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    Finally got all three rounds done, but very lukewarm about this. The hardest thing to do is to forecast the hasty early exit decisions, the guys that fall a bit and that needs to be factored in. Iíll look it over Christmas Eve or Christmas (well, at that point, I may have to redo the order).

    1st Round

    1. Miami Dolphins

    The addition of Parcells (hmm, never realized it was Duane Charles Parcells) helps narrow down the focus for this pick. While it is still possible that they go offense, it seems likely that the preference for this pick would be defense. The guess would be a pass rusher. That said, the two arching question that we canít answer is the one that we need to know. Is this a full rebuild and will Parcells hire guys that fit his system, even though he isnít the HC?

    While there stands a chance that they look at QB, the best guess here is that they give John Beck another shot. I expect them to draft a QB, and relatively early (somewhere from the 2nd-4th), but not here. McFadden is tempting, but it doesnít feel like a Parcells type move. WR lacks value and they might as well wait on TG Jr. The OL is a passable thought, but itís probably still a wait and see.

    The focus is thus on defense. Iím just not sold on all the Glenn Dorsey talk for Bill Parcells here. Itís not that he canít play a role as a 3-4 DE that slides in on passing situations, itís more of how good a fit is he. Is he an elite fit up here? Iím wary of that. Chris Long is a tempting thought here, but the problem is, how big is Chris Long? Thereís some speculation of 285-290 but others guessing the 270-280 range, which might be passable for some 3-4ís, but for a Parcells type team? Yes, size isnít everything, but it does make it a tad harder if you are undersized.

    In a year where the top of the draft is wide, wide open, nothing would surprise me. The nod here goes to a pass rusher. This guy could be the edge talent that Parcells seeks in the rebuilding process.

    Miami Dolphins pick: OLB/DE Vernon Gholston, the Ohio State

    2. St. Louis Rams

    How strong is Scott Linehanís vote of confidence? Is this a vote for appearanceís sake, or legitimate? Itís tough to figure out at this point. That said, the bigger issue may be if they hire a GM. This is actually the toughest top 10 pick because what the Rams do will shape the top half of the first moreso than any other team, wherever the Rams pick. For a bad team this year, they arenít far from competing. But are they close to putting together a top club? Tough to see.

    Offensively, RB/QB seem like darkhorses. They still pass thought, and considering that surprises happen on draft day, I wouldnít rule it out. But it seems a bit unlikely. OL is a big need for them as they lacked consistency there this year. Defensively, are they going 3-4? If so, they have the pieces for a 3-4 line in place with Carriker at end and Ryan at NT. They could use another end, but I think Adeyanju/Wroten could be decent rotating at the other spot to not warrant a high pick on it (and good 3-4 DE fits can be found later). They could use an edge guy for the 3-4 or 4-3, though. A bit more bulk at LB isnít a bad idea, particularly if they go 3-4. The secondary seems unlikely.

    Hereís the question I wrestle with Ė Do you spend a high pick on OL in a relatively deep OL draft when Pace will likely be back at LT and Barron at RT (barring a trade)? Itís possible, but spending heavily on 3 aspects of the line usually isnít a great idea overall, payroll wise, unless you are a step away. A groom and develop (drafting a tackle and starting them at guard) seems iffy. Defensively, Chris Long is a tempting thought here. He could slide in a 3-4 DE spot opposite Carriker, or be a base 4-3 end. There really isnít an edge type that I buy moving this high.

    Long comes in 2nd again, though. Iím going with an ILB in James Laurinaitis. He seems like the type of player Haslett might fall in love with, and if they go 3-4, he gives them a good solid ILB option. Even in the 4-3, he might be a useful addition as he could play on the strongside, or slide into mike and let Witherspoon move somewhere else. Pisaís inability to stay healthy has to be a concern.

    St. Louis Rams pick: LB James Laurinaitis, the Ohio State

    3. New York Jets

    After an up and down campaign, the offseason probably canít come soon enough for Mangini and Tannenbaum. Thereís loads of work to do. This wasnít a team that overachieved last year and underachieved this year. Thereís a lot of talent gaps that need to be filled in. The big question they need to ask themselves is whether or not Kellen Clemens is still the future. I have a hard time believing otherwise for now. The 2nd big question might be what to do with Jonathan Vilma.

    The disappointment in DíBrickashaw Ferguson has prompted a lot of talk about going OL this high again. Itís definitely a possibility, but I still tend to think that is a fallback option for them, not the preferred road. I just think itís a bit too early to give up on Ferguson here, and drafting a RT this high is usually a poor idea. He hasnít been that bad, just not that good. A top young runner is definitely a consideration, as Leon Washington is more change of pace and Thomas Jones is getting up there in years. Defensively, the secondary can wait, with R&R giving some peace of mind. They seem likely to shop Vilma, but Harris will lessen the need for an ILB early. An edge rusher is needed. Their big need, though, is the DL. They need a NT, and better ends.

    A couple tempting possibilities exist. As nice as McFadden is, I think they lean towards Chris Long here and hope that he can anchor that 30 front for years to come.

    New York Jets pick: DL Chris Long, Virginia

    4. Atlanta Falcons

    Itís tough to assess their draft plans without really knowing the leadership. The fact that there was a dalliance with Bill Parcells doesnít seem to bode well for Rich McKay. Emmitt Thomas is clearly not going to be HC there. To be honest, Iíd give Mike Zimmer a shot, but I donít know if Blank will. That said, Petrino leaving was probably a good thing. He seemed an ill fit, and getting all the bad things out of the way may be best for this franchise.

    Iím trying to debate the impact of the Petrino move. Does it make them more likely to go into full rebuild mode? Or perhaps do they go the ďafter the year of turmoil, letís try to be competitive sooner than later route?Ē In that regards, the debate is between Matt Ryan and Darren McFadden. They have the pieces of a good defense in place. Certainly, some DB depth is needed later, perhaps another LB later. About the only defensive position that might warrant high concern, IMO, would be DT, but with Rod Coleman and Trey Lewis coming back, it seems possible they wait. The other thought would be the OL where they could use another body.

    But this pick comes to Ryan/McFadden for me. With QB, they begin the rebuilding process after cycling through guys this year. There are some offensive pieces in place, and a quality workhorse back in the 2nd round is possible (and they could always deal up). With McFadden, if they can find a decent signal caller that can work the ball to Crumpler and Roddy White, they might be a much more competitive squad than people would expect by next year. Add in that a quality signal caller may be available in round 2 to develop. The big positive of the Petrino move? I think it makes them less likely to deal some veterans. Nod goes to McFadden. I donít see them dealing down from this spot, but I could see them dealing up.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

    5. New England Patriots f/ San Francisco 49ers

    Letís get one thing out of the way. It seems chic to fault the Niners for such a move now (dealing away their first rounder), but few were faulting them last year. Itís always easy to judge in hindsight, but the trade last year made some sense. While they were probably hoping for Bowe to slip, they did need some tackle talent, and if you see tackle talent that you like, you tend to go for it. Things just fell apart this year, and now, they donít have this pick to play with.

