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I like big Mocks and i can not lie

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  • I like big Mocks and i can not lie

    As it says in the title this is my first mock of the year. I am going by ESPNís rankings for order. I like the advice so that my next mock can be better. I also am bad at grammar and spelling so if anything is spelled wrong just don't give me a hard time I know I suck at it.

    1)Miami, Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
    With the first pick in the draft they have three things they can do in this position. Trade down and get a bunch of picks, draft Run DMC, or draft Glenn Dorsey. I am not good at projecting trades so that rule out the first option. I don't see running back as big of a need as d-line, because when Ronnie Brown was healthy he was unstoppable this year. So by elimination Miami gets a great defensive tackle that can make a serious impact.

    2) Atlanta, Darren McFadden, RB, ARK
    Atlanta gets the best athlete in the draft, and a new face of their franchise. After having to deal with Vick and Quitrino this season Atlanta gets something to cheer about with McFadden. The only other position I would look at would be QB and I don't feel anybody is worthy of the 2nd overall pick. And as shown in Minnesota a great running back can recharge an offense.

    3) St. Louis, Jake Long, OL, MICH
    St. Louis has a set of very skilled players like Steven Jackson, Tory Holt and Mark Bulger, but their o-line is awful and could use Jake to make their offense the Greatest Show On Turf Again. I thought about having them pick a defensive player here but I thought o line is more important and you get a better player.

    4) NY Jets, Vernon Gholston, DE, OSU
    NY decides to go with raw talent over polished senior. I went with Vernon basically because he is such an amazing force on the d-line. In the OSU MICH game he made Jake Long look like a nobody. With this much potential and speed off of the edge a think that the jets have a tough decision to make but in the end they go with Gholston.

    5) Baltimore, Malcolm Jenkins, CB, OSU
    Another tough descion to make, Baltimore has some choices to make in the off season concerning their QB position. Personally I like what I have seen in Troy Smith when he has been coming on late in games for them and I see him as their future QB. So back to the pick Malcolm Jenkins can help an aging defense with his physicality.

    6) Kansas City, Ryan Clady, OT, BSU
    With Malcolm Jenkins being drafted just before them they have to look at their second position of need. There o-line has been devastated the past couple of years by having a couple of their greats leaving. With this pick they get a great player but also make a recommitment to the running game which will be much appreciated by LJ.

    7) New England from San Fran, James Laurinaitis, LB, OSU
    The combined age of their ILB's is 72. It is obvious they need help against the run and James can help. He is a well rounded player that could finally let junior retire. The rich get richer by upgrading their team with another great young player.

    8) Oakland, Chris Long, DE, UV
    The Raiders jump at the chance of getting Howie Longs son on the team. He is an impact defensive lineman that could help across from burgess. He fell into their laps because of the jets going for potential over solid talent and the Raiders get a steal in the best senior DE.

    9) Chicago, Matt Ryan, QB, BC
    Another player that dropped and the Bears will not let him fall any farther. After making it to the Super Bowl the Bears had a difficult year. Most of their problems came from the lack of consistent QB. Matt can come in and take this team back to the playoffs. All they need to succeed in the NFC right now is a QB.

    10) Cincinnati, Sedrick Ellis, DT, USC
    The Bengals have been a joke on defense for the past couple of years, and it is time to improve. They have an offense that should be playoff bound every year, yet they are held back. Sedrick has great character and I a great player that can help thus team.

    11) Arizona, Mike Jenkins, CB, USF
    An obvious pick with the top senior CB going to a team that lacks in pass defending.

    12) Philadelphia, Desean Jackson, WR, CAL
    An explosive wide receiver that will be able to help whoever the QB is for this team next year. He is fast and can break the play open on any play something Kevin Curtis and Reggie Brown have not been able to do for this club.

    13) Detroit, Jeff Otah, OT, PITT
    Detroit neglected drafting Joe Thomas last year and their O-line still needs help. Kitna takes a hit every time he drops back to pass and its time for them to spend a pick on protecting the QB instead of giving him more options to pass to.

