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  • First Round Mock using the order

    Well I guessed as to what was going to happen with all the coin flips, and I also saw that Denver/Buffalo needed a coin flip too so I guessed that as well. My playoff break down you will most likely find strange but I feel as if the Redskins will upset the Seahawks and then upset the Cowboys, call me crazy if you want but it's just a feeling.

    Regardless, positive feedback is also appreciated, enjoy.

    #1 Dolphins-DE Chris Long, Virginia
    I know that everybody has this pick as Glenn Dorsey but I am going to be the first one who goes in a different direction. To me Long seems more like a Parcells pick. There are only certain premium positions you are supposed to draft and a pass rusher is one of them while a defensive tackle is not. Long is a high energy non stop motor guy who can play the run and the pass and can fit which ever scheme the Dolphins decide to deploy in 2008. I definitely could be wrong but in my mind Parcells likes Long over Dorsey.

    #2 Rams-DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU
    Most believe that Dorsey is the best senior prospect in the nation and he is a disruptive force in the middle. The Rams defense has been disappointing for so many years now and if they are going to turn it around they need to be able to stop the run. Dorsey can be a force in the middle of their defense and lead the way to a different ear in St Louis along with last year’s first round pick Adam Carriker. Jake Long is also an option but offensive tackle is a deeper position, in my mind, than defensive tackle this year so the Rams hold off to round two to grab someone to groom behind Pace.

    #3 Raiders-RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas
    The Raiders have bigger needs than running back and have a lot of money invested in multiple players at the position but I do not believe Al Davis will be able to pass on Darren McFadden. Davis loves incredible athletes and McFadden is the best player in the draft who can provide an immediate boost to their offense. Adding McFadden to Russell can set up the Raiders backfield for the next ten years.

    #4 Falcons-QB Matt Ryan, BC
    The Falcons would be best served trading down, but that may be hard if McFadden is already off the board as there is no one else that too many teams are going to jump at. If they are stuck with the pick I believe it will be Matt Ryan. The franchise needs a new face to lead the organization in a different direction. They will have a new coach and I believe they do what the 49ers did in 2005 and bring in the quarterback of the future to grow with the new man in charge.

    #5 Chiefs-OT Jake Long, Michigan
    It is sad to see the decline in the Chiefs line happen so quickly. I am not sure if they franchise believes in Croyle or not but for the time being I will go with the logic that the other quarterbacks are reaches and they address their porous offensive line. Jake Long has without question the best offensive lineman in the draft and will be a good starting block to get this offensive line back to where it used to be.

    #6 Jets-DE Vernon Gholston, OSU
    This pick was a little strange as there isn’t really a pick for their need but Gholston does provided some need. Any team will take help rushing the passer and Gholston has rocketed up draft boards this season. Gholston can play end in a 4-3 or outside linebacker in a 3-4 so which ever way the jets decide to line up next season Gholston can help out…..for whoever the coach is.

    #7 Patriots (F/SF)-ILB James Laurinaitis, OSU
    The Patriots needs are not many but one that has been obvious for a while now is middle linebacker. I believe both Seau and Bruschi will retire after this season making the position an even greater need, but even if only one or neither retires they still need depth and youth at the position. Laurinaitis is the best linebacker in the draft and fits the bill from a value, talent, and need standpoint for the Patriots pick here.

    #8 Ravens-QB Brian Brohm, Louisville
    New coach, new quarterback, that seems to be the way things go in the NFL recently. Billick is out and the franchise needs a signal caller. It is rough that they will have to go with a rookie instead of a veteran because there is still enough talent on this team to compete now instead of rebuilding. On that note, Brohm is the more NFL ready quarterback between him and Woodson giving Brohm the nod in this situation while the Ravens pray they have finally found their quarterback.

    #9 Bengals-DT Sedrick Ellis, USC
    The Bengals need their defense to catch their offense so they can become competitive again. Just like with the Rams it should start up front with stopping the run. Ellis really came on as a senior and has been great stopping the run and rushing the passer so he is a good fit here for the Bengals.

    #10 Saints-CB Malcolm Jenkins, OSU
    The Saints need pass defense help as they rank near the bottom of the league once again. Jenkins is a big corner with good speed and he could help out right away. Ohio State in the past has sent a long line of good cornerbacks to the NFL and Jenkins should be joining them soon enough.

    #11 Broncos-OT Ryan Clady, Boise St
    This pick was hard for me as you can make the case for guys like Rivers, Connor, and Phillips, but I watched the final Monday Night Football game when the Broncos played the Chargers and I have to go with Clady here. Cutler was pressured the whole night, much like the entire season, and the announcers even mentioned Shannahan claiming that the offensive line will be a priority in the off-season. The Broncos have hitched themselves to Jay Cutler and they should do all they can to protect him so he can get the ball to their weapons.

