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  • BF51 Mock V 5.0

    EDIT: I re-did the mock as of 11-17 after watching a lot of backed up TIVO.

    1st Round
    1) Miami Dolphins- Glenn Dorsey, Defensive Tackle, LSU
    - I think the general consensus here is that this isn't the year for Miami to be picking #1. That said they need some youth on their d-line. Dorsey isn't the most perfect fit, but they're likely to do a lot of transitioning in and out anyway, so he's the pick.

    2) St. Louis Rams- Jake Long, Offensive Tackle, Michigan
    -Another instance where they likely would not want to pick this high. Unlike others, I'm not totally sold that Long can't play LT, but worst case scenario they get a tremendous RT for years to come.

    3) New York Jets- Darren McFadden, Runningback, Arkansas
    -A lot of people argue that this pick is about sexyness over substance. I disagree, mostly because I question how much longer Thomas Jones can be the feature runner in the NFL. Even with the Bears he shared a lot with Benson. I think McFadden is the best player and immediately upgrades their offense.

    4) Oakland Raiders- Chris Long, Defensive End, Virginia
    -While some have said that Al Davis won't be enthralled enough with Long's measurables, come's Howie Long's friggin son. Not to mention the production, and the serious need that Oakland has on the D-line.

    5) New England f/SF- Malcolm Jenkins, Cornerback, Ohio State
    -It really comes down to CB or MLB one would think (though I think the Pats take McFadden if they can). The Niners will likely lose more than this, but for some reason my # system has them here. Meh.. Anyway, I think the grade on Jenkins is higher than The Animal, thus the pick.

    6) Atlanta Falcons- Andre Woodson, Quarterback, Kentucky
    -The fire on Woodson has cooled a bit, but I'm holding the minority that after the workouts Woodson will be the one. I don't buy the Brohm connection. That's just not how the NFL works.

    7) Baltimore Ravens- Matt Ryan, Quarterback, Boston College
    -Regardless of the coaching situation, they're going to need a new franchise QB, as Boller is far too inconsistant to be "the guy". Ryan gets the nod over Brohm here.

    8) Cincinnati Bengals- Sedrick Ellis, Defensive Tackle, USC
    -I originally had Campbell here, but this draft is shaping up to have pretty good depth at DE, and the same can't be said for the inside. Plus you just can't ignore Ellis' production so far this year. I considered The Animal here as well.

    9) Carolina Panthers- Brian Brohm, Quarterback, Louisville
    -Jake Delhomme isn't quite dead yet, so a franchise QB isn't imperative, but at this point they've got to strongly consider it, as the value at QB falls off dramatically after the top 3. Phillips or Laurinaitis are possibilities, but at this point I think they'll go QB, especially with what will likely be a new coaching staff.

    10) Minnesota Vikings- Kenny Phillips, Safety, Miami
    -Now that Calais Campbell is available that complicates it a bit, but the Vikings have invested so many draft picks at DE in the past few years that it makes it less likely they will do so here. The pass defense is terrible, which is about the only thing wrong with this defense. Phillips will have a good mentor in Darren Sharper.

    11) Kansas City Chiefs- Ryan Clady, Offensive Tackle, Boise State
    -After watching a lot of film of Boise State as of late I've come away more impressive with Clady than I was before. He's jumped Baker in my book.

    12) Houston Texans- Jonathan Stewart, Runningback, Oregon
    -Runningback of offensive tackle? The truth is that the line has done a pretty decent job this year, and now that Carr is gone it's become somewhat more clear who the biggest problem was. Stewart will be the type of back that will make his own holes and punish defenders, much like another Houston back of lore, Earl Campbell.

    13) Denver Broncos- James Laurinaitis, Linebacker, Ohio State
    -It's become pretty clear that D.J Williams is pretty suited as a WILL and that the Broncos need more solid tackling up the middle. Enter The Animal.

    Chicago trades the 14th pick in the 2008 NFL draft to the Washington Redskins for the 18th pick and the 82nd pick in the 2008 NFL draft
    14) Washington Redskins- Calais Campbell, Defensive End, Miami
    -This is the impact DE that Washington has been needing for years. Andre Carter is having a very nice season, but Phillip Daniels was washed up 5 years ago. Campbell would give this defense a whole new dynamic and compliment the other talent tremendously.

    15) Philadelphia Eagles- Desean Jackson, Wide Reciever, California
    -Would you start the Kevin Kolb era with Kevin Curtis as your #1 reciever? The truth is that this team hasn't been the same since TO left, and whoever the QB is they're going to need someone to stretch the field and take pressure off of Westbrook to create the whole offense. Campbell is a consideration here simply out of tremendous value, but at the end of the day this is a much bigger need.

