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  • RavenOfProphecy's Two-Round Mock Draft!

    Yes, I'm aware I just made one the other day, but I decided to do write-ups for this one and change a lot of the picks around. If people want, I can go for a second round and we'll just see from there.

    First Round

    1. Miami Dolphins - Vernon Gholston / OLB / Ohio St.

    Thought about Chris Long, Glenn Dorsey, and Darren McFadden here as well, but Long may not be the right size and it's easier to draft suitable 3-4 ends later on in the draft than it is impact outside linebackers. Dorsey doesn't seem like a good fit if it's Parcells building the team and Dom Capers has always been a 3-4 guy as well. McFadden doesn't fit too well with Ronnie Brown in the backfield, along with six thousand other running backs.

    2. St. Louis Rams - Glenn Dorsey / DT / Louisiana St.

    Another consideration was Chris Long and I thought about Jake Long, too. However, Leonard Little is a good end on the left side and I'm not too sold that the Rams already want to replace Victor on the right side. Pace is nearing the end of the career, but I'm not sure Long would be any more suited than Barron to play left tackle and if that's the case, they shouldn't be drafting a right tackle this early on.

    3. New York Jets - Darren McFadden / RB / Arkansas

    Close call here between Chris Long and Darren McFadden. However, basically the same thing I said earlier on when discussing why the Dolphins picked Vernon Gholston - 3-4 ends are a bit easier to find later on. They invested a lot of money in Thomas and Leon Washington is a good player, but looking at the last few drafts, when you have a chance to draft a stud at running back, you take it - Bush drafted with McAllister on the team and Peterson with Taylor.

    4. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan / QB / Boston College

    Obviously, now that Bobby Petrino is out of the picture, there won't be any bias when choosing a quarterback to lead the team, hopefully for the forseeable future. I doubt following such a poor season the Falcons would give Petrino's choice much of an edge, but the pick could easily be Brohm or Woodson depending on who they like more. Still, I think Ryan is the best quarterback on the board and the consensus seems to agree with me so that's the pick.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs - Jake Long / OT / Michigan

    The only good things to come out of the Chiefs' failed season seem to be the experience Brodie Croyle got under center, Dwayne Bowe's emergence, and their top-five pick. The Chiefs have needed some youth at tackle for a while now, and Long is the consensus best tackle in the draft. I'd have considered a cornerback such as Malcolm Jenkins had long been off the board, but it worked out in the best possible way for Kansas City, getting a new left tackle.

    6. Oakland Raiders - Chris Long / DE / Virginia

    They have Jay Richardson at left end right now, and he's coming off of a season in which he totaled only one sack. He's a good defensive end against the run and I liked him coming out of college, but Long is productive against both the run and the pass. He's also the best player on the board. I considered Sedrick Ellis and Calais Campbell here as well, as Ellis would be a good fit as well and Al Davis could fall in love with Campbell's raw tools.

    7. Baltimore Ravens - Brian Brohm / QB / Louisville

    Believe it or not, I actually had a bit of trouble with this pick. Baltimore's actually had a few flashes from Troy Smith and Kyle Boller - I came away impressed with both at different points during the season. Still, the Ravens also don't have a lot of glaring holes aside from their merely serviceable quarterbacks. Brohm isn't a great value here, but he's a better player than Andre' Woodson right now and the Ravens' window is closing.

    8. New England Patriots (f/SF) - James Laurinaitis / ILB / Ohio St.

    New England has the luxury of being able to take a player that they don't necessarily need here, and they have quite a few options. Despite the production of their outside linebackers this season, Vernon Gholston would have been an option as an excellent value had he been left, and despite drafting Brandon Meriweather last year, someone like Malcolm or Mike Jenkins could have been an option. Laurinaitis is the pick to eventually replace Bruschi inside.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals - Kenny Phillips / FS / Miami (FL)

    A very difficult choice to make here - Sedrick Ellis and Malcolm Jenkins are both on the board and both of those players could potentially be the pick as well - but I went with Phillips. It's true that the Bengals do need a lot of help on the defensive line, perhaps more so than at safety, where they at least have Chinedum Ndukwe. Still, Phillips has an edge over the others because safety is a very important position and there aren't many good ones this year.

