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The Mock Is Here v1.4 1 round last before combine

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  • The Mock Is Here v1.4 1 round last before combine

    Mock v1.4

    ROUND 1

    1. Oakland Raiders – QB Jamarcus Russell – LSU
    The Raiders need to get their signal caller of the future and it looks like Al is finally ready to spend a first rounder on a QB for this wonder of a physical specimen.

    2. Detroit Lions – OT Joe Thomas – Wisconsin
    What the Lions need is a LT to anchor their line. Joe Thomas is exactly that guy.

    3. Tampa Bay Bucs – WR Calvin Johnson – Georgia Tech
    If Johnson is available here, it is inconceivable the Bucs would pass on him.

    4. Cleveland Browns – HB Adrian Peterson – Oklahoma
    The Browns offense needs some kind of spark and Peterson is flat out an elite playmaker who you can build an offense around.

    5. Arizona Cardinals – DE Jamaal Anderson – Arkansas
    The Cardinals don’t want to reach on Levi Brown here so instead use it on a DE who can potentially help this defense out a lot.

    6. Washington Redskins – DT Alan Branch – Michigan
    Branch is a safe pick and having a dominant player like him in the middle should really help this struggling defense.

    7. Minnesota Vikings – QB Brady Quinn – Notre Dame
    Is Tarvaris Jackson really their QB of the future? At the end of the day, the Vikings aren’t confident enough in him to pass on Quinn for the likes of Gaines Adams or Dwayne Bowe.

    8. Houston Texans – HB Marshawn Lynch – Cal
    With Quinn, Branch and Peterson off the board, the Texans don’t have the best of choices. It comes down to Lynch and Levi Brown, but once all the workouts are done it will be clear Lynch is the superior prospect and the Texans take a guy they are confident Kubiak can turn into a star.

    9. Miami Dolphins – OLB Gaines Adams – Clemson
    Adams is a natural pass-rusher with the athleticism to play OLB and he fits right into the Dolphins scheme and needs.

    10. Atlanta Falcons – FS Reggie Nelson – Florida
    The Falcons two biggest needs are a playmaking safety and their OL. But Nelson is the more impressive prospect than Levi Brown and gets the nod.

    11. San Francisco 49ers – DE Adam Carriker – Nebraska
    Carriker is an ideal 3-4 DE, and if he has good workouts, he should have no problem going top 15.

    12. Buffalo Bills – MLB Patrick Willis – Ole Miss
    London Fletcher is coming off a strong season but he isn’t a good enough run defender for the Bills’ liking so they let him walk and draft Willis.

    13. St. Louis Rams – DT Amobi Okoye – Louisville
    The Rams need to toughen up their interior defense and Okoye is too good of a value to pass up here.

    14. Carolina Panthers – S Laron Landry – LSU
    The Panthers need a young, playmaking safety. Landry will fit into their defense perfectly.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers – OLB Lawrence Timmons – Florida St.
    Timmons is great for the Steelers because they need youth at LB and as they transition coaches and possibly changes schemes, a versatile LB like Timmons is perfect.

    16. Green Bay – CB Leon Hall – Michigan
    CB may not seem like a first round need for the Packers, but the truth is thanks to their deep and outstanding 06 draft class, they don’t have many pressing needs. They are extremely thin at CB and Harris and Woodson are aging. They could jump on Hall here. Another strong possibility would be Dwayne Bowe, who could be too good to pass up, especially considering Donald Driver is 36 years old.

    17. Jacksonville – WR Dwayne Bowe – LSU
    Make it 4 straight first rounders spent on receivers. Bowe is just too good to pass up on here and he is exactly the type of WR they like.

    18. Cincinnati Bengals – CB Darrelle Revis – Pittsburgh
    Revis is the top CB on the board and with the franchising of Justin Smith, DB quickly becomes the Bengals’ biggest need.

    19. Tennessee Titans – WR Ted Ginn Jr. – Ohio St.
    The Titans need to add more weapons to that offense.

    20. New York Giants – OT Levi Brown – Penn St.
    The Giants cut Petigout without having a backup plan in place and they will be very lucky to have Brown fall to them here.

    21. Denver Broncos – DE Charles Johnson – Georgia
    Johnson is easily the best pure 4-3 end available and the Broncos can’t pass him up.

    22. Dallas Cowboys – FS Brandon Merriweather – Miami
    Jerry Jones wants to win badly and is willing to bring in a potential character problem like Merriweather if he believes it will help the team. There’s no questioning Merriweather’s ability on the football field and he fills the Cowboys biggest need.

    23. Kansas City Chiefs – WR Dwayne Jarrett – USC
    Jarrett’s stock might be slipping, but he is still a steal here and we know Herm Edwards likes big receivers. It’s about time for the Chiefs to get themselves a wideout that defenses will actually fear.

    24. New England Patriots – OLB Jarvis Moss – Florida
    The Patriots continue to stay a step ahead of the game and pick up a talented hybrid backer.

    25. New York Jets – OLB Anthony Spencer – Purdue
    3-4 teams like the Jets are always looking for hybrid backers and Spencer has great potential.

    26. Philadelphia Eagles – S Michael Griffin – Texas
    Michael Lewis won’t be resigned and Considine doesn’t appear to be starting material.

    27. New Orleans Saints – CB Chris Houston – Arkansas
    Fred Thomas got picked on more than any defender in the NFL last year and he needs to be replaced. The Saints choose not to wait beyond the first round to fill their biggest need.