    16) Arizona Cardinals- Vernon Gholtson, Hybrid 3-4, Ohio State
    -For those of you not paying attention, Gholston had his national coming out party against Michigan. He could go much earlier, but is a certain lock at this point for the top 20 if he chooses to come out.

    17) Buffalo Bills- Malcolm Kelley, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma
    -The Bills could really use another reciever opposite Lee Evans. I'm not solid, unlike most Bills fans, that Kelley is the type of guy that Fairchild would go for as he prefers shifty speedsters. But if he can run the sub 4.5 40 that most people are expecting he's the most reasonable pick here.

    18) Chicago Bears (f/Was)- Sam Baker, Offensive Tackle, Southern California
    -Could Sexy Rexy be back next year? He'll have another chance to earn at least one more year. With the top 3 quarterbacks gone the Bears turn to OT and the best value here is Baker. If the Bears cut ties with Fred Miller he'll likely have to start right away, a rather daunting task for Baker, but he's got plenty of experience playing against top competition.

    19) New Orleans Saints- Dan Conner, Linebacker, Penn State University
    -The Saints could use lots of things on defense, so cornerback could be a real possibility here, that said I think Conner seems like a Sean Payton type and would give them an athletic presence from the linebacker position.

    20) Dallas Cowboys (f/Cleveland)- Aqib Talib, Cornerback, Kansas
    -The value of Talib varies depending upon who you talk to, but I at least have him as my 2nd corner, and think he would be good value here. The Cowboys don't have a ton of needs but Henry has been banged up this year and that has been exposed at times. Regardless, depth is needed at the least.

    The Tampa Bay Bucs trade the 21st pick in the 2008 NFL draft to the New York Jets for the 35th pick and the 67th picks in the 2008 NFL draft
    21) New York Jets- Quentin Groves, Hybrid 3-4, Auburn
    -The Jets have a bit of a history of trading up as of late and I could see it here again. Passing on Chris Long earlier in the 1st they get their defensive playmaker here in Groves.

    22) Detroit Lions- Gosder Cherilus, Offensive Tackle, Boston College
    -This is a bit of an unorthodox pick, but as long as Mike Martz is the OC the Lions need to seriously consider upgrading their RT position. In the Coryell system the RT is almost as important as the LT position because there are so many 7-8 step drops. George Foster has been a complete waste.

    23) Seattle Seahawks- Rashard Mendenhall, Runningback, Illinois
    -SA is done. D-O-N-E. Maurice Morris is a fine player but is much better served as a backup. Mendenhall has had a tremendous season and would be a great fit for Illinois system.

    24) San Diego Chargers- Rey Mauauluga, Linebacker, Southern Cal
    -Maualuga has said that he's not coming out, but I don't buy that for a second. Once he looks at how weak the ILB position has been I think he'll bite. Unless he's that concerned about winning a national title he really has little else to prove anyway. The Chargers have lacked talent at the ILB for years so this pick makes sense. I consider Okam too much of a reach quite frankly.

    25) Jacksonville Jaguars- Derrick Harvey, Defensive End, Florida
    -The Jags have had a hard time finding a passrusher for years and are very fortunate that the hometown boy Harvey is available here.

    26) Tennessee Titans- Early Doucett III, Wide Reciever, Louisiana State
    - Reciever seems to be the pick of choice here, though I think the O-line is more of a problem than most people realize. It comes down to Doucett, Hardy, and Bowman here, and I lean Doucett due to upside. Young has a good deep ball so they should search for a player to compliment that.

    27) New York Giants- Reggie Smith, Defensive Back, Oklahoma
    -I've been giving the Giants Smith for weeks. No change here.

    28) Pittsburgh Steelers- Michael Oher, Offensive Tackle, Ole Miss
    -He doesn't have the buzz that Otah apparently does now, but I'm not sure I'm buying into all that. Oher versatility would be of great benefit to the Steelers, as they will likely have multiple changes on the line this year.

    29) San Francisco 49’ers- Dre Moore, Defensive Tackle, Maryland
    -The Niners offense is epically bad, but solutions can be found later. At this point Moore is too good to pass on.

    30) Green Bay Packers- Felix Jones, Runningback, Arkansas
    -Don't ask me why but I had a change of heart. The more I think about Favre retiring the more I think the Packers are going to be desperate for a playmaker runningback. Ryan Grant is doing pretty well right now but let's face it, defenses aren't coming in trying to stop the runningame; with A-Rod they will be.

    31) Dallas Cowboys- Steve Slaton, Runningback, West Virginia
    -Slaton hasn't had replicated the production of his sophmore seasons but WVU is still winning, a tremendous talent that would compliment Barber's bruising style very well.

