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  • 3 round, no-trade

    Juniors considered (thus, hopefully, avoiding any “did you consider” comments, obviously some of these will go and some won’t, and there will be others that go):

    QB – No one.
    RB – Darren McFadden, Jamaal Charles, Rashard Mendenhall, Jonathan Stewart
    TE – Cornelius Ingram, Martellus Bennett, Brandon Pettigrew
    OT – Ryan Clady, Michael Oher, Phillip Loadholt, Anthony Collins, Franklin Dunbar
    WR – Desean Jackson, Malcolm Kelly, Mario Manningham, Devin Thomas, Davone Bess, James Hardy, Mario Urrutia, James Banks, Taj Smith
    OG – Duke Robinson, Branden Albert, Chilo Rachal, Alex Fletcher
    C – Alex Mack
    DE – Vernon Gholston, Derrick Harvey, Calais Campbell, Phillip Merling, Johnny Dingle
    DT – Fili Moala, Terrance Taylor
    LB – James Laurinaitis, Jerod Mayo, Curtis Lofton, Erin Henderson, Marcus Freeman, Geno Hayes
    CB – Malcolm Jenkins, Aqib Talib, Justin King, Victor Harris, Darren Banks, Christopher Owens
    S – Kenny Phillips, William Moore, Patrick Chung
    K/P –

    Quick three round mock, no trade. Next mock likely won’t happen until 1/15 and
    declarations. I’ll ponder adding a 4th/5th to this, but I tend to not do that until compensatory picks are announced.

    1. Miami

    There’s a rumor of Maurice Carthon floating around, and I’m not sure what to think of that exactly. I think the Dolphins will be rooting hard for the Raiders to win the coin toss, as I think that may give them their best shot at a trade (with the Falcons). That said, this is a no-trade mock. A lot of possibilities exist in a year where there isn’t a standout guy for the first overall spot. The name of the game for Parcells has always been versatility, and I’d imagine that Ireland would hold similar feelings. With Al Groh selling Chris Long as a potential 3-4 OLB, this may be the route they go. Long has the hunger, desire, and work ethic that Parcells might desire. The versatility is there. He can be a 3-4 end, akin to Phil Hansen perhaps. He can be a 3-4 OLB, perhaps akin to Vrabel or Greg Ellis. He could even slide inside on 40 fronts in passing situations.

    Miami Dolphins pick: OLB/DE Chris Long, Virginia

    2. St. Louis Rams

    Their decision on this pick may rest with two veterans. Orlando Pace is rumored to be thinking about retirement. Perhaps not this year, but it seems to be something in the back of his mind. Leonard Little is aging and his contract has 2 years left. It’ll be worth watching to see what happens with their scouting department and who is their GM/decision maker on personnel. I think Vernon Gholston would be the right move here, but if Little is there, it seems more likely that they wait on the young edge guy as they have some time to develop them. I don’t like this nod, but the nod goes to Jake Long as someone who is best equipped to step in at guard next year and potentially slide out to a tackle spot in a year or two, whether it be to take Pace’s spot, or Alex Barron’s spot, as Barron only has 2 years left on his deal and hasn’t exactly torn it up.

    St. Louis Rams pick: OT Jake Long, Michigan

    3. Atlanta Falcons

    If McFadden is there, I don’t think this will take that long. Sure, Dorsey and Ryan could get some thoughts, but McFadden would be the franchise back, the back to give them a controlled run game to play to their defense, the guy to give regular fans hope.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: RB Darren McFadden, Arkansas

    4. Oakland Raiders

    The Monte’ Kiffin talk is certainly interesting. It makes some sense, to the extent that their safeties have struggled and moving to a cover 2 may help in that regards. They have some pieces in place for it, but they are lacking that dominant interior player. While OT/RB may get consideration, if McFadden is off, I think they’ll wait on those spots on account of the system. WR lacks value here, and a dominant interior player is as much a need as an end, and Dorsey has better value.

    Oakland Raiders pick: DT Glenn Dorsey, LSU

    5. Kansas City Chiefs

    Sedrick Ellis would be quite tempting here. But I’m not sure Ellis would be the guy to get them to pass on OT. They desperately need help there and there’s solid value. Ryan Clady gets the nod as someone that can step right in at LT.

    Kansas City Chiefs pick: OT Ryan Clady, Boise State

    6. New York Jets

    Some of their preferred options may be off the board, but Vernon Gholston gives them that potential top edge pass rusher that they’ve been seeking. They still need to rework the lines.

    New York Jets pick: OLB/DE Vernon Gholston, the Ohio State

    7. New England Patriots f/ San Francisco 49ers

    Gholston would’ve been tempting. Laurinaitis or a CB? The lean, considering the no-trade, is to fill the position where age is creeping in.

    New England Patriots pick: LB James Laurinaitis, the Ohio State

    8. Baltimore Ravens

    Ravens fans won’t like this. I think there’s a good chance Matt Ryan is the top value on the board here, and as intriguing as Troy Smith is, you can’t bank your future on him just yet. Sure, there are secondary concerns, but a good one can likely be found early round 2. If Suggs leaves, that opens up a big hole on the defense, but other than that, there aren’t that many pressing, absolutely must fill that spot in the first round needs for the defense. Offensively, they seem liable to give their current guys like Gaither and Terry a shot at replacing Ogden, if Ogden retires.