    For the Patriots, this would be the dessert for a superb season. Any big questions this offseason? Perhaps at WR, where they need to figure out who stays and goes. Best guess has to be that theyíll work something out with Moss. Maybe Stallworth gets let go. Even then, they have Chad Jackson from a couple years ago, and Iím hardpressed to see him not get a shot next year, and Gaffneyís still around. The Patriots really donít have any glaring needs. Theyíll likely look to move, but this is a no-trade mock.

    So, what to do here? The top LB options are off already, and itís hard to see someone meriting it enough for the Patriots to make the call. The DL may need another body or two, but this seems a bit high. The OL has good value here, but itís hard to see when they donít have any contracts coming up and their OL has played well. RB value is a reach here in all likelihood, and WR value isnít here. Uh, QB is a no.

    Even if Samuel stays, they could use a DB talent. If he leaves, the need is magnified more. They might consider a safety if they deem Meriweather a bust (unlikely) or just a safety. That said, itís questionable if Kenny Phillips is a fair nod here. The call goes to CB, and the nod goes to Mike Jenkins, provided he checks out background wise.

    New England Patriots pick: CB Mike Jenkins, South Florida

    6. Baltimore Ravens

    Another team where you would think that there might be some leadership changes this offseason, but their HC has already received a vote of confidence. How strong is that? Seems to be legit, which is somewhat confounding. I really felt like they needed some new blood. The biggest personnel questions revolve around that offense, particularly at the QB spot. Lacking a 3rd rounder, theyíll have to prudent in their decision making in a no-trade mock.

    Defensively, CB is a concern. Rolle has health issues and their young corners havenít developed. Suggs is a FA, but it seems unlikely theyíd let him go. Outside of CB, the rest of their defensive needs seem more depth oriented for now. Offensively, theyíve actually got a lot of pieces in place. Thereís a young OL, although whether or not they have their LT of the future is debatable. There are young WRís, a solid RB, and TE. The issue is simply QB.

    Will Matt Ryan be BPA at this spot? It seems very likely, and considering the meeting of need with value, the nod is to the BC signal caller. Troy Smith and Kyle Boller donít seem like they would stop a QB pick if Ozzie liked it, the latter because heís had enough time, the former because there isnít enough time to likely knock anyoneís socks off.

    Baltimore Ravens pick: QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

    7. Kansas City Chiefs

    This really feels like a team at a crossroads. Theyíve been trying to adjust as their older guys have left while staying competitive. Clearly, a bump was hit on that road. Will Peterson try to push a win now mode in with the ďYou Play to WinĒ Coach? Or will he actually try and take a step back to rebuild?

    Defensively, their young DTís were somewhat disappointing this year. They seem likely to be given another go around, although a later round DT pick might be possible. Assuming Allen stays, the DL is fine. LB talent is solid. They could use some DB help at CB. Offensively, thereís two huge questions, and an abundance of little ones. One, I keep asking myself Ė Has Brodie Croyle done enough to justify the Chiefs passing on a QB? I donít know the answer to that one. Considering the affinity Herm has for Brodie, I go back and forth. Two Ė what pieces of their OL will stick? Some other concerns would have to be with LJís health and the need for a secondary target.

    QB or OL? I go back and forth on QB, and Iím passing this go around and going with OL. They have clear needs there, particularly for a top young LT. After leaning Jeff Otah yesterday, I wonder if the safety of Jake Long earns him the nod, even though Iím lukewarm on it. Does make some sense from a running game perspective. I guess the darkhorse would be that, if they fell in love with a DT and thought that DT could take their defense up one more level, they could go that route and decide to wait on OL until later.

    Kansas City Chiefs pick: OT Jake Long, Michigan

    8. Oakland Raiders

    Overall, theyíve been a solid effort this year. Talentís still bit off, but Laneís done well with what he has. Next year might be just as tough, though, as theyíll be breaking in Russell full time. From a draft perspective, the big question, if it can even be considered a question, is how much control does Lane Kiffin have over the process? Or are we going to see an Al Davis pick here?

    Defensively, the team really could use DL help. Their safety play has been disappointing this past year, but using this high a pick on a safety seems unlikely. Offensively, they could use a LT, more OL help, a stud WR, and perhaps a back to complement Fargas (if they can resign him). They wonít address a lot of the needs, since they lack a 3rd rounder. RB seems like it can wait, and value is iffy. OL seems like, system wise, a place they may wait on. WR value is fringy unless itís a left field pick.

    LT or DL? The valueís probably better on the DL, and the nod goes there. After spending a day thinking of Ellis here, I go to Dorsey today. It seems quite possible in a trade situation that a team would move up for Dorsey.

    Oakland Raiders pick: DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU

    9. Cincinnati Bengals

    The big question for me is, with Marvin Lewis likely back, how do they address the turmoil thatís been rumored? Is this a case of things rising to the surface due to losing? Or is this a case of things that were covered by winning? The other question is Ö whoís handling the scouting/personnel aspect?

    Offensively, the OL is a fringy concern. If Andrews leaves, it still seems unlikely they go OL this high. WR? Well, if Chad and/or TJ gets moved, it becomes a possibility. For now, no. RB seems unlikely here. Anyhow, this pick should emphatically be defense. They could use help on almost all levels. A safety might be intriguing. Another LB would be nice, although getting Ahmad Brooks back should help. They could use DEís and DTís.

    A lot of tempting possibilities. Two Southern California guys could be options in Rivers/Ellis. An end like Merling or Campbell could be a thought. Kenny Phillips could be on the radar. The need at end seems more significant than at tackle, but end depth might be better than tackle depth in this draft. The different varying ways theyíve tried to develop an inside pass rush keeps this pick as a DT.

    Cincinnati Bengals pick: DT Sedrick Ellis, Southern California

    10. Chicago Bears

    Win now Ö or forever hold your peace? Okay, maybe not that extreme, but is this a ďkeep the window openĒ or a ďrebuild the windowĒ situation? That will play a huge factor in the process. If itís the latter, QB might be the route to go. If itís the former, itís a bit more wide open, although QB is still a possibility.

    Defensively, safety is the main area of concern. If Briggs leaves, Williams/Okwo likely get a shot at LB. DL depth might be nice to add later on. Only at safety is there a potential need for a top 3 round pick. Offensively, WR could be a consideration, depending on what happens with Berrian. A young runner might be a thought for later. The big needs are at OL (2 guys would be nice) and at QB.

    I donít want to make this move. Not at all. Itís either QB or OT here for me. As much as some Bears fans want safety, I just donít buy it here, as talented as Kenny Phillips might be. Brohm/Otah/Clady would top the list. If it was me, Iíd go Clady/Otah/Brohm. But itís Angelo, and the guess here is that Brohm gets the nod, as much as I donít want that, from the options available, even if Grossman signs a short term deal.

