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Second Mock Draft - Two Rounds

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  • Second Mock Draft - Two Rounds

    1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long, DE – My main reason for this pick is because the 3-4 defense that Parcels wants this team to run Glenn Dorsey will not fit in that well as Long will, certain thing considered. Long on the other hand is anything but a lock because if he wants to play 3-4 end he must bulk up or there is a good chance the Dolphins opt for Jake Long or Dorsey.

    2. St. Louis Rams - Jake Long, OT – I’m a rams fan and this pick does not sit all that well with me, but I believe it’s the smartest pick because it gives the rams the option of moving him inside to guard if Pace does not retire or get injured or if Pace retires or gets hurt they can just as easily slide him outside.

    3. Oakland Raiders - Glenn Dorsey, DT – Even with McFadden still on the board I think the Raiders go with another rare physical prospect in Glenn Dorsey because Sapp is retiring and there will be a new scheme on the defense next year and Dorsey can adapt to most 4-3 schemes, another reason being the Raiders have Domonic Rhodes, Lamont Jordan, and Justin Fargus already at RB.

    4. Atlanta Falcons – Darren McFadden, RB – I think this is an obvious pick, but one that still might not pan out, despite that I still give DMC the nod because they need an obvious playmaker and Matt Ryan is not a home-run hitter like DMC.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs - Ryan Clady, OT – KC used to have one of the best O-Lines in the league and now it is one of their worst and Ryan Clady is a rare prospect who is coming out early and will fit in very well to the run-blocking scheme that KC is going to use. DT is also a possibility and one that will probably show up in a bunch of mocks but right now with the way KC’s O-Line looks they have to get a OT.

    6. New York Jets – Vernon Gholston, OLB/DE – The Jets are committed to running a 3-4 and with Rob Ryan maybe coming in to be the Defensive Coordinator Vernon Gholston is a no-brainer to come in and give them at least one worth-while edge rusher.

    7. New England Patriots - James Laurinaitis, ILB – The Patriots are getting older at LB and while Gholston would’ve been in consideration he is gone. The other position, DB, could also be addressed but the Patriots love having great athletes in the LB corps and that what they get in Laurinaitis.

    8. Baltimore Ravens – Matt Ryan, QB – There are a lot of picks that could be possible but I think the Ravens address the position that has given them problems since they came to Baltimore and outside a veteran free agent the only way the Ravens solve their problem is to get a young QB to bring up properly into their new system.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals – Sedrick Ellis, DT – I thought Keith Rivers here for while but his stock has been slipping and with the possibility of the Bengals getting back a bunch of their LBs from injury and the fact that they might lose 1 or 2 of their starting DL the Bengals have to go with DT here and Ellis is great value and will help strengthen a horrible run defense.

    10. New Orleans Saints - Malcolm Jenkins, CB – This pick is an obvious one, the Saints pass defense was horrible this year and though some could fight LB here, they at least have a good DL while their entire defensive backfield needs to be re-vamped and this makes even more sense because of the relatively deep LB class for the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

    11. Buffalo Bills - Malcolm Kelly, WR – This is one of the hardest picks to predict, but I think the most logical is to get a big wide receiver to compliment Lee Evans and then move Roscoe Parrish to the slot; he also gives them a threat in the red-zone. Another look is at DB but I think unless they want to spend another high pick on a Safety then they go with Kelly at this spot.

    12. Denver Broncos – Kenny Phillips, S – The Broncos main problems are in the trenches on both sides, but with a developing young DL and only one major hole on the OL, both of which can be taken care of in later rounds the Broncos look to strengthen their weak safety position where they have an aging John Lynch and an unproductive Nick Ferguson and grab a young playmaker in Kenny Phillips, though he is raw he has a lot of great DBs to learn from in Denver.

    13. Carolina Panthers – Jeff Otah, OT – The Panther have two or three main problems, being OL, DL, and DB but with the lack of value as the safety at this point and the depth at DL in the draft makes me think OL because both of their tackles are FAs and Jordan Gross will have a high price tag so there is no guarantee he will be back and overall Travelle Wharton isn’t a great tackle so even if they keep him they need an upgrade at one tackle spot or the other.