    2nd Round
    33) Miami- Antoine Cason, Cornerback, Arizona
    34) St. Louis- Pat Sims, Defensive Tackle, Auburn
    35) Tampa Bay (f/New York)- James Hardy, Wide Reciever, Indiana
    36) Oakland- Tony Hills, Offensive Tackle, Texas
    37) San Francisco- Adarius Bowman, Wide Reciever, Oklahoma State
    38) Atlanta- Kevin Smith, Runningback, Central Florida
    39) Baltimore- Jack Ikegwuonu, Cornerback, Wisconsin
    40) Cincinnati- Keith Rivers, Linebacker, Southern California
    41) Carolina- Lawrence Jackson, Defensive End, Southern California
    42) Minnesota- DJ Hall, Wide Reciever, Alabama
    43) Kansas City- Mike Jenkins, Cornerback, South Florida
    44) Atlanta f/Houston- Chris Williams, Offensive Tackle, Vanderbilt
    45) Denver- Ray Rice, Runningback, Rutgers
    46) Chicago- Dennis Dixon, Quarterback, Oregon
    47) Philadelphia- Barry Richardson, Offensive Tackle, Clemson
    48) Arizona- Dejuan Tribble, Cornerback, Boston College
    49) Buffalo- Terrell Thomas, Cornerback, Southern Cal
    50) Washington- Earl Bennett, Wide Reciever, Vanderbilt
    51) New Orleans- Dwight Lowry, Cornerback, San Jose State
    52) Cleveland- Frank Okam, Nose Tackle, Texas
    53) Tampa Bay- Chevis Jackson, Cornerback, Louisiana State
    54) Detroit- Charles Godfrey, Cornerback, Iowa
    55) Seattle- Fred Davis, Tight End, Southern Cal
    56) Miami (f/SD)- Beau Bell, Linebacker, UNLV
    57) Jacksonville- Erin Henderson, Linebacker, Maryland
    58) Tennessee- Titus Brown, Defensive End, Mississippi State
    59) New York Giants- Xavier Adibi, Linebacker, Virginia Tech
    60) Pittsburgh- Shawn Crable, Linebacker, Michigan
    61) Indianapolis- Jonathan Goff, Linebacker, Vanderbilt
    62) Green Bay- Craig Steltz, Safety, Louisiana State
    63) Dallas- Limas Sweed, Wide Receiver, Texas
    64) New England- Tashard Choice, Runningback, Georgia Tech

    3rd Round
    65) Miami-Kirk Barton, Offensive Tackle, Ohio State
    66) St. Louis- Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Cornerback, Tennesee State
    67) Tampa Bay (f/New York)- Colt Brennan, Quarterback, Hawaii
    68) New England (f/Oakland)- Jeremy Leman, Linebacker, Illinois
    69) San Francisco- Chris Ellis, Hybrid 3-4, Virginia Tech
    70) Atlanta- Kentwan Balmer, Defensive Tackle, North Carolina
    71) Buffalo (f/Bal)- Myron Bolden, Defensive Tackle, Kentucky
    72) Cincinnati- Wallace Gilberry, Defensive End, Alabama
    73) Carolina- Jamar Adams, Safety, Michigan
    74) Minnesota- Josh Johnson, Quarterback, San Diego
    75) Kansas City- Heath Benedict, Offensive Line, Newberry
    76) Houston- Quetin Demps, Safety, UTEP
    77) Denver- Greyson Gunheim, Defensive End, Washington
    78) Chicago- Jamar Adams, Safety, Michigan
    79) Philadelphia- Martin Rucker, Tight End, Missouri
    80) Arizona- Mike Hart, Runningback, Michigan
    81) Buffalo- Jacob Tamme, Tight End, Kentucky
    82) Chicago (f/Was)- Chris Johnson, Runningback, East Carolina
    83) New Orleans- Mike McGlynn, Offensive Tackle, Pittsburgh
    84) Cleveland- Justin Forsett, Runningback, California
    85) Tampa Bay- Cory Boyd, Runningback, South Carolina
    86) Detroit- Tavares Gooden, Linebacker, Miami
    87) Seattle- Demario Presseley, Defensive Tackle, North Carolina State
    88) Chicago (f/SD)- Harry Douglass, Wide Reciever, Louisville
    89) Jacksonville- Eric Young, Guard, Tennessee
    90) Tennessee- Steve Justice, Center, Wake Forest
    91) New York Giants- Lavelle Hawkins, Wide Reciever, California
    92) Pittsburgh- Donnie Avery, Wide Reciever, Houston
    93) Indianapolis- Roy Schuening, Guard, Oregon State
    94) Green Bay- Terrance Wheatley, Cornerback, Colorado
    95) Dallas- Jonathan Hefney, Safety, Tennessee
    96) New England- Erik Ainge, Quarterback, Tennessee
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    Reggie Smith is a beast and Erin Henderson is a big school sleeper. I like your draft very much. =D

    Originally posted by Halsey
    I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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      I like the Oakland picks.
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        Good first round, I'm still not liking Mike Hart though. I don't see what he brings that we don't already have between Grant/Morency/Wynn/Jackson/Herron.


