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  • My first mock draft

    1. Oakland- Jamarcus Russell
    Raiders need a QB, no question. Russell is more in the mold of a QB that Al Davis loves than Brady Quinn. Russel showed up fat and out of shape, but I think he's still the best bet to be the #1 pick.

    2. Detroit- Joe Thomas
    Gave up 63 sacks last year. Second worst only to Oakland. They desperately need a franchise O-lineman and Thomas is the guy for this role.

    3. Cleveland- Adrian Peterson
    This pick could be CJ or Quinn. But when it's all said and done I like AD. Rubeun Droughns is not the answer and I think AD is the best rb to come out in a long time. He is a franchise back, a freak of nature. A true workhorse being compared to Eric Dickerson. He's the man at #3.

    4. Tampa- Calvin Johnson
    Tampa lucks out BIG TIME. Because of need I feel at #4 they get the best player in the draft. Larry Fitzgerald with 4.4 speed. He is gonna be a star. The Bucs need a WR with Galloway getting up there and Clayton struggling. A no-brainer.

    5. Arizona- Jamaal Anderson
    The best pass rusher in the draft. Arizona's first priority would be O-line, but if Thomas is gone nobody is worth the #5 pick. Anderson's got great athletic ability and is compared favoraly to Julius Peppers and Mario Williams.

    6. Washington- Gaines Adams
    Washington needs help on defense, most specifically the d-line. Had an NFL WORST 19 sacks. They flat out can't get a pass rush. Gaines Adams is the man here, a pure pass rushing threat.

    7. Minnesota- Dwayne Jarrett
    This was a tough one for me. I look at their roster and I really think they could use a QB(Brady Quinn). But Jackson seems to be their future and they really need a WR to help that passing attack.

    8. Houston- Levi Brown
    The Texans still have a terrible O-line. They can't protect Carr and they can't open up holes in the running game. Brown shows good quickness and strength and looks to be a strong run blocker. Texans can't keep ignoring the O-line.

    9. Miami- Amobi Okoye
    I personally think Brady Quinn should be the pick. But I don't think they are ready to give up on Culpepper after one year. The Dolphins need to bolster the D-line. They are getting old, and adding a big time player like Okoye would be ideal. Especially after losing Traylor.

    10. Atlanta- LaRon Landry
    The most polished defensive back in the draft. An extremely good tackler, and shows excellent coverage ability. Good in the run game, and despite only average speed is rarely beaten deep. Would really help the 29th rated pass D in the NFL.

    11. San Francisco- Adam Carriker
    As much as I love Patrick Willis, D-line takes priority over LBer. Carriker is the #1 rated 3-4 D-lineman in the draft. Holds the line well, shows great explosion and penetration ability, he would be a starter from day 1. Addresses our biggest need.

    12. Buffalo- Patrick Willis
    The Bills need severe help at LBer. Were the 28th rated run D in the NFL giving up 140 yards per game on the ground. Takeo Spikes is only a shell of his former self after his achilles injury and Willis looks to be a pro bowler in waiting. Plus London Fletcher is gone.

    13. St. Louis- Alan Branch
    I know many expect Branch to be a top 5 pick, but I don't see it that way. He is for lack of a better word lazy. He looked out of shape this year, and did nothing against the premier competition he faced(Ohio State, USC). For a guy of his calibur he disappeared way to often, and never reall took over a game. His college stats are horrible, and I can see why after watching him this year. Still, for a pathetic SL run D he is too good to pass up. 320 lb DT with his athletic ability(if he decides to use it) don't come around very often.

    14. Carolina- Brady Quinn
    With Delhomme struggling the last few years, I think Carolina has to start thinking about a replacement. Quinn is going to fall if he gets past Cleveland(like I think he will). He failed in the clutch and never won a big time game. I think he will be a good player, and it's best he learn as a backup for a year or two.

    15. Pittsburgh- Jarvis Moss
    Tremendous athlete that translates well to a 3-4. Can play OLB in Pittsburgh's system and looks to be a guy to step in if Joey Porter is indeed cut. Clark Haggans is also getting up there in age.

    16. Green Bay- Marshawn Lynch
    A dynamice playmaker. GB needs a gamebreaker at rb, and Green/Morency don't give them that. Lynch can line up at WR, and is extremely versatile. GREAT value pick here for the Pack. And absolute steal.

    17. Jacksonville- Dwayne Bowe
    Jacksonville likes these big, physical WR's as evidence by their drafting of Matt Jones and Ernest Wilford. What they lack is a consistent threat for Leftwitch to go to. Jones is still learning the WR position and Wilford(a RFA) is still very raw and inconsistent. Bowe seems like the logical choice.

    18. Cincy- Leon Hall
    Cincy needs a major boost at CB. Although they used a first rounder on a CB last year, Hall is too good to pass up. Hall brings the most value to the table.

    19. Tennessee- Ted Ginn Jr.
    Tennessee has a nice core to build around, but have squat at WR. Ginn is a playmaker that will stretch the field for VY and with them losing Bennett they need to bring a WR in. Ginn is very raw, and has a lot of flaws. But he brings so much to the table. Can't see Tennessee passing him up.

