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  • Allow me to introduce first: Mockaveli the Don

    1 Miami - Vernon Gholston / DE-OLB / tOSU
    Someone always flies up draft boards during the offseason, and it looks like Gholston is going to be that guy this year. The prototype edge rusher, Gholston is a perfect fit for the 3-4. This pick simply screams Bill Parcells.

    2 St. Louis - Chris Long / DE / Virginia
    When 2008 rolls around, the Rams O-line should be healthy and clicking again. Offensively, injuries are their only major concern. Defensively, however, the same cannot be said. Jim Haslett's defense needs help on all 3 levels. Taking Long here is a huge step in the right direction, not only for what he does getting after the QB. But with the way he plays the run as well. Glenn Dorsey gets a long look, but in the end, Chris Long just makes too much sense.

    3 New York Jets - Glenn Dorsey / DT / LSU
    Sitting at #3 overall, you'd think that one of their top two rated players might be available. Such is life for the New York Jets. But, nevertheless, all is well. By taking Dorsey here, they dramatically upgrade a defensive line that has, to say the least, been underwhelming. Darren McFadden and Jake Long get some consideration. But in the end, it's Dorsey.

    4 Atlanta - Darren McFadden / RB / Arkansas
    QB? OL? Yes, and yes. Value? Talent? Game changing ability? Darren McFadden.

    5 New England (from San Francisco) - Malcolm Jenkins / CB / tOSU
    The 30 other teams should all take time out to write the Jets a thank you letter. If McFadden were available here, I have little doubt that the Patriots would have pounced on him. As it stands, they add the top rated DB on the board and protect themselves from Asante Samuel's inevitable bid to cash in as a free agent.

    6 Baltimore - Jake Long / OT / Michigan
    Regardless of who winds up under center, he's going to need better protection to succeed. Long may have the ability to take over for aging great Jon Ogden. Until then, they're going to be a very nice set of bookends.

    7 Kansas City - Jeff Otah / OT / Pittsburgh
    No explanation needed here. Once the best the league had seen in a decade, the Chiefs' O-line is struggling. Otah needs some developing, but also has the natural talent to reward some team for their patience.

    8 Oakland - Sedrick Ellis / DT / USC
    This is really the only logical pick here. It also may prove to be an amazing value, as some feel Ellis is the best D-lineman in this class.

    9 Cincinnati - Kenny Phillips / S / Miami
    The Bengals can truly go in any direction here. Drafting Phillips here serves to not only upgrade their overall talent on defense, but also to help protect the investments they've made at corner the last couple years. Can't play good zone defense without a playmaker at safety.

    10 Chicago - Ryan Clady / OT / Boise St
    QB is a popular choice here. But with guys like Donovan McNabb, Chad Pennington, etc likely entering the FA market, Chicago can afford to go that route for a signal caller and use this pick to beef up a sagging O-line.

    11 Arizona - Leodis McKelvin / CB / Troy
    A speedy playmaker who can make an impact on both defense and STs. Stock should soar after the combine.

    12 Denver - James Laurinaitis / LB / tOSU
    For years, the hallmark of the Denver defense was their LBs. With D-line and safety value non-existent here, "Little Animal" makes a strong selection.

    13 Carolina - Matt Ryan / QB / BC
    Matt Moore has done an admirable job at QB of late. But not well enough to convince the Panther brass that he's the guy. Getting the top rated QB this late pretty much defines the word "value".

    14 Detroit - Gosder Cherilus / OT / BC
    The Lions have all the makings of an elite offense, except where it matters. This pick is the fist step towards rectifying that.

    15 Philadelphia - Oniel Cousins / OT / U.T.E.P.
    A late riser up draft boards, Cousins may be able to give the Iggles that franchise LT they've been looking for.

    16 New Orleans - Mike Jenkins / CB / USF
    Jason Craft? Jason David? The only question about this pick is which corner they like best. I think Jenkins is the clear answer there.

