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1st round with dolphins/raiders trade

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  • 1st round with dolphins/raiders trade

    Dolphins trade Daunte Culpepper and a condintional pick for Randy Moss. Al Davis rules again and won't want a rookie qb, and will want prehaps the next bigger Randy Moss, who by the way doesn't even want to be there.

    1. Oakland – Calvin Johnson (WR) Georgia Tech
    2. Detroit – JaMarcus Russell (QB) LSU
    3. Cleveland – Adrian Peterson (RB) Oklahoma
    4. Tampa Bay – Alan Branch (DT) Michigan
    5. Arizona – Joe Thomas (T) Wisconsin
    6. Washington – Gaines Adams (DE) Clemson
    7. Minnesota – Jamaal Anderson (DE) Arkansas
    8. Houston – Levi Brown (T) Penn State
    9. Miami – Brady Quinn (QB) Notre Dame
    10. Atlanta – Reggie Nelson (S) Florida
    11. San Francisco – Ted Ginn, Jr. (WR) Ohio State
    12. Buffalo – Lawrence Timmons (LB) Florida State
    13. St. Louis – Amobi Okoye (DT) Louisville
    14. Carolina – LaRon Landry (S) LSU
    15. Pittsburgh – Adam Carriker (DE) Nebraska
    16. Green Bay – Marshawn Lynch (RB) California
    17. Jacksonville – Dwayne Jarrett (WR) USC (will run fast in combine)
    18. Cincinnati – Leon Hall (CB) Michigan
    19. Tennessee – Jarvis Moss (DE/LB) Florida
    20. NY Giants – Patrick Willis (LB) Ole Miss
    21. Denver – Charles Johnson (DE) Georgia
    22. Dallas – Daymeion Hughes (CB) California
    23. Kansas City – Sidney Rice (WR) South Carolina
    24. New England –Paul Posluszny (LB) Penn State
    25. NY Jets – Quentin Moss (DE/OLB) Georgia
    26. Philadelphia – Dwayne Bowe (WR) LSU
    27. New Orleans – Aaron Ross (CB) Texas
    28. New England (from SEA) – Michael Griffen (S) Texas
    29. Baltimore – Justin Blalock (OL) Texas
    30. San Diego – Robert Meacham (WR) Tennessee
    31. Chicago – Arron Sears (OL) Tennessee
    32. Indianapolis – Jon Beason (LB) Miami

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    Tell me what you think.


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      Im not at all a fan of the trade myself.
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        "Just Win Baby"- Al Davis


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          average Rams pick


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            I don't think JaMarcus Russell is the type of QB the Lions want.. if they get one this year, it'll probably be Brady Quinn.


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              I dont see what miami is getting out of that trade. Trading Culpepper for his Ex-go to guy, A Disgruntled WR with a Pissy attitude just doenst make a whole lot of sense if you ask me... But good vikings mock


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                giants don't need an inside LB


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                  This is a horrible mock through and through. NO WRs for the Eagles! With Griffin left, we would snatch him up, because he actually fills a NEED. No offense in round one for the Eagles. I am getting tired of explaining this to everyone who has us with a WR, so PLEASE STOP GIVING THE EAGLES WRS! I don't write in caps, so please, don't make me do this again. Its not directed at you, hunterfrench, but everyone who has the Eagles picking a WR.


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                    I'm guessing that trade happens after the Dolphins take Quinn

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                      I believe in that situation the Ravens would take Sears over Blalock.

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                      Originally posted by Job
                      On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                      Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                      So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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                        Give the redskins Anderson and it would be great
                        RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                          yea it has to happen after miami takes quinn

                          credit to cardsalltheway


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                            I would love if that happened, but it probably won't. Culpepper for Moss, boy, would that be interesting!

                            Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                              yea, um the culpepper/moss trade wouldn't happen.


                              Originally posted by elway777
                              They should invite Reggie Ball to the Draft just to make him feel uncomfortable.
                              The Lions will sweep the Vikings in 2007.



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