    Chicago Bears pick: QB Brian Brohm, Louisville

    11. Arizona Cardinals

    For a couple years now, it seems that people have been waiting on the Cardinals to put it together. Things sure seem headed in the right direction, but they did stall a bit. That said, unlike the Green era, the Whisenhunt era seems to inspire more confidence. I think the biggest question for me, on the Cardinals, is actually whether or not Russ Grimm stays. Heís one of the best OL coaches out there, and heís really molded a group whose talent level is probably only average at best. If he leaves, it might require a more concerted effort to infuse the OL with talent.

    Thus, I do think OL is a possibility this high. Itís fringy, but a thought if they loved someone, and the board stacks up well for that thought process. A young runner is the other offensive thought, although it seems a tad high here. Defensively, DL looks as if it can wait. Edge talent will depend on what they keep, and interior backers seem a bit high here. DB is a need, though, whether it be at CB (and moving Rolle to FS) or just a FS.

    I think the preferable route is adding a CB, but the top guys on the board donít inspire more confidence than Antrel Rolle. Thus, they go to the U to add a FS to pair with Adrian Wilson. Wilson could allow Phillips to really maximize his athletic gifts.

    Arizona Cardinals pick: S Kenny Phillips, the U

    12. Denver Broncos

    After an offseason that had a lot of people excited a mile high, their season came to a crashing halt for a variety of reasons. By no means was this a negative campaign. But not reaching the playoffs has to be considered a huge disappointment. The biggest question here is how to shore up that run defense. The offense seems headed in the right direction, although the OL could use some more.

    Itís a real shame Phillips came off one spot ahead. He wouldíve been a tempting nod as they could use him. Itís possible they consider a Malcolm Jenkins to safety move, but that seems a fringy nod. Defensively, they could give a LB some consideration, even with DJ Williams having played better down the stretch. They have enough young ends. A young DT could be a thought, but value seems off and they added Thomas last year. Offensively, OL is the big issue. Whatís the call here?

    Iím thinking Keith Rivers or Ryan Clady here. Not sure I like either option all that much (I am a big fan of Clady but not sold if theyíd really go for him here). The nod goes to Clady at the end, as LBís like Rivers can be found later.

    Denver Broncos pick: OT Ryan Clady, Boise State

    13. Carolina Panthers

    The big question here is simple. Could a win or two save Foxís job? Considering the last couple years, one would think not, but who knows. Even if he stays, it puts a lot of things up in the air. If he leaves, that makes it even harder to figure out what happens. They face a lot of personnel questions.

    Offensively, they need to find a QB of the future at some point. Is it Matt Moore? Or is a pick needed? They really need some OL help, and they could probably use another WR target, but thatís for later. Defensively, their pass rush has been pitiful. Another LB is a thought, but seems a bit high. Safety is a consideration, but value seems off here as Jenkins makes little sense (might as well move Gamble to FS and slide Richard Marshall in).

    Brohm is off the board this time around. This leaves things a bit tougher. I donít see Woodson here. Otah isnít something I necessarily am sold on here, but itís a long thought. I think Iím leaning DL, but itís debatable what route to go. Charles Johnson was someone I liked, but Iím also realistic enough to know that a 3rd round pick isnít stopping anything unless he steps up big time down the stretch. Rucker seems done. There really isnít an interior player.

    Donít know to be frank. Iím going DE.

    Carolina Panthers pick: DE Phillip Merling, Clemson

    14. Detroit Lions

    After a huge start, the wheels have come off. Martz may be on the outs, and I have to wonder if Rod Marinelli (and Millen) arenít on the edge (not suggesting theyíll get canned, but that Rodís next year may be a make or break one). The big question I have? Hmm Ö thereís too many Ö but is Kevin Jones the lead back? It isnít a question thatís likely to influence their first round selection, but it is a significant question nonetheless.

    Yes, offensively, I think they might look RB again at some point, but not here. The OL needs work. Defensively, I donít think anyone would begrudge them if they went DL, although that seems a weak move. LB is a possibility. The secondary could clearly use some work. Thereís talent here that meshes well with their needs. The names are well known Ė Jeff Otah, Malcolm Jenkins, Keith Rivers, with a RB as a darkhorse.

    Whatís the call? Iím going the chic pick route. Rivers could be a Shelton Quarles type fit perhaps, but I tend to think they can find someone later. Someoneís going to nab Rivers, heís been high on the NFL radar for 2 years running now. I just am not sold here. Jenkins is intriguing, but positionally it doesnít make as much sense as the Otah route. Otah could be long gone already.

    Detroit Lions pick: OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh

    15. Philadelphia Eagles

    Thereís two big questions here, and theyíve been long known. Whatís Andy Reidís future, and whatís Donovan McNabbís? The latter wonít impact their draft plans, as Kolb is set up already. The former would be an intriguing issue to follow, as their offensive schemes could change as a result of it. That said, for all the rumors, Reid seems likely to stay. Theyíve done a good job of adding depth in recent years, but they could use some critical pieces to move back into a playoff level.

    Positionally, they could use WR help. But in the first? Iím not sure where all the WR talk is coming from. Considering the scheme and history, theyíd have to be really sold that someone would be a stud, and itís hard to imagine that they buy someone that strongly, particularly in a relatively weak WR draft, even with juniors included. OL has been talked about, but with the top 3 off the board, and with several recent picks on the OL, do they go with someone here? Seems unlikely. TE is a question, but value is lacking. Thus, this pick should be defense. It wouldnít stun me if they went DL, but that seems unlikely. LB seems a fringy thought unless they absolutely loved someone. CB depth is needed, and a stud safety is a thought.

    Nod here goes to Malcolm Jenkins, but only warily. Iím not sold he is a great fit, but I guess if he struggles at corner, he could become Brian Dawkins replacement (or he could even partner up with Dawkins back there).

    Philadelphia Eagles pick: DB Malcolm Jenkins, the Ohio State

    16. New Orleans Saints

    Itís certainly been an up and down campaign for the New Orleans Saints. The big question I have deals with the running game. Is there an answer, or is there a question? Itís an issue, because Payton is at his best when thereís a solid run game to complement his passing schemes. They need Deuce back, but how loose is his juice?

    That said, no matter how they finish, they do need to make some changes to really push forward in the future. Offensively, itís unlikely a top pick is spent this high unless Payton is nuts. They have Meachem to give it a go with. A RT would be nice, but here? Eh. A RB? Doubtful. This pick likely goes defense, where there are areas of need. They could use a young, athletic DT type perhaps. A LB is definitely a thought. A CB would be nice. They seem disappointed with their safety play, but thatís unlikely this high.

    It is interesting to note that their top 2 picks last year, Robert Meachem and Usama Young, were arguably ďworkoutsĒ. Is that a factor this year? Iím wary of CB because they might as well give Usama Young a go with it. That said, is there really a LB fit? The secondary should get the nod out of necessity. They canít depend on getting pressure every single time, and they need a guy there. Try, try again until they find the right guy.

    I like Talib better, but I donít think heís a fit here. Just more of a hunch than anything substantial to base it on. The fast rising Leodis McKelvin gets the nod here for his man cover ability.