    28. New England Patriots – LB Paul Poluzny – Penn St.
    After picking up a pass-rushing hybrid backer the Patriots proceed to pick up Poluzny who will move to ILB and replace Teddy Bruschi, who has lost a step and is soon to retire.

    29. Baltimore Ravens – CB Josh Wilson – Maryland
    The Ravens are somewhat lacking in depth and youth at CB and Wilson is the kind of talented player the like at the position. If Wilson runs as fast as expected he could be enticing enough of a prospect for the Ravens to take him over a lineman like Grubbs or Harrell.

    30. San Diego Chargers – WR Sydney Rice – South Carolina
    The Chargers WRs let them down in the playoffs and they lack any true playmakers at the position so it would make sense to bring in a talent like Rice.

    31. Chicago Bears – OG Arron Sears – Tennessee
    Sears is a prospect whose stock is rising and the Bears have an aging OL.

    32. Indianapolis Colts – OLB Jon Beason – Miami
    The Colts need help badly at LB and Beason fits their scheme.

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    I like the Bears pick. Although if I had a preference, I'd take Staley.

    Another sig courtesy of BoneKrusher

    Originally posted by JBCX
    Despite looking better against an underachieving Eagles team, I still think the Bears are one of the worst teams in the NFL. I smell a blowout victory by the Lions this week and a division sweep.


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      i don't like the rams pick


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        I like Merriweather


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          perfect Bills pick
          GO BILLS!


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              Originally posted by KCJ58
              i don't like the rams pick
              u gotta elaborate on that....and thats goes out to everyone who leaves these one-liners, especially if they are criticizing. I post mocks here for constructive criticicsm but this does nothing for me cuz unless you give me some reasons that comment means absolutely nothing...and that even goes for people who say "good pick", if you got the time to elaborate, I appreciate if you say why you like the pick or if you agree with my reasoning or if theres someone else you'd rather have for some reason, how you think the player fits into the teams plans, etc etc etc. I love feedback that actually goes into detail, not just one-liners.


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                I love seeing all the Revis picks for the Bengals, my work is done here


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                  Good first pick for the Eagles, but there are a few questionable picks on there. I don't think Houston will draft Lynch, Minnesota won't give up on Action Jackson after a few games, New Orleans would pick Posluszny in this situation, and Ravens are looking at Ben Grubbs as their #1 pick because you don't draft for depth at CB in round 1.


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                    Originally posted by eaglesalltheway
                    Good first pick for the Eagles, but there are a few questionable picks on there. I don't think Houston will draft Lynch, Minnesota won't give up on Action Jackson after a few games, New Orleans would pick Posluszny in this situation, and Ravens are looking at Ben Grubbs as their #1 pick because you don't draft for depth at CB in round 1.
                    yeah I realize these are not the standard picks and its funny cuz in past mocks I have had some of those exact picks...

                    I have never put Lynch to HOU in a mock before but I think it is a strong possibility and I think he would really thrive in the Kubiak offense and that they might recognize that. If AP, Branch and Quinn are gone I think the pick is either Lynch or Brown. And like I said, Lynch is a much better prospect than Brown IMO and once workouts are over it should be apparent.

                    Im on the bridge about the MIN pick, but I think about it and if they sit at 7 it means they either take Gaines Adams, who may not help that much, or reach for a WR (Bowe?)...or they can take Quinn and not put all their chips on Tarvaris Jackson, who may have been a mistake. Hes got potential but he doesnt seem like the kind of guy who you draft and declare your franchise QB and act like it isnt a need. its kind of like Oakland and Walter. Right now theyre wishing they hadnt got stubborn with him and picked passed on Leinart.

                    NO ive had picking Poluzny and he would make sense but I think CB is a bigger need (Fred Thomas got ABUSED, they need a replacement badly), and Houston is a great fit in NO. Plus I think Poz wont be at all impressive in workouts and it may drop his stock a little bit. I still had NE picking him at 28, but IMO that is actually a little bit of a reach, but NE might just be willing to do it. Im starting to think Poz will get a 2nd round value on most draft boards.

                    Ben Grubbs to the Ravens is a pick I like that makes a lot of sense, but I just thought I'd mix it up and throw in this pick because I think Wilson is one of those sleeper picks for the Ravens. Grubbs has to be the odds-on pick at 29, but there are some other possibilties like maybe Wilson or Michael Bush


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                      al davis believes walter is our future so we need playmakers. so CJ or AD

                      "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                        Not a fan of Nelson. We need an intelligent, experienced day one starter at FS. Landry is the more intelligent football player and a four year SEC starter. Then, after Milloy leaves in a year or 2, he could move to SS if need be.


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                          GREAT Chiefs pick


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                            Originally posted by RaiderNation
                            al davis believes walter is our future so we need playmakers. so CJ or AD
                            Al Davis believes Walter is the future at QB? Thats why he admitted he made a mistake NOT draft Leinart? After last year, I dont see anyone can believe Walter is the QB of the future, he doesnt carry the burden of our screwed up offense, but he played like crap. Brooks was a lot better than him, and thats sayin a lot....

                            I do agree we need playmakers. Moss, Porter and Jordan were supposed to be our playmakers but Im not sure any of them are playmakers anymore so yea CJ and AP would work also...Its like Ive been saying, we just have to wait. What we do with this pick has everything to do with what we do in FA and trading and workouts of course also. All 3 players would make great picks for the Raiders. Right now, Im leaing towards JR but obviously not sure about it.


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                              Good buc pick



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