    #12 Bills-CB Mike Jenkins, USF
    Wide receiver is the bigger need but I don’t think Kelly is worth this pick and Jackson isn’t a good compliment to Evans. That being said corner is a problem and Jenkins can help out. A physical corner who can at the very worst add depth, he will be a good addition to the Bills as they look to remake their defense.

    #13 Panthers-S Kenny Phillips, Miami
    Safety has been a huge weakness for the Panthers for a while now, and granted they did well in their trade for Chris Harris, they still need to address the other safety spot. Phillips is far and away the best safety prospect in the class and he has already declared. He is not quite Sean Taylor or Ed Reed but he is right below there and will start for the Panthers from day one.

    #14 Bears-QB Andre Woodson, Kentucky
    I still believe that by the time everything is settled Derek Anderson will be wearing a Bear uniform next season, but until that happens this is the pick. To be simple about this, Grossman sucks, Greise sucks, and Orton sucks. Long story short Chicago needs a new quarterback and Woodson is the last of the big three left.

    #15 Lions-OT Jeff Otah, Pitt
    Believe me I know that the Lions need defensive help and should for once invest a first round pick on that side of the ball, but with the regularity that Kitna was hit in 2007, with all that money invested on offense, they need to make sure that the offense can be productive. It is hard for anybody to play well without good protection and the Lions need to address that problem. Otah is an absolute load of a human and has not begun to tap his potential and is a good pick here for the Lions.

    #16 Cardinals-DE Quentin Groves, Auburn
    I know that his stock is not this high right now, but it is hard for me to believe that Groves’ stock will not soar after the combine. If he really runs a 4.4 at 265, being a natural productive pass rusher whose biggest question marks are his technique, every defensive coordinator in the NFL will have the ego to believe they can coach this kid into the next LT or Merriman. He may be down right now but I fully expect his stock to rocket following workouts, maybe into the top ten.

    #17 Vikings-DE Calais Campbell, Miami
    I do believe that McNabb will be wearing a Viking uniform next season, and even with that move they still need a wide receiver, but Childress does not believe in taking a receiver in the first round. On to the trenches where the Vikings have great run stopping tackles but lack a true edge pass rush. Both starters could be upgraded over and Campbell, while coming off a down Junior season, still possess physical attributes that can not be taught that could turn him into an elite pass rusher in the NFL.

    #18 Texans-RB Felix Jones, Arkansas
    The Texans still need a franchise tackle but without good value they won’t reach for one, and instead take McFadden’s backup. Similar to the situation of Ronnie Brown and Cadillac William in 2005, Arkansas has two first round quality running backs and despite playing in McFadden’s shadow, Jones is a great prospect in his own right and should he leave early he should find himself in the top 20 mix.

    #19 Eagles-WR DeSean Jackson, California
    The Eagles may have bigger issues but I think this pick is too tempting to pass up. Jackson provides good value at this pick and fills a need. Drafting Jackson can allow Curtis to play out of the slot which will take attention away from Jackson in three wide receiver sets giving him opportunities to hit that home run where he is such a threat to do so.

    #20 Buccaneers-OT Sam Baker, USC
    At this stage in his career Luke Petitgout is unreliable, and the depth behind him, and the offensive line, can definitely be upgraded. Baker is a very athletic tackle with good feet. He can help clean up the issues that the Bucs have on the blind side of the quarterback.

    #21 Cowboys (F/CLE)-WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma
    The Cowboys biggest need is defensive back depth, but with another pick in round one this is almost a luxury and Kelly is too good to pass up at this point. With both Owens and Glenn getting older and both slowing down, now would be a good time to bring in a receiver of the future to groom behind the two of them before they walk away from the game.

    #22 Titans-WR Limas Sweed, Texas
    The Titans need to give Vince Young someone to throw to if he is to ever progress into a reliable passer. Limas Sweed was Young’s teammate at Texas so they already have a familiarity with each other. Sweed presents a big target for Young with an already existing chemistry.

    #23 Seahawks-RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon
    Shaun Alexander’s career is going downhill and fast, and even if he still has some left the best thing for him is to begin splitting carriers. Jonathan Stewart has a great blend of size and speed, and was productive in an offense built for the pass. He would provide insurance in case Alexander gets injured, and also relief to prolong Alexander’s career.

    #24 Steelers-OT Gosder Cherilus, BC
    The Steelers have a history of letting their free agent offensive lineman walk, and this year it might just be their right tackle. Cherilus is a great prospect for the right tackle position, and BC has a history themselves of producing great offensive lineman in the pro ranks.

    #25 Giants-OLB Keith Rivers, USC
    The Giants have larger issues than linebacker, but at this point Rivers cannot be passed on. A top 15 talent who does fit a need, Rivers is a great linebacker who wore the historic #55 for the Trojans. The secondary is an option but with Rivers on the board I don’t think they can pass.

