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    I consider myself a pretty informed football watcher, so I thought I'd sit down for a while and make my first mock. Check it out.

    Oakland, 1. Jamarcus Russell, QB: Too much sense. Raiders should just begin contract talks.

    Detroit, 2. Gaines Adams, DE: Really I think they'll trade down for him, but come on, projecting trades in a mock is ridiculous.

    Cleveland, 3. Brady Quinn, QB: They want AD, but you can't give the most injury plagued team in the league an injury prone running back at the top of the draft. Charlie Frye (aka White Vick) isn't the answer, and Quinn with Winslow and Braylon will turn some heads.

    Tampa Bay, 4. Calvin Johnson, WR: They need Joe Thomas badly enough to entertain some trade offers for CJ (like from the Vikes at 7) but Gruden won't pass up the next Rice. So legit it's scary.

    Arizona, 5. Joe Thomas, 0T: Hooray! I know you are rooting for the Cardinals. Watching Joe Thomas slip to these guys will be like watching Charlie Brown finally kick that football; it just warms your heart.

    Washington, 6. Jamaal Anderson, DE: Hey, a team without a pass rush meets a crazy edge rusher, who would have thought.

    Vikings, 7. Dwayne Jarrett, WR: These guys need CJ badly, but aren't going to get him. They already fell for the speedster in Troy Williamson and it's gonna stop them from picking the real #2 receiver in this draft, Teddy Ginn. If Tarvaris Jackson really is their future, they're gonna need big number 8 to take over some games.

    Houston, 8. Adrian Peterson, RB. Why pass on Bush? They knew AD was coming. ZBS plus AD=problems for Indy, and we all know that's all Houston really cares about.

    Miami, 9. Alan Branch, DT: No way he falls out of the top ten. Miami's D needs some youth, and Branch is the BPA.

    Falcons, 10. Amobi Okoye, DT: They have problems in the secondary, but none of their secondary players have killed a dog recently. Okoye has huge upside and played for Louisville, where Petrino comes from. This is no reach.

    San Fran, 11. Ted Ginn Jr, WR: Their defense has issues, but when you have the number 1 overall sitting behind center, you get him a bunch of weapons to work with. Ginn's speed makes him an okay pick anywhere in the draft; the only downside here is that he might outrun Smith's arm.

    Buffalo, 12. Leon Hall, CB: You win, Scott. You win.

    St. Louis, 13. Patrick Willis, ILB. This defense needs a heart. Pat Willis is all heart. He'll hold it down.

    Carolina, 14. Reggie Nelson, S: He's sexier than Laron Landry, and might be just the wildcard to get this D back on track. After Thomas Davis turned out to be a linebacker, they need the playmaking safety they were after all along.

    Pittsburgh, 15. Lawrence Timmons, OLB: Weird, right? He's fast, versatile, and a dynamite playmaker. There's enough depth in this draft that they can find their rushers later on, but the Steeler D needs a little electricity, and in the 3-4 the ILBs can play sideline to sideline ala Donnie Edwards after drinking a bunch of red bull.

    Green Bay, 16. Marshawn Lynch, RB: Second year in a row where the entire world knows who Green Bay is picking months in advance. Looking forward to the All Cal like 5 years when Favre retires. Poor Aaron Rodgers. What do you think he does all day?

    Jacksonville, 17: Laron Landry, S: Deon Grant is leaving, and Landry is BPA by far; we all know defense is Del Rio's baby, no matter how many offensive skill players he's selected in the 1st round. With an opportunity to learn at the feet of Donovan Darius, this is a slam dunk pick.

    Bengals, 18: Adam Carriker, DE: Their line needs help, Justin Smith might not be sticking around, and even if he does Carriker is big and fast enough to play the inside. They have secondary issues galore, but developing the pass rush will help out the back end, and I never approve of drafting CB two years in a row.

    Tennessee, 19. Jarvis Moss, DE: I'm violating my own rule of surrounding a new franchise QB with weapons, but if this team really wants to make a push for the playoffs in 2007, Travis LaBoy can't be a starter. Getting David Givens back might ease the pain, and if they go with a DE here, then they'll definitely pick up a guy like Craig Davis or Higgins Jr. in the second.

    New York Giants, 20. Levi Brown, OT: Again, Levi is BPA, and there's nothing wrong with buying Eli more time, especially without Petigout around. Their defense needs help in the worst way, but the second best tackle in the draft falling to a team without any tackles to speak of is too good to be true.

    Denver, 21. Darrelle Revis, CB: He gets thrown into the fire opposite Champ Bailey, but this is one of my favorite prospects in the whole draft, and if it actually happens I will throw things around because I hate Denver almost as much as Nazis.

    Dallas, 22. Robert Meachem, WR: I wasn't sure when the last time Dallas picked an offensive player with their first pick, so I looked it up: 1997 . Good old David LaFleur. Wade Phillips will get that D together without spending the pricy pick; what he doesn't have is a legitimate excuse to jettison TO. Meachem gives it to him. Terry Glenn and TO are both over 30 as well, so it's time to start preparing for the future a little.