    10. Denver Broncos - Sedrick Ellis / DT / Southern Cal

    Denver is the team that most benefits from Cincinnati's pick because after New England drafted Laurinaitis, they didn't have an inside linebacker on the board to pick so that they could move D.J. Williams back to his more natural spot outside. Still, Ellis is a fantastic pick for a team that's had trouble on the defensive line for years now. Elvis Dumervil gets a complimentary pass-rusher and fans won't be seeing any more signings like Sam Adams at tackle.

    11. Carolina Panthers - Michael Oher / OT / Mississippi

    Surprised? The Panthers have a difficult choice here - I was able to narrow it down to either Michael oher or Andre' Woodson, a difficult decision to make. Still, I'm going to go with Oher here because the Panthers have had a lot of trouble keeping their tackles healthy, and as a result of that, their quarterbacks have gotten beat up. Jake Delhomme will be back next year and Matt Moore has showed some promise, so Campbell gives them another freak opposite Julius Peppers.

    12. Chicago Bears - Andre' Woodson / QB / Kentucky

    Probably the easiest pick so far in the entire draft. Chicago was able to make it to the Super Bowl last year while quarterbacked by the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde in Rex Grossman, and arguably could have won the game had Grossman not made a few costly turnovers late in the game. The defense has fallen off significantly this year, but that's partially because they've had to be on the field so long, and that's something Woodson could fix.

    13. Arizona Cardinals - Malcolm Jenkins / CB / Ohio St.

    With Antrel Rolle on one side and Adrian Wilson at one of the safety spots, the Cardinals have almost half of their secondary set, and this move would help them bolster the other cornerback spot. There are some concerns that Jenkins doesn't have the agility to play cornerback full time, which is the reason he dropped, but I feel as though those concerns are overblown. The offense has gotten all the attention, so it's time for Arizona to look towards the defense.

    14. New Orleans Saints - Mike Jenkins / CB / South Florida

    Watching the Saints a few times this year, the one thing that has stuck out about their team is the poor play in the secondary. Jason David was paid a lot of money to come in and be a solid starter, yet he's been burned far too often this year and it seems as though the Saints still need a solid cornerback. Luckily, Jenkins has lasted this long and they're able to get a good value, and although he is a bit raw, he could be a starter right away.

    15. Buffalo Bills - Leodis McKelvin / CB / Troy

    The run on cornerbacks continues with Buffalo, making it three in a row. The first place I looked to upgrade was defensive tackle, but without making a reach there, they can't upgrade an atrocious pass rush. So the next step was to look at helping out the pass rush with a defensive back by buying time for the line to get through. McKelvin gets the nod over Antoine Cason because of his speed and man coverage ability.

    16. Houston Texans - Jonathan Stewart / RB / Oregon

    Houston has relatively straightforward needs, perhaps the greatest of those being a desperate need for a stable running game. Ron Dayne has done a decent job filling in for Ahman Green, a free-agent pickup last year who has bee na big disappointment. It's possible Houston would look at some offensive linemen or defensive backs, but with no excellent value there, they pick up a very solid running back for the futue in Jonathan Stewart.

    17. Detroit Lions - Sam Baker / OT / Southern Cal

    If there's one flaw in Mike Martz's passing game, it's that quarterback Jon Kitna takes a bigger pounding than just about any other quarterback in the league as a direct result of the quality of his offensive line, and with no cornerbacks other than possible Antoine Cason left representing a solid value, that's what they address. Sam Baker is an athletic pass protector who might be overdrafted a bit due to his left tackle potential but is certainly an upgrade.