    New Orleans Saints pick: CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy

    17. Buffalo Bills

    All in all, 2007 has to be considered a positive year for the Bills even if they finish on the outside looking in. Dick Jauron was a debatable hire at the time, but heís proven them right so far. Perry Fewell had a lot of injuries to deal with, but he had his guys hustling and playing. Heck, the leaving of Steve Fairchild may get the fans a bit happier as I find it more likely now that theyíll go with a bigger receiver to pair. The big question for me? While Trent Edwards is a question, that can only be addressed with experience/time. The big question for me is whether or not they have the impact talent to take this defense the next step.

    Defensively, they still seem to lack an impact interior player. End is an unlikely nod this high, although a young guy could be sought. LB could be a possibility. They could use a CB. Offensively, they need another receiver. If a TE works his way up, it might be a thought. I think CB is a positional wait, and that LB isnít a first round focus. Thus the names to be tossed are Kentwan Balmer and any WR you want to throw out there.

    Well, Kelly it is.

    Buffalo Bills pick: WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma

    18. Houston Texans

    Like Buffalo, the Texans season has to be considered a plus. After a hiccup when Johnson was out, they have rebounded and Kubiak seems to have them in the right direction. The big question here is whether or not thereís a QB controversy. That, though, clearly doesnít factor into their draft plans. The lack of a 2nd rounder will be a factor, which may get them more involved in trade discussions.

    There are some defensive concerns. They could use another pass rusher on the DL, although definitely no where this high, and a situational/developmental guy may suffice. Another LB is a thought. A safety would be a possibility. But there are some big offensive concerns. They could use a workhorse RB. They could also search for offensive line help.

    Iíd think that the lack of a 2nd rounder would leave them more inclined to go the offensive route Ö but I do wonder. Iím thinking Chris Williams, RB, or Keith Rivers. I think they should go offense, I really do, but part of me wonders if they are too cocky for that route. Their OL hasnít been giving up that many sacks, and system wise, I could really see Kubiak deciding against the RB route.

    Houston Texans pick: LB Keith Rivers, Southern California

    19. Washington Redskins

    The big question entering this offseason is simple: What is Joe Gibbs future? Thereís been talk of an extension to give him one more year. That said, thereís also been rumors that he may call it quits considering his age. Itíll be a huge issue, and the pendulum seems to be swinging towards Gibbs staying. He may just want one more year, because this team seems close to a real run. Campbell was showing positive signs, and the run game still has legs. A touch here and there, and Gibbs may get his chance to finish on a high note in 2008-2009.

    Offensively, the most immediate need is at receiver. They need another target. That said, itís debatable if this is a first round need. The rest of the offensive needs can wait, unless someone gets cut (such as OL depth). Defensively, a lot of focus could be put there, even though thatís the stronger of their two units. They could, unfortunately, look safety. Gregg Williams loved letting Taylor roam this year, but he could go back to using the cover 2 much more. Heís a very adaptable DC, so they might not press too hard any one direction. CB could be a thought, as Rogers was banged up, and Springs is no lock to be back (he could be moved to safety as well). The most positive aspect of this year has to be the development of Anthony Montgomeryís raw tools. That said, they could still use DL help at end.

    DE or DB? I think they should go DE, but Iím leaning CB on this route. They finally have as close to a full litter of picks and can find a pass rusher later.

    Washington Redskins pick: CB Aqib Talib, Kansas

    20. Tennessee Titans

    Overall, itís been a plus season for them. Entering this offseason, though, their questions revolve largely around Vince Young. For all the fault that his supporting cast should take, he really has to step up himself. That said, they do need to add some talent around him.

    Defensively, their DE contract issues are a factor. They could look DE if things donít pan out. Maybe a mike backer gets a look, but that seems a later target. The secondary has played well enough to not warrant a look. DT becomes a possibility if Haynesworth leaves. Offensively, they could use skill players at WR and TE.

    Whatís the call? Iím looking at Desean Jackson or Calais Campbell here. Jacksonís skillset is one that they currently lack (from a general perspective). Campbell may be too tempting of a raw talent to pass up. I wonder if Campbell is too good to not give a look to here.

    Tennessee Titans pick: DE Calais Campbell, the U

    21. Minnesota Vikings

    No matter what happens, this late run not only saves Childress, but gives them a lot to build forward long run. The big question is whether or not Tarvaris Jackson is the future. That said, with the tendency for coaches to latch onto guys as their guys, and considering that Tarvaris was better the 2nd half, heíll likely get the nod. Theyíll need to upgrade the talent around him.

    The OL needs can wait. The unit has played better, although bringing in some challengers on the right side later on canít hurt. Clearly, the backfield is fine. They could use a top notch WR. Defensively, they donít seem to have any standout needs. Their ends looked better this year, and interior depth can wait. DB seems a fringy focus this high.

    Itís WR unless someone smacks them as too good to pass up. Nod is to Desean, who could be off already.

    Minnesota Vikings pick: WR Desean Jackson, California

    22. Seattle Seahawks

    The Seahawks have gone under the radar this year. Part of it has to do with their soft schedule. The other part probably has to do with some (relative) inconsistency. That said, with Alexander missing, their offense adapted, and overall, the year has to be considered a plus. The big question, outside of Holmgren, is how to do the bridge to the future while being good now? They are nearing that crossroads.

    Defensively, theyíve added a lot of depth in recent years. The secondary could probably use another shot, but not here. The linebackers seems are good. The DL could probably use an impact interior talent, but Marcus Tubbs coming back could be the answer to that question. Barring a surprise, I think this pick should go offense, where there are some needs. A TE is a thought, but their run game sputtered this year. Part of it was Alexander out and going to more spread looks at times. The other part has to do with an OL that went through ups and downs.

    OL or the young runner? Based on the board, Iím leaning to the latter. The issue becomes a question of who. Itís probably from the Mendenhall/Jones/Stewart crop. I still prefer Mendenhall, but the nod here goes Stewart.

    Seattle Seahawks pick: RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon

    23. Dallas Cowboys f/ Cleveland Browns

    Iím sure most Cowboys fans, if not most NFL fans, expected the Cowboys to get a high pick as a result of the Brady Quinn trade. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the NFC, that wonít happen. Iím not sure if thereís a question I really have. Perhaps how active will the Cowboys be on draft day, as I expect activity.

    Defensively, they have the LB depth for the 3-4 on hand, so no need for a top pick here. The secondary and DL could use additional assets, though. Offensively, a runner to pair with Marion Barber III gets consideration. A young WR is a thought, and Flozell Adams contract expiring could make the OL a thought, although they have some depth pieces in Free and Marten.

    What route do they take here? I donít expect the Cowboys to be here. But thatís irrelevant for now. With a 2nd RB off the board, perhaps they jump on the chic Felix Jones route.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: RB Felix Jones, Arkansas

    24. Pittsburgh Steelers

    For a quality team, it sure has been topsy turvy ride in some respects. My big thing is, Iíd really like to know Tomlinís timeline on the defense. How long do they stay in the 3-4? When will they incorporate more cover 2 looks? That sort of things.

