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  • The D-Unit & SuperKevin Mock Show!

    Welcome ladies and gents! Welcome to the first D & S Mock Show!

    I, D-Unit will be taking the odds and SK will be taking the evens. We'll each choose the team that will be making the pick and the selection to go with it.

    With no further adieu...

    1. Miami Dolphins :: Darren McFadden RB Arkansas :: Cam Cameron understands what a multifunction dynamic RB like DMAC can mean to a team. I'm sure he wishes he was able to bring LT with him to Miami. He can't afford to miss this pick. DMAC and Brown will form a potent committee... something both backs are accustomed to. This is a guy that took Ted Ginn last year saying he wanted an exciting offense. Here's another step in that direction.

    2. New England Patriots (via San Francisco) ::Vernon Gholston OLB Ohio State :: A HUGE reach at this point but it's hard to argue against a team with so few needs. The only weak spot on this team is the lack of youth at linebacker. Gholston is a physical nightmare for opposing offenses and should be the best pass rusher the Pats have had since a young Willie McGinest.

    3. St. Louis Rams :: Chris Long DE Viriginia :: Long is the unquestioned premier pass rusher in the draft. He's too talented to pass up for anyone else here. The Rams pass rush is need of some serious help. Playing next to last year's first rounder Adam Carriker will be very imposing to opponents for many years to come.

    4. Atlanta Falcons :: Brian Brohm QB Louisville :: I realize the Petrino connection is no longer an issue but Brohm is still the best fit for the Falcons current offensive scheme. Unless they bring in a guy who implements an entirely new system, I find it hard to believe they can pass on a guy who can make every NFL throw with high accuracy.

    5. Oakland Raiders :: Sedrick Ellis DT USC :: Sit back down in your seats folks. You heard right. Ellis' stock will soar in pre-draft workouts as I suspect him to test out exceptionally well. Al Davis ain't your run of the mill GM. Dorsey has played well despite playing through injuries, but that will have an effect on him in the offseason. Al won't gamble on the thought of any player being tagged as damaged goods.

    6. New York Jets :: Glenn Dorsey DT LSU :: Probably best used as a 4-3 DT but can still make one hell of an impact as a 3-4 DE. It'll be hard for the Jets to pass up on Dorsey should he fall to the 6th pick.

    7. Kansas City Chiefs :: Jake Long LT Michigan :: Some may say this is high for KC, but their season is in the tanker. I don't see them winning any more games this season. They've got some pieces on offense to spark things in Bowe and LJ, and I don't see them giving up on Croyle just yet. Long will help to keep the offense on it's feet and help to restore the Great OL Tradition that has faded away in Kansas City.

    8. Baltimore Ravens :: Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State :: I almost went with Matt Ryan here but ultimately I don't think the Ravens are willing to invest a 1st round pick on a quarterback after the Kyle Boller experiment didn't go to well. Malcolm Jenkins is a playmaking CB who can step into the starting lineup immediately should Smari Rolle not come back in 2008.

    9. Chicago Bears :: Matt Ryan QB Boston College :: The Bears had Ryan ranked ahead of Brohm, so they are happy that he is still on the board. Ryan is a great fit for the Bears squad in search of a general who can put the team on his shoulders. No worry of the cold conditions in Chicago affecting Ryan's game. Lovie no longer has to force his lips to say, "Rex is our guy".

    10. Cincinnati Bengals :: James Laurinaitis LB Ohio State :: The Bengals defense was dreadful this year, especially the linebackers. They have surprisingly little talent at linebacker for a Marvin Lewis led team. Laurinaitis is a local product with the ability to provide playmaking ability at all the linebacker positions.

    11. Philadelphia Eagles :: Early Doucet WR LSU :: Doucet just feels like a better fit in Philly than the other top WRs (DeSean Jackson, Malcolm Kelly and Limas Sweed). His combination of size/speed/upside is unique. He's got all around game and while raw, he has elite receiver talent and is more well rounded. Big enough to handle physical DBs and quick enough to handle small & fast DBs.

    12. Carolina Panthers :: Kenny Phillips S Miami :: The Panthers grab a Hurricane two years in a row. This time they get a playmaking safety in Kenny Phillips to help solidify their secondary. Phillips can play either safety position and should be an excellent fit.

    13. Denver Broncos :: Sam Baker LT USC :: Mike Shanahan just punched a hole in the wall because he wanted Phillips here. Baker ends up being the pick. He's a better fit for the Broncos than the other tackles on the board because he is the best pure LT prospect available and he's an excellent technician. The secret to RB success in Shanny system is the unheralded OL and Baker would appear to slip right in without anyone noticing.

    14. Arizona Cardinals :: Calais Campbell DE Miami :: The Cardinals haven't had a real threat at defensive end since...since..I can't remember. They went through bust after bust in the 90s and hope that they can avoid the same bad luck with Calais Campbell. campbell gives them a big pass rushing DE who should work well with Darnell Dockett on their improving defensive line.