    17 Buffalo - Malcolm Kelly / WR / Oklahoma
    I didn't like the Jackson pick when I made it, so making a change here doesn't bruise my ego. Kelly is a much more logical compliment to Lee Evans.

    18 Houston - Jonathan Stewart / RB / Oregon
    The Teans OL could use an upgrade. But as most people understand, a strong running game can make the rest of your offense look a whole lot better. Stewart is a big-bodied back with the talent to enter the season as an early ORoY favorite.

    19 Washington - Calais Campbell / DE / Miami
    Andre Carter has had a superb season. But Phillip Daniels fails to impress. The Skins are another team with a lot of money tied up in their secondary. If Campbell can become more consistent, he can help make that secondary's job a lot easier, while also drawing attention away from Carter.

    20 Tennessee - DeSean Jackson / WR / California
    Not the big target a suspect passer like Young really needs. But he can be a dynamic receiver when VY is able to get him the ball.

    21 Minnesota - Chris Williams / OT / Vanderbilt
    The Vikings like their O-linemen big. Their offense is build around being more of a man than the guy in front of you. The right side of their line hasn't held up their end of the deal. Williams will get the chance to start right away.

    22 Seattle - Felix Jones / RB / Arkansas
    The long predicted demise of Shaun Alexander has finally arrived. Since allowing Steve Hutchinson to get away, the Seattle offense has morphed from a downhill, power running attack to an offense that begins and ends on the arm of Matt Hasselbeck. Felix Jones is the type of gamebreaking athlete who can take full advantage of the respect the Seahawks' passing game receives, while also bringing back some of the respect their play-action game has lost of late.

    23 Dallas (from Cleveland) - Mario Manningham / WR / Michigan
    I am personally not a fan of Mario Manningham. The guy screams "diva", and as such, he's almost certain to become a headache. But Jerry Jones doesn't seem to care about that, so long as you produce. With career drama queens Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn, the Cowboys have demonstrated the ability to get the most out of egomaniac wide outs. TO is still a horse. But Terry Glenn's durability is becoming an increasingly worrisome issue, while Patrick Crayton is a FA. Dallas would do well to retain Crayton's services. But planning for life after TO is still something they should consider, regardless of Crayton.

    24 Pittsburgh - Aqib Talib / CB / Kansas
    A physical DB who could shift over to FS. Had 4 receiving TDs on offense this year, so he has the hands for the interception no matter where you put him.

    25 Tampa Bay - Brian Brohm / QB / Louisville
    A nice fit for Gruden's "Gulf Coast Offense" and will have a season or two to learn behind the ageless Jeff Garcia.

    26 New York Giants - Dan Connor / LB / Penn St
    Is Coughlin a goner? If he is, what happens to Eli? Some may say QB here. I don't see it. Eli Manning isn't a bad QB. He is, however, in a bad situation. A new regime with a more QB friendly offense could be just what he needs. So, the G-men look to upgrade the defense. A corner would be great, but I think the value here is with Connor. With the smarts to play inside and the athleticism for the outside, the Giants have a lot of options as to how to best use this guy.

    27 San Diego - Sam Baker / OL / USC
    A value pick and local prospect. May bump inside to guard if he doesn't win the RT job in camp. A team with few needs, San Diego's O-line play has room for improvement.

    28 Jacksonville - Limas Sweed / WR / Texas
    This is a pick I find myself second guessing. Still, with Ernest Wilford likely leaving as a FA and Matt Jones not progressing, Sweed makes for a good pick if you don't believe that Dennis Northcutt can be a longterm answer.

    29 Green Bay - Keith Rivers / OLB / USC
    Value is a beautiful thing. Probably a better fit on the weak side already manned by A.J. Hawk, Rivers has the skill to unseat inconsistent Brady Poppinga.

