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    As usual, a little forecasting (with order and players). As always, tis early, and just ideas. Working on a longer mock, which probably wonít be done for awhile. A lot more juniors, and some obviously may choose to stay in school. Got tired about thinking about trades late first and got tired of typing late first. About the only notable names I didnít consider would be Alex Boone and Earl Bennett. No real reason why I decided only those two would stay in school, when a lot more are likely to do that. And neither guy is a sure fire first rounder anyways.

    1. Miami Dolphins

    Pretty soon, itís going to be the John Beck era, and while I like Beck, I donít forsee him doing much winning. Huziengaís comments certainly wonít make anyone feel secure down there. If Huzienga overhauls things again, then shame on him. Give Cameron time. If you want to can Randy Mueller, eh, okay. But at least give Cameron some time. Iíd give Mueller a chance as well.
    As has been discussed before, I donít think this is a particularly good year for the Dolphins to pick first overall. The talents donít match with what they need. I still think Beck will be given every chance to run with it, particularly if Cameron is around, and probably even if he isnít. This isntí a McMahon/Harrington situation Ė this is an early 2nd round pick we are talking about, and this is the guy they passed Brady Quinn for, so I think theyíll give him every shot. WR isnít likely, as value is iffy, and they did take Ginn Jr. and have Hagan as a decent option to develop. TE lacks value this high. Are there any DBís worth it here? DL fits look iffy. LB lacks value.
    Itís just not a pretty picture. I really want to make a deal Ö but who? Atlanta doesnít seem likely to make the jump. Same goes for any team in the top 5. I guess the two teams I would look at would be Oakland (in a move up for McFadden) or Houston (also in a move up for McFadden). The latter lacks the assets to really make that move Ö the former, well, I just donít see it. I just donít see Chris Long as a fit, unless they try transitioning him to OLB, but maybe he ends up showcasing enough bulk for them to be convinced. Calais Campbell hasnít played well enough for me to think that even a stellar combine would push him up here.
    Iím stuck making a pick, and itís not pretty. Jake Long is a thought, and he might actually work at LT for them. And once again, maybe my own biases come in play here, but Jake Long at first overall? Itís not as if the line has been so bad that they HAVE to go that route. At the end of the day, Iíll go with the same pick and rationale as before, and I know most Fins fans will say thereís no way it happens. But the pick here is Darren McFadden, which might catch several teams by surprise. The best way to develop a young QB and protect your defense is to offer him a strong run game. Ronnie Brown and Darren McFadden would be a nasty duo for Beck to work with, and allowing them to work some youth into that defense as the defense goes through a transition. Brownís coming off the torn ACL, has only 3 more years on his deal (sounds like a lot, but it really isnít), and as most know, the treads on RBís go out quicker than at most positions. They could even consider trading Brown after 08-09. I am a big fan of McFadden, which is surprising due to my distaste for tall RBís. That said, I think Darren, with a good time, could be considered a true elite RB prospect, that is, a guy that would elite each year.

    Miami Dolphins pick: RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

    2. Atlanta Falcons

    Yes, the Rams have a worse record. But the Falcons are in a harder division (not by much, but the South still seems better), and while both coaching staffs seem to have issues with their players, the potential for a bigger blow up seems to exist. I really thought Petrino had done a decent job so far, and some young personnel had shown improvement under his watch. I donít think this team is that far from being competitive, but Petrino has to have control of the locker room, so weíll see how that plays out.
    What do they do? Well, it seems fairly clear that certain positions will be looked at. With McFadden gone, RB comes off the board. A franchise QB is definitely needed. Some more OL help wouldnít be bad. They could use DT help. DB probably wouldnít get considered this high even if Hall was moved. A trade certainly would be considered.
    Who would move up? Well, I canít figure anyone out, so thatís out. So Iím making a pick. The move would seem to be QB Ö but I have my doubts. I donít know why. Yes, Iíll admit my biases on Brohm probably come into play here, as I donít see him as a pick that high. But Iím just not sold that they will go gung ho after a QB. Donít know. Just a feel, and probably way off. I think theyíll look, without a doubt. The nod goes to getting an impact DT. With Dorsey inside and Anderson outside, they could have the formation of a dominant young line.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: DT Glenn Dorsey, Louisiana State

    3. St. Louis Rams

    Clearly, a lot of changes will happen there this offseason, so itís hard to say what they will actually do. Linehan seems iffy to make it by most accounts. Itís odd, I really liked this team entering the year, and while I knew they could struggle, I never envisioned it this bad, even with injuries. Where do they look?
    OL certainly deserves some consideration as Barron isnít impressing by most accounts, and Pace is aging. They could use defensive line help as well. Could a trade happen? Perhaps Ö but I think they make a pick here. While Jake Long may be tempting, I lean the other Long. I never envisioned putting Chris Long this high entering the year, but he has arguably deserved this lofty draft status. With Carriker and Ryan inside, they have some young DTís (and DTís whose skillsets could mesh well once Carriker moves to UT fulltime). They donít have that top young DE, and Chris Long could be that option. Heíll get some time to work his way in, but he could be their replacement, albeit, a different type of player, for Leonard Little. Heís the type of player that teams will love to build around.