    18. Philadelphia Eagles - Malcolm Kelly / WR / Oklahoma

    The Eagles have historically had some trouble with wide receivers as of late, finding Terrell Owens and Donte' Stallworth and losing them soon after, so although they have brought in Kevin Curtis to help out there, they still have a bit of a need for someone to compliment him for the forseeable future. Malcolm Kelly has size and speed and would give Philadelphia an excellent receiver to play opposite Curtis for the forseeable future.

    19. Minnesota Vikings - DeSean Jackson / WR / California

    The Vikings take a look at Calais Campbell here, but ultimately pass him up in order to help out Sidney Rice in the receiving corps. Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has had some trouble passing early on in his career, coming into the league noted as a very accurate college passer but not completing many passes thus far. Bringing in a playmaker like DeSean Jackson gives the team another option that could aid in his development and take pressure off of the running game.

    20. Washington Redskins - Calais Campbell / DE / Miami (FL)

    Washington has had a lot of problems aside from Chris Cooley as far as pass-catchers are concerned, but given the age and lack of talent at defensive end, a solid pass rusher is probably their biggest concern this offseason. A defensive tackle is a possibility as well, but with Calais Campbell having slipped all the way down to twenty after being projected by some as a top-ten pick, the Redskins get a steal here and someone who can rack up sacks for years to come.

    21. Tennessee Titans - Limas Sweed / WR / Texas

    I've been projecting this pick for some time now, and I'm going to stick by it. The Titans have an obvious hole on their team at wide receiver, where it seems as though every year the team has a new number one receiver that isn't all that productive. Vince Young has been having some trouble with one of the league's worst groups of receivers, and getting a tall playmaker like Sweed that Young already has a rapport with would be a smart decision.

    22. Dallas Cowboys (f/CLE) - Antoine Cason / CB / Arizona

    The Cowboys would have liked to land someone like a Leodis McKelvin or Mike Jenkins here, but that's not too realistic as of late with the way those players have been shooting up draft boards, so with that said, the team can choose either Antoine Cason or the best player available. Cason isn't an excellent fit in Dallas, but for a team with little needs that need to be addressed other than that, he represents a solid value and gives the Cowboys a potential starter.

    23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Ryan Clady / OT / Boise St.

    When Cadillac Williams' season was threatened by a serious knee injury, it seemed as though Tampa Bay might have to draft a running back early, but with the strong play of Earnest Graham, adding some security to the position is a lesser priority at this point and so the team can look elsewhere. Luke Petitgout is getting up there in age and has battled injuries recently, so the team drafts an athletic potential left tackle.

    24. Seattle Seahawks - Rashard Mendenhall / RB / Illinois

    Although the Seahawks recently gave Shaun Alexander a massive contract extension, it seems like ages ago that he was among the best running backs in the league. The team would have liked for a solid tackle to be available at this point, but at the same time can't really pass on a chance to upgrade a spot on their team with an excellent value. Mendenhall can inject some youth into Seattle's slowing running game and eventually take over.

    25. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jeff Otah / OT / Pittsburgh

    The Steelers' best offensive lineman, left guard Alan Faneca, is set to become a free agent after the year ends and it seems as though there's a good chance he's not back next year, so upgrading their offensive line becomes their biggest priority. Otah is a tackle prospect first and foremost, but at the same time, unless Oklahoma guard Duke Robinson declares for the draft, he also represents the draft's best guard prospect and he is the pick here.

    26. San Diego Chargers - Aqib Talib / CB / Kansas

    The Chargers are a team that has underperformed this year under Norv Turner after going into the season considered to be one of the most talented teams in the league. Because of that, they're a team that has very few needs on either side of the ball. The dark horse picks here are at quarterback and running back - Philip Rivers could opt out of his contract and Michael Turner is a free agent - but for now, secondary help is their top priority and Talib's a good value.

    27. New York Giants - Keith Rivers / OLB / Southern Cal

    Like San Diego, New York is a team with relatively few needs - the overall rhythm of the offense looks to be more than a little off, but that's something that'd be made worse by bringing in new players - and so can afford the luxury of taking the very talented Keith Rivers. Mathias Kiwanuka and Antonio Pierce are both solid players, but the Giants could still use another outside linebacker, so this pick plays right into their hands - one of the steals of the draft.