    Baltimore Ravens pick: QB Matt Ryan, Boston College

    9. Cincinnati Bengals

    A lot of their “ideal” targets are off the board, and Sedrick Ellis could be gone in some scenarios in my mind. But he’s here, and he’s what they need, someone to help with the interior pass rush. Certainly, LB deserves some consideration, but with all their efforts to create a pass rush late in the year, Ellis may be a quick way to address the problem.

    Cincinnati Bengals pick: DT Sedrick Ellis, Southern California

    10. New Orleans Saints

    Their secondary is still not up to snuff, and with no CB’s off, they have their pick of who to try and fill their hole. The nod goes to the immensely talented Mike Jenkins. LB could be a thought, but I don’t like Rivers here all that much.

    New Orleans Saints pick: CB Mike Jenkins, South Florida

    11. Buffalo Bills

    If Ellis gets within shouting range, I think they make a play. They could use that dominant interior player. If not, they are in a bit of a quandary on who to take. Will a WR be worth it here that would be markedly better than a mid-2nd receiver? Does a DB make sense here? This isn’t a great spot for them. I’m really looking at three guys, Keith Rivers as the weakside backer, Kentwan Balmer as the UT, and Derrick Harvey as a pass rushing end. The development of McCargo down the stretch slides Balmer to third, so I’m thinking Rivers or Harvey here. I may hear it somewhat, but I’m going Harvey. He was downgraded on the boards, but talk is his value is still quite high as a 4-3 end or a 3-4 OLB. Yes, Kelsay is signed down, but they need to up the pass rush a bit, and weakside cover 2 LB is something that this draft has some depth with.

    Buffalo Bills pick: DE Derrick Harvey, Florida

    12. Denver Broncos

    A lot of questions could be answered if their young DL talent develop. They could still use a DT, but it seems unlikely here. LB/S/OL? As tempting as OL is with Lepsis retiring, I can see them waiting. If they did pick here, don’t be surprised if someone like Otah is on their minds. That said, I’m going S or LB here, and the nod goes to Kenny Phillips over Keith Rivers.

    Denver Broncos pick: S Kenny Phillips, the U

    13. Carolina Panthers

    I am working on this pick with the idea Fox returns. If he doesn’t, it opens the door up a bit. If Fox returns, it probably signals a win-now mentality, so QB may be slid down a bit. I think DT would garner consideration with Kentwan Balmer, and DE may garner thought with Phillip Merling and Calais Campbell. That said, at DE, they do have Charles Johnson from last year, along with McClover, so maybe the better route is to wait at DE and add someone later. LB seems a fallback thought. Just don’t buy it here. Same goes for DB. Yes, I know, there’s talk of Ken Lucas being cut, and I don’t know their financial situation. But with Chris Harris in one spot, they could move Lucas/Gamble to FS (preferably Gamble) and slide Marshall into the starting lineup if they wanted. OT will get long thoughts here. I expect one of them to stay, probably Gross. I’ve never bought Wharton as a LT, and they do need to add one. A 3rd OT edges out Kentwan Balmer here.

    Carolina Panthers pick: OT Michael Oher, Mississippi

    14. Chicago Bears

    Win now, or build a new window? That’ll be a tough one to answer. Briggs is likely out the door, but replacements are on hand. S value is off. DT? Balmer? DE is unlikely, as is CB. On the other side, there’s OT, where someone like Jeff Otah will be on the board. Brohm is a thought. WR? Definitely a possibility, as Berrian is a question mark on whether or not he stays. Even a RB pop here wouldn’t stun me depending on the offseason. I don’t like this one bit, but in a no-trade, I have a tough time seeing the Bears pass on Brohm here. Speculation is increasing on the DT front, so if someone falls, that’s worth watching, along with Balmer.

    Chicago Bears pick: QB Brian Brohm, Louisville

    15. Detroit Lions

    I’m never a huge fan of an OC and a passing game coordinator. That said, the signal is we are going to run more, while maintaining the same attack. Here’s my question – Do they have that RB to achieve this? Defensively, Harvey would’ve been nice. Merling could still be on the radar. I don’t buy Campbell here. Balmer may make some noise as well. A LB is a thought, as Rivers could slot inside. CB is likely a position that, based on scheme, they will wait on. OT is another area of concern. A lot of possibilities and while I’m tempted in a lot of directions, the best value on the board, for me, is Jeff Otah, and that’s where the nod goes.

    Detroit Lions pick: OT Jeff Otah, Pittsburgh

    16. Arizona Cardinals

    I think the possibilities are more wide open than acknowledged. I could see them go OL if they buy value/fit here. That said, Otah went off, so it seems unlikely. I could see them go with Kentwan Balmer here as a hybrid DL talent. A RB wouldn’t stun me. An ILB or edge guy wouldn’t surprise. That said, DB is an area of need, and Malcolm Jenkins could be their free safety. They could try him at corner first as well. He might be getting overanalyzed right now.

    Arizona Cardinals pick: DB Malcolm Jenkins, the Ohio State

    17. Minnesota Vikings

    What’s the look here? It seems clear that they are unlikely to add a young QB. Veteran QB is a different equation. Right side of the OL could be a thought. A WR is still a focus. TE is a possibility. DE might still be a thought. They have a lot of DE’s, but do they have the elite pass rusher for the scheme yet? Everything else on defense can likely wait. I’m thinking they wait on WR. Right side of OL value is a reach here (Cherilus comes to mind, along with the juniors. Thus, I’m looking TE and DE, and the athletic Phillip Merling at 6’4” 270 could be enticing.

