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***The Bow's Updated 2008 Mock!*** (3 ROUNDS)

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  • ***The Bow's Updated 2008 Mock!*** (3 ROUNDS)

    Here's an updated version of the earlier mock I posted, including 2 more rounds! ENJOY! Let me have as much constructive criticism as you can give, it only helps me get better!


    1 Rams Jake Long Offensive Tackle Michigan
    2 Dolphins Calais Campbell Defensive End Miami (Fla.)
    3 Falcons Brian Brohm Quarterback Louisville
    4 Jets Darren McFadden Running Back Arkansas
    5 Panthers Kenny Phillips Safety Miami (Fla.)
    6 Raiders Glenn Dorsey Defensive Tackle Louisiana State
    7 Vikings Andre Woodson Quarterback Kentucky
    8 Bengals Phil Loadholt Offensive Tackle Oklahoma
    9 Cardinals Chris Long Defensive End Virginia
    10 Bills Malcolm Jenkins Cornerback Ohio State
    11 Patriots (V/49er's) Rey Maualuga Inside Linebacker Southern California
    12 Texans DeSean Jackson Wide Reciever California
    13 Redskins Derrick Harvey Defensive End Florida
    14 Chiefs Sam Baker Offensive Tackle Southern California
    15 Saints Reggie Smith Cornerback Oklahoma
    16 Cowboys (v/Browns) Tyson Jackson Defensive End Louisiana State
    17 Eagles Ryan Clady Offensive Tackle Boise State
    18 Jaguars Keith Rivers Outside Linebacker Southern California
    19 Buccanneers Matt Ryan Quarterback Boston College
    20 Broncos Steve Slaton Running Back West Virginia
    21 Bears Sedrick Ellis Defensive Tackle Southern California
    22 Titans Malcolm Kelly Wide Reciever Oklahoma
    23 Seahawks Jonathan Stewart Running Back Oregon
    24 Ravens Quentin Groves Outside Linebacker Auburn
    25 Lions Mike Jenkins Cornerback South Florida
    26 Chargers James Laurinaitis Inside Linebacker Ohio State
    27 Giants Dan Connor Outside Linebacker Penn State
    28 Steelers Justin King Cornerback Penn State
    29 Packers Fred Davis Tight End Southern California
    30 49ers (v/Colts) Early Doucet Wide Reciever Louisiana State
    31 Cowboys Earl Bennett Wide Reciever Vanderbilt


    33 Rams DeMario Pressley Defensive Tackle North Carolina State
    34 Dolphins Dre Moore Nose Tackle Maryland
    35 Falcons Gosder Cherilus Offensive Tackle Boston College
    36 Jets George Selvie Outside Linebacker South Florida
    37 Panthers John Carlson Tight End Notre Dame
    38 Raiders Tony Hills Offensive Tackle Texas
    39 Vikings Martellus Bennett Tight End Texas A&M
    40 Bengals Frank Okam Defensive Tackle Texas
    41 Cardinals Vernon Gholston Outside Linebacker Ohio State
    42 Bills Limas Sweed Wide Reciever Texas
    43 49ers Josh Barrett Safety Arizona State
    44 Falcons (V/Houston) Thomas DeCoud Safety California
    45 Redskins Eric Young Offensive Guard Tennessee
    46 Chiefs Terrell Thomas Cornerback Southern California
    47 Saints Andre Fluellen Defensive Tackle Florida State
    48 Browns Adarius Bowman Wide Reciever Oklahoma State
    49 Eagles Jonathan Hefney Safety Tennessee
    50 Jaguars Colt Brennan Quarterback Hawaii
    51 Buccanneers Antoine Cason Cornerback Arizona
    52 Broncos Xavier Adibi Linebacker Virginia Tech
    53 Bears Brian Robiskie Wide Reciever Ohio State
    54 Titans Vince Hall Inside Linebacker Virginia Tech
    55 Seahawks Mario Manningham Wide Reciever Michigan
    56 Ravens Brandon Flowers Cornerback Virginia Tech
    57 Lions Phillip Wheeler Linebacker Georgia Tech
    58 Dolphins (V/San Diego) J Leman Inside Linebacker Illinois
    59 Giants Aqib Talib Cornerback Kansas
    60 Steelers Duke Robinson Offensive Guard Oklahoma
    61 Packers Mike Hart Running Back Michigan
    62 Colts Tavares Gooden Inside Linebacker Miami (Fla.)
    63 Cowboys Jonathan Goff Inside Linebacker Vanderbilt
    64 Patriots Jack Ikegwuonu Cornerback Wisconsin