    Offensively, they could use some OL work. Another runner might be nice, but in all likelihood, thatís for later on. Some goes for WR. Defensively, CB depth is a thought. Interior backers might be a possibility. More DL depth could be used. This is a tough one to figure out.

    CB value on the board makes it seem as if they can wait, and Iím not sold theyíd look for LB this early. Thus, Iím thinking DL or OL. Balmer adds some 3-4 DL depth, and heís a possibility as an interior pass rusher in the 4-3 akin to Adam Carriker last year in some regards.

    Pittsburgh Steelers pick: DL Kentwan Balmer, North Carolina

    25. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    The us against the world mantra held firm for Chucky this year. With Gruden looking like a return, after earlier rumors, the big question for me is how soon the offense can take the next step. Theyíve really retooled an aging defense. The next step is to make the offense better than, well, itís ever been in recent years.

    One of the biggest positives for this year has to be the emergence of Earnest Graham. They should feel more comfortable with their RB situation next year. They could look at LTís. A WR is a thought. Defensively, if an interior talent stands out, sure. If not, it can wait. Maybe some secondary depth. Oh, a QB of the future has to be on the radar a bit. This pick should be offense.

    A lot of LT talk this year, but really, Donald Penn has been solid enough. Maybe they draft someone later on, but here? Iím hard pressed to buy it. Iím leaning WR even though the value/fit is questionable. I donít buy Sweed, but he may be the better value. I buy Doucet, but is his value worth it here? I donít buy Hardy here as a fit. I could buy Manningham/Bennett as fits, but is the value here? Where does Caldwell fit into the equation? Caldwell seems left in the dust in draft talks. The durability issue is probably the main factor, but a Florida/Meyer stigma is also at work. I like Doucet better, but I could see Caldwell working into this spot.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick: WR Andre Caldwell, Florida

    26. New York Giants

    Itíll be interesting to see how they finish. Barring a stunner, Coughlin is back, particularly since expectations werenít all that high entering the year. Will Eli have earned enough rope to prevent them from picking a QB high? (not suggesting theyíd look for it here, but just in general). How do they go from perennial solid to good? It is an interesting question, and one that might not have any apparent answers.

    Defensively, I still would like to see them upgrade at tackle, but clearly, thatís not a top focus or need. They could use a LB and they could look at CB. Both areas could use a fluid talent. Offensively, outside of QB, they could look at WR and OT.

    I know, LB/CB is screaming with need. But this is a draft where LBís and CBís that fit what the Giants needs can be found later. With Diehlís struggles recently, Iím going OT here. The value is too good to pass for now.

    New York Giants pick: OT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt

    27. San Diego Chargers

    After a slow start that left folks wondering if Norv Turner was in over his head, theyíve rebounded fairly well and are positioned to perhaps make a move. Thus, Norv Turner will be back, answering a big question from midseason. The big question I have overall is whether or not Philip Rivers is the man. Iíve never been huge on him, even in his draft year, and Iím not sold now. That, though, will have little to do with their draft plans.

    Ideally, theyíd deal down and get more picks since the Chris Chambers and Eric Weddle trades have left the cupboard a bit bare, draft pick wise. Now, that said, AJ Smith has done a good job of building depth. There really isnít a glaring spot that screams out a need for top young talent. Defensively, I could see them adding DL depth if they liked someone. I could see them look DB again, perhaps a mixed type to offer depth. Offensively, they could look OL. Maybe a runner if they want someone. WR canít be ruled out but Craig ďBusterĒ Davis should get a chance.

    For now, they are stuck. Whatís the call? Iím leaning DB again. If Godfrey struggles at corner, he could perhaps be slid back to become McCreeís understudy.

    San Diego Chargers pick: DB Charles Godfrey, Iowa

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars

    After the QB switch right before the season, few wouldíve predicted a good year. To Del Rioís credit, heís rallied the troops and protected himself. A lot goes to David Garrard, who has arguably removed any questions they have on QB. Heíll be the guy in 08/09. But a lot of questions are left unanswered. The big thing for me is how to make this team more dynamic, on both sides of the ball.

    Defensively, they could use an end. Bobby McCray hasnít taken the steps forward. Everything else would be depth related. Offensively, theyíve been trying for awhile to find a WR and it is still a concern. Considering Barnes history, I half wonder if they peek at some tackles, although it seems unlikely.

    End and WR. Iím leaning end here with Chris Ellis in the hopes of boosting their edge pressure.

    Jacksonville Jaguars pick: DE Chris Ellis, Virginia Tech

    29. Green Bay Packers

    Mike Sherman deserves a lot of credit for the strong campaign heís gotten out of this bunch. I may get flamed for this, but to the extent that theyíve done well this year, there is the possibility of them underachieving next year. Upgrading key areas will help to extend their window. The other issue is, how long is Favre around for? Only Brett knows the answer to that one, and only time will tell.

    Defensively, they could use some secondary depth. CB and safety could both perhaps get looks. I think LB and DE can wait, but you never know if they fall in love with someone. Offensively, maybe the OL gets some consideration. Iím thinking BPA could really become a factor here.

    While I think this is a smidgen high for him, Thompsonís recent history seems to lean towards productive, ďprovenĒ guys early on, even if their tools arenít great.

    Green Bay Packers pick: CB Antoine Cason, Arizona

    30. San Francisco 49ers f/ Indianapolis Colts

    The big question(s) entering the offseason is quite simple Ė where do Nolan and Smith stand? With each other, and with the organization. Clearly, not enough progress has been made under Nolanís watch so far. Certainly, some potential explanatory factors for that, but winning is everything, and the loss of Norv Turner and Goreís issues made this offense ugly. Nolanís future may be decided by a GM, if one is hired.

    From a personnel perspective, their defense could use some more front 7 help. Lawsonís injury hurt his developmental time, and they could still use a better edge talent along with Lawson anyways. Bryant Youngís impending retirement makes the DL needs greater, no matter the scheme. Offensively, their OL was a mess this year. Certainly, some raw talent is in place, but more isnít a bad idea. They still need a WR, and depth at RB may be a thought. A young QB as protection may be an idea.

    My initial lean was to QB, which would be something that many Niners fans would probably prefer to avoid. I think theyíll still pick someone relatively early, but at this point in the draft might be a smidge high. Iím going with the WR to give Alex Smith a shot route, and also WR for in case a rookie QB gets pressed in.

    San Francisco 49ers pick: WR Limas Sweed, Texas

    31. Dallas Cowboys

    The same needs apply for the Cowboys. After adding their runner, they could look at DB/DL/OL/WR. Iím leaning DB with this pick. Iím wondering how Terrell Thomasí injuries factor into the equation, but he could be a possibility here for them if things check out.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: DB Terrell Thomas, Southern California

    32. New England Patriots Ė forfeited

    2nd Round

    33. Miami Dolphins

    They added Gholston as a pass rusher. They could use some more DL help. Interior LBís can probably wait. Another CB could be an option. Offensive line help could be looked at. So could RB and perhaps even a WR. QB canít be ruled out. I think Boone might bolt, and he could go a bit higher (not sold on high first, though, at best, mid-first), but heís fallen to this point, and he could be a nice toy.