    14) Denver, Keith Rivers, LB, USC
    Keith has the ability to play any LB position for the Denver Bronco's. The only Knock on him is that he is not big enough, but Denver has never had problems with drafting undersized players before.

    15) Carolina, Brian Brohm, QB, UL
    I had planned on drafting a OT or S here but with Brian Brohm still on the board at this position I don't see the Panthers passing up on a QB with this amount of skills. With Running a pro style O-fence in Lousivile I think that he is better suited than Andre to start for this team as soon as the first game of the season for this team.

    16) Houston, Kenny Phillips, S, MIA
    Amazing how another great player and top prospect falls, but it always happens in the dr. Kenny can help their secondary, and with three straight picks going to help this defence, someday soon they could be very dangerous.

    17)Washington, Calais Campbell, DE, MIA
    A physical freak at 6-8 Calais can be an anchor for their aging d-line. Nobody else would be considered here in this situation, because the positions they need nobody fell their way.

    18) Buffalo, Dan Connor, OLB, PSU
    Get angry at me if you will but I feel that the tandem of Connors and Poz at LB for the Bills it will make that D be something to fear again. Connor's is effective in coverage as well as being able to stop the run, he helps build this bills defense.

    19) New Orleans, Leodis McKelvin, CB, TROY
    A good CB that can help their d. Not much else to say about this pick besides tha Leodis might not be the sexy pick but he will help.

    20) Tennessee, Limas Sweed, WR, TEX
    Even though he is injured and lacks that breakaway speed the Titans draft Sweed to reunite a once dangerous pair of players. Limas will give Vince a WR that understands him and that he will trust, sense right now it seems like his WR don't do either.

    21) Minnesota, Andre Woodson, QB, UK
    I know that QB is a concern for the Vikings but i do not think that it is a 1st round need, but if one of the big three falls to them i don't think that they will be able to pass him up. They have obvious needs at WR, DE, and CB but i think that they take a back seat when they get this good of a QB. Tavaris is the only thing holding it back from being a Super bowl bound team.

    22) New York Giants, Antoine Cason, CB, ARZ
    G- Men need help on defense and they get it.

    23) Dallas From Clevland, Aqib Talib, CB, Kansas
    I don't feel that RB is a need for the boys sense i believe that Marion Barbar is the best RB on that team. So they go with Aqib to play across from Newman.

    24) Pittsburgh, Gosder Cherilus, OT, BC
    It was between OT and CB and with Aqib and Antoine taken before it narrows it down to Cherilus. He provides depth now and will be able to fill in when need be.

    25) San Diego, Malcom Kelly, WR, OKLA
    Passing game still needs help and i am not sold on Davis or Jackson, wth this pick it gives rivers another WR to throw to and maybe has him turn the corner as a passer.

    26)Seattle, Thomas DeCoud, S, CAL
    I was stuck with this pick i didn't know if i should go DT, S, or RB. i basically flipped my three sided coin and chose S.

    27) Tampa Bay, Sam Baker, OT, USC
    Would have been a top 15 pick if he would have come out last year so Tampa gets a good OT that can help their line which is all ways bothered.

    28) Jacksonville, Mario Manningham, WR, MICH
    Jacksonville lacks a speedy WR, and that is where Mario would fit in nicely. It seems to me like all of thier other WR are big and slow, Mario adds firepower for Garrad.

    29) Green Bay, Ali Highsmith, OLB, LSU
    I was stuck again in this position i wasn't thrilled with any of CB's left at this position, I don't think that RB is a first round need with Ryan Grant, and i don't believe in drafting TE's first round. So from that i am looking at Brady Popinga at OLB and i see Highsmith as a better player, let me know what you think packer fans.

    30) San Fran from Indy, Lawrence Jackson, DE, USC
    A great DE that can help thier d. Not ideal speed or size but he is effective and gets the job done, and thats what this team needs

    31) Dallas, Frank Okam, DT, Texas
    A good big DT that can hopefully hold down thier middle of the D-line. HE has great size and athletisism to match.

