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GM Mock Question and my PreCombine Mock

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  • GM Mock Question and my PreCombine Mock

    Question: does this site put on a GM mock draft or is anyone interested in doing one?

    Wasn't sure where to ask this so I added my pre combine Mock draft v1 also.


    (UPDATED - Switched Hall and Revis)

    1 Oakland Raiders - JaMarcus Russell - QB - LSU
    After all of the smoke clears, I believe Russell will be the franchise QB
    Al Davis falls in love with this gunslinger and tasks his new coach with molding him.

    2 Detroit Lions - Joe Thomas - OT - Wisconsin
    I feel horrible for the Lions, they probably should take CJ, but after all of the poor drafting the pass on him. With their offensive scheme and the depth at DE in this draft, the Lions hope to find their equivalent of Orlando Pace.

    *3 Minnesota Vikings - Calvin Johnson - WR - Georgia Tech
    I usually don't post trades, but I feel that one will be made to move up for CJ. This may go away from Brad Childress' WR logic, but CJ may be just too good to pass up. However if other WRs impress at the combine, the Vikes could stay put.

    4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gaines Adams - DE – Clemson
    Tampa loses out on CJ and J Thomas, so they look to reload their once dominant Dline. I will go with Gaines Adams as I feel he will prove to be the top pass rusher in the draft.

    5 Arizona Cardinals - Jamaal Anderson - DE - Arkansas
    With no OTs or DBs worth this slot the Cards continue to build a solid line. Anderson will play across for C. Okeafor and provide both pass rush and solid run support. Big upside with Anderson.

    6 Washington Redskins – Darrelle Revis - CB - Pittsburgh
    Here is another canidate for a trade down as AP and Quinn are available. However, I'm a Giants fan and think Daniel Snyder is a tool - so in my world no one will trade with them. Rant over, Skins lose out on the DEs so they try and fix the secondary with Revis (or the top CB from the combine).

    *7 Cleveland Browns - Brady Quinn - QB - Notre Dame
    Browns trade down and pick up a their franchise QB. Romeo gets the green light from ND coach Charlie Weiss that Quinn will be a top NFL QB.
    (PS - If AP went to the Browns, you know he would get injured)

    8 Houston Texans - Adrian Peterson - RB - Oklahoma
    I believe the Texans will trade for J. Plummer this off season and pick up a stud RB - one that will do fine in any offensive scheme.

    9 Miami Dolphins - Alan Branch - DT - Michigan
    Dolphins jump on the Top DT in the draft. Branch can be dominant in either a 3-4 or 4-3 and will solidify an aging line.

    10 Atlanta Falcons - Amobi Okoye - DT - Louisville
    Tough pick here and I am really interested to see where Bobby Petrino goes with this. Dline, WR, and Oline are what I see and the combine could clear some things up. However, I see Petrino as a young Jimmy Johnson and if history repeats itself, Petrino will go with a dominant DT that he is familiar with (ala Russel Maryland).

    11 San Francisco 49ers – Adam Carriker – DE - Nebraska
    This is a Mike Nolan player and would fit perfect with their system. Carriker has impressed all year and during the Senior Bowl. He is my top draft riser.

    12 Buffalo Bills - Levi Brown - OT - Penn St
    Brown or P Willy - With this high of a pick, I think they will add to their offensive line. Try to get McGahee back on track and keep Losman off his back so that he can develop.

    13 St. Louis Rams - LaRon Landry - FS - LSU
    Rams land a big hitter and playmaker, who should help with their pass happy division.

    14 Carolina Panthers - Patrick Willis - ILB - Ole Miss
    Dan Morgan's health is in too much question and Willis should be able to start as a rookie.

    15 Pittsburgh Steelers - Leon Hall - CB - Michigan
    Not sure if the Steelers will be moving away from a 3-4 to the tampa 2, but regardless, I feel they need to get a young, physical corner. Hall has tons of experience and should flourish with the Steelers.

    16 Green Bay Packers - Marshawn Lynch - RB - California
    With Ahman Green leaving, the Pack need a new starting RB. Plus, he can grow in the offense with Aaron Rogers as, once again, teammates.

    17 Jacksonville Jaguars - Reggie Nelson - FS - Florida
    Toss up between Nelson and Timmons for me here. Though I believe that Nelson is more polished and will help defend better against the Colts, etc.

    18 Cincinnati Bengals - Lawrence Timmons - OLB - Florida St
    Timmons is raw, but a top flight athlete. Marvin Lewis type backer with speed and TFL ability.

    19 Tennessee Titans - Ted Ginn Jr. - WR - Ohio St
    With the Pacman problems, this could be a CB, but Ginn Jr can be a threat for V Young and take over in the return game if Pacman is gone.

    20 New York Giants – Paul Poluszny – OLB – Penn St
    Pos would be a great fit in NY and would be a fan favorite from day one. The Giants have lost 2 LB starters and Pos could start from day 1.

    21 Denver Broncos – Jarvis Moss – DE - Florida
    Depending on what the Broncos due in FA, but I believe they need an upgrade at DE. Moss has the ability to wreak havoc from a pass rushing and pass blocking standpoint.