    Miami Dolphins pick: OL Alex Boone, the Ohio State

    34. New York Jets

    They hope they added their 3-4 stud DE earlier. What now? A pass rusher is a thought. A NT would be nice. DB depth can likely wait, but if they love someone, itís a possible go. RB is a thought. OL might be an option. WR could be given a look. A lot of possibilities, but I wonder if the plus value of Rashard Mendenhall might be too good to pass up.

    New York Jets pick: RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois

    35. Atlanta Falcons

    They added their stud RB earlier. They could look for a QB to groom. NT is a thought defensively. OL is an option. Nod goes to the QB to groom.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: QB Joe Flacco, Delaware

    36. St. Louis Rams

    They added some LB bulk earlier. What now? Defensively, a pass rusher could be a look. Offensively, OL help might be sought after. Donít rule out darkhorses. Sam Baker might be too tempting here. Even if he doesnít pan out at tackle, he could be a good guard.

    St. Louis Rams pick: OL Sam Baker, Southern California

    37. Baltimore Ravens

    They hope they added their QB of the future earlier. Certainly, OL could get a snippet of a look. Defensive talent could be sought in a lot of places. But one of the main areas of need is CB, and with them lacking a 3rd, CB is the nod (and the value should be good).

    Baltimore Ravens pick: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State

    38. Kansas City Chiefs

    This go around, they went with consistency in Jake Long early. What now? More OL could be sought. CB could be a look. QB canít be ruled out. Same goes for WR. Leaning WR here.

    Kansas City Chiefs pick: WR James Hardy, Indiana

    39. Oakland Raiders

    After hopefully adding a defensive leader and an interior pass rusher, whatís next? End is a thought. DB can likely wait considering the lack of a third rounder. Offensively, OL/WR/RB could all be possibilities. Iím leaning OL here.

    Oakland Raiders pick: OT Anthony Collins, Kansas

    40. San Francisco 49ers

    They hope they finally found a lead receiver, which lets everyone else slot better. What now? QB is a thought. Pass rusher and DL talents are thoughts. Leaning DL here.

    San Francisco 49ers pick: DL Dreí Moore, Maryland

    41. Chicago Bears

    They went QB earlier and now they need to address OL and S in regards to top needs. Iíd rather see them go with more LT potential, but OT is needed no matter what, and Cherilus may be a guy Angelo takes a long look at.

    Chicago Bears pick: OT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College

    42. Cincinnati Bengals

    After adding a guy they hope can boost the interior pass rush by himself, what now? DE and LB could be looked at. Maybe safety. The guess is this pick stays defensive. As tempting as double USC may be, as intriguing as Derrick Harvey is, the nod goes to the solid Dan Connor in the hopes of finding some leadership and consistency.

    Cincinnati Bengals pick: LB Dan Connor, Penn State

    43. Denver Broncos

    Clady could be a big boost to the OL. A guy with size and agility. He doesnít address their defensive needs, and they must look at that here. DT/LB/S are thoughts. I have Geno Hayes slated to come out, and he slips a bit for me once the Giants passed. He gets the nod here.

    Denver Broncos pick: LB Geno Hayes, Florida State

    44. Carolina Panthers

    Merling could be a big help to the DL. They could still look defense, with LB a thought, along with safety. They could go offense, where the OL needs work. That said, a QB of the future gets the nod. I like Woodson, hitch and all. But his stock seems to be slipping a bit. Maybe the postseason boosts it, but Iím wary of that possibility.

    Carolina Panthers pick: QB Andreí Woodson, Kentucky

    45. Detroit Lions

    They went OT earlier. Offensively, maybe RB gets a peek. But some defensive assets are need at LB and CB. Iím leaning CB on value.

    Detroit Lions pick: CB Brandon Flowers, Virginia Tech

    46. Philadelphia Eagles

    After adding a DB earlier, whatís next? Another DB wouldnít be a bad idea. Trench depth is never a bad thing. A WR could be a factor. Thereís some talk that Michael Hamlin may come out, so Iíll play with it. He could go a bit higher.

    Philadelphia Eagles pick: S Michael Hamlin, Clemson

    47. Arizona Cardinals

    They added Phillips earlier. CB could still get looked at. Defensive front 7 could be a consideration. OL is a possibility. A young runner is a thought. Iíll lean with a young runner here and Ray Rice, who could be off the board. Heís a very instinctive player.

    Arizona Cardinals pick: RB Ray Rice, Rutgers

    48. Buffalo Bills

    Kelly should help their passing game. Iím thinking defense here mainly, but TE is on the periphery. But LB/CB/DT could all get looks. Well, whaddya know. Iím going TE.

    Buffalo Bills pick: TE Fred Davis, Southern California

    49. Atlanta Falcons f/ Houston Texans

    McFadden and Flacco gives the offensive future a rosy look. They could use some OL help. Defensively, a NT would be nice. The last junior OT that I had bolting is still standing.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: OT Philip Loadholt, Oklahoma

    50. Washington Redskins

    They added a CB earlier. A DE could be looked at. S is a thought. OL and WR are possibilities. Iím looking DE. Someone probably has moved up for him by this point.

    Washington Redskins pick: DE Derrick Harvey, Florida

    51. New Orleans Saints

    Saints hope McKelvin can address corner. What now? Safety could be a passing thought. LB is a possibility, as is DT. RT is a thought. Iím leaning LB with the physically gifted Beau Bell.

    New Orleans Saints pick: LB Beau Bell, UNLV

    52. Minnesota Vikings

    They added a potential WR playmaker earlier. Whatís next? For some reason, Iím thinking OL and perhaps Mike McGlynn here.

    Minnesota Vikings pick: OL Mike McGlynn, Pittsburgh

    53. Tennessee Titans

    After adding a DE, they should be looking offense here, WR or TE. The nod goes WR who has slipped a bit.

    Tennessee Titans pick: WR Early Doucet, LSU

    54. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    They went WR earlier. What now? QB is a thought. DT could be a thought. CB canít be ruled out. Iím leaning CB here.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick: CB Trae Williams, South Florida

    55. Pittsburgh Steelers

    After adding Balmer, Iím thinking OL/CB here. Nod goes interior OL.

    Pittsburgh Steelers pick: OG Roy Schuening, Oregon State

    56. New York Giants

    Well, there was the OT pick. Now, LB and CB need to be looked at. Looking CB first.

    New York Giants pick: CB Patrick Lee, Auburn

    57. Miami Dolphins f/ San Diego Chargers

    OL and pass rusher have been the early focus. DL could be a look, as could RB. Maybe CB as well. Maybe Red Bryant?

    Miami Dolphins pick: NT Red Bryant, Texas A&M

    58. Cleveland Browns

    The big question heading into the offseason, for me, at least, is with the defense and run game. You figure Derek Anderson is still going to be there. The defense just isnít all that good. They could still use another pass rusher, and they could use a lot of DL help. Offensively, the Jamal Lewis situation leaves things up in the air.

    Unfortunately, DL value is fringy. So where do they look? He might be long gone already, although I think thereís a decent chance that heís available.