    14. Chicago Bears – Andre Woodson, QB – Neither Brian Griese, Rex Grossman, or Kyle Orton are the answer for this team at quarterback so I think, despite their other areas of weakness, the Bears have to draft a QB who can make plays and Woodson is that kind of QB. It also helps that the bears will have a quarterback or two to help mentor Woodson.

    15. Detroit Lions – Mike Jenkins, CB - The Lions main problems are the bookends on both sides of the ball i.e. their OTs and their Des, there are also problems surfacing in the defensive backfield and considering the depth in lineman in this year’s draft the Lions opt for the best senior CB in the draft in Mike Jenkins, he can drop into zone and play man and overall will improve a bad secondary that is lacking real playmaker and this pick finally gives them one.

    16. Arizona Cardinals - Calais Campbell, DE – This pick was another hard one to choose because CB, S, and OL also make sense here, but the Cardinals take Campbell who at 6-8 280 can be a monster as a 3-4 DE and with their edge-rushing problems solved with the emersion of Calvin Pace they take a guy who can shore up a questionable 3-4 line and because they play a hybrid is athletic enough to play 4-3 DE too.

    17. Minnesota Vikings – Fred Davis, TE – They could probably trade down and still make this pick but I think the Vikings want to go offense here and give their young QB, who Childress really likes, some weapons and Fred Davis is exactly what they need; a prototypical receiver tight end who can act as a great security blanket for Tavaris Jackson. DeSean Jackson could easily be the pick here but the fact is the Vikings need a guy who Tavaris can look to for a check down and not a guy who will be the best down the field. You can also look at DE for this pick, but I think after using two high picks for their current Des they will take won later in the draft or try to assess the position through FA.

    18. Houston Texans – Sam Baker, OT – This pick might be a stretch at this point but the bottom line is that the Texans need OL and Sam Baker is a natural left tackle with great footwork and could be a perfect fit for the zone-blocking scheme they use. RB is also a consideration but because Kubiak believes anyone can run in his system and the fact that they have Ron Dayne, Darius Walker, and Ahman Green takes away the possibility of a RB at this point.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles – Gosder Cherilus, OT – DB, DE, and WR could also get the nod at this spot but with the Eagles practice of not drafting WRs, the fact that they only have one hole in their defensive backfield, and the fact that they still have a good DE rotation makes Cherilus a good pick because with an aged William Thomas the Eagles need another OT to pair with either Winston Justice or Shawn Andrews.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – DeSean Jackson, WR – I’m taking a chance on this pick, and as a huge Buccaneer fan I hope it happens. The Buccaneers defense is doing more with less than any team in the league and can probably get more production from some later round picks so the Bucs address their aging and sometime anemic offense by drafting a true playmaker in DeSean Jackson to groom behind Galloway. An added effect is that he is a perfect fit for the offense because he is fast and can get a lot of YAC and that is what the West Coast Offense is all about, his skills as a returner are just icing on the cake.

    21. Washington Redskins – Derrick Harvey, DE – The Redskins have holes in their defensive backfield, OL and DL and I think that with the value that is here and the fact that they still have three corners who can get it done so the Redskins opt to get a very talented pure pass-rusher to replace Phillip Daniels and start getting some edge rush opposite Andre Carter.

    22. Dallas Cowboys – Aqib Talib,CB – The Cowboys don’t have many holes, which is why they went 13-3 this year, so with two first round picks the cowboys will probably move around and either go for a home run or move back and pick up more depth. If they stay here though I think they go with a CB to help a secondary that needs 3rd corner for now and someone to groom to bring up being Henry. They also need a better NT and a coverage FS but the value on those positions isn’t as good as the value for Talib at this spot.