    32) Patriots lose for cheating

    33) Miami, Chris Williams, OT, VAND

    34) Atlanta, Colt Brennan, QB, HAW

    35) St. Louis, Roy Shuening, OG, ORGST

    36) NY Jets, Jonathan Stewart, RB, ORG

    37) Baltimore, Early Doucet, WR, LSU

    38) Kansas City, Jack Ikegwuonu, CB, WISC

    39) San Fran, James Hardy, WR, IND

    40) Oakland, Tony Hills, OT, TEX

    41) Chicago, Felix Jones, RB, ARK

    42) Cincinnati, Derrick Harvey, DE, FLA

    43) Arizona, Quentin Groves, DE, AUB

    44) Philadelphia, John Carlson, TE, ND

    45) Detroit, Jonathan Goff, LB, BC

    46) Denver, Kentwan Balmer, DT, UNC

    47) Carolina, Josh Barrett, S, ASU

    48) Atlanta, DeMario Pressley, DT, NCST

    49) Washington, Adarius Bowman, WR, OAKLST

    50) Buffalo, Harry Douglas, WR, LOU

    51) New Orleans, Fred Davis, TE, USC

    52) Tennessee, Martian Rucker, TE, Mizz

    53) Minnesota, Tracy Porter, CB, IND

    54) NY Giants, Geno Hayes, LB, FSU

    55) Clevland, Red Bryant, DT, TXAM

    56) Pittsburgh, Trae Williams, CB, USF

    57) Maimi, Craig Stelz, S, LSU

    58) Seattle, Allen Patrick, RB, OAKL

    59) Green Bay, Terell Thomas, CB, USC

    60) Indy, Charles Godfrey, CB, IOWA

    61) Dallas, Andre Caldwell, WR, FL

    62) New England, Zach Bowman, CB, NEB
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    Ok Sir Mixalot. Have to say there are some guys here i dont think are 1st rounders; Sweed, Manningham, Cherilus. Just dont see it.


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      Who would you suggest taking in that position


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        love the giants pick, CB is our biggest need, and I love Cason
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        Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
        BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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          Jake Long sounds good


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            Originally posted by Epfootball50 View Post
            Who would you suggest taking in that position
            Malcolm Kelley for Sweed

            Alex Boone or Chris Williams for Cherilus

            Jordy Nelson or Early Doucet for Manningham


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              good chiefs pick


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                Give the Cardinals Kenny Phillips there.



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                  Originally posted by Epfootball50 View Post
                  27) Tampa Bay, Sam Baker, OT, USC
                  Would have been a top 15 pick if he would have come out last year so Tampa gets a good OT that can help their line which is all ways bithered.
                  What the hell does bithered mean. Other than that, decent pick.


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                    I wouldn't mind Connor.
                    As long as we get a WR in round 2, and a CB and TE in round 3

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                    my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
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                      No way that the Titans take Sweed over Kelly at this point. I really dislike this belief that because they played together that they will be able to instantly click. I really don't see Sweed becoming that #1 WR that we need, just because he lacks breakaway speed. He might be a good #2 or a great #3 in the red zone, but right now the Titans need breakaway threats, players that they can score with their own skill. Those players at WR are Kelly and DeSean Jackson right now. Give them Kelly

                      Originally posted by bearsfan_51
                      Show me your Wang, if you will.


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                        Originally posted by Epfootball50 View Post
                        29) Green Bay, Ali Highsmith, OLB, LSU
                        I was stuck again in this position i wasn't thrilled with any of CB's left at this position, I don't think that RB is a first round need with Ryan Grant, and i don't believe in drafting TE's first round. So from that i am looking at Brady Popinga at OLB and i see Highsmith as a better player, let me know what you think packer fans.
                        i like Ezra Butler over him, thou wouldnt mind a OLB over CB


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                          Originally posted by The Legend View Post
                          i like Ezra Butler over him, thou wouldnt mind a OLB over CB
                          I don't know that much about Butler compared to Highsmith, and what i have seen of Highsmith i like.


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                            Pretty good for the Falcons, but Pressley isn't a great fit. We need either a big noze tackle there or a good offensive tackle.
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                              I personally like Cason over Mike Jenkins but either work i guess. groves in the 2nd is very nice

                              and Barrett was terrible this year, no way is he worthy of a 2nd round pick



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