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First round draft guaranteed to make some people angry.

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  • First round draft guaranteed to make some people angry.

    1. Dolphins - Darren McFadden RB Arkansas - MAJOR REASON FOR DORSEY OVER MCFADDEN IS BROWN is already there. If the injury to Brown is considered serious this selection will change to McFadden faster than Peyton Manning picks up new endorsement contracts. Here is my vote for thinking Miami trades Brown and keeps McFadden even if Brown is healthy.
    2. Patriots (via 49ers) - Chris Long DE - Virginia Once again the Patriots grab a stalwart for their defense. They could always trade down but I see them grabbing Chris Long and playing him like Teddy Bruschi.
    3. Falcons - Glenn Dorsey LSU - This team is hurtin' for certain at numerous positions. Dorsey is a big step in the right direction. The birds grab the best defensive player in the draft and will shore up the squad with later picks.
    4. Jets - Jake Long OT Michigan - The Jets are in great position to grab an elite player and Jake Long is the best tackle in a strong class this year. The Jets will run at will and develop some other offensive talent with which Clemens can work.
    5. Rams - Calais Campbell DE Miami - When it is all said and done, the Rams will have it's best pass rushing DE since Deacon Jones and this guy physically will resemble him, too. Way too much talent to ignore in the end, the Rams will bring in an irresistable force to be reckoned with for the defense.
    6. Chiefs - Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh - Somewhat of a surprise the Chiefs grab a rising star for the OL and they bypass some other candidates to grab this mammoth for the OL. Think Willie Roaf here. There will be some noise for a CB or a WR but value here is the key.
    7. Raiders - Sedrick Ellis DT USC - Raiders always looking for a surprise pick are surprisingly predictable selecting a DT to solidify the defense. If I had to say any selection was wrong it would be this one. OL and WR are the positions the Raiders should concentrate on to help Jamarcus Russell.
    8. Ravens - Andre Woodson QB Kentucky - In the end Baltimore needs more offense than they do defense. Woodson played his way to the top two QB selections and is a better fit than Brohm or Matt Ryan anyway.
    9. Panthers - Kenny Phillips S Miami -Safety is a position they definitely need to address in Carolina and they get a real peach in Phillips. There are needs that are felt keenly at OL, WR and RB but this guy is a keeper.
    10. Bears - Matt Ryan seems tailor made for the Chicago QB position and will be brought in to solidify the QB position in Chicago. Grossman is through, Griese is through and the Bears bring in the successor to the throne with this pick.
    11. Bengals - Dan Connor LB Penn St. The Bengals defense is hurting and help is on the way in the best LB to ever play for the Nittany Lions.
    12. Eagles - James Laurinitis LB Ohio State - The Eagles bring in the best MLB prospect since Urlacher and fill a huge defensive need. The Lions are crushed and lose out on draft day to a team that crushed them in the regular season.
    13. Lions - Ryan Clady OT Boise St. - The Lions gave up the most sacks so far this year and they are dead last in rushing. In 2006 they gave up 63 sacks and were dead last in rushing. Enter Ryan Clady. This guy has everything you look for in a LT. Lions would benefit by moving Backus and playing a LT that can block in space. Huge gap at CB needs to be filled but the Tampa 2 does not require great CB's. Martz's offense requires tackles to block.
    14. Texans - Jonathan Stewart RB Oregon - Can anyone argue the need for an OT. Matt Shaub can but Stewart will help more than the fourth tackle taken. the Texans redress passing on Reggie Bush with this pick.
    15. Cardinals - Michael Jenkins CB Ohio State - The secondary in Arizona is pathetic and Jenkins is solid if not spectacular and a great fit in this defense.
    16. Redskins - Vernon Gholsten DE Ohio State -Is there another need like WR or S that needs to be filled. Yes. Is there a better player than Gholsten available to fill a need for the Redskins. No.
    17. Saints - Justin King CB Penn St. - The Saints defense needs help and they get it in this speedy corner.
    18. Broncos - Keith Rivers LB USC - Broncos defense needs attention and LB is a good place to start.
    19. Bills - Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma - Lee Evans and nobody else. With Kelly the defenses playing the Bills will have to flatten out to stop Lynch from running and Kelly from grabbing short to medium routes. throw in Evans deep speed and the offense is approaching respectability.
    20. Titans - Desean Jackson WR California - Weapons for an outgunned offense and DL of any kind to help the defense. Size is a concern but electrifying to say the least, hopefully Jackson can put a charge in the Tennessee offense.
    21. Vikings - Michael Oher OT Mississippi - The Vikings need a WR badly but several are still available and OL future ALL-Pro guard/Tackle Oher solidifies the Viking OL on the right side
    22. Buccaneers - James Hardy WR Indiana - A long slide for Brian Brohm continues as the bucs select a WR to replace Galloway.
    23. Cowboys (via Browns) - Mike Jenkins CB UCF They need a CB in the worst way and they select the Central Florida star here getting the best package available.
    24. Giants - Chris Williams OT Vanderbilt - The Giants need a LT and pass receivers. LT replacement for Dave Diehl is ultimately best for the G-men.
    25. Steelers - Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma - Replacing Faneca becomes a #1 priority for the Steelers this off-season. Robinson is a huge specimen and is a candidate to fill in this all-pro gap right away. Of course if Starks leaves this could very well be Cherilous the OT.
    26. Chargers - Antoine Cason CB Arizona - The Bolts are happy to pick up a CB to play in the secondary of an imposing (at times) defense.
    27. Seahawks - Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois - Alexander has been played out. Mendenhall should be able to step in and play right away.
    28. Jaguars - Brian Brohm QB Louisville - Jags get a future signal caller in Brohm who has plummeted all the way to them at 28. Too much to pass on at this point for the Jags
    29. Packers - Ali Highsmith OLB LSU - The pack puts some smack in the defensive backpack. Alright the alliterative nature of that stops now. The packers couldn't find a better fit at this point in the draft.
    30. 49ers (via Colts) - Limas Sweed WR Big target and heavily needed by the 49'er offense.
    31. Cowboys - Frank Okam DT Texas - Cowboy defense must catch up tothe offense. With Okam and Jenkins aboard the Cowboys become significantly better defensively.
    32. Patriots - Forfeited