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars - Derrick Harvey / DE / Florida

    Although Marcus Stroud and John Henderson form a formidable duo inside at tackle, the same cannot be said about Jacksonville's ends: Bobby McCray and Paul Spicer - not exactly household names. There's not a wide receiver I'd consider for more than a little bit here besides Doucet unless James Hardy were to declare, and I'm not projecting that to happen. Quentin Groves is more of a tweener than Harvey, who's also a local prospect, so he's the pick here.

    29. Green Bay Packers - Charles Godfrey / CB / Iowa

    What a surprise it is that Green Bay is picking this low in the draft! With Ryan Grant having taken over the job at running back and the Packers having some other young players who deserve a chance there, they can turn their attention to the secondary, which is arguably the weakest part of their team. Godfrey is considered a reach by some, but has excellent tools to work with and could eventually develop into a solid starting cornerback.

    30. San Francisco 49ers (f/IND) - Early Doucet / WR / Louisiana St.

    After acquiring Darrell Jackson in the offseason, the current state of the 49ers' passing game is probably not what the team expected. There are countless needs for a team this bad and after trading their original first round-pick this year to New England, they'll only be able to address one of them barring a trade. A defensive end was considered here, but wide receiver is a more important need for a 3-4 team and Doucet edges out Bowman due to Adarius' injury.

    31. Dallas Cowboys - Adarius Bowman / WR / Oklahoma St.

    Again, the Cowboys are a team of few needs, and not much has changed since their last pick - they would still be wise to invest in a wide receiver or offensive tackle, so with Doucet off the board, it comes down to Bowman or someone like Gosder Cherilus or Sam Baker. However, it doesn't seem like the Cowboys need a tackle so much as a wide receiver, with Terry Glenn looking to be on the verge of retirement and Terrell Owens needing a compliment.

    32. New England Patriots - pick forfeited

    Second Round

    33. Miami Dolphins - Dan Connor / ILB / Penn St.

    Gholston and Taylor make for a good OLB corps, Connor can join Crowder in the middle after

    Zach Thomas retires or is released as Parcells rebuilds.

    34. St. Louis Rams - Lawrence Jackson / DE / Southern Cal

    The Rams already added Glenn Dorsey and Adam Carriker early as of late, but defensive end is

    another position of need and Jackson is a solid value.

    35. New York Jets - Quentin Groves / OLB / Auburn

    There was a time early on in the season when a player like Groves would have been a first-

    round possibility for the Jets, and they're able to snag him in the second.

    36. Atlanta Falcons - Gosder Cherilus / OT / Boston College

    Cherilus is most likely the best offensive tackle left for Atlanta's new blocking system - he's big

    and could replace the very, very old Wayne Gandy eventually.

    37. Kansas City Chiefs - Tracy Porter / CB / Indiana

    Admittedly, a bit of a reach here, but at the same time, Kansas City is a team that has almost

    no future at cornerback and so new talent here is much needed.

    38. Oakland Raiders - Kentwan Balmer / DT / North Carolina

    The rebuilding along the defensive line began with Chris Long in the first round and continues

    with Kentwan Balmer, a nice value according to most in the second.

    39. Baltimore Ravens - Kendall Langford / DE / Hampton

    The Ravens have had problems in coverage, but without a decent value at cornerback, they

    move to replace aging defensive end Trevor Pyce with Langford.

    40. San Francisco 49ers - Shawn Crable / OLB / Michigan

    A nice value here, the 49ers have been attempting to build on their linebacking corps with free

    agents like Tully Banta-Cain, but at some point they need some real talent.

    41. Cincinnati Bengals - Ali Highsmith / OLB / Louisiana St.

    The Bengals have had a terrible season linebacker-wise; defensive end Robert Geathers was

    playing back there early on in the year and someone who knows the position would help.