    St. Louis Rams pick: DE Chris Long, Virginia

    4. New York Jets

    Well, the Mangenius label is probably off. Heís not a bad coach by any means, as the personnel just isnít there. That said, heís made some questionable decisions this year, perhaps partly influenced by last yearís overachievement. Theyíve got a lot of holes to fill, and considering the New York media, the pressure will be ratcheted up a notch. Where do they go?
    The DL could use some work. The LB core will get a long look, particularly if they ship Vilma off. I donít forsee them going secondary this high. The offensive line clearly needs a couple more pieces. A young runner is more a midround look. Thomas Jones has lost a tiny step, but the OL isnít any good. Could WR be a thought? A dynamic TE would be nice for what they want to do, but it doesnít exist up here. Clemens likely will be given every opportunity to win the job, so if they look QB, itís a later on look.
    Whatís the call? Is there a trade? I donít see the Jets wanting to fall too far, and I donít see any of the intermediate teams making a move up. A couple years back, talk was that the Jets would take Super Mario if he fell, even if Brick was there. Calais gets a long look, but Iím going to make a pick that I donít like. Nod goes to Jake Long here. Iím not a fan of taking a RT this early, but they clearly need some help on the OL, and you want to give Clemens every chance to prove he can be the man. Adding the OL piece will help the run game, which will in turn protect a defense that might go through some changes this offseason.

    New York Jets pick: OT Jake Long, Michigan

    5. Oakland Raiders

    I have them here on account of the fact that it sure feels like the Jamarcus Russell era will begin at some point this year. Iíve been impressed with Lane Kiffin so far, but a move to Russell will likely mean some hard knocks to end the year. That said, itís the right move, though, as they need to get Russell some action. The Raiders could still use a lead back, but value up here seems iffy. A lead receiver is also needed, and more OL help wouldnít be bad. Defensively, they could use an impact DL talent.
    Is there a trade out there? I donít see it. Itís still fairly costly to move up here, and considering whatís left on the board, Iím not sure who bolts up? So whatís the call? Iím not sold on OL here. I think someone will work up to this area to be of deserving value, but Iím not sold. So what else? Iím looking primarily at DeSean Jackson at WR, Sedrick Ellis at DT, and Calais Campbell. While Campbell hasnít performed as well as some expected, he is still a very intriguing raw talent. At the end of the day, the nod goes to Sedrick Ellis, though, who is a more consistent player. Very tempted with Campbell here.

    Oakland Raiders pick: DT Sedrick Ellis, Southern California

    6. New England Patriots f/ San Francisco 49ers

    This would really give Bill Belichick the final laugh. Yeah, he loses their own first, but if he finishes with a top 6 pick, and if they can win the Super Bowl? Thatís the ultimate finger to the NFL that Belichick probably desires to give. As for the Niners, they just havenít played well this year. I thought theyíd be better, and certainly injuries played a factor. But the OL has underperformed, which has hurt offensive production, and probably exposed the defense more than it could handle.
    What does New England do here after it has a hearty good laugh? Short of it, I canít see offense here. Value and need arenít there. Maybe a case could be made for OL as something to look at, but they seem more liable to look OL later considering how well itís done this year. Defensively, DB and LB could still get long looks. Harrison is still aging, and Wilson seems done. If Meriweather is at corner (which I doubt), then a FS would be nice, as Sanders/Harrison isnít an ideal safety pairing. Or they could look corner, as the Samuel situation will come to a head at some point.
    I end up looking trade. Admittedly, I probably look harder for the Pats than other teams due to their recent history. Kenny Phillips is tempting, as is someone like Malcolm Jenkins if he works up this high, but I canít see them pulling the trigger, and without any glaring needs to be filled this high, they may look to accumulate assets. DeSean Jackson was a deep sleeper thought, so deep that it didnít even register that much. Who might deal up? (btw, if stuck making a pick, I think I go with Malcolm Jenkins).
    Chicagoís a thought, jumping up for a QB, but I donít see that happening under Angeloís watch. Who knows, surprises happen. Texans are a thought (Phillips) but they lack assets and have several holes to fill. Bengals, if they finish top 10, may be looking to retool, so not sure I see that happening. Cardinals? Donít see it. Iím thinking of a variant of a trade I did in a previous mock