    Minnesota Vikings pick: DE Phillip Merling, Clemson

    18. Houston Texans

    They could still use an upgrade at LT. A RB is a need. There are defensive needs. Another pass rusher is on the radar. A better playmaking LB could garner interest. A NT is another focus area. S could use an upgrade. S value seems off right now. NT value is lacking. Pass rusher can wait. They seem liable to wait on OL on account of scheme. RB? They could wait. LB? With the failure of Ahman Green and the fact that Morlon Greenwood isn’t bad by any means, I’m leaning RB here in a no-trade even though I have my doubts at it. I’ve used this pick before, as I think Mendenhall has the best combination of power and speed out there after McFadden.

    Houston Texans pick: RB Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois

    19. Philadelphia Eagles

    The secondary comes to mind when doing these mocks. McKelvin and Talib could both garner some level of consideration. LB doesn’t seem likely here, and same goes for DT. I can see DE, though. There’s no guarantee of Howard/Kearse returning, and both are aging anyways. The rotation left is Cole/Thomas/Abiamiri, and another body could be used. OL could use a LT thought. WR is a possibility, but based on history, I tend to think they wait (I’m assuming Reid returns). RB/QB are no, but TE could be a thought. I thought Calais Campbell here for a long time, but not sold his value is worth it here. I’m looking at OL and DB primarily, and with Winston Justice looking like a RT, and Tra Thomas closing in on the end, the nod goes to nabbing a young LT to groom.

    Philadelphia Eagles pick: OT Chris Williams, Vanderbilt

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    OT seems less of a first round need now, although it should still garner consideration. WR is definitely a thought as youth and speed could be used. QB is a possibility, although it seems fringy to me. TE is a no. LB can probably wait, unless they love someone. DL could probably use another piece, inside or out. Secondary could use some help but they likely wait. I’m looking at Desean Jackson and Kentwan Balmer in particular, with a dash of Calais Campbell on the side. I’m wondering if I’m guessing too hard on WR for them, but that’s the route.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick: WR Desean Jackson, California

    21. Washington Redskins

    The interesting thing to watch this offseason is what happens with Todd Collins. I could see a team bring him in with the idea that he’s a stopgap. DE could be a focus, and Washington has gone to the U plenty. DT seems unlikely, and same goes for LB. S lacks value and can probably wait. CB is a need. Springs is no lock to be back, Rogers was banged up, and Smoot is not the Smoot of younger days. WR can likely wait another round, and same goes for OL … unless they cut someone. Calais Campbell or a CB? I’m more inclined to believe that a CB would have higher value here and that the Redskins may wait on DE as Phillip Daniels is a likely starter next year.

    Washington Redskins pick: CB Leodis McKelvin, Troy

    22. Dallas Cowboys f/ Cleveland Browns

    I think folks expect them to move around, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens here. Beyond that, who’s on the coaching staff is certainly an issue. From a talent perspective, another DB could be added, even if Hamlin returns, and particularly if he leaves. LB isn’t needed. DL depth is always a thought for 3-4 teams. Offensively, OL is a thought, but rumors point to Adams being resigned. Crayton being resigned seems to weaken the possibility of WR, although it’s still a thought. A RB to pair with Marion Barber III has to cross the mind. I’m leaning CB and Aqib Talib here.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: CB Aqib Talib, Kansas

    23. Seattle

    TE has to cross their mind. A young runner is definitely something to look to. OL could be a possibility. I’m looking more to offense here than defense, as there doesn’t seem to be a glaring defensive need that warrants first round consideration. RB or TE is tougher than I thought, but the nod goes to the oft-used Jonathan Stewart pick.

    Seattle Seahawks pick: RB Jonathan Stewart, Oregon

    24. Pittsburgh

    Ideally, Pittsburgh would look for an OT to plug in and slide Colon over, although an OG could be on the menu as well. That’s the only offensive spot that, IMO, merits a first round focus unless they fall in love with someone. I guess WR is a fringe possibility. More DL value could be entertained. LB depth could be looked at. Secondary could be a look, but it seems more liable they wait. I’m thinking Balmer or OL here. At the end, I lean Balmer, who some are talking about as a top 4-3 UT talent, and he certainly could fit in the 3-4.

    Pittsburgh Steelers pick: DL Kentwan Balmer, North Carolina

    25. Tennessee

    What does Tennessee do here? They need weapons for Vince Young and TE/WR could garner looks. RB seems a tad unlikely with 3 off anyways. OL could be a sleeper option here. DE could receive consideration, and depending on what happens with Haynesworth, same with DT (although value seems off). DB can wait. LB can probably wait, although if they love someone, who knows. Benji Olson is rumored to be retiring, Jacob Bell is a FA, and David Stewart is a RFA. I want to give them offensive weapons, but part of me just wonders if they go that route in the first. In a mild surprise perhaps, the nod goes to Duke Robinson to shore up any potential issues in the middle of the OL.

    Tennessee picks: OG Duke Robinson, Oklahoma

    26. New York Giants

    He really should be off the board already. I like Keith Rivers. He was a bridesmaid on several picks earlier. If he’s still on the board, I think he’s too tempting to pass here.