    65 Rams DeJuan Tribble Cornerback Boston College
    66 Dolphins Trae Williams Cornerback South Florida
    67 Falcons Red Bryant Defensive Tackle Texas A&M
    68 Jets Shannon Tavega Offensive Guard UCLA
    69 Panthers John David Booty Quarterback Southern California
    70 Raiders Lawrence Jackson Defensive End Southern California
    71 Vikings Marcus Monk Wide Reciever Arkansas
    72 Bengals Shawn Crable Outside Linebacker Michigan
    73 Cardinals Allen Patrick Running Back Oklahoma
    74 Bills Ali Highsmith Outside Linebacker Louisiana State
    75 49ers Chris Williams Offensive Tackle Vanderbilt
    76 Texans James Davis Running Back Clemson
    77 Redskins Eric Foster Defensive Tackle Rutgers
    78 Chiefs Roy Schuening Offensive Guard Oregon State
    79 Saints Martin Rucker Tight End Missouri
    80 Browns Barry Richardson Offensive Tackle Clemson
    81 Eagles Jacob Hester Fullback/Running Back Louisiana State
    82 Titans Dwight Lowery Cornerback San Jose State
    83 Buccanneers Lavelle Hawkins Wide Reciever California
    84 Broncos Jordan Grimes Offensive Guard Purdue
    85 Bears Erik Ainge Quarterback Tennessee
    86 Jaguars Bruce Davis Defensive End UCLA
    87 Lions Jeff Otah Offensive Tackle Pittsburgh
    88 Bills (V/Ravens) Jacob Tamme Tight End Kentucky
    89 Seahawks Steve Justice Offensive Center Wake Forest
    90 Chargers Tom Zbikowski Safety Notre Dame
    91 Giants Ray Rice Running Back Rutgers
    92 Steelers Tommy Blake Outside Linebacker Texas Christian
    93 Packers Zack Bowman Cornerback Nebraska
    94 Colts Peyton Hillis Fullback Arkansas
    95 Cowboys Tracy Porter Cornerback Indiana
    96 Patriots Phillip Merling Defensive End Clemson
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    Possibly the worst 49ers mock I have seen. I don't have a problem with Doucet but with Cherilus there I doubt we pass on him.

    In the second, safety is nowhere near the biggest need. I would go Dre Moore right there.

    In the third I would go with Tommy Blake. Nolan does not have 2-3 years to develop wide receivers. Doucet I can live with, but we aren't taking 2 wideouts in the first 3 rounds.


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      Bad Dolphins mock Bow. I know you love Campbell but we can't pass on Dorsey in that spot. And there's no way we can go thru day 1 without getting a run stuffer for our defense.

      If Dorsey is on the board, we have to take him. He is a run stuffer and the best defensive player in the draft and DL is our biggest need. We can't pass on him.

      In round 2. We get no pass rush from anyone anymore. Having Vernon Gholston fall all the way into our laps and pass on him for J Leman is insane. Gholston brings playmaking ability and pass rush skills to our LBs and can play opposite Porter and we can move Crowder inside to replace Zach if he leaves. Too much value in Gholston there to pass on him in favor of Leman.

      Then with the pick we got from the Chargers. Again, I know you are a fan of Ohio State WRs but gotta set personal feelings aside here. DeJuan Tribble is considered by alot of people to be a top 20 player. He slips all the way to low round 2 and we pass on him for another WR? We need to sign a vet WR to play with Hagan and Ginn, not draft another young raw WR. DeJuan Tribble has to be the pick there. He has great coverage skills and we haven't had a good cover CB since Surtain and Madison left. He has to be the pick.

      With our 1st three picks we have addressed a sub par defense and given it a huge lift. Now in the 3rd we can look offense and go after Martin Rucker to take over for Martin and Peelle who are both backups at best in this league. Rucker can adda new dimension to the offense and hopefully allow it to take the next step in the growth we have seen signs of this season.

      The Dolphins draft should look like this:

      1- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
      2a- Vernon Gholston, LB, Ohio State
      2b- DeJuan Tribble, CB, Boston College
      3- Martin Rucker, TE, Missouri


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        worst Packers mock. We will not take A TE in the first and take Hart in the second.

        If the Mock goes like that then give us

        1. Gosder Cherilus Offensive Tackle Boston College
        2. Martellus Bennett Tight End Texas A&M
        3. Tracy Porter Cornerback Indiana


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          I personally prefer Talib over Thomas but that may just be the KU homer in me


          • #6
            I've already stated my case about our first round pick, but I love Talib and think he will be great and getting Rice in the third would be nice as well.

            Originally posted by Halsey
            I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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              christ, if the giants got this people would be dancing in the streets. Besides Dan Connor, who would probably be more like a MLB, everything looks pretty good. We get a playmaking corner to replace an old Sam Madison, and a fan favorite and pretty good runningback


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                67 Falcons Harry Douglas Wide Reciever Louisville
                -HORRIBLE PICK! WE HAVE ZERO NEED FOR A WR!!! We have Roddy playing at a pro bowl level, Jenkins is a solid #2, Robinson is a very good slot man and Horn is too good to eb a #4 though he is our #4...

                Owner of ScarDraft
                Atlanta Falcons and NFL Draft Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report


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                  I don't like the Eagles picks...Clady is an ok pick, the other 2...ugh...

                  Brandon Flowers would be a GREAT pick in round 2..and Lavelle Hawkins would be another one in round 3, considering he can return kicks.

                  Also, if Rice enters, theirs not a prayer he falls to round 3. He's not just some average 5'9" 205 lb RB.


                  • #10
                    Matt Ryan, Antoine Cason, Lavelle Hawkins.

                    I like the 1st two picks. Ryan is the future QB and Cason is developed at CB, but I really don't know enough about Hawkins to say whether it is a good pick.


                    • #11
                      great vikings mock...fills alot of needs although an OT in the second someone like a chris williams from vandy would do wonders for the right side
                      hopefully it turns out this way


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                        Jonathan Goff is a 4-3 mike, not a 3-4 ILB. hes best in a cover(tampa) 2. i know hes 6'4" 235lbs but that doesnt mean hes a good 3-4 backer. Trade him and Gooden(Colts) and id say its better


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                          Great for the Jets.


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                            Pretty solid Seahawks draft though Center is not a need in the third unless he could maybe play OG.

                            thanks Bengals1690


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                              Great for Oakland, especially since you gave us back the 3rd round pick we threw away.



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