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KCJ58's Worst Mock Ever!

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  • KCJ58's Worst Mock Ever!

    --Round 1--

    1. Miami - Glenn Dorsey/DT (LSU) Sr.

    2. St. Louis - Jake Long/OT (Michigan) Sr.

    3. NY Jets - Chris Long/DE (Virginia) Sr.

    4. Atlanta - Brain Brohm/QB (Louisville) Sr.

    5. New England (f/SF) - Malcolm Jenkins/CB (Ohio State) Jr.

    6. Oakland - Darren McFadden/RB (Arkansas) Jr.

    7. Kansas City - Ryan Clady/OT (Bosie State) Jr.

    8. Baltimore - Matt Ryan/QB (Boston College) Sr.

    9. Cincinnati - Sedrick Ellis/DT (USC) Sr.

    10. Chicago - Andre' Woodson/QB (Kentucky) Sr.

    11. Philadelphia - Jeff Otah/OT (Pittsburgh) Sr.

    12. Detroit - Vernon Gholston/DE (Ohio State) Sr.

    13. Denver - James Laurinaitis/LB (Ohio State) Jr.

    14. Carolina - Kenny Phillips/S (Miami (FL)) Jr.

    15. Arizona - Calais Campbell/DE (Miami (FL)) Jr.

    16. Washington - Mike Jenkins/CB (South Florida) Sr.

    17. New Orleans - Aqib Talib/CB (Kansas) Jr.

    18. Houston - Jonathan Stewart/RB (Oregon) Sr.

    19. Buffalo - DeSean Jackson/WR (California) Jr.

    20. Tennessee - Malcolm Kelly/WR (Oklahoma) Jr.

    21. Minnesota - Antonie Cason/CB (Arizona) Sr.

    22. Tampa Bay - Michael Oher/OT (Ole Miss) Jr.

    23. Seattle - Sam Baker/OT (USC) Sr.

    24. NY Giants - Dan Conner/LB (Penn State) Sr.

    25. San Diego - Frank Okam/DT (Texas) Sr.

    26. Dallas (F/Cle) - Leodis McKelvin/CB (Troy) Sr.

    27. Pittsburgh - Gosder Cherilus/OT (Boston College) Sr.

    28. Jacksonville - Limas Sweed/WR (Texas) Sr.

    29. Dallas - Steve Slaton/RB (West Virgina) Jr.

    30. New England - No Pick because they cheat

    31. Green Bay - Reggie Smith/CB (Oklahoma) Jr.

    32. San Francisco (F/Ind) - Mario Manningham/WR (Michigan) Jr.


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    Your worst mock ever is pretty good. As a Giants fan who is in love with Reggie Smith, I would prefer him over Connor, but both are good choices.

    Also, I love Brohm going to Atlanta no matter what anyone else says.

    Originally posted by Halsey
    I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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      Why would the Vikings go corner in round 1, much less rounds 2 and 3?


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        12. Detroit - Vernon Gholston/DE (Ohio State) Sr.
        You could do much worse. I like this pick.
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          Michael Oher is an interesting pick I haven't seen for a while. I'm not really sure if he grades out ahead of Sam Baker and Chris Williams though.


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            Atlanta will not take anyone but McFadden if McFadden is available.

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              i dont think jenkins fits the Redskins style cornerback. he isn't physical enough in the run game and too raw in man coverage. id rather have oher if he were to declare which i seriously doubt or erin henderson in this case of who seems available in your mock.


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                  Originally posted by BuckNaked View Post
                  Why would the Vikings go corner in round 1, much less rounds 2 and 3?
                  then who should the Vikings take, Butt Nake?


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                    I'd rather go with Malcolm Kelly in the first. We have enough small, speedy receivers. We need a big, physical guy opposite of Evans

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                    my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
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                      Originally posted by scar988 View Post
                      Atlanta will not take anyone but McFadden if McFadden is available.

                      Bingo, Bango.


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                        Great redskins pick A++++
                        RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                          ok phins pick....

                          i doubt the pats pass on mcfadden at 5

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                            Originally posted by 21ST View Post
                            Great redskins pick A++++
                            do you know anything about the skins defensive scheme?


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                              Solid Ravens Pick, Solid Texans pick

                              Baltimore: 7-4



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