    New York Giants pick: LB Keith Rivers, Southern California

    27. San Diego Chargers

    They’ll likely look to move down on draft day in an attempt to gain extra assets, of any variety. There isn’t really a huge pressing need on the team, as AJ Smith has built good depth. WR seems unlikely. About the only offensive position that seems likely, if they only have one pick in the first 3 rounds, is OT, where they could use an upgrade to the Olivea/Clary tandem there this year (and perhaps slide Olivea in, which is where he probably should be). Defensively, they’ve resigned some DL guys which makes that seem unlikely. LB depth is there already as is CB depth. I guess they could fall in love with someone. They added Weddle last year. While I don’t think Cherilus grades this high, he is a ready RT in all likelihood and could be the nod here.

    San Diego Chargers pick: OT Gosder Cherilus, Boston College

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars

    Offensively, WR is definitely a possibility. Defensively, they could look DE. Those seem to be the main two areas. Sleeper options could emerge, but there’s value at both spots. Nod goes to the raw but talented Calais Campbell.

    Jacksonville picks: DE Calais Campbell, the U

    29. Green Bay Packers

    With RB a bit settled, there isn’t really a major offensive need. They could go for a luxury, say another WR/TE, but that seems fringy. OL seems fringy as well, as they have some depth unless some guys get lopped off. DT depth has been horded. So even if Corey Williams leaves, I’m hard pressed to see a pick there. DE seems unlikely as well. LB is a passing thought, but it can likely wait. They could use a DB pick. Nod goes to a CB and Charles Godfrey.

    Green Bay Packers pick: CB Charles Godfrey, Iowa

    30. San Francisco f/ Indianapolis

    The significance of the Nolan return lies with the fact that they’ll likely keep the 3-4. Thus, we know the type of DL talent to look for. That said, value seems a bit fringy here on that. A rush backer could be a look. Offensively, considering the ups and downs of this past year, you couldn’t fault them if they looked OL again, but that seems unlikely. A big play WR is a thought, and QB has to be on the mind as well. With the WR’s having fallen this time, the nod goes to Malcolm Kelly.

    San Francisco 49ers pick: WR Malcolm Kelly, Oklahoma

    31. Dallas

    They potentially added CB help earlier. What now? I wouldn’t rule out a 3-4 DE. WR could get a look, as could RB. Same goes for OL. The nod goes to the speedy Chris Johnson.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: RB Chris Johnson, East Carolina

    32. New England – forfeited

    2nd Round

    33. Miami

    A lot of options for the Dolphins here. They could look OL. DL could be a thought. I think Parcells will look to shore up the trenches, and the nod goes to the wide body of Phillip Loadholt as an OT to develop.

    Miami Dolphins pick: OT Phillip Loadholt, Oklahoma

    34. St. Louis Rams

    They added OL earlier. A WR pick here wouldn’t stun me. No guarantee of Bruce being back. RB wouldn’t stun either, with Jackson’s contract winding down. A pass rusher of some form is a thought. I’m going to pass on defense again and go with Mario Manningham.

    St. Louis Rams pick: WR Mario Manningham, Michigan

    35. Oakland Raiders

    After adding an interior player, what’s next? OL/RB/WR could be offensive thoughts. A DE could garner a look. I think they are willing to wait on OL, but if someone like Sam Baker is still on the board, I think they pick him up here as Lane should know him pretty well.

    Oakland Raiders pick: OT Sam Baker, Southern California

    36. Kansas City Chiefs

    They picked up their LT earlier. An OG wouldn’t be a bad idea, especially considering Waters could slide to C. A WR can’t be ruled out. Heck, even a QB can’t be ruled out. Defensively, a corner could be a thought. I really wonder if someone like Limas Sweed might get the attention here.

    Kansas City Chiefs pick: WR Limas Sweed, Texas

    37. New York Jets

    Gholston should help their pass rush. 3-4 DL help is still needed. A DB can’t be ruled out. OL work is definitely a thought. A TE can’t be crossed off the list. Chris Baker’s a decent TE, but I can’t help but wonder if someone like Cornelius Ingram could excite them, particularly considering both Mangini and Schottenheimer came from teams that used the TE a lot, and Ingram’s been compared by many to Antonio Gates.

    New York Jets pick: TE Cornelius Ingram, Florida

    38. Atlanta Falcons

    They added a franchise RB earlier. OL could get a look. A DT is a passing thought. QB is definitely still on the radar and that’s the nod here.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: QB Joe Flacco, Delaware

    39. Baltimore Ravens

    The Ravens hope they added their franchise QB earlier. Offensively, maybe OT gets a look, but if they pass in round 1, I doubt it here. Defensively, DL is a thought. LB could be a possibility. That said, CB needs help. Antoine Cason may not have a huge upside, but he’s a ready player.

    Baltimore Ravens pick: CB Antoine Cason, Arizona

    40. San Francisco 49ers

    They added a playmaking WR earlier. I’m looking defense here and focusing on DL help or an edge rusher. Nod goes to Quentin Groves.

    San Francisco 49ers pick: OLB/DE Quentin Groves, Auburn

    41. New Orleans Saints

    They added a corner earlier. OL could be a thought. I wouldn’t rule out RB, although that’s probably fringy. DL is probably on the radar. A LB could draw some consideration, and safety could be a fringe thought. I could see Dan Connor as the type of player Sean Payton really likes.

