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    Jakey and I did a joint mock. We alternated each pick with explanations for the first round.


    Round 1:

    Miami- Glen Dorsey DT LSU
    While Miami needs a tackle, I would suggest that they go with the best defensive player in the draft with Dorsey. He will start right away and help rebuild that defense and make it better in the future.

    St.Louis: Jake Long - Orlando Pace's dominating career is finally coming to an end, and even if he decides to return next season teh Rams need a player who is capable of replacing him...Jake Long can be that player. Despite some doubters, i believe Long will allow Alex Baron to move back to his natural position of RT, and Long will be a pro bowl LT for years to come.

    Atlanta- Matt Ryan QB Boston College
    While no quarterback is worth a top 5 pick, Atlanta needs a quarterback, and they get the best one in the draft with Ryan. Ryan will come in right away and start for the Falcolns be put up better numbers then Harrington/Leftwhich did.

    Oakland: Darren McFadden - Although RB isnt the biggest need in Oakland, rundmc is just too good of a talent to pass up. Jamarcus Russell and Darren McFadden would instantly create a duo with unlimited potential...and it would scare the **** out of opposing defenses.

    Kansas City- Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State
    While tackle is a need as well, they cant pass on the talents of Jenkins. Jenkins is everything you want in a corner. He is basically what Ty Law and Patrick Surtain was when they were in their prime. This pick will surely help that defense, and will join Pollard and Page to form a tough, great secondary.

    NY Jets: Vernon Gholston - Q: Who are the Jets OLB's??? Answer: who knows ... Chris Long would be a good option, but 3-4 DE's are allot easier to come by than elite 3-4 OLB's. Gholston has all the upside in the world...and he could be the biggest impact defensive player in the whole draft. He would team up with David Harris to be one of the best duo of young linebackers in the league.

    New England- James Lauranitis LB Ohio State
    The Patriots linebackers are old and fading. They need an upgrade at the postion to join Adalius Thomas. Lauranitis is a playmaker who will make that defense and team even more scary.

    Baltimore: Chris Long - The Ravens luck out big time, Chris Long is a perfect fit for their hybrid defensive scheme...he would be a great DE in a 3-4, 4-3, 4-6 whatever defence the Ravens choose to run. He would be apart of the d-line rotation in his rookie year, and eventually take over for Trevor Pryce on the strong side. Some ppl say QB or CB...but with Jenkins off the board, and the promising play of Troy Smith...i think they go BPA.

    Cincinnati- Keith Rivers LB USC
    Cincinnati needs defense, and they need it bad. Rivers is the type of player they need. He can rush the passer, play coverage, and play the run well. He will team with Brooks to make a good young linebacking core.

    New Orleans: Sedrick Ellis - The saints biggest need is definately their defensive front 7...thier is no value at LB here, so they side for Ellis. Some ppl value Ellis over Dorsey, and if that is the case the Saints will get a steal at this point in the draft.

    Buffalo- Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma
    Buffalo has an up and coming offense that has playmakers that consists of Lee Evans, Marshawn Lynch, and Trent Edwards. The only thing they need is a reciever who can take teams to stop doubleing Evans. Kelly is a big, fast reciever that will be looked apon to move the chains and go to in the red zone.

    Denver: Desean Jackson - Brandon Marshall is a stud at SE, and Brandon Stokley is servicable at FL...but behind them there is a massive drop off in talent. Desean Jackson is a good route runner, great returner and is fast as greased lightning (he reportedly ran a 4.27). He would give Cutler another target strait away, and would eventually join up with Marshall as an awsome recieving corps.

    Carolina- Kenny Phillips S Miami(Fla.)
    Since Mike Minter retired, Carolina needed a saftey. They got one with Chris Harris, but they still dont have another saftey to go with him. Phillips is a big, fast playmaker in the mold of Sean Taylor and Ed Reed, but not as talented as those two. He would come in and make that defense back to what it was.

    Chicago: Ryan Clady - With the average group of QB's this year, Chicago holds off and adresses that at a later date. Altough their oline is servicable, it's nothing they bring in the man mountain that is Ryan Clady...he wont start instantly, but eventually he will earn a starting spot, and will immediately improve Chicago's rush offence and QB protection. (which frankly they need with Benson and Grossman).

