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familyguy's edited mock (2 rounds)

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  • familyguy's edited mock (2 rounds)

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    looks good for the bengals. i would personally rather have charles johnson in the 2nd but i doubt he gets past the 1st round anyway.

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      Give Packers Charles Johnson if you're going to give us a DL

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        charles johnson to the lions in the 2nd


        Originally posted by elway777
        They should invite Reggie Ball to the Draft just to make him feel uncomfortable.
        The Lions will sweep the Vikings in 2007.


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          Blalock is far too high and looks more like a 2nd-3rd Round pick at this point after a poor week at the Senior Bowl. Pitcock is another guy who you can expect to see in the Mid 2nd-Early 3rd.

          Bowe and Carriker both look like Top 15 guys at this point.

          Doug Free is a Second Day guy in my opinion and Manuel Ramirez is also about a round too high.

          As for the Bengals draft, it'd be a dream come true. But I'll tell you what, I'd be shocked if both Okoye and Houston are even there at 18.

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            terrible 1st round for KC give us Bowe


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              I'm not much for taking a DT but if Okoye is there and we snag Houston in the 2nd that'd be sweet.


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                A+ ON BOTH PICKS

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                  I highly doubt that the Texans are going to pass on the top RB in the draft again and for a safety. I don't think that the Saints will reach on their first two picks either, they would more likely go with the BPA or BDPA


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                    Good Buc draft


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                      Not a very good Vikings draft.

                      DeWayne Jarrett isn't even the surefire #2 at WR and with the depth at WR I'd be very suprised if we took another wideout at #7 in the first 2 years after doing the same.

                      Tony Ugoh sounds good on paper, but there's to much talent that was passed on that would make more sense. We could very well get Ryan Harris in the 3rd...who'd make a very fine RT.


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                        Give the Cards Eric Weddle in the 2nd.



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                          Rufus doesn't fit our defense.

                          That is correct comahan
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                            please give miami jarvis moss in the 2nd round he fits the system and works very well for us. Alexander doesnt fit us really at all.

                            In the 1st with the talent on the board (russell, peterson) we could easily trade back and get good value.


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                              1st round-:D
                              2nd round- :) :|



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