    22 Dallas Cowboys - Michael Griffin - FS- Texas
    The Boys can't cover. Griffen makes plays all over the secondary. Seems like a perfect fit.

    23 Kansas City Chiefs - Dwayne Jarrett - WR – USC
    Jarrett falls, probably due to 40 time instead of acual game tape. Chiefs are happy as they finally have a true #1 WR.

    24 New England Patriots (from Seattle) - Dwayne Bowe - WR – LSU
    Patriots have lost to many receivers and Brady needs a go to guy. Bowe has been blowing up and I think that his size and explosiveness fit in well with what the Patriots do on O.

    25 New York Jets - Daymeion Hughes - CB - California
    Jets stock up on speed and get an INT magnet in Hughes. He is one of my favs that I think will do really well in the NFL.

    26 Philadelphia Eagles – Robert Meachem – WR - Tennessee
    This may depend on what Stallworth does in the off season, but regardless they could use another weapon for McNabb or Garcia.

    27 New Orleans Saints – Marcus McCauley – CB – Fresno State
    Saints got burned many times in the passing game last year. McCauley slipped do to his senior year, but I think still has 1st round ability. Boom or Bust.

    28 New England Patriots - Eric Weddle - DB – Utah
    Weddle is a Patriot type. He is versatile and is a playmaker. Plus the Pats need some youth in the secondary. They now must address LB.

    29 Baltimore Ravens – Justin Blaylock – OG - Texas
    Billeck resigned for a few more years, so they will stick with their power O. Keeping the run game going and McNair healthy will be Blaylock's job.

    30 San Diego Chargers – Sidney Rice – WR – South Carolina
    Norv Turner will want to add to his arsenal of weapons and Rice, although raw, could be a #1 receiver in a few years, but has the playmaking ability to help out for a championship push next year.

    31 Chicago Bears – Joe Staley - OT – Central Michigan
    Bears continue to address their lines early and Staley could be a starting LT soon. DT is also a consideration, but more depth in this draft.

    32 Indianapolis Colts - Jon Beason - OLB - Miami (FL)
    Colts will lose Cato June and will fill back in with a perfect compliment in Jon Beason. Fast, athletic and smart - will due well in the Dungy Defense.

    QB – 2 DE – 4
    OT – 3 DT - 2
    OG – 1 OLB - 3
    OC – 0 ILB - 1
    RB – 2 CB - 4
    WR – 6 S - 4
    TE – 0
    14 18


    Please feel free to comment

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    Woah, Leon Hall at #6?

    Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


    • #3
      Love the Rams pick.
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      • #4
        Yeah, like I said the Skins should trade back if the top 2 DEs are gone. But I also think, based on the combine that one of the CBs will move into the top 10 and the skins may reach.


        • #5
          Originally posted by BigBlue42
          Yeah, like I said the Skins should trade back if the top 2 DEs are gone. But I also think, based on the combine that one of the CBs will move into the top 10 and the skins may reach.
          Leon Hall wont be moving up bcuz of his combine, i think he'll actually hurt hi stock bcuz he doesn't have elite speed. He'll fall to Cincy at 18 and Revis will be the first CB off the board IMO


          "Pride comes before the fall" - Mark Dantonio



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            So do you see any CBs moving up into the top 10 from the combine?

            (I switched Hall and Revis in the Mock)

            Also, anybody know of a GM mock draft to sign up for :D


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              18 Cincinnati Bengals - Lawrence Timmons - OLB - Florida St

              I really like this pick I think Timmons could make a big impact


              • #8
                Yeah, I would like to see Timmons fall to the Giants, but I think he goes early based on potential. He was a force during his limited time at FSU and I think he would be a terror in the Bengals D.


                • #9
                  While Timmons may not be a big need in terms of our defense he'd likely be the BPA and you hit the idea that he's Marvin's type of LB right on the head.

                  It'd be insane to have him at WLB, Odell back at MLB and Ahmad Brooks at SLB.


                  • #10
                    No McCauley for Saints.


                    • #11
                      Minnesota trading up to 3 means we have no 2nd, no 3rd and pick again to fill 4 holes FOR STARTERS with 3 picks....well thought out :roll:

                      F -


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                        Originally posted by Severe Punishment
                        Minnesota trading up to 3 means we have no 2nd, no 3rd and pick again to fill 4 holes FOR STARTERS with 3 picks....well thought out :roll:

                        F -
                        Yeah, you only get the best player in the draft which also happens to fill one of your biggest needs.


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                          Good Buc pick I guess


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                            Minnesota trading up to 3 means we have no 2nd, no 3rd and pick again to fill 4 holes FOR STARTERS with 3 picks....well thought out

                            F -
                            If I were Minny I'd definitly do that deal, you get by far the best player in the draft for just an additional 2nd/3rd rounder. As for filling those immediate needs your not going to win the superbowl next year so who cares, you can fill them later. You can always find 2nd/3rd round talent, you will not have the chance for CJ talent for a very longtime.
                            "We're only going to score 17 points?" Brady said before chuckling about it. "OK. Is Plax playing defense? I wish he had said 45-42 and gave us a little credit for scoring more points."


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                              NO WRs on day one for the Eagles, especially first round! Go DE or Weddle with the pick, since you have him in the first, why not let the Eagles get a player that fills a position of NEED.



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