    Detroit- Jeff Otah OT Pittsburgh
    We all know Detroits line sucks, so they get a great value and selection with Otah here. He would come in right away in start. While he is still raw, he would get those growing pains out and be a great starter for the future.

    Arizona: Calais Campbell - Campbell is a perfect fit in Arizona's hybrid defence...although he had abit of a down year, he has still got all the tools you look for, and you cant deny the guy is a physical force. He would be a great 4-3 end, and i believe he has the size and strength to play 3-4 end, when needed. Just imagine Dockett and Campbell next to each other...scary no???

    Minnesota- Andre Woodson QB Kentucky
    I am not sold on Tavares Jackson. He is too inconsistant and doesnt play to his potential. With Woodson, he gives the Vikings a complete quarterback. I say Jackson will start one more year untill Woodson takes over the helm.

    Houston: Phil Loadholt - Could this be the year??? YES! WOOT! I think the Texan's finally take the plunge and adress their O-Line early on...and i think its a great decission. Loadholt might not be ready to start straight away, but he has unlimited upside. This might not be a sexy pick, and the fans might not be too happy...but in a few years time it will make the Texan's look like geniouses...and the fans should appreciate it aswell. (runningback can wait)

    Philadelphia- Limas Sweed WR Texas
    While Reggie Brown is a good reciever, I think he or Kevin Curtis is more suited in the slot. Sweed is a big, playmaking reciever who will help McNabb out as Brown is really inconsistant.

    Dallas(from Cle): Jonathon Stewart - An all-round great back...he can run, catch and block all to high standard. He is vastly underrated in my opinion, and would be a steal at this point in the draft. With the resigning of Crayton, WR is no longer a 1st round need, so they can afford to ba abit frivolous with this pick...and it pays off big time!

    Washington- Derrick Harvey DE Flordia
    Andre Carter is a great pass rusher and a great defensive end for them. They dont have another guy to take the pressure off him. Harvey would come in right away, get the starting job, and bring an impact to an already stout defense. I think he would come in and put up an impact that Mark Anderson did for the Bears his rookie season.

    Tampa Bay: Brian Brohm - IMHO Brohm is a better prospect than Ryan, and he is a much better fit for Tampa's WCO. He will learn for a year (possibly 2) behind a good tutor in Jeff Garcia...and he will eventually become the franchise QB in Tampa for years to come.

    Tennessee- James Hardy WR Indiana\par
    The Titans need a reciever badly. Roydell Williams, David Givens, Justin Gage, and Brandon Jones are not starters in this league. Vince needs a playmaking reciever and he will get that here with Hardy.

    Seattle: Felix Jones - there's no Seattle fans on here i cant be bothered to explain this one

    Pittsburgh- Duke Robinson G Oklahoma
    The Steelers need oline help. They need somebody to keep Ben alive. They need someone to take over for Faneca when he leaves. They get that here with the best guard in the draft, Duke Robinson.

    NY Ginats: Sam Baker - I wanted to give them Antoine Cason here...but Baker is such good value at this point, it would be stupid to pass on him. Diehl isnt a terrible tackle...but Sam Baker would definately be an upgrade. Giving Eli Manning that extra second to read the field, could be the difference between the Giants success or faliure...i think Sam Baker would definately push them more toward the side of success. He could be a steal.

    Green Bay- Aquib Talib CB Kansas
    While Green Bays corners are good, they are old. Jarrett Bush does not need to be on the team and needs replaced. Talib is the man to take his job, and will start when Woodson or Harris retires or leaves.

    San Diego: Gosder Cherilus - Cherilus was touted as one of the top oline prospects available at the beggining of the season...but since he was moved to LT, his stock has plummeted. That could be a great thing for San Diego...since their weakness is the right side, they draft Cherilus here and move him back to his natural position of right tackle. It would be a good move!

    Jacksonville- Early Doucet WR LSU
    Two first round recievers have failed so far. Reggie Williams actually played well finally after four years, and Matt Jones still looks raw at the position, so they need an upgrade. Doucet brings a fast, physical, but short reciever that they could use.

    San Fran(from Ind): Quentin Groves - Tully Banta-Cain stinks! With Groves' experience at OLB, and the fact that he will run an insane 40 time...i think he slipps back into late round 1. He would pair up with Manny Lawson to create a freakishly fast pair of 3-4 OLB's...add Patrick Willis into that equasion, and youve got a pretty scary defence! Also has the versitility to play with his hand down, in nickle/dime situations.