    New Orleans Saints pick: LB Dan Connor, Penn State

    42. Buffalo Bills

    Derrick Harvey could boost their pass rush. DT is a thought, but unlikely. LB and CB both could use help. A TE or WR could be on the menu. Yeah, I’ll probably get booed for this, or at least, I think I will. Well, maybe not. Some have Erin Henderson slated as a possible weakside backer and I wonder if he could excel here. That said, the nod goes to Geno Hayes, who I have bolting.

    Buffalo Bills pick: LB Geno Hayes, Florida State

    43. Denver Broncos

    Kenny Phillips can likely address a big issue for them. LB could be a strong look here. OL could be a possibility. I wouldn’t be shocked with an offensive skill guy. Nod goes to a LB in Curtis Lofton, moving DJ Williams back to an outside spot.

    Denver Broncos pick: MLB Curtis Lofton, Oklahoma

    44. Carolina Panthers

    Offensively, WR could be a passing thought. I wouldn’t rule our RB or QB. Defensively, DT is on the radar. I wouldn’t be stunned with a LB. That said, the nod goes to a safety here.

    Carolina Panther pick: S William Moore, Missouri

    45. Chicago Bears

    After adding their QB earlier, OL is a possible area of focus now. WR/RB can’t be ruled out. DT is on the menu. S is a possibility. I want to go OL here, but who? Anthony Collins just doesn’t strike me as a Jerry Angelo type pick. S value is iffy here. Thus, I’m looking at a surprising positional look of DT/WR/RB. There’s a lot of rising talk on the Bears looking DT, which is understandable, as Dvoracek has missed basically 2 years due to injury, Walker was a flop, and Adams is more of a backup. The loss of Tank Johnson hurt, and I wonder if they look to Dre’ Moore here as a NT option.

    Chicago Bears pick: DT Dre’ Moore, Maryland

    46. Detroit Lions

    They added an OT earlier. RB could be on the agenda. A TE could be on the menu. A defensive end could use some consideration. LB/CB could be thoughts. I’m leaning Erin Henderson here, although a lot of options are possible. He’d be playing the same role as his brother.

    Detroit Lions pick: LB Erin Henderson, Maryland

    47. Cincinnati Bengals

    Ellis could help their interior pass rush. DE could get a look. LB is definitely a thought. OL could be pondered, as could WR. I’m wondering if local LB Marcus Freeman perhaps gets a look, but the nod goes to restructuring the DL with the addition of Lawrence Jackson, thus, back to back USC guys.

    Cincinnati Bengals pick: DE Lawrence Jackson, USC

    48. Minnesota Vikings

    I think this pick is offense. It could be OL, WR, or QB. With Andre’ Woodson still hanging around, I think they might be too tempted to pass up as they have 2 3rd rounders. I’m a fan of Woodson, btw. He’d be 2nd on a personal list (with Flacco first)

    Minnesota Vikings pick: QB Andre’ Woodson, Kentucky

    49. Atlanta Falcons f/ Houston

    QB and RB begins the rebuilding process. OL could get a look as could DT. Nod goes OL and the big Carl Nicks. Granted, we have to wait and see on coaching to see what kind of OL philosophy/style may be desired.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: OL Carl Nicks, Nebraska

    50. Philadelphia Eagles

    DE could be a thought here. TE could get some consideration. WR is on the radar. If there is DB value, I think they have to go that route. Tough choice debating on the who here. Lean goes to Patrick Lee, but a lot of options.

    Philadelphia Eagles pick: CB Patrick Lee, Auburn

    51. Arizona Cardinals

    They added DB help with Jenkins earlier. What now? A RB could be considered. OL is a thought. I wouldn’t rule out DL either. Some sort of LB could be an idea. Nod goes OL and the rising Oniel Cousins.

    Arizona Cardinals pick: OL Oniel Cousins, UTEP

    52. Washington Redskins

    The secondary was addressed earlier. DE could be a thought, as could OL and WR. Chris Ellis has first round ability and could be a look here. That said, the nod goes to Jason Jones, who could get first round consideration as well.

    Washington Redskins pick: DE Jason Jones, Eastern Michigan

    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    WR was addressed earlier. DT could get some thoughts. DE could as well. CB could be on the radar. I think Gruden has never shied away from players with strong personalities, and someone like Chris Ellis might be a tempting nod here go pair with Gaines Adams.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick: DE Chris Ellis, Virginia Tech

    54. Seattle Seahawks

    After adding a RB earlier, OL and TE could get looks. I look towards TE. Martellus Bennett or Fred Davis? Two tempting possibilities. Nod goes Davis.

    Seattle Seahawks pick: TE Fred Davis, Southern California

    55. Pittsburgh Steelers

    I’m thinking OL here. I’m wondering about Anthony Collins, starting at RT and eventually perhaps being Marvel Smith’s replacement.

    Pittsburgh Steelers pick: OT Anthony Collins, Kansas

    56. Tennessee Titans

    WR? DE? TE? Nod goes to Martellus Bennett here.

    Tennessee Titans pick: TE Martellus Bennett, Texas A&M

    57. New York Giants

    CB gets thought here. So could OT. WR as a sleeper nod? Hmm … not sure why I’m picking this corner to be honest, outside of value.