    Projected Trade:

    Eagles get the 6th overall pick
    Patriots get the 13th overall pick, Eagles 3rd rounder this year, and a 2nd rounder in 2009

    Future value has been factored in this case, but the 2009 pick could be a 3rd rounder to balance it out. Short of it is the Pats move down and collect a future asset. Why might the Eagles move up? Theyíve done a good job bringing in young talent at many positions. One area that could still use an impact player is at safety, and thereís really only one elite safety in Kenny Phillips. Theyíve got enough young talent to afford a big move if they opted for it. They have to contemplate whether or not Phillips would reach them, and itís possible the Texans would jump on him.

    Philadelphia Eagles pick: S Kenny Phillips, the U

    7. Minnesota Vikings

    Tis a shame for the Vikings. Theyíve got a very solid team, with one big hole, at QB. Sure, thereís other areas of concern, but QB is the glaring area. Barring a Tarvaris Jackson turnaround, theyíll likely be looking QB. Maybe they got an itchy trigger finger and bolt up to secure someone, although I think they can stand pat. Who do they take? I still prefer Woodson personally, but I think Matt Ryan is the top rated QB right now, and if Childress is around, I think he might be a better fit for Childress. Ryan is a bit more ready to step in sooner than later.

    Minnesota Vikings pick: QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

    8. Houston Texans

    A lot of things have gone wrong since a good start, and considering they are in the AFC, and in particular, the AFC South, they may struggle down the stretch and finish with a top 10 pick. I think they are headed the right direction in many respects, but they need to address some key areas. From a personnel standpoint, time will help a lot. Okoye and Williams should get better with another year, along with Travis Johnson. DL is one area where, even though thereís inconsistencies now, they wonít look early barring a surprise.
    DB is an area of concern, but do they really go with a corner this high? Phillips is off, and I thought about moving them up for him, but they just lack the assets. If they moved up, there goes their day 1, and they have needs. LB is probably a later look. More OL help is needed, and they have to find a lead back at some point. Is there a trade?
    I think itís possible that a trade happens. Once the top QB gets off the board, I think you could see some teams jockeying to move up. A team could look for perhaps a CB or WR could be reasons for a team to move up. Who do I have in mind?

    Projected Trade:

    Carolina gets the 8th overall pick
    Houston gets the 16th overall, Carolinaís 3rd rounder, and a 2009 2nd rounder

    Am I being too nice to Carolina? From a numbers perspective, it could cost them their 2nd to move up. That said, I think Houston will be very open to moving down, and Carolina may hold firm on their 2nd rounder to address another need. Carolina has 3 areas to look at. They could use a safety. OT is an area of concern. But I think they move up to grab a QB of the future. If they miss the playoffs, as I have it, Fox is gone and that may get them to jump start the post-Delhomme era. I mean, old man Vinny or David Carr are the options now. The nod goes to Andreí Woodson, who I have as my 2nd QB on the big board. The Bears are a threat to take a QB, and instead of waiting for whoís left, they may jump up to target their guy, whoever that is.

    Carolina Panthers pick: QB Andreí Woodson, Kentucky

    9. Cincinnati Bengals

    If they finish this poorly, I have a feeling the Marvin Lewis era is over. This may be a Buccaneers situation in that, they mightíve gone as far as they could under one coach, and a new voice might be needed. Letís look at what they might need on paper. They could use a pass rush upgrade. I still think they could use interior help, but is it a top need? Debatable. A safety is a thought but value is lacking. LB might be a passing possibility. Chad Johnson might talk his way into getting moved, so WR may be a thought. I donít see OL as a consideration up here.
    Is there a trade? Iíve worked two trades before this, and I have a hard time seeing a 3rd right here. Thereís some scenarios I tossed around, but none are enough for me to pull the trigger. So what do they do here? Even if Chad is moved, I think defense is the look here. Iím looking DL here. With Ellis off the board, itís DE thatís being looked at, and itís definitely a concern. They need more pass rushing help. Justin Smith is a FA, I believe. More experience for Peko could help improve the run D. Adding Calais Campbell could help against the run and the pass. If he finishes strong, and has stellar workouts, he could be long gone.

