Malcolm Jenkins, Gholston (maybe) would be fine and dandy here. Those are all positions the Eagles covet more than a wideout.

          Baker: Thomas and Runyan are old. The much-maligned Winston Justice is a good fit at RT and isn't as bad as he showed at LT. Another bookend is very possible.

          Jenkins: Will James sucks. End of story. Lito is oft-injured, so a good CB makes sense.

          Gholston: Very much in the same mold as the soon to be gone Jevon Kearse. Howard won't make it past this year either


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            Originally posted by neko4 View Post
            For Green Bay
            CB is a WAAAAAAAAAAAAY bigger need
            Brandon Jackson is only a rookie
            Deshawn Wynn is only a rookie
            Vernand Morency has only played 3 years
            Noah Herron is on IR
            Ryan Grant is pretty much a rookie

            At CB
            Harris is 32
            Woodson is 31
            Jarret Bush is our biggest weakness in the secondary
            Woodson still rules


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              Campbell looks like the talented underachiever that Al seems to be drawn to, but I'm hopeful that Kiffin gets enough pull in the war room to steer Al clear of the guy.

              Sed Ellis in a 3-4 defense? That's pretty questionable. Even in Wade's 1 gap scheme, I really don't think he's the right type of lineman.

              Giving Oakland Ellis and Dallas someone like Clady would make a lot of sense.

              Oh, as for "...and they've (Oakland) got plenty of talented backs", that's simply not the case. Jordan and Rhodes both figure to be gone after this season, especially if Michael Bush is ready. Beyond Bush, there's nothing to write home about, and we still don't know for certain that he's for real.


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                I can't believe that not one Rutgers player was mentioned in the mock.

                As for Cason, I still think he is too much like Ross as a corner, but he is the best value there is King, Talib, and Reggie Smith don't come out.

                Originally posted by Halsey
                I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                  The ground game situation is so mis-understood to non GB fans. We dont want, and we wont take, a RB in the 1st.

                  Cason or Jenkins please.


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                    2 AFC teams in the superbowl...way to go >_>


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                      I dont see us drafting a safety. We have Whitner and Simpson. 2 young, talented safeties. We dont need another starter. Maybe a back up tho.

                      Originally Posted by scottyboy
                      my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                      But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                        Originally posted by thule View Post
                        2 AFC teams in the superbowl...way to go >_>
                        He uses ESPN's power rankings. Simple as that. The first line answers your post.

                        Originally posted by Halsey
                        I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                          Matt Ryan is a better fit than Andre Woodson. Hell even Kenny Phillips would be a better pick.


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                            Okam doesn't have the motor to play in a Gregg Williams defense. Besides we already have some good up and coming players at DT.

                            Heck, I'd rather have Laurenitis and convert M.Washington to DE. Or any possession WR.


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                              No complaints if we got Jackson...really need a playmaker at WR, KR and PR so badly..



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