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    First 2 rounds for the lions are awesome but the next 4 are sub-par.

    3-Stanton, wont happen ive said time and time again that if the Lions take a QB itll be Quinn, and only Quinn.

    Give Us: Anthony Waters

    4-Piscatelli, i can live with this pick, but CB is still a bigger need.

    Give Us: AJ Davis

    5a- Syvelle Newton - No, i hate the thought of drafting a wideout when we have so many more needs. Especially Safety.

    Give Us: Zack Cantanese

    5b-Tony Taylor, right thought with an MLB but way too late in the draft to address a major need. Hanson cant kick forever.

    Give Us: Mason Crosby

    You got all the needs except CB, so i like that but i just disagree with the order.


    "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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      giants mock is horrible its obvious you tanked our draft so the cowboys can have a great draft cause your a giant hater


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        Anthony Gonzalez is as reach at this point for New England. I liked Michael Griffin considering who was left. Michael Bush, I can see, since Dillon's retiring. Eric Weddle would be a great value there if we didn't get Griffin. I don't really like Simpson in the 3-4. Too small. David Harris there would be a nice pick, same with Stewart Bradley. I would prefer Ikaika Alama-Francis over Baraka Atkins. Overall, decent. It would have been much better if Gonzalez was someone else. :)


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          Packers draft isn't too bad :)

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            perfect first rounder
            we wouldnt pass on grubbs in the second
            meh third rounder
            ok 4th
            excellent 5th


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              i STRONGLY dislike the jets 1st 2 rounds
              round1-there is no way we are taking pitcock in round 1 if we do taek him at all, and we would never ever pass on carriker if he is left which i doubt he will be
              round 2a-big reach for fred bennet, there are better cbs available like aaron ross and chris houston
              round 2b-i dont like tony hunt, and don't think he'll be a good pro, would much rather bush there if were going to take a rb with that pick


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                I hate the first round pick for the chargers. Bad value and not a need. I would much rather have Rice, Carriker, or Meriweather. The other picks are pretty good though.


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                  Saints take Aaron Ross instead of Siler which is a big reach.

                  2nd we take a MLB

                  I'm not going nay further this whole draft is horrible.

                  Ben Patrick ahead of Greg Olsen?



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                    Awesome Bengals 1st rounder.

                    Chris Houston in the 2nd would be awesome, our secondary would be set for years.

                    In the 4th I see McDonald as more of a fit so he could move inside on passing downs and outside on run downs.

                    In the 5th I like White but we'd have 3 safties then (Madieu isn't moving to CB), maybe Palko or OL in that spot.


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                      Horrible Vikings Mock.
                      The 4th best WR at 7 ?
                      the 7th best DE in the 2nd ?
                      a TE with almost no speed later ?

                      way to go , in giving us moderate talent at premier draft spots all the way around.
                      :roll: :roll:

                      F -


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                        Denver draft:

                        21. Denver Broncos Quentin Moses DE Georgia

                        His value is way down right now - Carriker, Johnson or even Moss are better DL choices here.

                        53 (21) Denver Broncos Chris Houston CB Arkansas

                        Safety is probably more likely here, but whatever...

                        70 (6) Denver Broncos Steve Smith WR Southern California

                        Why this guy? Craig Davis would be a much better fit if going WR. However, DT is a *much* greater need. I like Kareem Brown here. Might also consider S, given the players available (Weddle, Wendling).

                        85 (21) Denver Broncos Stanley Doughty DT South Carolina

                        DT should've been taken at the #70 spot. WR or secondary help instead.

                        149 (21) Denver Broncos Matt Spaeth TE Minnesota

                        TE? Hmm. OL seems like a good choice here.


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                          very good fins draft

                          credit to cardsalltheway


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                            Calvin Johnson = :D
                            Tank Tyler = :?
                            Michael Johnson = :?
                            Josh Wilson = :)
                            Dan Bazuin = :)
                            Chris Leak =

                            That is all


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                              VERYYY GOOOD 1st two rounds

                              Give KC Antonio Johnson in the 5th and in the 3rd give them Michael Coe in the 3rd



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