    Cincinnati Bengals pick: DE Calais Campbell, the U

    10. Chicago Bears

    To the extent the Bears overachieved last year, they are underachieving this year. They may slide up or down a couple slots, but itís next to impossible, IMO, to see them surging into they playoffs. What do they need? Well, in all honesty, a lot in many respects, and yet, there is some raw potential on the roster.
    Letís start defense. Safety play has been porous this year, and while there is some raw talent in Manning and Payne, theyíll likely add someone. But first round? No value with Phillips off anyways. Cornerís fine and even if Briggs leaves, LB isnít a top concern with Okwo and Jamar Williams. DT needs some more depth, but itís not a top need. Offensively, they could use an OG. TE is fine. WR could use another player. Thereís some raw talent there, in Bradley and Hester, but the former is in the doghouse a lot, and Hester is awfully raw. I believe they could use a RB to push Cedric Benson.
    That said, the two biggest needs are at OT and QB. A lot will depend on how Griese plays down the stretch. Personally, Iíd go OT, and I think that happens if Griese plays well enough for them to think they can be competitive with him next year, buying time for a 2nd or 3rd round QB to be developed. If Griese falters, though, I think they look QB in the first.
    I absolutely hate what Iím about to do Ö but with two QBís off the board, if the Bears are picking 10th, that means Griese hasnít exactly lit things up, to say the least. And I think they take the last remaining QB, who might actually be the QB highest up on Angeloís charts. Iím not a big fan of Brohm, although it seems more people think of his value more along Leinart than along Rodgers and Quinn. I think he has a low ceiling, and I have a lot of questions about Brohm, but I think he also has a good floor.

    Chicago Bears pick: QB Brian Brohm, Louisville

    11. Arizona Cardinals

    What a difference a few weeks make. A couple weeks ago, I was sure this team was headed in the right direction and good things were going to happen. Now, Iím not so sure. They could very well still win a weak division, so itís worth watching. But they are here for now. What do they do? A young runner is need at some point. More OL help wouldnít be out of the question. Another edge guy could be a thought. Maybe corner, although that seems unlikely.
    Could a trade be possible? Several intriguing guys are available. Several edge guys should be on the board. No LB has come off the board yet. No CB has come off the board. DeSean Jackson is still around, along with a bunch of OTís. They might get a sniff, but Iím not sure they find someone to make that bold move up. I was thinking about Tampa Bay moving up for DeSean Jackson, but Iím not sold.
    So I make a pick. Not sure if Cardinals fans will like it. I was leaning Jenkins for awhile, then was thinking Gholston. I end up, though, with OT. The OL hasnít been bad, but they could use a better talent. Ryan Clady is my personal favorite at OT, and heís gotten better as the yearís progressed. That said, if someone else is at number 2, then go with that player. I know, back to back OT picks. Iím not too pleased with it, but Iím not sure on any other move here that would make much sense.

    Arizona Cardinals pick: OT Ryan Clady, Boise State

    12. Buffalo Bills

    Much credit to Dick Jauron. I really didnít think they would be any good after the injury bug hit early and the passing game was, um, to be nice, erratic. Heís really settled them down. What do they do? With extra assets, maybe they get aggressive and move up, but I didnít do it in this instance. Do they trade down? Perhaps Ö but I think there are good options for them here. They mightíve considered DT, but McCargo has shown improvement, and the top 2 guys are off the board. I think DE and CB might be given some consideration. They could use a better pass rush, and their CB depth isnít that great. That said, the nod goes offense. Marshawn Lynchís former teammate has slipped somewhat, and someone may move up for him to Arizonaís spot if he falls this much. They need to give whoever the QB is better targets, and Roscoe Parrish and Josh Reed are decent, but not standout guys to give Lee Evans some more breathing room.

    Buffalo Bills pick: WR DeSean Jackson, California

    13. New England Patriots f/ Philadelphia Eagles

    The Eagles seem very enigmatic to me, but being the tough NFC East, I have a tough time seeing them reach the playoffs. Anyhow, I made a swap earlier, so New England is picking here. What do the Pats do? Iím thinking corner or LB here. Gut screams Malcolm Jenkins, Malcolm Jenkins. And I donít go that route. Second instinct says Laurinaitis. And I donít go that route either. Instead, I go with Vernon Gholston here as a young edge guy to groom. The reasoning is that a young edge guy is much more likely to provide help next year within their schemes, and if need be, they can move Vrabel inside if Bruschi runs out of gas. Groves was a thought, but I like Gholston as a fit better.