    20. New York Giants- Reggie Nelson
    I know some are surprised to see him this low, but I didn't really see a great fit after #10. Nelson significantly upgrades the #28 pass D in the NFL. He is a playmaker, and a ballhawk. He brings an edge to the Giants D. Too good to pass up, probably could go earlier.

    21. Denver Broncos- Charles Johnson
    It's no secret Denver needs a pass rushing threat off the outside. That is the weakness in their D right now, the only one I see. They couldn't pass rush my grandma right now, and their D-line is filled with Brown rejects. Johnson is a major upgrade.

    22. Dallas Cowboys- Ben Grubbs
    The Cowboys never really were able to replace Larry Allen last year. Andre Gurode is a solid player, but they have very little else. Grubbs is a big, physicals run blocker and was a standout at the Senior Bowl. Stock is rising considerably.

    23. Kansas City- Robert Meachem
    The Chiefs have no WR presense. Eddie Kennison and Dante Hall are scrubs, and Gonzalez is the only reliable guy on the team. Meachem has great size, speed, and is the second best all around WR in the draft. He gets the nod over Sidney Rice.

    24. New England- Lawrence Timmons
    Depending on what they do with Banta-Cain I think Timmons makes the most sense. Vrabel is 31, and Seau is all but done. I think Timmons gives them a youthful presense and Bellicheck another weapon to use. He has great speed and atleticsm and would flourish in NE.

    25. Jets- Darrelle Revis
    Jets could go OLB here but I think corner is a more pressing need. They need a pass rusher at OLB for their 3-4 D, but I don't think Moses or Spencer bring the most value. Revis is a playmaker, plain and simple. Has the physical ability to be a lockdown corner. Great size and speed, and helps the Jets immensly.

    26. Philadelphia- Sidney Rice
    With Stallworth leaving, that leaves a big hole in their WR corps. Reggie Brown is solid, and HAnk Baskett showed promise but Rice brings #1 potential to the team. He has great size and will really be a factor in Philly's pass happy attack.

    27. New Orleans- Michael Griffin
    No doubt NO is set on offense. On the D-line they are looking good as well. But their secondary is the flaw of their defense. Griffin gives them a solid cover man to protect deep, and he is a great tackler. Really goes a long way to solving one of the few weaknesses on that team.

    28. New England- Aaron Ross
    With Samuels locked up that fills a huge void at one corner. But they desperately need help at the other spott. Hobbs and Gay are solid, but neither matches up well with Indy(who NE frequently runs into in the playoffs). Ross shows good cover skills and recognition, and will likely come in a play nickel for NE.

    29. Baltimore- Joe Staley
    This team is set on D. But with Ogden looking at retirment they need a tackle to protect McNair. Staley grades out as the #3 guy behind Thomas and BRown, and looks to be the logical pick here.

    30. San Diego- Justin Blaylock
    With our boy Norv in SD, you know he likes the power running game. SD looks like they might lose Dielman, and Blaylock is an absloute beast. He is a powerful blocker, and very athletic.

    31. Chicago- Aaron Sears
    Bears needs help on offense. Sears gives them an extremely big and versatile player. He can play guard, and he is an excellent tackle. I look for him to eventually replace Reuben Brown.

    32. Indianapolis- Paul Posluszny
    With Cato June looking like he might bolt, Poz seems like a good fit. He was regarded as a top 10 player last year, but has lost a step since his knee injury. He looked like he was coming on though towards the end of the year. Really help the Colts run D whic was awful last year(except for playoffs).

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    alright raider pick

    "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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      Pretty good SF pick, even though my favorite pick would be Okoye


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        Originally posted by 49erfaithful
        Pretty good SF pick, even though my favorite pick would be Okoye
        Why would you want Okoye, he is a great 4-3 Defensive tackle, he would not fit very well at all in the 3-4, he's not tall enough to play 3-4 end and not stout enough or heavy enough to be a nose tackle, Carriker is a much better pick and fit for your D. He may be the best 3-4 end in this year's draft. In my opinion, he is the definition of a 3-4 defensive end.

        By the way, terrible phins pick (for the same reasons I gave here!)

        Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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          Dwayne Bowe for the Jaguars?!

          We need speed at the WR position to balance our big guys.


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            Great Chiefs pick


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              cowboys wouldn't pass on blalock. if we were to pick o-line. even though the chances are small considering jones has been there since 89 and has NEVER taken an o-line,an r.1


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                Give Bengals Nelson over Hall. Nelson is BPA there and Hall isn't a good fit.


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                  The Packers got Lynch so it's acceptable

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                    alright lions pick


                    Originally posted by elway777
                    They should invite Reggie Ball to the Draft just to make him feel uncomfortable.
                    The Lions will sweep the Vikings in 2007.


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                      #7 is too high for jarret, give us Trade down, or Amobi okoye maybe Quinn


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                        Great pick for NYG


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                          I was 50-50 voting yes/no until I saw the Eagles pick. NO WRs!!!!! It doesn't matter if Donte leaves, we have plenty of young, talented receivers on this team. We have too many needs on defense to draft offense in the first round, especially WR. WE would pick up Griffin, considering it actually fills a NEED, and arguably, our biggest one.


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                            Alan Branch would be a much better pick for the skins
                            RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                              i would love that giants pick

                              he and gibril wilson would make an amazing young duo



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