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  • the first 10 picks

    Miami-Andre Woodson QB Kentucky
    With the hirring of Bill parcells the Phins will go after a quater back that can get the job done, with the type of offense that miama has Andrew is a perfect fit. I mean look how well he did with Kentucky with a horrible O line. Bill Parcells says him self that Miami needs a better Quater back.

    New England-Chris Long DE Virgina
    Well The pats really don't need any help with the perfect season there having, but they still need some help on that D line and long will have that oppertunity to do so.

    Atlanta-Matt Ryan QB Boston College
    THEY NEED A QUATERBACK, thats all you can say.

    New York Jets-Jake Long OT Michigan
    The jets need to upgrade there O Line to protect Kellen Clemens.

    St.Louis-DeSaun Jackson WR California
    The rams need some more speed on the field. They need a reciever that can get the job done.

    Kansas City-Brian Brohm QB Louisville
    Come on are you kidding me Croyle get out of here. The chiefs need a steady QB to help there offesene in 08.

    Oakland-Darren Mcadden RB Arkansas
    The Okland Raiders just need to fill some spots with the best Quarter back from last year draft, they will need a Running back that can help out Russel.

    Baltimore-Calais Campbell DE Miami
    The ravens have Troy Smith at quarter back, just give him time and he will win ball games. The ravens needs a defender that will get to the back or QB.

    Cincinnati-Vernon Golston DE The Ohio State
    Vernon is haveing a breakout year for the buckeyes he litterally sluaghter Jake Long against Michigan in the big house this year. The Bengals just needs help all over. Start by getting some sacks which he had i believe 10 of em. Just the right fit for the bengals.

    Houston-Glen Dorsey DE LSU
    The texas have went for a D linemen for the past 3 yrs so here they will contiue a Super bowl type of Defense line with Dorsey.

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    Is this some kind of joke?
    Originally posted by Babylon
    It's called Karma for all the years with Montana and Young.


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      horrible Falcons pick. yes we need a QB but we will go with the BPA in Darren McFadden there.

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        I'm just glad Houston is moving Dorsey to DE.

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          Originally posted by JBond93 View Post
          I'm just glad Houston is moving Dorsey to DE.
          Haha, didn't even notice that. I like that the reasoning to go for the d-line is because they have drafted on the d-line for 3 straight years.

          Originally posted by Halsey
          I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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            Originally posted by king2am View Post
            Is this some kind of joke?
            i think it is, DeSean Jackson? come on man


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              Do you watch football?If so have you not seen KC's O-Line?Brohm would not do any better with that line


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                way to shake things up baby, I dig!


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                  I can't stop laughing

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                    Do some more research first.

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                    Originally posted by fenikz
                    we all hate you


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                      This mock makes babies cry.


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                        And so the joke mocks begin.


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                          You make kittie scared.


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                            wow thats bad..... i like woodson alot.... but no.

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                              You spell Oakland with an a in between the O and the K.RB isnt a need for Oakland.
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