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    Doesn't anger me at all love Jenkins, I don't think he will fall that far but you never know


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      good falcons pick.

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        doesnt make me angry. actually id love it for the skins to get gholston.


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          If Niners are gonna get a 1st round WR... make it Adarius Bowman. I could also see an elite pass rusher at that spot as well. Like Quentin Groves.

          But any defensive player will be iffy depending on if Nolan is fired or not. Because we might be switching to a 4-3 base under a new coach.


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            I like Otah alot. A bit raw. has more upside than Clady not as much as Loadholt in my eyes. But any of those 3 would suffice!
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            Originally posted by Hermstheman83
            What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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              Originally posted by weasel View Post
              18. Broncos - Keith Rivers LB USC - Broncos defense needs attention and LB is a good place to start.
              I wouldn't say this makes me angry, but I don't see it happening at all. Undersized, athletic weakside guy who excels in pursuit? We have that guy already. In fact both Gold and Williams can play that role perfectly well.

              More of the same is not what this defense needs. We need a tackling machine at MLB or SLB.


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                No way Chris Long plays ILB!!! Hes a DE, not a ILB??? WTF?? They would take James Lauranatis if they want a ILB, not Chris Long. They are stock full at D-line, they wont invest a 2nd overall pick money on Chris Long, they would either trade down because they cant afford a top 5 pick, remember they hardly have any cap room and they have to resign Randy Moss to a long term deal this offseason, and possibly Astante Samuel. Or if they do take someone it would be Jake Long they could use a RT who eventually would take over LT for Light, or Laurnatis, or a CB.

                The Jets wont take Jake Long, us Fans would hate them to take another OT with the 4th overall, and we will probaly be 3rd overall, we would either take Darren McFadden if hes there, Chris Long if hes there, Vernon Gholston.