    23. Seattle Seahawks – Jonathan Stewart, RB - The Seahawks can go one of three ways with this pick; RB, OL, or TE. I think they go with Jonathan Stewart to replace an aging and ailing Shaun Alexander and give the Seahawks a rushing attack again. TE and OL are two positions that are relatively deep in this draft and can be addressed later in the draft.

    24. Pittsburgh Steelers – Kentwan Balmer, DE/DT – The Steelers have a lot of potential problems along the offensive line, but those are only possible and can be addressed later in the draft. They also have problems in the secondary as Polamalu has been hurt lately and Ike Taylor and Deshea Townsend are only mediocre. All thing considered I think the most pressing need at this point with who is left they opt to get a great 3-4 DE (and 4-3 UT) to plug in into that off-injured front 3. This year Brett Kiesel was anything but special and it showed late in the year how big of a loss Aaron Smith was so they bring in a good young 3-4 DE to play opposite Smith and give them some stability if he gets injured again.

    25. Tennessee Titans – Duke Robinson, OG – The Titans get royally screwed in this scenario as the two best WRs, DeSean Jackson and Malcolm Kelly, are both gone at this point and so is the depth at DT. The other main problem this team is going to be facing is their OL, which will lose 1 if not both of its OGs; Jacob Bell to FA, Benji Olson to retirement. Therefore the Titans go with the best interior lineman at this spot and get another good overall blocker to help in their running game and keep VY on his feet.

    26. New York Giants – Antione Cason, CB – The Giants showed that they didn’t have as many problems as people thought over the course of the season and they walk into the draft with only one main problem…their secondary. I thought maybe DT or OLB here but once again people stepped up and showed that they have one of the best front 7s in the league but their defensive backfield needs help. That why I have the Giants take Antione Cason who is a relatively big corner and even though he is a little slower than most peopler want, he still gets it done.The fact that Sam Madison is getting relatively old and the only capable backup being Corey Webster (only other corner to get a pick) makes this pick all the more easy

    27. San Diego Chargers – Erin Henderson, OLB/ILB – I will probably get torn apart for this pick, and nothing seems to make Charger fans happen if this is how the draft goes so far, so I take chance and have the Chargers taking Erin Henderson who can be a great 3-4 ILB and will be a huge playmaker on their defense. The Chargers also have to look at OL and DB depth, but both of those can be addressed in the later rounds and I already got yelled at for having them pick a CB in the first. This pick also becomes less likely because the Charger will most likely trade down for more picks because they love having two or three quality rookies every year.

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars – Leodis McKelvin, CB – The Jags real only problem in a great season has been there pass defense where they don’t have much depth at S or CB, so I think they grab a talented corner in Leodis McKelvin to play as the slot defender and emerge behind two veteran. This pick also gives them the possibility of moving Brian Williams to safety next to Reggie Nelson and putting McKelvin opposite Rashean Mathis. OL and WR are other options but with the great running game and signs of talent that the WR corps showed this year neither of these becomes as pressing as their passing defense.

    29. Green Bay Packers – Jack Ikegwuono, CB - After two great picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds the past two years to land Greg Jennings and James Jones the Packers are set at WR and the emergence of Donald Lee has the Packers set at the offensive skill position…for once. This forces me to look at one of the only problems that Packers are facing, which is the fact that the strength of the secondary is all on its two cornerbacks, who are aging, and the fact that the Packers lack a third cornerback to help when teams bring out 3 and 4 WR sets. To help with this the Packers draft a playmaking CB in Ikegwuono who is big enough to press at the line and can learn from two of the best in the league. Plus…he’s a local product who Wisconsin fans love.

    30. San Francisco 49ers – Frank Okam, DT/DE - `The Niners have addressed their defense in the past couple drafts and FA periods but they still have a few holes, especially since Bryant Young is retiring and severely weakening the front 3. Therefore, considering DeSean Jackson and Malcolm Kelly are gone, the Niners go for a great athlete in Frank Okam who might not have a true position in the 3-4 but will be an overall upgrade at either NT or DE and will improve a young and talented defense and free up space for guys like Lawson and Willis.