    New York Giants pick: CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Tennessee State

    58. Cleveland Browns

    The defense should get a lot of focus, particularly up front. One of the biggest rumored rises right now is Ahtyba Rubin, with some talking first round for him. I’m still wary. I think I picked this earlier for Rubin. I don’t remember anything great about him, but then again, I don’t remember anything bad, and for a NT, the latter statement may be the more telling one.

    Cleveland Browns pick: NT Ahtyba Rubin, Iowa State

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars

    They added an end earlier, and I’m thinking WR. I’ll probably hear it from the James Hardy fans. He may deserve to go a tad higher, but I’m just not sure he’s this late first/early 2nd pick that his fans suggest.

    Jacksonville Jaguars pick: WR James Hardy, Indiana

    60. Miami Dolphins f/ San Diego Chargers

    I may hear it from Michigan fans as well. What is Terrance Taylor? I mean, 5’11” NT’s don’t occur much, for dimension reasons.

    Miami Dolphins pick: NT Terrance Taylor, Michigan

    61. Indianapolis Colts

    I’m admittedly not too sure on this pick. I thought DT, but then I asked, who? Attention turned to OL, but is it a 2nd round necessity? A young pass rushing end perhaps? LB/CB seem unlikely, but you never know. WR? With both OG’s as FA’s, the nod goes OL where Alex Mack can play guard and eventually take over for Saturday.

    Indianapolis Colts pick: OL Alex Mack, California

    62. Green Bay Packers

    Sure, RB probably isn’t as pressing of a need. But a raw talent like Jamaal Charles may be too hard to pass up here.

    Green Bay Packers pick: RB Jamaal Charles, Texas

    63. Dallas Cowboys

    Early Doucet is still hanging around and might be too good to pass up here.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: WR Early Doucet, LSU

    64. New England Patriots

    The secondary could use some help here. A smart, instinctive player like Trae Williams could be the answer.

    New England Patriots pick: CB Trae Williams, South Florida

    3rd Round

    65. Miami Dolphins

    NT, OL, OLB/DE seems like a way to restart the Dolphins. What now? QB wouldn’t shock me. RB wouldn’t be a surprise either. I wouldn’t necessarily rule out WR. I wonder about Fili Moala as a 3-4 end.

    Miami Dolphins pick: DL Fili Moala, USC

    66. St. Louis Rams

    It’s probably time to look defense to go with the OT/WR earlier. They moved Little to DE. Could they do that with Crable?

    St. Louis Rams pick: OLB/DE Shawn Crable, Michigan

    67. Kansas City Chiefs

    OT and WR were added. An OG could be a look here. CB could be a consideration. I’m leaning CB. I could see Harris bolting as his stock is high.

    Kansas City Chiefs: CB Victor Harris, Virginia Tech

    68. New York Jets

    Gholston ups the pass rush and Ingram offers a safety valve for Clemens. What now? RB could garner some consideration. DL definitely needs work. CB? Nod goes to Branden Albert, who could play next to UVA teammate D’Brickashaw Ferguson, or perhaps be their RT.

    New York Jets pick: OL Branden Albert, Virginia

    69. Atlanta Falcons

    A lot’s been added offensively. More could still be sought. Ugh. Not sure which route to go. I don’t like the DT value here. I’m leaning more offense, I guess, with John Carlson as a guy who might be Crumpler’s replacement in a year or two.

    Atlanta Falcons pick: TE John Carlson, Notre Dame

    70. New England Patriots f/ Oakland Raiders

    Secondary and LB have been addressed. There’s some options now on which way to go. A rush backer? DL? OL? RB? I’m leaning the athletic Ezra Butler here as a guy to develop inside and out.

    New England Patriots pick: LB Ezra Butler, Nevada

    71. San Francisco 49ers

    They added a playmaking WR potentially and a potential rush backer. DL help could be sought. But … Colt Brennan seems too tempting here to pass up. Nolan’s coming back, and considering the issues with Alex Smith this past year, their relationship will bear watching. It very well could lead to both guys being gone after next year.

    San Francisco 49ers pick: QB Colt Brennan, Hawaii

    72. Buffalo Bills f/ Baltimore Ravens

    They could still use a NT and a CB on defense. Offensively, a WR and a TE could be sought. I’m leaning WR here with Andre Caldwell.

    Buffalo Bills pick: WR Andre’ Caldwell, Florida

    73. Buffalo Bills

    Well, back to back picks. TE/NT/CB? Leaning TE here, as there will be some solid cover 2 corner options late ron.

    Buffalo Bills pick: TE Brad Cottam, Tennessee

    74. Minnesota Vikings f/ Denver Broncos

    DE and QB so far. What now? A WR and TE could be looked at. Same goes for OL. DT depth is an option. Going WR here and the explosive Donnie Avery.

    Minnesota Vikings pick: WR Donnie Avery, Houston

    75. Carolina Panthers

    S and OL have been addressed. DL could use a look if there’s talent. LB is a passing thought. WR can’t be ruled out. Nod goes to DeMario Pressley if he works out well.

    Carolina Panthers pick: DT Demario Pressley, NC State

    76. Chicago Bears

    Brohm and Moore. What’s next? S? OL? WR? RB? A lot of options. John Greco could perhaps slide in at RT or guard, depending on what we do in free agency.