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                  Good Steelers pick buddy...i'm not angry one bit!


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                    The Eagles pick is awful, and your reasoning for it is even worse...


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                      Originally posted by Travis 24 View Post
                      The Eagles pick is awful, and your reasoning for it is even worse...

                      i was waiting for this after listening to your tear up my mock for the same pick lol
                      Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                      The APS is strong in this one.
                      Originally posted by killxswitch
                      Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                        and ok, here goes nothing...ill start at the top.

                        -there is no way in hell that chris long plays ILB. that doesnt even make sense, if he were going to play LB it would be outside, where colvin is gone and vrabel is aging. and the pats are stacked on dline so no need there.

                        -it makes no sense for the jets to pay jake long#4 overall moeny to play RT. doesnt make any sense

                        - If the ravens take andre woodson, ill jump off a bridge. And then ill become a browns fan. IF we take a QB, it will be Matt Ryan. Woodson needs to much development. And i think that pick is malcolm jenkins anyways.

                        -Of all the Qbs, Ryan is the worst fit for chicago. his gunslinger mentality is too similar to rex grossman's and i have a feeling that may put the chicago personell off of him. Brohm and Woodson would both be better fits there.

                        -There is no way in hell Dan Connor grades out higher then James Laurinatis. It just wont happen. Laurinatis is better in almost every category.

                        -As of now, justin king isnt first round material. hes fast, but his technique needs alot of work and he had a down season. I can maybe see im sneaking into the late first with excelen workouts, but not until then.

                        -Keith rivers is a terrible fit in denver they are already have 2 weakside LBs, they dont need another one.

                        -Frank Okam's lack of motivation will take him out of round 1, much like it did alan branch a year ago.

                        yeah, i think thats about it...
                        Originally posted by Mr. Goosemahn
                        The APS is strong in this one.
                        Originally posted by killxswitch
                        Tears for Fears is better than whatever it is you happen to be thinking about right now.


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                          Kelly is a great pick. I'm not angry.


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                            Addressing the Chris Long pick. I said playing him like Teddy Bruschi. I mean he is goin to play out of the position he played in college just like Bruschi, not as an MLB for the Patriots (More like a super-sized SOLB) The Patriots love big mobile guys and I think this guy fills the bill as a SOLB/DE hybrid.

                            Addressing the Eagles selecting Laurenaitis, their #1 need in my mind is MLB. Laurenaitis is the number 1 MLB, as far as the reason, I didn't give one, I just mentioned they beat the daylights out of the Lions and they beat them again on draft day.

                            About the QB's. I think the shine has fallen off the #1 QB as people have continued to pick apart his game. I think Woodson and Ryan have more upside and I thought the Ravens if they were selecting a QB would go with a more athletic guy that could run over a guy that stands and throws like Ryan.

                            I think the Jets will try to deal for McFadden if Miami passes on him. Miami could use Jake Long so if the draft fell out this way and the Dolphins could pull off a trade after drafting McFadden and get Long and a second round pick for McFadden from the Jets they might just do it. I thought I would address some of the guys that offered the insights and thank everyone for giving some input.


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                              Originally posted by weasel View Post

                              Addressing the Eagles selecting Laurenaitis, their #1 need in my mind is MLB. Laurenaitis is the number 1 MLB, as far as the reason, I didn't give one, I just mentioned they beat the daylights out of the Lions and they beat them again on draft day.
                              ...You are kidding, right?

                              MLB literally might be the strongest position on the defense, outside of DE/DT. Omar Gaither has surpassed the expectations of Reid and Johnson, and he is probably headed for a big pay day in the off-season. He has outplayed Takeo Spikes and Chris Gocong...Philadelphia's run defense improved from 30th in 2006, to 9th in 2007...guess why..

                              The biggest area of need is in the secondary...The safeties have been beaten repeatedly, as have Will James and Lito Sheppard...It is certainly the end of the line in Philly for one of them, if not both..Dawkins is also close to retirement..



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