    30 San Francisco (from Indianapolis) - Quentin Groves / OLB / Auburn
    Manny Lawson and Tully Banta-Cain don't apply the kind of pressure needed to make a 34 defense successful. Clearly, the offense is the greater concern. But the best value offensively is at QB, and I'm not convinced the 9ers are ready to admit their mistake in Alex Smith. The D-line also needs to be addressed, but there's depth there that doesn't exist at rush linebacker. A healthy Groves could go much, much higher, so Mike Nolan (Mike knocks on wood) gets his QB terrorizer.

    31 Dallas - Antoine Cason / CB / Arizona
    A playmaker. Needs to run better than expected to secure a 1st round grade. Probably a better fit for a Tampa-2 style defense. But Wade grabs a guy who can take advantage of the pressure his front 7 creates.

    32 New England - No pick

    33. Miami Dolphins Kentwan Balmer / DL / North Carolina
    Some talented youth for an aging, and likely-to-be-blown-up D-line.

    34. New York Jets Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie / CB / Tennessee St
    Could have gone much higher. Almost had him go to Dallas. Instead, the Jets grab the small school star to further upgrade a weak defense.

    35. Atlanta Falcons Andre' Woodson / QB / Kentucky
    How about this for luck? Years ago, Atlanta made a trade that netted the Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson and Drew Brees. This year, the Falcons try their hand at that strategy with McFadden and Woodson.

    36. St. Louis Rams Marcus Harrison / DT / Arkansas
    Adam Carriker, Chris Long, and now, Marcus Harrison. Lots of D-line talent to play with in St. Louis now.

    37. Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco / QB / Delaware
    Could end up being this year's Jay Cutler.

    38. Kansas City Chiefs Tracy Porter / CB / Indiana
    Law and Surtain are as old as they are talented. Porter gives them someone to groom for the very near future.

    39. Oakland Raiders Red Bryant / DT / Texas A&M
    Anyone who's seen the Raiders play defense understands the reasoning behind taking DTs in the first two rounds. Sapp is all but done. Terdell Sands has been a bust since getting his new contract. Gerrard Warren and Tommy Kelly flash ability, but neither can be counted on as a starter. Pairing this plugger next to the penetrator Ellis not only solidifies the interior defensive line, but also frees up the Raiders' athletic LBs and undersized DEs to make plays.

    40. San Francisco 49ers DeMario Pressley / DL / NC St
    Bryant Young's long and outstanding career appears to be over. The 9ers ask Pressley to fill his extremely large shoes.

    41. Chicago Bears Adarius Bowman / WR / Oklahoma St
    Berrian is gone and Moose is aging quickly. A healthy Bowman gives their QB (McNabb?) a big target to look for.

    42. Cincinnati Bengals Lawrence Jackson / DE / USC
    After passing on D-line help earlier, the Bengals land a DE who may remind some of Justin Smith.

    43. Denver Broncos Harry Douglas / WR / Louisville
    Brandon Marshall's coming out party has been soured by stories of demands to be released. Even if Shanahan settles him down, there's a void opposite him. Douglas may be the verticle threat that Ashley Lelie was supposed to be.

    44. Carolina Panthers Derrick Harvey / DE / Florida
    The Panthers' defense doesn't get the pressure from the blind side that they once did. Charles Johnson hasn't looked like the answer, so they give Harvey the nod.

    45. Detroit Lions Chris Ellis / DE / Virginia Tech
    Like the Panthers, the Lions need more pressure from their front 4. Ellis should be an immediate upgrade over James Hall.

    46. Philadelphia Eagles Ali Highsmith / OLB / LSU
    A speedy, aggressive LB for Jim Johnson's attacking defense.

    47. Arizona Cardinals Roy Schuening / OG / Oregon St
    Ken Whisenhunt and Russ Grimm know where their bread is buttered. More beef for the offensive line makes the other 6 guys on the field that much better.

    48. Buffalo Bills Trae Williams / CB / USF
    With Mike Jenkins on the other side of the field, Williams gets a lot of opportunities to make plays. More often than not, he answers the call.