    Cleveland Browns pick: OLB/DE Quentin Groves, Auburn

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars

    After adding an end, WR could be a look. Maybe secondary depth. BPA? Leaning WR.

    Jacksonville Jaguars pick: WR Jordy Nelson, Kansas State

    60. Seattle Seahawks

    OL could get a look here. WR canít be ruled out. DB canít be ruled out either. Going OL.

    Seattle Seahawks pick: OT Oniel Cousins, UTEP

    61. Indianapolis Colts

    The big question for them is obvious Ė how healthy will Dwight Freeney be? Theyíve done a good job of building depth. Defensively, maybe DT. Offensively, OL could use some more looks. Iím leaning OL here, with Tony Hills.

    Indianapolis Colts pick: OL Tony Hills, Texas

    62. Green Bay Packers

    They went CB earlier. What now? Maybe my lukewarm sentiments towards Aaron Rouse is playing a factor in this, but Iím leaning safety.

    Green Bay Packers pick: S Thomas DeCoud, California

    63. Dallas Cowboys

    Terrell Thomas and Felix Jones address a couple needs. They could look OL here. DL is a thought, and same goes for WR. Iím leaning WR to stretch the field.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: WR Donnie Avery, Houston

    64. New England Patriots

    After adding a CB earlier, they could perhaps look LB here. DL talent is a possibility, as is WR. OL depth canít be ruled out, and a young runner could be a thought. Iím leaning to the versatile and athletic Ezra Butler as a defensive toy.

    New England Patriots pick: LB Ezra Butler, Nevada

    3rd Round

    65. Miami Dolphins

    Theyíve added Red Bryant/Vernon Gholston for the defense and Alex Boone for the offense. What now? I could see the secondary get a look. A running back is a thought. Iím leaning secondary here and Tracy Porter as a good value.

    Miami Dolphins pick: CB Tracy Porter, Indiana

    66. Atlanta Falcons

    Theyíve added a lot for that offense, Loadholt/Flacco/McFadden. The defense could get a look now. Could they gamble on the physically gifted Frank Okam? Itís a thought.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: DT Frank Okam, Texas

    67. St. Louis Rams

    They added Baker and Laurinaitis. What now? Perhaps a pass rusher is on the menu. Jones may be flexible enough for a hybrid D.

    St. Louis Rams pick: DE/OLB Jason Jones, Eastern Michigan

    68. New York Jets

    Long could be their stud end, and Mendenhall could be their stud back. What now? A pass rusher is still a need. The OL still needs assets. Nod goes OL here.

    New York Jets pick: OL Carl Nicks, Nebraska

    69. Kansas City Chiefs

    Iím thinking CB or OL here. The upside is slim, but DeJuan Tribble should be able to help in some role.

    Kansas City Chiefs pick: CB DeJuan Tribble, Boston College

    70. New England Patriots f/ Oakland Raiders

    LB and CB have been addressed. More LB help could be sought. DL depth is an idea. WR could be a look, along with RB. OL depth? Iím thinking a physical back maybe a thought here to split with Maroney.

    New England Patriots pick: RB Matt Forte, Tulane

    71. San Francisco 49ers

    Dreí Moore and Limas Sweed could address big areas for them. A pass rusher is still needed, but if thereís good QB value, I could see it, and Brennan could be a solid value here.

    San Francisco 49ers pick: QB Colt Brennan, Hawaii

    72. Buffalo Bills f/ Baltimore Ravens

    Offense has been addressed with Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis. The look is probably defense here, with DT/LB/CB all possible. Um, thinking LB here.

    Buffalo Bills pick: LB Erin Henderson, Maryland

    73. Cincinnati Bengals

    Connor and Ellis are two nice pieces. Maybe they go back to the Trojans and pick up Lawrence Jackson here as a pass rushing end.

    Cincinnati Bengals pick: DE Lawrence Jackson, Southern California

    74. Chicago Bears

    Havenít exactly given my Bears picks that I like in Brohm and Cherilus. What now? S and more OL could be on the menu. WR is a possibility. RB is a thought. LB could be looked at. A whole host of possibilities. I think safety? Very unsure on this call based on whatís left.

    Chicago Bears pick: S Quintin Demps, UTEP

    75. Carolina Panthers

    Woodson and Merling are two nice building/retooling blocks. Whatís next? OL needs some work and the valueís been flying off the shelves.

    Carolina Panthers pick: OT Chad Rinehart, Northern Iowa

    76. Philadelphia Eagles

    WR/TE could get looked at. Iím thinking someone like Lavelle Hawkins may really fit in.

    Philadelphia Eagles pick: WR Lavelle Hawkins, California

    77. Detroit Lions

    Flowers and Otah earlier. Perhaps LB now? I considered him for their 2nd round pick.

    Detroit Lions pick: LB Tavares Gooden, the U

    78. Arizona Cardinals

    Phillips and Ray Rice. What now? OL/DL could be thoughts. A CB could be a possibility, as could LBís, inside and out. Oy .. uh going with OT here because well, itís Mike Gandy right now. Grecoís not a great LT prospect, but well, Leinart is lefty, and heís still likely the future there.

    Arizona Cardinals pick: OT John Greco, Toledo

    79. Minnesota Vikings f/ Denver Broncos

    Jackson and McGlynn are two nice parts to help that offense. Whatís next? I wonder if they may still add a QB.

    Minnesota Vikings pick: QB John David Booty, Southern California

    80. Houston Texans

    They picked up a LB earlier. While a pass rusher is a thought, and a safety is a need, both can wait. Iím thinking RB here, and wondering if Chris Johnson might excel in the scheme.

    Houston Texans pick: RB Chris Johnson, East Carolina

    81. Washington Redskins

    Talib and Harvey could be huge for that defense. The focus should be on offense here, with OL and WR. Leaning WR and Keenan Burton.

    Washington Redskins pick: WR Keenan Burton, Kentucky

    82. New Orleans Saints

    They looked CB and LB earlier. What now? OL? DT? RB? S? Perhaps a slight reach, but Iím thinking Kirk Barton might be intriguing.

    New Orleans Saints pick: OT Kirk Barton, the Ohio State

    83. Buffalo Bills

    Kelly/Davis helps that O, while Henderson is a step for the D. What now? Perhaps a CB.

    Buffalo Bills pick: CB Dwight Lowery, San Diego

    84. Tennessee Titans

    A WR was added along with a DE. A TE asset could be nice. Perhaps Purdueís Dustin Keller could be a receiving threat.

    Tennessee Titans pick: TE Dustin Keller, Purdue

    85. Minnesota Vikings

    Jackson/McGlynn/Johnson are all offensive assets. A defensive nod may be in store here, perhaps DL or DB. Could a gamble be in store?

    Minnesota Vikings pick: DT Demario Pressley, North Carolina State

    86. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Theyíve worked the trenches in Balmer/Schuening. What now? CB? LB? WR? More OL? Perhaps a big target like Adarius Bowman?