    42. Denver Broncos - Thomas DeCoud / SS / California

    The Broncos addressed their need for a top defensive lineman with Sedrick Ellis, so now it's time

    to pick up a future replacement for starting safety John Lynch.

    43. Carolina Panthers - Joe Flacco / QB / Delaware

    Last year one of the new draft trends was to draft a second-tier quarterback such as Kevin Kolb

    or John Beck in the second round, and Carolina, without safety value, follows that trend.

    44. Chicago Bears - Chris Williams / OT / Vanderbilt

    After picking up a potential franchise quarterback in the first round, Chicago can turn their

    attention to fixing their offensive line, which needs youth at both tackle spots.

    45. Arizona Cardinals - Tony Hills / OT / Texas

    Even after drafting people like Elton and Levi Brown, Arizona's offensive line is still in need of a

    lot of help, and Hills, an athletic left tackle, could provide a serious upgrade.

    46. New Orleans Saints - Frank Okam / DT / Texas

    He ran out of steam quickly during the past college season, but Okam is still a very talented

    tackle who would give New Orleans a little more stability along the line.

    47. Buffalo Bills - Dre Moore / DT / Maryland

    The Bills have a need at defensive tackle despite signing Larry Tripplett from Indianapolis and

    drafting John McCargo in the first round, so they add the best player available.

    48. Houston Texans - Jonathan Hefney / FS / Tennessee

    I believe C.C. Brown is still the starter at free safety for the Texans, so making an upgrade early

    at that spot is crucial in improving their pass defense - Hefney is the best player left.

    49. Detroit Lions - Trae Williams / CB / South Florida

    Detroit still has to make some upgrades in the defensive backfield after drafting Sam Baker, so

    Williams, a speedy corner, will be brought in to help patch up the secondary.

    50. Philadelphia Eagles - Chris Ellis / DE / Virginia Tech

    One of the nicest value thus far in the draft, Chris Ellis will be a long-term starter opposite

    standout end Trent Cole, replacing overpaid vets Jevon Kearse and Darren Howard.

    51. Minnesota Vikings - Eric Young / OG / Tennessee

    Young, who went into the season as the highest ranked guard prospect, will be brought in to

    start at right guard and add to Minnesota's already excellent rushing attack.

    52. Washington Redskins - Andre Caldwell / WR / Florida

    The Redskins attempted to fix their issues with inconsistent wide receiver by bringing in googly

    -eyed Reche Caldwell, but that didn't work, so they pick up the best WR left - his brother.

    53. Tennessee Titans - Martin Rucker / TE / Missouri

    The problems this year for Tennessee all started when they discovered that none of their young

    wide receivers would break out, and despite adding Sweed, they still need reliable hands.

    54. Cleveland Browns - Marcus Harrison / DT / Arkansas

    Cleveland's defensive line has had problems both protecting against the run and pressuring the

    quarterback, so they bring in a player who will replace either Washington or Roye.

    55. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Harry Douglas / WR / Louisville

    Tampa Bay hasn't exactly had much luck drafting wide receivers as of late, usually ending up

    with tall, slow clunkers, but Douglas, with his blazing speed, is drafted to upgrade.

    56. Seattle Seahawks - John Carlson / TE / Notre Dame

    After All-American Martin Rucker, it seems as though most draft experts like John Carlson at

    tight end, so the team brings him in to replace 35 year-old Marcus Pollard.

    57. Pittsburgh Steelers - Roy Schuening / OG / Oregon St.

    The best value Pittsburgh can find at a position where an upgrade is posible, Schuening, an All

    -American this year, could replace Alan Faneca, letting Jeff Otah stay at tackle.

    58. Miami Dolphins (f/SD) - Craig Steltz / SS / Louisiana St.

    Although Yeremiah Bell is a solid safety on one side, Jason Allen has not panned out well and

    Steltz, a superproductive, tough safety, is the kind of player Bill Parcells likes.