    49. Atlanta Falcons (from HOU) Early Doucet / WR / LSU
    Roddy White is starting to come around. Michael Jenkins is not. Doucet hasn't produced like most expected, but he has the talent to do the job. McFadden, Woodson, Doucet. When the Falcons defense comes back healthy and ready to play, they won't even recognize the offense they're coming back to. That's a good thing.

    50. Washington Redskins Craig Steltz / S / LSU
    Steltz is a good player, and I sincerely hate to put him in this position. But the reality remains that Washington needs someone to pair with Landry in the deep patrol.

    51. New Orleans Saints John Carlson / TE / Notre Dame
    Eric Johnson is a nice stop-gap player, but Brees needs a TE he can count on.

    52. Minnesota Vikings Charles Godfrey / CB / Iowa
    Minnesota has an elite tandem of DTs. Their LBs are top shelf. If you want to beat the Vikings, you have to throw the ball. Unfortunately, that's even easier done than said. Adding a cover corner here should help.

    53. Tennessee Titans Dre Moore / DT / Maryland
    The Titans' defense with Albert Haynesworth is stout. Without him, they're unremarkable, and that's putting it nicely. Will he be back next year? Can that big body give them 16 games a year if he does re-sign? Either way, Dre Moore's inexplicable slide stops right here.

    54. Cleveland Browns Shawn Crable / OLB / Michigan
    Kamerion Wimbley was a terrific fit for Romeo Crennel's 34 defense. Now, he gets a tag team partner for the other side. In what most consider a disappointing season, Crable managed an unbelievable 26.5 TFL to go along with his 7.5 sacks. He looks custom made for the Brown's defense.

    55. Pittsburgh Steelers - Carl Nicks / OT / Nebraska
    The Steelers' offense is about running downhill and striking deep. Both will be made easier with an upgrade to the offensive line.

    56. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Andre Caldwell / WR / Florida
    Galloway and Hilliard continue to defy Father Time, but even Jerry Rice woke up old one day. Gruden prefers veteran FAs for his offense, as they tend to be much quicker studies. But adding Caldwell here gives him someone to groom with Brohm with an eye towards the near future. Both should spend the better part of their rookie seasons working with the second team, which should allow them to develop great chemistry heading into 2009.

    57. New York Giants Patrick Lee / CB / Auburn
    A cover man to compliment their outstanding pass rush.

    58. Miami Dolphins (from SD) Beau Bell / LB / UNLV
    Parcells is going to get his 34 defense up and running before doing anything else, even if he's not coaching the team himself. Bell is a terrific all around LB who could play outside opposite Gholston or inside next to Crowder.

    59. Seattle Seahawks Barry Richardson / OT/ Clemson
    Sean Locklear is a FA and may decide to test the market.

    60. Jacksonville Jaguars Thomas DeCoud / S / California
    Sammy Knight is a short term solution. DeCoud could be the long term answer.

    61. Indianapolis Colts Eric Young / OL / Tennessee
    Pass protection in Indi is slipping lately. Some youth and versatility for the OL is always a good addition.

    62. Dallas Cowboys Chris Johnson / RB-WR / ECU
    With Julius Jones on his way out, Dallas needs someone to pair with Marion "The Barbarian". Johnson may be an even better fit at WR, so he'll provide Jason Garrett with a great new toy to play with in a lot of different ways.

    63. Green Bay Packers Terrell Thomas / CB / USC
    The need for youth and depth at corner is widely discussed. This pick should help.

    64. New England Patriots Philip Wheeler / LB / Georgia tech
    Another regular topic of discussion is the age of New England's LBs. Wheeler is a terrific athlete and playmaker who could step in right away at ILB if needed.
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    LOL Desean Jackson for the Bills? It might have been a possibility if Fairchild was still here but with him leaving there is basically no chance. We need a big red zone threat.