    New England Patriots pick: DE/OLB Vernon Gholston, the Ohio State

    14. Dallas Cowboys f/ Cleveland Browns

    The Browns are much better than I anticipated, and Derek Anderson may force Brady Quinn to wait another year. This may become somewhat akin to the Brees/Rivers situation of a couple years ago. That said, they dealt this pick away, and itís Dallasí pick. What do the Cowboys do?
    I guess itís possible they package both picks up, but I donít see that happening. Move down? I donít see a deal here that I really buy, unless itís something like a 2nd and a ton of other assets, which I have a hard time buying, but could happen. Thankfully, the Patriots left Malcolm Jenkins on the board, so the Cowboys have a guy who fills a key area they may look at and is quality value here.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: CB Malcolm Jenkins, the Ohio State

    15. Denver Broncos

    I really thought theyíd be better than this, but theyíve stumbled, as the D hasnít been enough, and the O has missed opportunities. What do they go with here? Itís a tough call. They need defensive help Ö but they also need OL help, and thereís good OL value here. Lepsis will be what, 34? Iím going with offense here for now, hoping that their young defensive players step up the 2nd half of the year enough to convince them to fix the OL early for once. Somehow, I donít see it happening, but thatís the nod. Baker seems like a good fit for what they do.

    Denver Broncos pick: OT Sam Baker, Southern California

    16. Houston Texans f/ Carolina Panthers

    I donít forsee Carolina in the playoffs right now. Anyhow, I made a swap earlier. The Texans moved down earlier and accumulated some extra assets. What do they do here? The pick likely is offense. The DL has gotten a lot of picks, and LB can wait. Safety lacks value here, and while there are some intriguing corners, nothing stands out. So what on offense? OL or RB would be the top areas of focus. Whatís the call? I really thought long and hard on OL here, but who fits? Iím going RB. Who? This may be an interesting call. Slaton seems a huge possibility here Ö but the nod goes to Rashard Mendenahll. And yeah, I know ďsystem usually doesnít take RBís earlyĒ. Heck, it doesnít take OL early either.

    Houston Texans pick: RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois

    17. Detroit Lions

    This is an odd team. At times, I donít think they are that good at all. But they are 5-2 right now. I think Martz has adjusted his playcalling a bit and it helps. All in all, I think Rod Marinelli is doing well there. What to do here? The defense could use some more work. Iím thinking CB or end. While theyíve generated a fair amount of pressure, they could still use a top end, and the nod goes to Derrick Harvey, who will need time but could develop into an excellent pass rusher and really help.

    Detroit Lions pick: DE Derrick Harvey, Florida

    18. Kansas City Chiefs

    I really didnít expect much from the Chiefs this year, and thus, Iím impressed with what theyíve done so far. Is it a bit smoke and mirrors? Perhaps a bit, but the defense is showing up. The Jared Allen situation will be worth watching. That said, assuming they donít decide to draft a QB, Iím going OL here. They need some more talent in there to help boost the run game a bit, which has struggled this year. The nod is to Michael Oher. There seems to be mixed perceptions on whether or not he will come out, and only time will tell. If he does, heíll probably go quite high. If heís not here, then Iíd have to think long and hard, as Iím not sure Cherilus merits it here. Is Oher definitely a tackle? Thatís perhaps debatable, but I think many teams will give him a look at OT.

    Kansas City Chiefs pick: OT Michael Oher, Ole Miss

    19. Washington Redskins

    How they rebound from the New England game will be worth watching. If they come out fighting, thereís a chance they push into the playoffs. As of now, I have them on the outside looking in. Many rumors point to this being Gibbs last year. If thatís the case, then what they do may be hard to figure. For now, weíll look at it from a personnel perspective. Offensively, they need to add OL depth. Theyíve been hurt by injuries. A big WR couldnít hurt. Defensively, an end is a thought.
    Whatís the call? Main thing for the offense is Campbellís development. OL would become an option if they decide to cut Jansen. The nod is going defense. Iíd like to go end, and itís a thought. But fit and value are iffy here. Iím going CB here if they stay put, though, as itís a cause for concern. Rogers just got hurt, and Springs is aging. Their depth is filled with, well depth guys, unless Fred Smoot suddenly finds the fountain of youth. Debatable call, I understand. But thereís good corner value on the board.
    That said, I wonder about a trade. Some team may opt to jump Tampa for an OT or WR, and Washington may be amenable to moving down (provided they havenít done anything idiotic with the pick yet).