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          Love the pack 2nd rounder, and only like the first because Jake shutdown Hardy. A very tough thing to do. Not sure what else he has down.

          Also like
          -That you have Hardy in the first
          -Dre as the 3rd DT where he belongs
          -Henderson as a 2nd, I hope he doesnt come out though

          -That you have Cason in the 2nd
          -Matt Ryan in the early first, I just dont see it anymore

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            I love Reggie Smith in the first but would perfer another DB in the second, I think Justin King is available in this mock. I think he'd be a great compliment to Aaron Ross.


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              I dont like the the Groves pick( even though I am an Auburn fan), i think he is more of a 3-4 OLB than a 4-3 DE. The DJ Hall pick is just OK


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                Originally posted by osi+ap=allshallperish View Post
                I love Reggie Smith in the first but would perfer another DB in the second, I think Justin King is available in this mock. I think he'd be a great compliment to Aaron Ross.
                Justin King and Phil Loadholt are the only underclassmen not eligible in this mock, as I can't convince myself that either would come out.

                Everyone else is up for grabs.

                Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                  I don't know why so many people are getting this wrong. It's Jack Ikegwuonu not Jake, Jack. I expect people to not get the last name, but the first is easy.


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                    How do you pronounce that anyway
                    Ike gwoo uno?
                    Icky gwoo no?

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                      Originally posted by neko4 View Post
                      How do you pronounce that anyway
                      Ike gwoo uno?
                      Icky gwoo no?

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                        love the mock, A+


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                          I dunno if it's a good thing that I inspired you to procrastinate and make a mock. Eh ... I'll treat it as a good thing. Umm ... I don't have the tendency to comment on others mocks anymore, but since I was your inspiration

                          I can buy 1-9 even if I don't agree with it.

                          Kenny Phillips with the Vikes? Hmm ... interesting. I'll be curious what Vikes fans say. That said, going through it, does make some sense. You've got Jackson close, so I'd give that consideration, although what the offensive scheme is may be a big factor on that.

                          Between Clady or Baker, I would think that Clady's upside might be a tad more intriguing to the Chiefs. I can see 12 with a good time. I know another Broncos fan thought Ellis as well, but I just question an interior tandem of Thomas and Ellis for the Broncos and whether or not it makes sense. I'm not really sold on the Eagles going WR in the first. It's one of those cases where history really seems strong in part due to the complex responsibilities for WR's in that offense. Bu that I said, I could see it, I guess. Not one too judge history as the end all and be all of it.

                          Could see 16. Not sold on the Kelly fit for Fairchild's schemes. I can see 18. If Connor is deserving, I can see 19 as Connor seems like the type of player that Payton may like. I can see 20. Not sold on 21 considering they are still slowly working Gaines in, and they probably have other needs that can be addressed. I can probably see 22-24, although with their ILB depth, admittedly I hadn't given much thought to Maualuga. I'm not sure the Jaguars really need a LB that bad, although I could be wrong. Rest of the first round I could see as possible.

                          Not sure on the Rams and DT. Really like Moore, but they seem really big on Carriker/Ryan. I could see a depth addition later, but 2nd round? I'd imagine end might be a higher consideration. Raiders could use a WR, just not sure I see it happening. But only time will tell there if the board falls that way. Not sure on Moala and the Bengals. They really like Peko. Granted, if they finish that high, they'll probably get new coaches, so who knows.

                          I know a lot of Panthers fans want DL ... but do they give up on Charles Johnson this quick? I'm not sure Jackson's grade will be that much better than Johnson's. Two OL for KC, eh? Could definitely use it ... just wonder if it's more prudent to wait for a bit to add someone and target another spot here. Perhaps CB. I can see 44-46 as possibilities. I'm just not sold on Eagles going OL early, although a lot of people seem to have had that.

                          I'm not sure on Vince Hall and the Fins. Granted, I guess it depends on if Capers is there, but I'm not sold on them going with Hall as an option. I'm not sure on Steelers and Crable after drafting Timmons/Woodley. Does Indy need a LB that high? I could see a lot of the picks as possibilities if there values are there.


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                            Oh yeah two great Raider picks.
                            Taking a Knapp.


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                              Originally posted by toonsterwu View Post
                              Kenny Phillips with the Vikes? Hmm ... interesting. I'll be curious what Vikes fans say. That said, going through it, does make some sense. You've got Jackson close, so I'd give that consideration, although what the offensive scheme is may be a big factor on that.
                              Ive been really only looking at these but most the viking fans on here want Phillips to replace Sharper. Although Jackson would be nice since our WR's arent good. Rice is the only one we have hope for.

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