    59. New York Giants - DeMario Pressley / DT / North Carolina St.

    The Giants have been trying as of late to find wideouts early, but that hasn't worked well, so a

    veteran pickup or mid-rounder is more likely. They take a tackle to help their run defense out.

    60. Jacksonville Jaguars - Keenan Burton / WR / Kentucky

    Jacksonville has done a nice job of making the passing game work despite spending high draft

    picks on disappointing wide receivers, but David Garrard could be better with an upgrade.

    61. Green Bay Packers - Chris Johnson / RB / East Carolina

    Ryan Grant has been a tough inside runner and a big surprise to say the least, taking over the

    starting job, but Johnson could make some big plays and find a role as a chance-of-pace back.

    62. Indianapolis Colts - Red Bryant / DT / Texas A&M

    The Colts would have really liked to see DeMario Pressley or at least Roy Schuening here, but

    still land a massive defensive tackle who can help them out against the run.

    63. Dallas Cowboys - Oniel Cousins / OT / Texas El-Paso

    Cousins, perhaps the best left tackle prospect left on the board, is a luxury pick for the

    Cowboys, who have a solid line but could use some youth and depth behind Flozell.

    64. New England Patriots - Jonathan Goff / ILB / Vanderbilt

    The Patriots chose James Laurinaitis in the first round, but Roosevelt Colvin could be gone after next year and Adalius Thomas is a much more natural fit on the outside.
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    Ummm...since when was Tarvaris Jackson an accurate college QB? His career completion percentage against 1AA competition was 54.2%. Anyways, I like the Vikings pick, only if we pick up a veteran QB in the offseason or take someone like Flacco or Ainge in the next couple rounds.


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      Good Pick for the Cardinals but terrible explanation, Rolle should be cut this off season he is the worst CB I have ever seen and we have had some bad ones here in AZ, We are set with Hood on one side and Green is a more natural NB


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        6. Oakland Raiders - Chris Long / DE / Virginia They have Jay Richardson at left end right now, and he's coming off of a season in which he totaled only one sack. He's a good defensive end against the run and I liked him coming out of college, but Long is productive against both the run and the pass. He's also the best player on the board. I considered Sedrick Ellis and Calais Campbell here as well, as Ellis would be a good fit as well and Al Davis could fall in love with Campbell's raw tools.
        Richardson is playing at RE. Burgess is the LE.

        Either way, we'll take Chris Long and run with him.


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          Good Redskin selection, but in your explanation, DT isn't much of a need.


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            Originally posted by yo123 View Post
            Ummm...since when was Tarvaris Jackson an accurate college QB? His career completion percentage against 1AA competition was 54.2%. Anyways, I like the Vikings pick, only if we pick up a veteran QB in the offseason or take someone like Flacco or Ainge in the next couple rounds.
            Jackson actually did show very good accuracy in college - his wide receivers dropped a lot of catchable balls because, well, they weren't very good.


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              BOO Matt Ryan > Jake Long...oh well...guess at the #4 pick we're just kinda stuck...


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                WR is a bigger need for Buffalo.

                Malcolm Kelly would be the pick there.

                Originally Posted by scottyboy
                my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
                But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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                  good pick with Long


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                    Good mock. Dont like Sweed, his stock seems to go up by not playing, sort of like Elvis i guess.


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                      Not a big fan of Godfrey at all

                      Follow me on Twitter!!/aMo_Captain


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                        Solid Texans pick, but ewwww to Brian Brohm, give us Malcom Jenkins or James Laurinaitis

                        Baltimore: 7-4


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                          Not the position I want there (bigger needs like WR and WLB), and even then I'm just not with you on seeing how he'd be better than Cason for Buffalo


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                            Jets still have a chance to beat KC so they will drop and the falcons should move up to #2


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                              Defensive end is a HUGE need for the Rams. Leonard Little is getting old.

                              BTW, Victor Adeyanju isn't a starter.

                              Chris Long is the pick here.



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