    Projected Trade:

    Minnesota gets the 19th overall
    Washington gets their 2nd, their first 3rd, and their 4th

    Why for Minnesota? Sure, there might be some depth areas defensively to address, but nothing glaring. After getting their QB, though, what they really need is another impact WR. Yeah, Rice has been intriguing enough, but they could use another guy. And everyone is on the board besides Jackson. Tampa could snatch a WR. Washington moves down into better positioning for their needs. Whatís the nod? Iím going Early Doucet here for now, but it could easily be someone like Malcolm Kelly, Adarius Bowman, or someone else. Doucet has to finish strong, though, and he got off to a good start last week. He also needs to test well, medically, and overall.

    Minnesota picks: WR Early Doucet, Louisiana State

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Itíll be interesting to see if Chucky sticks around. Probably, if they make the playoffs, but interesting nonetheless. Anyhow, what do they need? Their young defense looks better with each passing week. Defensive needs can wait. The offense is what it is Ö and it needs help. OT may be a thought, but I donít see them going Cherilus, Loadholt, or Hills here. I think a QB will be added later. Iím thinking RB or WR here. A couple years ago they barely missed on Lee Evans and settled for Michael Clayton. Did Minnesota do something similar to them? Anyhow, I was thinking RB here, as I think they can find a good WR later, and even before the injury, Caddyís long term durability was a fair question. Probably a call thatíll get some critiques. I think Kevin Smith could be a guy that fit real well.

    Tampa Bay picks: RB Kevin Smith, Central Florida

    21. Tennessee Titans

    I think I talked myself out of giving themselves a playoff nod because I had a hard time seeing 3 AFC South teams in. That said, itís possible 3 get in, and itís possible they are in and Jacksonville isnít. But for now, they are here. What do they need? I think they could look at the secondary. A MIKE linebacker option may be a thought. But Ö theyíve collected a lot of midtier WRís and kept on waiting for one to emerge. None have yet. At some point, they need better weapons for Vince. The nod here goes to Malcolm Kelly, but it could be a number of other guys.

    Tennessee picks: WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma

    22. Baltimore Ravens

    Iíve got them in the playoffs, which is somewhat disconcerting to me, as they really arenít that impressive. Eh. Letís roll with it for now. What to do? QB is a concern, but that may be pushed off for another year with Boller still around. Unlikely to see a OL pick here, IMO, unless the value was far and away the best, which Iím not sold on. Defensively, itís still a top defense, but it isnít as dominant as it once was. Iíd ponder DL here, but there isnít a standout value, IMO. Corner, LB, edge guy could be thoughts. The nod goes to James Laurinaitis. No, I didnít forget about him. Iím just not sold he is anything more than a mid-first, at best, right now, and I leaned for Gholston with the Pats, and didnít see any other mid-first team going for him. Laurinaitis might stay in school and, if he got better, could be a top 10 pick next year. In this situation, he comes in to understudy and be used in a variety of methods.

    Baltimore picks: LB James Laurinaitis, the Ohio State

    23. New Orleans Saints

    What a difference a few weeks make. A couple weeks back, I had the Saints all but dead. Now, I think, even with some injuries, they have a good shot of bouncing back and getting into the playoffs. What do they need? OL could use some more work, but with the depth in this draft, they can afford to wait. Maybe a big back for depth purposes, but they can wait on that as well. The pick should be defense. The run D has been better than I thought. Could still use a DT upgrade, though, IMO. Corner could get consideration. LB could be a thought. LBís have fallen in this version, and the value is great there. The nod goes to Keith Rivers. Arguably, the DT they could take here isnít that much better, if at all, than one they could find in the 3rd. CB options here and in the 2nd or 3rd isnít all that substantial.

    New Orleans picks: LB Keith Rivers, Southern California

    24. Seattle Seahawks

    Iím not sure the Seahawks are all that good, but the NFL is about parity these days, and they are in a weak division where Arizona is the only threat, and the Cards have their own concerns. Where could the Seahawks look? To be honest, Iím not too sure on what area stands out. Probably not the secondary, having spent picks on Jennings and Wilson in recent years and signing a couple safeties last year. Probably not LB either. DE seems unlikely here. DT? Wouldnít rule it out. Offensively, a WR is a thought, I think. TE if there is one of value. A backup running back is a need at some point. Iím leaning to the OL, though. While I think this is a bit early, perhaps Phillip Loadholtís potential convinces them to take a look here.

    Seattle Seahawks pick: OL Phillip Loadholt, Oklahoma

    25. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Can they survive these few weeks without Garrard? I think so, but barely. Is Garrard the future? Thatís debatable, but at this point in the draft, itís questionable if thereís a QB of value. Where else do they look? Unfortunately, WR is still an area of concern. Thereís some other areas of need, but no matter who the QB is, their WRís have to step up. Do they try again? Perhaps. A lot of possibilities. I feel like Iím in the minority on this, but it wouldnít surprise me to see Keenan Burton in the first round and potentially as an option here.