    15. Houston Texans :: Antoine Cason CB Arizona :: Yeah, I know the Texans feel good about themselves after beating Denver to reach .500. Next two games are against Indy and Jacksonville, so yeah, they've won their last game. Cason is silky smooth and the Texans need him and will enjoy him.

    16. New Orleans Saints :: Keith Rivers OLB USC :: The Saints have been in need of a stud OLB for years and Keith Rivers gives them a well rounded leader on defense. Should be a starter from day 1 for the Saints

    17. Washington Redskins :: Derrick Harvey DE Florida :: Tough remaining schedule with NYG, MIN and DAL to finish out the year. Harvey should return for his Senior year to grow, but the NFL can't wait for him. This 6-foot-4, 255-pound junior notched 17.5 sacks the past two seasons. He's overrated in my book, but the Redskins need to improve their pass rush. No denying the fact that Harvey is packed with loads of raw talent. Do they have a coach that can get it out of him?

    18. Detroit Lions :: Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh :: No player has seen his stock rise more this season than Jeff Otah. The Lions need depth at OT and Otha is a player athletic enough to play on the left side, but strong enough to play on the right side. Seems like the perfect player to rebuild their OL with.

    19. Dallas Cowboys via Cleveland Browns :: Phillip Loadholt OT Oklahoma :: This behemoth of a man will anchor the Cowboys line and protect Romo's blindside over the next decade. Flozell is an UFA and old. Doug Free is in the wings, but he's an injury riddled 4th round pick. Too risky to ask him to be anything more than a top back up.

    20. Buffalo Bills ::Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma :: The Bills desperately need a legit #2 WR to pair with lee Evans and Kelly is that guy. He's tall and is able to make plays over the entire field

    21. Tennessee Titans :: Limas Sweed WR Texas :: How sick and frustrated is Vince Young with his receiving corps? Whatever you do, DON'T ask him! Vince is King, what he says goes. You can't put a price tag on the value of trust he has in his old college buddy. Titans need to surround Young with better weapons and this is a good start.

    22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers :: DeSean Jackson WR Cal :: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were in the bottom half of the league in passing offense this year and had to rely heavily on the aging Joey Galloway. Drafting Jackson gives them a speedster to replace Galloway's production in the offense. It's also hard to pass up on a player this talented at 22.

    23. San Diego Chargers :: Chris Williams RT Vanderbilt :: Williams is a real mauler, yet possesses good feet in pass protection. He replaces Shane Olivera on the right side of the Chargers line. The offense this year didn't resemble anything of last year's potent attack. Norv Turner is going to take a guy that reminds him of one of his previous RT's Dallas' Erik Williams.

    24. Minnesota Vikings :: Andre Woodson QB Kentucky :: Back when the Vikings were considered a lock for a top 10 pick, there were plenty of people who had them pegged to take Woodson. So for them to be able to still get the talented QB at 24 is amazing. Woodson will give them a reliable, accurate QB who should be a drastic improvement over their current situation.

    25. New York Giants :: Aqib Talib CB Kansas :: I think Talib is one of the most overrated prospects in the draft, but what do I know? He'll end up being a first rounder and I hope it's to the Giants... then again... this could backfire and make me one unhappy Cowboys fan if he pans out as many expect.

    26. Seattle Seahawks :: Rashard Mendenhall RB Illinois :: I chose to go with Mendenhall here over the local product Jonathan Stewart for two reasons. First, I'm more than a little nervous about Stewart's injury history. With the walking wounded Shaun Alexander already there, they need someone they can count on to be healthy. Second, I feel Mendenhall is a more complete back and will offer a lot more in Mike Holmgren's WCO.

    27. Jacksonville Jaguars :: Shawn Crable OLB Michigan :: At 6-5, 245 pounds Crable possesses a rare combination of size and skills. His body of work is impressive and Del Rio loves players who play with attitude. A lot of teams running the 3-4 are just raging in their war rooms right about now.

    28. Pittsburgh Steelers :: Gosder Cherilus OT Boston College :: It's hard to argue against the fact that Pittsburgh's OL needs work. It's amazing that Willie Parker can have the success he's had considering there are a few weak links on that line. Gosder Cherilus is a strong, mean streaked run blocker who will do wonders for the Steelers' running game.

    29. Green Bay Packers :: Travis Beckum TE Wisconsin :: Beckum will add explosion to the Packers offense. They can line him up as a WR or TE and take advantage of mismatches all game long. Bubba Franks move over. There's a new sheriff in town and his name ain't Donald Lee.

    30. San Francisco 49ers (via Indianapolis) :: Adarius Bowman WR Oklahoma State :: The 49ers have a horrible passing attack and a lot of the blame has to fall on the wide recievers. Who better to bring in than Adarius Bowman, who has drawn a lot of comparisons to a young Terrell Owens. He should step into the #1 WR spot from day one.