    Chicago Bears pick: OL John Greco, Toledo

    77. Detroit Lions

    OT and LB earlier. What now? CB? DE? DT? RB? I’m thinking Lowery or DE? Nod goes to the DE.

    Detroit Lions pick: DE Darrell Robertson, Georgia Tech

    78. Cincinnati Bengals

    The DL’s been addressed. LB could get a look. Mayo should go higher. One thing I’ll definitely have to revisit.

    Cincinnati Bengals pick: LB Jerod Mayo, Tennessee

    79. New Orleans Saints

    Jenkins/Connor fills some defensive holes. S? DL? OL? A sleeper nod? Hmm, tossed this one around a lot, but Kirk Barton might be someone that can step in at RT soon.

    New Orleans Saints pick: OT Kirk Barton, the Ohio State

    80. Houston Texans

    OL? DL? LB? S? Nod goes free safety here.

    Houston Texans pick: S Quintin Demps, UTEP

    81. Philadelphia Eagles

    They added Lee and OL. S? DE? WR? Nod goes S here.

    Philadelphia Eagles pick: S Patrick Chung, Oregon

    82. Arizona Cardinals

    Jenkins and Cousins were added earlier. A young RB? DL? A LB of some sort? I’m going with the young runner and the big Matt Forte.

    Arizona Cardinals pick: RB Matt Forte, Tulane

    83. Minnesota Vikings

    DE/QB/WR so far. What now? DT? OT? I’m leaning OT here.

    Minnesota Vikings pick: OT Chad Rinehart, Northern Iowa

    84. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Ellis should help the pass rush and Jackson helps stretch the field. What now? CB could get a look.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick: CB Dwight Lowery, San Jose State

    85. Washington Redskins

    End and CB address their two biggest defensive concerns. OL? WR? Leaning WR here and the raw, but talented, Devin Thomas.

    Washington Redskins pick: WR Devin Thomas, Michigan State

    86. Pittsburgh Steelers

    They’ve added trench help. CB? LB? WR? I’m leaning towards Beau Bell as a 3-4 ILB and 4-3 Mike.

    Pittsburgh Steelers pick: LB Beau Bell, UNLV

    87. Tennessee Titans

    They’ve added one option for Vince. They’ve also picked up OL help to protect Vince. WR? DE? Going WR here and debating Jordy Nelson or Adarius Bowman. Leaning towards Bowman here.

    Tennessee Titans pick: WR Adarius Bowman, Oklahoma State

    88. New York Giants

    CB/LB were added. Is it time to look offense? Perhaps a WR like a Jordy Nelson?

    New York Giants pick: WR Jordy Nelson, Kansas State

    89. Cleveland Browns

    They added a NT earlier. Another 3-4 DL piece could be utilized. A lot of other options are possible. CB? WR? RB? I’m thinking another rush backer could be considered.

    Cleveland Browns pick: OLB/DE Titus Brown, Mississippi State

    90. Seattle Seahawks

    TE/RB earlier. What now? OL? CB? Perhaps someone that can be developed, like a Heath Benedict.

    Seattle Seahawks pick: OL Heath Benedict, Newberry

    91. Chicago Bears f/ San Diego Chargers

    Brohm, Moore, Greco so far. Not exactly the dream draft I had in mind for the Bears. Anyhow, S? WR? RB? Nod goes S and Tyrell Johnson.

    Chicago Bears pick: S Tyrell Johnson, Arkansas State

    92. Jacksonville Jaguars

    They’ve looked WR/DE so far. What’s next? It isn’t the most pressing need, but a raw talent like Justin King might be too tempting here.

    Jacksonville Jaguars pick: CB Justin King, Penn State

    93. Green Bay Packers

    He really should be off the board. Not sure why he’s still on.

    Green Bay Packers pick: LB Marcus Freeman, the Ohio State

    94. Indianapolis Colts

    They added OL earlier. I wouldn’t be shocked if they went OL again. That said, I’m going with my own sleeper pick. They have a tendency to take guys that fit for them. I remember the Kentucky guy they took, the DL guy. Forget his name right now. I wonder if the stout, strong, and explosive Richard Clebert might draw their attention. He is raw, though.

    Indianapolis Colts pick: DT Richard Clebert, South Florida

    95. Dallas Cowboys

    Doucet, Johnson, and Talib address some key areas and give good value along with physical potential. What now? S? DL? OL? I don’t know why I’m going this route, to be honest. He probably should’ve come off earlier.

    Dallas Cowboys pick: OL Mike McGlynn, Pittsburgh

    96. New England Patriots

    Laurinaitis, Williams, Butler really help that defense. Another DB wouldn’t stun. DL? WR? RB? I’m leaning WR and Lavelle Hawkins, although this may be sort of a “Let’s finish this mock” type pick.

    New England Patriots pick: WR Lavelle Hawkins, California

    Let’s see, some names that pop to mind (stand out for me) that are still hanging around and making me wonder if I should move them into the first 3 rounds:

    Mike Hart – Someone’s bound to fall in love with him and grab him in the first 3 rounds, I think.

    Martin Rucker/Dustin Keller/Jacob Tamme – While I wouldn’t be surprised if someof them falls, gut feeling says at least 1, if not 2, make it into the top 3 rounds.

    Robert Felton/Roy Schuening – I’m not huge on him, but they are solid guards and one of them, if not both, should have a solid grade.