    Jacksonville picks: WR Keenan Burton, Kentucky

    26. San Diego Chargers

    A month ago, I thought they were, well, not toast, but definitely not sold on them making their way back. Theyíve looked great of late. So what to do here? A WR could be sought, but they did draft Craig ďBusterĒ Davis. A backup RB is a possibility. Defensively, DL depth would be nice (but who?). Secondary is a thought. The nod, though, goes OL. Gosder Cherilus has slipped a bit, but is still a solid prospect. He could fit in at RT, moving Olivea in and making that OL younger, and perhaps better.

    San Diego Chargers pick: OT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College

    27. New York Giants

    Honestly did not expect them in the playoffs at the beginning of the year. I thought they were in a partial rebuilding phase. All the credit to their leadership, and the players. What to do here? LB seems like the top need, and some options are still on the board. Nod goes to Ali Highsmith over Dan Connor as their weakside backer.

    New York Giants pick: LB Ali Highsmith, Louisiana State

    28. Green Bay Packers

    Theyíve been real good, and Iím still surprised considering the lack of a run game. They need to add another guy to the mix in all likelihood. Maybe someone emerges, but at this point in time, I have a hard time seeing it. Is there anyone worth it here? Perhaps Steve Slaton could be a dominant back in the scheme. Worth the gamble here potentially.

    Green Bay Packers pick: RB Steve Slaton, West Virginia

    29. Pittsburgh Steelers

    What do the Steelers do here? Top OL pieces all basically all off now. They could go for a 2nd tier guy here, but they can probably find someone of similar value in round 2. A RB backup can wait. WR value differentiation isnít all that great. DL is a thought. I like my pick from last time a lot and am sticking with it.

    Pittsburgh Steelers pick: LB Erin Henderson, Maryland

    30. San Francisco 49ers f/ Indianapolis Colts

    Niners OL has struggled, but they have some pieces to play with on the roster. WR is a thought. DL is a thought. Someone like Groves is a thought. Iím going DL. I really donít get the fascination with Kentwan Balmer. Nice player, but I just donít see a first round pick there. Not sold on Okam as an option. I still believe Dre Moore moves up, and he gets the nod here as a guy who can play anywhere on that 3-4 DL, although heís probably spending more time at end in the 3-4. Stout against the run and getting better as a pass rusher.

    San Francisco picks: DL Marchondray Moore, Maryland

    31. Dallas Cowboys

    Added Jenkins earlier. What now? OL is a thought, but they have some pieces to look at. RB is a thought, but they might wait a bit. WR or DL are the areas Iím focusing on. Balmer gets some consideration I guess, but Iím not sold. Maurice Murray is another thought, but eh. Iím going WR, and the nod goes to Donnie Avery.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: WR Donnie Avery, Houston

    32. New England Patriots (forfeited) Ė they be bad.

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    about a week ago I woudl have said hell no. but now... it makes perfect sense as long as Dorsey can transition to a 4-3 NT... which eh likely can

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      Should of went with your gut and gave us Jenkins

      Grimm has proven that he can take a UDFA rookie and make him into a quality player with Sendlein(played C,LG,RT so far) and the whole line is just years and years ahead of what they were last year

      Depending on if we can get Pace & Dansby resigned LB could become our biggest need, but I'm hoping that they will be signed shortly


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        I would prefer Cason and Talib (if you have him coming out) over Highsmith. I am a believer of the idea that a LB can be taken in the later rounds at similar value to a 1st round LB, so I would prefer CB.

        But great job with the mock. No one puts as much effort or thought into the mock as you do toonster. =D

        Originally posted by Halsey
        I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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          This is one wacky mock!!

          That's why I love to read your mocks though. Probably one too many trades, but it's all in fun.

          Love Dre Moore in the 1st round.

          Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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            I am definitely not a fan of Tampa going with a RB in the 1st round. Cadillac will be back and even if he is back at a lessened capacity, Earnest Graham, Michael Pittman and Michael Bennett are more than capable of sharing the load and offering a change of pace. Investing in a mid round goal line runner would be a much better option. I would probably give the nod to a WR there and I think Malcolm Kelly would be a nice addition to the team. CB, D-Line, OT and QB also deserve consideration although there isn't much value or players suitable for the position.