    Dallas- Mike Jenkins CB South Flordia
    Jenkins is a good corner. He has great ball skills, and can cover well. He could take over Henrys spot and eventually could develop into a top tier corner. He needs to work on his tackling, but if he can, he will be great. One concern with me is that he will not run that great of a time, which will make him slip.

    New England: cheety poo's

    Round 2:

    Miami: Chris Williams
    St.Louis: Earl Bennett
    NY Jets: Leodis McKelvin
    Atlanta: Frank Okam
    Oakland: Adarius Bowman
    Kansas City: Barry Ricardson
    Baltimore: Colt Brennan
    San Fran: Kentwan Balmer
    Detroit: Jack Ikegwuonu
    Cincinnatti: Lawrence Jackson
    New Orleans: Terrell Thomas
    Buffalo: Antoine Cason
    Denver: Tavares Gooden
    Carolina: Dan Connor
    Chicago: Joe Flacco
    Philadelphia: Tracy Porter
    Arizona: Rashad Mendenhall
    Minnesota: Chris Ellis
    Atlanta: Alex Boone
    Cleveland: Shawn Crable
    Washington: Mario Manningham
    Tampa Bay: Andre Caldwell
    Tennessee: Fred Davis
    Seattle: Martin Rucker
    Pittsburgh: Dre Moore
    NY Giants: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
    Green Bay: John Carlson
    Miami(from SD): Devin Thomas
    Jacksonville: Ali Highsmith
    Indianapolis: Xavier Adibi
    Dallas: Tony Hills
    New England: Carl Nicks

    We feel that this draft is pretty good. If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, anything, let us know for our next mock. Just dont say "bad pick", tell us why. ENJOY!!

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    Round two is bad for Oakland.Oaklands Defensive problem is that they dont have a NT.Give us Dre Moore.
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      dammit jakey, give the Giants Cason. I love the 2nd round pick, but Cason is a much better pick.

      Honestly, I dont think Baker would even be an upgrade over Diehl
      We ALL bleed scarlet
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      Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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        Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
        dammit jakey, give the Giants Cason. I love the 2nd round pick, but Cason is a much better pick.

        Honestly, I dont think Baker would even be an upgrade over Diehl
        :( i'm sorry

        ...erm NOT! ;)

        Baker cant be that bad...can he???


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          Rd 1 bad, Rd 2 good.


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            Round 1) I can live with that pick.

            Round 2) Oh man if Dan Connor and Antoine Cason are on the board i'd lose my mind!


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              Originally posted by Jakey View Post
              :( i'm sorry

              ...erm NOT! ;)

              Baker cant be that bad...can he???
              no, but CB is our biggest need by far. Baker would be a luxury pick, or a nice pick if Rivers, Cason, and Reggie Smith were off the board. Cason is a better choice, but i could live with baker
              We ALL bleed scarlet
              New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
              UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
              Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
              BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                JaMarcus Russell/Darren McFadden and Brandon Marshall/DeSean Jackson would be ******* ridiculous duos!


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                  Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
                  no, but CB is our biggest need by far. Baker would be a luxury pick, or a nice pick if Rivers, Cason, and Reggie Smith were off the board. Cason is a better choice, but i could live with baker
                  did i happen to mention that you traded your round 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 picks for Brian Leonard and Tye Hill??? That sorts out the CB problem too :)


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                    Why would the Vikings draft another developmental QB when we have Jackson. You're assessment of Jackson is wrong considering he has played to his potential at times and showed how good of a quarterback he can be. What he needs are targets surrounding him to help guide him along the way.


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                      ^ I kindof agree with you Buck...Travaris played really well at the end of the season


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                        Bears getting Clady with 1 and Flacco with 2 makes me want to masturbate.

                        ^Thanks to Eaglez.Fan for the sweet sig!


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                          GB has no need for a TE, and i dont really like Talib

                          Sig thanks to Bonekrusher


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                            worst title ever cuz you lied to all of us, also if Bruce leaves i would like to see Earl Bennett on our team but i think we need to draft a DL


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                              Great Bengals Pick, but Jones to the Hawks?

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