    Pittsburgh Steelers pick: WR Adarius Bowman, Oklahoma State

    87. New York Giants

    Well, time to add that LB. Going with Adibi here over Highsmith, as I wonder if Adibi may offer a bit more versatility.

    New York Giants pick: LB Xavier Adibi, Virginia Tech

    88. Chicago Bears f/ San Diego Chargers

    This is definitely not a Bears draft that I really like. Brohm? Eh. Cherilus? Bleh. Demps? Okay. A lot of possibilities here. LB? DL? OL? RB? WR? I wonder if a hard-nosed type like Mike Hart might be tempting for Jerry. Eh.

    Chicago Bears pick: RB Mike Hart, Michigan

    89. Cleveland Browns

    Groves gives them another potential pass rusher. What else? DL could use some work. Iíll bite on John Murphyís call here.

    Cleveland Browns pick: DL Ahtyba Rubin, Iowa State

    90. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Caldwell and Trae Williams were the earlier nods. What now? OL? QB? Defense? Iím leaning QB here, perhaps someone like Josh Johnson is to Grudenís liking.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick: QB Josh Johnson, San Diego

    91. Seattle Seahawks

    They went OL with the last pick, and RB earlier. What now? TE seems possible.

    Seattle Seahawks pick: TE Martin Rucker, Missouri

    92. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Ellis and Nelson potentially address two big areas. What else? QB? OL? More DL? LB? Iím thinking DB for some reason.

    Jacksonville Jaguars pick: S Jamar Adams, Michigan

    93. Green Bay Packers

    The secondaryís gotten some assets. What now? RB? OL? DE? LB? Perhaps they try out Crable, who could be a pass rusher in passing situations.

    Green Bay Packers pick: LB Shawn Crable, Michigan

    94. Indianapolis Colts

    They added OL earlier. What now? A lot of possibilities. They donít need him, but could his value be too good to pass up?

    Indianapolis Colts pick: LB Ali Highsmith, LSU

    95. Dallas Cowboys

    Jones/Thomas/Avery gives them some athletes. What now? OL? DL? Iím leaning DL.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: DL Maurice Murray, New Mexico State

    96. New England Patriots

    Butler and Jenkins help key areas defensively. Forte may be an intriguing fit for the run game. What now? I wonder if 3-4 DL value may get a nod.

    New England Patriots pick: DL Kendall Langford, Hampton

    Still eh on this one. A lot of the senior ends dropped like rocks. Not impossible, but they did drop. My Bears had a draft I dislike. Was there too much of an OL run?

    Who's not on here that people think should be?

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    First of all, let me applaud your efforts in this. You obviously took a lot of time and worked your rear end off on this thing.

    With that said, I am a big fan of your Niners draft. If by some grace of the big man upstairs, Colt Brennan is there in the 3rd for us (which I have my doubts he will), I think that is the steal of the draft. And i'm also one of the fans of Sweed this year.

    I'm working on the finishing touches on mine, and I as well have Gholston going number one, I think it could be a very good possibility.

    The slip of Andre Woodson intrigues me, and I think a quarterback in that 'trio' could definitely slip out of the first round, but i'm not sure it'll be Woodson, he has a lot of upside.

    Without looking at every team's every pick, I think you did a fantastic job.
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      On Woodson - I'm actually a big fan of his. But of the current top three, Woodson is also the one with the most risk. He might have the higher upside of the Brohm/Woodson/Ryan trio, but he comes with the most risk and I think for that factor, if one of them slips out, I'd lean that way.

      Thing with Brohm is, while I'm not a fan, I have a hard time seeing him bust. At worst, he'll be a backup. A realistic scenario would be him developing into a decent starter.

      Ryan seems slowly settling into the number 1 spot with a bit of separation. I think it'd take something huge (a superb offseason from someone, or something really bad on Ryan's part) to knock him out, but only time will tell.


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        Good Lions draft. I would definitely say you hit on the three correct positions of need for Detroit.

        As always, that is an impressive mock. Though Gholston #1 was a bit of a shock. 2 Buckeyes at the top? Ugh, lol
        R.I.P. L.E.F.
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          I like Ellis better than Dorsey but its a good pick.I dont know anything about Collins but we do need another OT.
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            Don't like the Jets mock at all.

            Would rather have McFadden and then Gosder Cherilus or Dre Moore in the second.


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              A+ Bills draft

              1. Malcolm Kelly
              2. Fred Davis
              3. Erin Henderson
              3. Dwight Lowery

              I wouldn't change a thing

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                Toonsterwu, we are not a blitzing team so I don't understand the Crable pick, give us Erin Henderson in the second round. In the third, give us the best available DT or OT. We don't need a Safety, Rouse has been a stud when he started in 2 games, also Collins will not be replaced, and hasn't been bad for us.

                None of these Safeties are better then what we already have.


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                  Good Falcons mock. Not too sure on Okam though. Not the position, the player. Roguh that Moore is gone, so I might go Pressely.


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                    To tell you the truth, I didn't think much at all of the Patriots draft. Mike Jenkins isn't the physical, zone-cover corner the Patriots like, and the Patriots DO have a physical back to split carries with Maroney - Sammy Morris, and he's got three years left on his deal, I believe. Plus, Heath Evans and Kyle Eckel are RB/FB tweeners who have been productive. Langford is a good value, Butler is okay. I'd go with someone like a Malcolm Jenkins in the first, as he's a bit more physical than Mike. Butler is okay in the second, maybe Kirk Barton as a value over Forte.


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                      Definitely not the direction I would have chosen to go in Rd2. Dorsey in Rd1, however, would be a steal. I'm hoping that Rd2 ends up being another DL. Back to back DTs, or DT/DE. Lining Dorsey alongside Red Bryant sure is tempting.


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                        Originally posted by PACKmanN View Post
                        Toonsterwu, we are not a blitzing team so I don't understand the Crable pick, give us Erin Henderson in the second round. In the third, give us the best available DT or OT. We don't need a Safety, Rouse has been a stud when he started in 2 games, also Collins will not be replaced, and hasn't been bad for us.

                        None of these Safeties are better then what we already have.
                        My thinking there would be that Crable slides into a pass rushing end role on passing situations.

                        There wasn't an OT that made sense.


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                          Originally posted by RavenOfProphecy View Post
                          To tell you the truth, I didn't think much at all of the Patriots draft. Mike Jenkins isn't the physical, zone-cover corner the Patriots like, and the Patriots DO have a physical back to split carries with Maroney - Sammy Morris, and he's got three years left on his deal, I believe. Plus, Heath Evans and Kyle Eckel are RB/FB tweeners who have been productive. Langford is a good value, Butler is okay. I'd go with someone like a Malcolm Jenkins in the first, as he's a bit more physical than Mike. Butler is okay in the second, maybe Kirk Barton as a value over Forte.
                          I've come to believe that Malcolm is a reach in the top 10.


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                            I really think that the Bucs would take Andre WOodsen at that spot. Even though he doesnt fit the system perfectly. Gruden has a thing for QB's, and i doubt he would pass up someone with his potential.


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                              Pretty good Redskin mock.



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