    #26 Chargers-ILB Dan Connor, Penn St
    I realize that Connor is an outside linebacker, but he is versatile and can play inside in the pros, which is where the Chargers need him. Last off-season the Chargers lost both starting middle linebackers and did not do much to replace them. Connor is a product of Linebacker U and better than Puz was last year.

    #27 Jaguars-WR Mario Manningham, Michigan
    Unfortunately once again the Jaguars may have to use a first round pick on a receiver. Reggie Williams showed signs this season that he can be a solid receiver of this team, but the Jaguars have big receivers and need a smaller, quicker receiver to compliment them. Manningham, at six feet with 4.4 speed fits that description and can be a very productive member of the Jaguars receiver core next year.

    #28 Cowboys-CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy
    Now the Cowboys look to address their biggest need with defensive back depth. McKelvin has the speed that scouts are looking for and with his addition it would allow the Cowboys to move Henry to safety which has been rumored for some time now.

    #29 Redskins-DE Derrick Harvey, Florida
    The Redskins have a nice defense and their problems mostly lie on the offensive side of the ball, but without great value for their needs they look to upgrade their pass rush. Phillip Daniels is not getting any younger and he was only average anyway, plus the depth is lacking as well. Harvey has the talent to go much higher than this so to get such a talented pass rusher this late is a coup for the Redskins.

    #30 49ers (F/IND)-WR Early Doucet, LSU
    The 49ers should be in the market for a quarterback but it seems clear Smith will get one more year. In the mean time they better find Smith some help if they are going to have him pan out to what they thought he would be. Doucet was injured his senior season after Bowe and Davis left, but in a lackluster receiver class Doucet can still find his way into the first round with good workouts.

    #31 Packers-CB Aqib Talib, Kansas
    Depth at corner back is an alarming concern for the Packers, and to make matters worse Woodson and Harris and 32 and 34. To say the least depth and replacements must be brought in for the Packers. Talib is a big physical corner who should be a first round pick and a good pick at this point for the Packers.

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    Orton's been protecting the football and is 2-1 as a starter this year i believe. I like Woodson in that hes the QB of id prefer if it came down to he and brohm but i think OT is their biggest need


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      The Bills have the 11th pick. Then in the 2nd, we'll have the 10th pick. Then in the 3rd, our pick will be farther down. Also, since we are tied with Denver, and they beat us, we go in front of them, right?

      That said, I wouldn't mind taking Jenkins, or Malcolm Kelly there

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      my lord...I cannot imagine such a world where I can mention Raymell Rice's thighs around a girl and not be the only one sexually aroused
      But for everyone reading this in Buffalo and Cleveland and everywhere else, take solace in the following: As crazy as it sounds, you're lucky. Your Mount Everest experience is still ahead of you. It's waiting, and it's glorious.- Bill Simmons


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        i understand why u would give the giants rivers 1st round b.c hes the BPA. But we have such a pressing need in the secondary we need a CB very badly

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          You definitely aren't the first to give Chris Long to the Dolphins at #1 overall.. I made that pick for the Dolphins in a previous mock!

          But we are visionaries.


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            OK Ravens pick... would have taken Jenkins, but good.
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              please give the skins someone other than harvey. he is unimpressive this year and a terrible fit for the skins D


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                LOVE KC's pick


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                  How do the Redskins end up picking 29? They are either picking around 21 or 30 or 31, but if they don't make it to the Super Bowl they'll stay at 21 or so.

                  Overall, well done even if I disagree with some individual picks. Well thought out. I'd prefer Frank Okam for the Chargers if he's still available. Matt Wilhelm and Steven Cooper came on this year and showed a lot of improvement, and they have Anthony Waters who will contribute next year.


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                    Woodson and Harris are 31 and 33. Nice pick though.


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                      Why do people keep thinking we will take Ryan? I already made a topic about this crap and it got closed for no reason.


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                        Originally posted by Twinblade View Post
                        Why do people keep thinking we will take Ryan?
                        Because you need a QB and he's the best one in the draft. It's really not that hard to understand.


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                          Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                          Because you need a QB and he's the best one in the draft. It's really not that hard to understand.
                          The best? are you kidding me? he has bust written all over his face, we can get a better QB in the 2nd round.


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                            Eww, I personally don't like Brian Brohm, would much rather have Malcolm Jenkins.

                            Baltimore: 7-4


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                              Originally posted by Twinblade View Post
                              The best? are you kidding me? he has bust written all over his face, we can get a better QB in the 2nd round.
                              Well you asked as if it was some big mystery as to why people had Ryan to Atlanta, I gave you an answer. It's your opinion that he's going to be a bust, others might not see him that way so they give him to you. It's not an outrageous pick that you seem to think. And as for "a better QB in the 2nd round" who exactly were you thinking?



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