    Kansas, 23. Drew Stanton, QB: I know you are going "hmmm." And you should be. They have 3 QBs on their roster; one is washed up, one is old and a free agent anyway, and the other has no cartilage left in his knees. Stanton has massive upside and would have a great tutor in Trent Green. That offense is crumbling, it needs a foundation to build on, and Stanton can be that guy, especially with LJ and Gonzo to lean on while he soaks it all in. Wideout is a possibility too, but this is a deep WR draft, and they've gotten by this long without one, why stop now?

    Patriots, 24: Dwayne Bowe, WR: God do I want to hit Tom Brady with a sledgehammer. Don't you?

    New York Jets, 25. Michael Bush, HB: Yeah I think Bush will claw his way back into the first round. His measurables and size are just too awesome. This guy is a truck, and he goes very very well with Leon Washington's scatback abilities and New York's rebuilt O-line. Giving Pennington a workhorse will work wonders for this team. Secretly I think they're trading this pick for Michael Turner though. Probably wishful thinking.

    Philadelphia, 26. Paul Posluszny, OLB: Gotta love the in-state products, especially when it's the best linebacker on the board. Their defensive captains, Dawkins and Trotter are getting older, and Poz is a born leader, and IMO a steal at this spot.

    New Orleans, 27. Aaron Ross, CB: Man oh man do these guys want Zach Miller. or G Reg. They've seen what Brees can do with a flashy tight end. But at the end of the day they need to upgrade that D a whole lot more than touch that offense.

    New England, 28, Michael Griffin, S: They seem to like Hobbs, and Samuel will hammer a deal out. They still need a safety though. They'd take Poz if he was on the board cause Tedy and Junior are no spring chickens. Maybe they will think Hot Rod is all washed up cause he got injured, cut him, and let the Chargers pick him up. Oh sweet irony. I still wear my Harrison Jersey to games sometimes.

    Baltimore, 29, Quentin Moses, DE: Stud defender athletic enough to stand up off the line? Perfect. Adalius is probably leaving, and even if not the Ravens will find a way to use this guy to the fullest extent.

    San Diego, 30. Sidney Rice, WR: Norv Turner is gonna want a new toy to play with, and Rivers deserves a go to guy not named Gates, LT, or Vincent Jackson. Rice is a boom or bust type, and that's what AJ Smith is all about: see Luis Castillo, Antonio Cromartie, Marcus McNeill, swapping Drew for Phil, etc.

    Chicago, 31. Greg Olsen, TE: The bears need to calm Grossman down. Olsen is like a big security blanket who will allow them to convert some third downs, especially since they need to be throwing more with Thomas Jones on his way out of town. Olsen and Clark will form the best TE duo in the league outside of Gates and anyone.

    Indianapolis, 32. Quinn Pitcock, DT: I am pretty proud of this pick. Who would think the worst run defense of the last decade should take the best DT on the board? I love Pitcock's motor, Indy needs this guy, plus they never take 1st round linebackers.

    OK, not too bad I'd say. Comments, flames, or questions are welcome, you know the drill.

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    Revis over Levi Brown for giants


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      Stanton and Bush are not 1st rounders

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        Sorry, but you are going to need some more education. There are a lot of picks on there that don't make sense, including the Eagles pick. Griffin would be the pick and we would be extremely happy as Eagles fans to have him on our team.


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          Wow, the explanation for the Giants pick is worse than the pick. McKenzie was always better than Puke.


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            bowe over meachem for da boys


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              almost certain cowboys go Secondary, but Meachems a decent pick anyways


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                Justin Smith IS coming back. The Bengals franchised him a few days ago. Still, I'd take the value of Carriker there. Not a very good Mock Draft.

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                  Originally posted by eaglesalltheway
                  Sorry, but you are going to need some more education. There are a lot of picks on there that don't make sense, including the Eagles pick. Griffin would be the pick and we would be extremely happy as Eagles fans to have him on our team.
                  Well, I did try to mix it up from every other mock out there, but I won't argue with anyone.


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                    rather have cj or ad

                    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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                      umm stanton????????????????????????????????????????


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                        Originally posted by bored of education
                        umm stanton????????????????????????????????????????
                        hehehe. Worst 1st round pick in mock draft history.

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                          1. Blalock is a late 1st early second round talent
                          2. He is a guard, and even if Diehl is moved to tackle, I would pick Grubbs in the second over getting him.
                          3. Protection for McCoy broke down this year against texas tech and A&M where they lost almost both, the only reason that texas won the national championship was because of defense and especially Vince Young, if he weren't mobile, which manning is anything but mobile, than they would've let up at least 7 more sacks than they did.

                          MANNING 40 time- above 5.20= bad


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                            Not a fan of Jarrett there but a. this aint my mock and b. who the hell am i to say it wont happen.

                            Enjoyed the write-up's though.
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                              Re: Mock Around the Clock Tonight

                              Originally posted by ChargerCohen
                              Denver, 21. Darrelle Revis, CB: He gets thrown into the fire opposite Champ Bailey, but this is one of my favorite prospects in the whole draft, and if it actually happens I will throw things around because I hate Denver almost as much as Nazis.
                              ... so as a Denver fan whose relatives fought in the Wehrmacht, you and I are arch-enemies? Your pick certainly pushes me in that direction...

                              Anyway, don't worry... this won't happen unless Denver gets a major DL upgrade through free agency. Improve the pass rush first, then reinforce the secondary. How about Charles Johnson at DE?



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