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      I think we both know we disagree about Kelly, Uzi but with how pathetic our Run D is I like the picks.
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        1. Venron Gholston is a great player but to me is about 10 spots too high.

        2. Not a big Gosder Cherilus fan, pretty good footwork but really not a strong player and not much leg drive.

        3. Know little of the OT Cousins but guess that is a stab in the dark, we'll see.

        4. Do like the QBs, Ryan to Carolina and Brohm to the Bucs, i think that is unlikely they both drop a bit but would be a good fit for them and those teams.

        5. Actually like the move of Kelley to Dallas.

        6. Some of the second rounders i think you have too low.
        Chris Ellis
        John Carlson
        Terrell Thomas


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          Giants picks are horrible


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            Don't know much about Chris Williams. I don't like the second round pick. We are set at CB for at least the next two years.



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              Good effort in the mock but I have to disagree with the Saints choices.

              I have every reason to believe that we will go after a CB in FA. I would much rather us go LB in round one. Someone like Little Animal or Dan Conner would make my day. We need an immediate playmaker on D and either one of those fills that hole.

              In the second round, you give a very valid reason for drafting Carlson, however, Billy Miller has been stepping his game up as of late and TE is not that big of an option in a Sean Payton offense. We need to go DT with this pick because we have extremely old talent along our D-Line. Frank Okam or Dre Moore would help out tremendously. I wouldn't mind going CB if DT value is not there.

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                I would bet money on us not taking Limas Sweed... even if he was there in the second round.


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                  I like the Falcons draft, except we don't need another WR, although I really do like Early. With Robinson as our #2 (not Jenkins) I think we don't need to draft another skill position that high, we need to solidify the lines.


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                    Worst Jets mock I've ever seen.

                    A DT who doesn't fit our system at all, and Rodgers-Cromartie is a reach there, and corner isn't as much of a need as a NT or o-line.


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                      Give Buffalo Malcolm Kelly in the 1st. We need a red-zone target. Like art vandelay said, if Fairchild was still here, we would probably take him.

                      In the 2nd, I'd rather take Charles Godfrey

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                        Good Overall Mock, just not a good one for the Cardinals

                        McKelvin is a early 2nd pick at best IMO not a top 15 talent by any means, and the Cardinals already have Deuce Latui & Reggie Wells at guard two young quality guys who Grimm is molding.

                        I would give us Campbell with the 1st, the man is a freak and come combine time he will shoot up the board, plus Berry will more than likely be cut and Okeafor is very injury prone, he could play DE in our 4-3 and 3-4 as we only use it in passing downs.

                        In the 2nd I would then go CB Trae Williams would be a good fit.


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                          I like Malcolm Jenkins to the Pats with Gholston gone. Gholston is the #1 guy imo for the Pats, he is the best fit for our scheme as a DE/LB in this class. If he is gone, DB makes a lot of sense and Jenkins is the best guy in this class.

                          As far as the Wheeler pick, it is a good position pick, but I don't really see him fitting in our defense. If a quick, pass rushing DE who could play LB in the NFL were available (Tommy Blake, Cliff Avril, Chris Ellis) that would be a good pick. Good job on the mock overall.
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                            Originally posted by BaLLiN72 View Post
                            Giants picks are horrible
                            I disagree. If Connor can play WLB as many people believe he can, then he is great value at where we are. As far as Patrick Lee goes, he is sort of the unsung hero of Auburn's defense. I like him, but I just want to see him run faster than his reported time speeds.

                            I also like your analysis of the Giants. It is pretty spot on that most of the problems revolving around Eli Manning is due to the run friendly offense that makes it that much harder to pass in. Plus we don't have a good pass-blocking o-line.

                            Originally posted by Halsey
                            I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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                              Very surprised by the Raven's 1st Round pick. I think that Jared Gaither is the future at that position, so I woul much rather have James Laurinaitis to be Ray Lewis's replacement.
                              The Ravens 2nd Round pick is different, I'm sort of split that pick

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