    31. Dallas Cowboys :: Mike Jenkins CB South Florida :: Jenkins landing here makes Jerry Jones the star of the draft once again. Loadholt and Jenkins are two picks that hit home runs on. Jenkins gives Phillips another physical CB with plenty of speed for his aggressive scheme.

    32. New England Patriots ::Forfeited because they are cheaters ::

    Second Round

    SuperKevin will be taking the odds this time around with D-Unit rounding it out with the evens

    33. Miami Dolphins ::Ryan Clady OT Boise State :: The miserable play of the offense can more than likely start up front with the offensive line. Ryan Clady shouldn't have dropped this far and should be a steal for the Dolphins, who are in desperate need of a solid LT.

    34. San Francisco Forty Niners :: Michael Oher OT Mississippi :: Picking up Oher here will help the worst offense in the NFL (13.2 pts/game) stay on the field a little while longer. They decide that Alex Smith needs more time to develop and this move allows Adam Synder to move back to Guard full time when Larry Allen is done and makes Joe Staley the starting LT with Oher at RT where he can be destructive most.

    35. St. Louis Rams :: Colt Brennan QB Hawaii :: This is a little higher than where I'd want to see Brennan get drafted but it's hard to disagree that St. Louis would be a good match for Brennan. They have a solid group of WRs, TEs, and recieving backs that could help him easily adjust to the pro game. With Bulger still around, there would be no immediate need for Brennan to play so he can fully prepare for the NFL.

    36. Atlanta Falcons :: Reggie Smith S Oklahoma :: The Falcons will go with Reggie here. He's a first round talent that has slipped a bit. Lawyer Milloy and Crocker could be the worst Safety duo in the NFL. There were other considerations here, but Reggie gets the nod for me.

    37. Oakland Raiders :: James Hardy WR Indiana :: If the Raiders are serious about building a solid offense around JaMarcus Russell, they are going to need to give him a big play threat. James Hardy is an incredibly tall target in the red zone with enough speed to make the big play.
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    id rather have the texans take reggie smith than cason


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      18. Detroit Lions :: Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh :: No player has seen his stock rise more this season than Jeff Otah. The Lions need depth at OT and Otha is a player athletic enough to play on the left side, but strong enough to play on the right side. Seems like the perfect player to rebuild their OL with.
      I know this isn't something worth pointing out because it doesn't relate to the pick you made, but there is no way Detroit is gonna be picking at 18. They only have a chance to win one of their final three games, IMO.

      I like the pick of Otah. I definitely approve of taking a first round OT.
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        Eagles pass Kenny Phillips... sigh :/


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          Rivers is a good pick for the Saints but I prefer Dan Conner.

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            Originally posted by foozball View Post
            id rather have the texans take reggie smith than cason
            All of a sudden Cason is shooting up draft boards for no apparent reason. Hes a cover 2 corner who needs to play in the right scheme to be successful and his 40 time is gonna kill him. Early 2nd round pick IMO.


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              Originally posted by 619 View Post
              All of a sudden Cason is shooting up draft boards for no apparent reason. Hes a cover 2 corner who needs to play in the right scheme to be successful and his 40 time is gonna kill him. Early 2nd round pick IMO.
              All of a sudden? According to who? The board? My drum beats to it's own tune. He's arguably the second or third best corner in the draft and waaaaaaaaaaay ahead of Talib. Just sit back and watch where he's drafted young grasshopper.


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                Originally posted by diabsoule View Post
                Rivers is a good pick for the Saints but I prefer Dan Conner.
                As do I. That was SK's pick though and he had been considering Rivers for several previous picks.


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                  not fair!! Rivers and Cason picked, they're 2 of my top 3 for the Giants!!!! now theres a guy Reggie Smith, if he falls, g-men better not pass on him
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                  Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                  BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                    To be honest I'd rather have Long, Ryan, or Dorsey here or Brohm. I just feel like all those players have more potential to succeed in the NFL, and picking Brohm in the top-5 would be high over-rating his value. I'm kinda surprised D-Unit didn't give us Colt Brennan there.


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                      I like the Oakland pick.
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                        its ok for miami as long as we get some defensive help in the next couple rounds

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                          Why, why would you give the Titans a WR that they could possibly get in the second round due to injury concerns. The last thing we need is a big possession receiver with little speed. Vince throws the underneath route much more often then he throws the deep ball, so someone like DeSean Jackson would make much better sense, as he can take a pass in the flats or a curl route and make a juke or two and use his pure speed to outrun defenders. Much like what we wanted last year with Teddy Ginn Jr.

                          Originally posted by bearsfan_51
                          Show me your Wang, if you will.


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                            Otah would be a bigger need for the Texans. They already have Fred Bennett and Daunta Robinson.
                            Good Ravens pick

                            Baltimore: 7-4


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                              Good pick for KC I guess!
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                              <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
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                              What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.



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