    Jeremy Thompson – A lot of upwards momentum with him, so I’m a bit mystified on how I let him slip.

    Phillip Wheeler/Tavares Gooden/Xavier Adibi/Ali Highsmith/Cliff Avril – Some of them have to be in the top 3 rounds. I can see a couple falling, but not all.

    Terrell Thomas/Tracy Porter/DeJuan Tribble – You’d imagine 1, if not 2, would be in the top 3 rounds.

    Thomas DeCoud/Jamar Adams – I like both. Why aren’t they in? I could see one falling, but both?
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    Brad Cottam???

    Are you serious???

    I'm a dolphins fan... but thats just a stupid pick.

    ok phins draft

    Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


    • #3
      There's been a lot of talk about Cottam moving up the boards. Some folks like his combination of size and athleticsm a lot.


      • #4
        whoa whoa whoa...

        if woodsons likely to fall THAT far, the bears go Otah in round 1 and pick up a HUGE STEAL in woodson that late in the draft. I prefer woodson over brohm even in round 1.

        DT is acceptable in that situation in round 2. and you got the positions right for needs in round 3 but i don't have a lot of knowledge on the players there...

        but wow...give the bears otah in round 1 and woodson in round 2 in that situation.

        i had to elaborate further:

        if the bears did take brohm in round 1 and woodson re-fell past them.....g* be sooooooo upset. so so upset......


        • #5
          Why would I do that? That would assume that, when the Bears pick in the first round, they know who is going to be there in the 2nd round. They may be my team, but I'm not going to have my mock benefit the Bears just because I'm a fan.


          • #6
            Clady isa reach but is perfect for the new zbs system the Chiefs are bringing in. Sweed is a solid pick, i want to see how he does at the combine before I say that its a great pick. he could be a very solid number 2 to Bowe. Macho Harris=solid. I would like Tracy Porter more, since he doesnt get lazy sometimes like macho does. herm doesnt like lazy
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            Originally posted by Hermstheman83
            What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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              As you know, I personally like the Mendenhall pick.

              The more I think though, the more I doubt we'll take a RB at all on day one. We have a lot of money invested into Ahman, who is good when healthy, Dayne is solid, if nothing else, and Darius Walker emerged as being a lot better then anyone thought. We also have Chris Taylor, who Kubiak loved before he was injured in the pre-season. Plus, we have arrogant broncos guys all over our staff that feel anyone can fill the running game needs.

              I believe I've seen you give us Rivers before, If we dont go RB, could you see the Rivers pick happening and Morlon being moved to the Strong side? Or would you think we'd lean elsewhere?


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                Originally posted by toonsterwu View Post
                Why would I do that? That would assume that, when the Bears pick in the first round, they know who is going to be there in the 2nd round. They may be my team, but I'm not going to have my mock benefit the Bears just because I'm a fan.
                i understand that.but im just a fan of woodson over brohm. im kind of shocked to see him go that far really....

                with the bears "win now" window still open with a healthy D and revamped oline, they can afford to take the unpolished but higher ceiling prospect woodson since they can bench him for a year behind orton or a FA and still try to win that season.

                btw, fred miller has to go. not sure a 3rd round pick can step right in though...


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                  Originally posted by comahan View Post
                  As you know, I personally like the Mendenhall pick.

                  The more I think though, the more I doubt we'll take a RB at all on day one. We have a lot of money invested into Ahman, who is good when healthy, Dayne is solid, if nothing else, and Darius Walker emerged as being a lot better then anyone thought. We also have Chris Taylor, who Kubiak loved before he was injured in the pre-season. Plus, we have arrogant broncos guys all over our staff that feel anyone can fill the running game needs.

                  I believe I've seen you give us Rivers before, If we dont go RB, could you see the Rivers pick happening and Morlon being moved to the Strong side? Or would you think we'd lean elsewhere?
                  Yeah, I don't buy RB there either. I like it, I don't buy it. The problem I have with Greenwood to SAM and Rivers at weak is that, well, Danny Clark was decent-solid for what was asked. That said, that might be something to revisit, as more rumors start to head out. Ideally, a DB is there, or they deal down.


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                    love the packers mock. A++++++


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                      the first 2 giants picks are outstanding. Although I'd prefer Cason in round one, Rivers talent is way too good there and an outstanding value pick that is a position of IMO our 2nd/3rd most pressing need. Great pick.

                      You may say Rodgers-Cromartie is a slight reach of value, but I like the pick. Think he'd be a great fit with the Giants, and at that point, I really like the pick.

                      3rd round is a bit iffy to me. I'm not a Jordy Nelson fan at all. WR is a bit of a need that would be pick in rounds 2-5 to solve, but I don't like the kid that much. I think OL depth could be an option with a LG or LT, and Decoud, Safety out of Cal would be another good option.

                      All in all, very nice Giants pick, and another excellent read via toonster
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                      Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
                      BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


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                        Originally posted by PACKmanN View Post
                        love the packers mock. A++++++
                        I like the second and third round picks but I am not a big fan of Godfrey

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                          First two Lions picks are very good, I would have gone another direction in the third though. I think Terrell Thomas is a great cover 2 prospect.

                          Could you tell me anything about Darrell Robertson though? I haven't heard much about him.


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                            good Raiders picks


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                              the only vikes pick i like is woodson...and why not campbell in the first?



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