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              Originally posted by fenikz View Post
              Should of went with your gut and gave us Jenkins

              Grimm has proven that he can take a UDFA rookie and make him into a quality player with Sendlein(played C,LG,RT so far) and the whole line is just years and years ahead of what they were last year

              Depending on if we can get Pace & Dansby resigned LB could become our biggest need, but I'm hoping that they will be signed shortly
              I really had a tough time on that call ... but at the end of the day, we're talking about arguably the most critical position on the OL. Grimm's good, but even back in Pittsburgh, he had some early round picks to work with. Maybe not first round, but I could definitely see an OT pick in day 1. Tis early, though.

              In all honesty, I'd wait on LB. Obviously, not my call, but I think you could find a good LB at the top of round 2. If need be, deal up and snap up, say, a Dan Connor if he falls to the 2nd.


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                Originally posted by Turtlepower View Post
                I would prefer Cason and Talib (if you have him coming out) over Highsmith. I am a believer of the idea that a LB can be taken in the later rounds at similar value to a 1st round LB, so I would prefer CB.

                But great job with the mock. No one puts as much effort or thought into the mock as you do toonster. =D
                Have to admit my own biases probably got in the way there. I'm just not sold on Cason or Talib as first rounders. Next corner on my list probably would be Mike Jenkins.

                That said, looking at it now, more than 1 corner will go in the first.


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                  Originally posted by bearsfan_51 View Post
                  This is one wacky mock!!

                  That's why I love to read your mocks though. Probably one too many trades, but it's all in fun.

                  Love Dre Moore in the 1st round.
                  There were 3 trades. Not sure how that is too much.

                  Out of curiousity, what do you find wacky?


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                    Originally posted by 24cadillac24 View Post
                    I am definitely not a fan of Tampa going with a RB in the 1st round. Cadillac will be back and even if he is back at a lessened capacity, Earnest Graham, Michael Pittman and Michael Bennett are more than capable of sharing the load and offering a change of pace. Investing in a mid round goal line runner would be a much better option. I would probably give the nod to a WR there and I think Malcolm Kelly would be a nice addition to the team. CB, D-Line, OT and QB also deserve consideration although there isn't much value or players suitable for the position.
                    Here's my problem with how things set up, assuming Chucky is there. I think he Chucky wants a bit more speed, which Kelly/Bowman and others won't provide. Someone like Doucet may offer enough to entice him, but he got snagged a spot ahead.

                    OT value seemed iffy there (Cherilus isn't really the LT fit, I think Loadholt is a reach where I had him, and it's probably a bit high for Tony Hills/Chris Williams and a couple others), and QB value was off. DT value was gone, and DE value was somewhat iffy there as well. That leaves CB as the other position you note, and to be honest, I really didn't have CB cross. I just figured they could find a solid cover 2 corner in the 2nd/3rd stanzas.

                    I'll admit RB isn't the best pick, and maybe I should've gone with a move up instead. Giving up the 2nd rounder to move up to snag DeSean Jackson might be a tempting proposition, if Jackson falls out of the top 10. Maybe there's a workable trade from the bottom up that I haven't investigated.


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                      Another bad packer pick
                      Wynn's on IR now, but he, Jackson, and grant should still get a chance next year. Id rather bring a vet in to be a temporary solution

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                        Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                        Another bad packer pick
                        Wynn's on IR now, but he, Jackson, and grant should still get a chance next year. Id rather bring a vet in to be a temporary solution
                        Okay, certainly fair considering I'm not a fan of Slaton. That said, what route would you go? CB? Perhaps. That said, in all honesty, after Malcolm Jenkins, I'm not sure anyone stands out enough right now that it makes sense to take someone when the value in round 2 will be similar, and your starting corners are set. I mean, who? Aquib Talib. Nice player. 1st rounder? Got huge questions. Mike Jenkins would probably be the guy I opted for there, but he has his own issues. Justin King? Maybe. I think I forgot about corners somewhat, and another one makes it into round 1, if not 2. But at the end of the 2, heck, early into round 3, you'll find guys that are probably comparable to the guys at the end of round 1.

                        OL? Doesn't make sense. WR doesn't seem needed. TE value is iffy there. Perhaps, but it seems somewhat iffy. DL and LB don't seem to need a top pick. And on a side note, thing is, Wynn/Jackson/Grant lack pop. That's one thing Slaton would add to the mix.
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                          The Oakland contingent is pleased. Sucked seeing both McFadden and Long go ahead of us, though Ellis is a more than adequate consolation.


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                            Solid trade.


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                              Love Erin the mock, Grade A-



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