    31. Dallas Cowboys – Rashard Mendenhall, RB –Even though the Cowboys do have issues in their front three I believe that Jerry Jones looks to put another together another great 1-2 rushing attack now that Julius Jones is likely leaving and pairs Marion Barber with a very powerful and athletic runner in Mendenhall and gets one of the most punishing rushing attacks in football.

    32. New England Patriots - pick forfeited

    33. MIA- Chris Williams, OT
    34. STL- Lawrence Jackson, DE
    35. ATL*- Brian Brohm, QB
    36. OAK*- Early Doucet, WR
    37. KC*- Adarius Bowman, WR
    38. NYJ- Pat Sims, DE/DT
    39. SF- Quentin Groves, OLB
    40. BAL- Keith Rivers, OLB
    41. CIN- Dan Connor, OLB
    42. NO- Ali Highsmith, OLB
    43. BUF- Geno Hayes, OLB
    44. DEN- Dre Moore, DT
    45. CAR- William Moore, S
    46. CHI- Felix Jones, RB
    47. DET- Phillip Merling, DE
    48. ARZ- Brandon Flowers, CB
    49. MIN- Adarius Bowman, WR
    50. ATL (HOU) - Phillip Loadholy, OT
    51. PHI- Charles Godfrey, CB
    52. TB- DeMario Pressley, DT
    53. WAS- Anthony Collins, OT
    54. CLE- Marcus Harrison, DE/DT
    55. SEA- Martellus Bennet, TE
    56. PIT- Oniel Cousins, OT
    57. TEN- Harry Douglas, WR
    58. NYG- Nic Harris, S
    59. MIA (SD) - Shawn Crable, OLB/DE
    60. JAC- Jason Jones, DE
    61. GB- Tavares Gooden, OLB
    62. IND- Roy Schuening, OG
    63. DAL- Red Bryant, NT
    64. NE-Trae Williams, CB

    Please give me plenty of comment and critisicm.
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    Wow, if Nic Harris would fall to the Giants in the second... But I disagree with your analysis of Cason because I feel he can't keep up with most WRs. He is relatively slow and I think will be limited to a Tampa-2 in the NFL.

    Originally posted by Halsey
    I don't have to watch it to know it was not interesting.


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      looks good, keep it up.


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        Clady and Bowman?Nice mock for KC


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          The Chargers will probably not even take a linebacker in the entire draft let alone the 1st round. LB is the deepest spot on the team. I think they will look more at O-line, Safety, maybe a back up running back and possibly corner.


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            Good job w/ GB!

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              Great first rounder for the Jets. Second rounder is iffy, tight end isn't much of a need and Phil Loadholt at RT or Pat Sims at DE would be a better pick there IMO.


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                Solid job for the Saints.


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                  Falcons would HAVE to look for an offensive tackle with our 2nd 2nd round pick, but I really like Dre Moore too, great mock for the Falcons though. But we'd have to consider going with the top OT remaining too.


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                    Dont like that draft for the Ravens at all.......

                    A. Rather have Troy Smith than Matt Ryan, a better rd 1 would be Malcolm Jenkins.

                    B. Phil Loadholt is a beast but I think we can address backup OT later in the draft, a better rd 2 pick would be Dre Moore, Ali Highsmith, or Adarius Bowman.
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                      For KC Clady and Bowman are solid. Id like Ellis /Loadholt or Collins
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                        I like that Giants mock. I would be torn between Henderson, Cason, and maybe one of the faster corners on the board, but all in all if it fell that way I would be happy because our secondary would be set for the forseable future.

                        Also I don't see Keith Rivers anywhere. If Rivers, Henderson, Leodis, and Cason were all on the board when the Giants pick I would trade down.
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                          gutsy pick for chargers but I LIKE IT


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                            I'm still worried about the size of Ellis but we need an impact DT. On a side... Our run D is no longer terrible, it's our pass rush that kills us. The last two years we've been middle of the pack in run D but the secondary gets killed because no one can get to the QB and we can't stop teams on third down.

                            Nice 2nd rounder although I'd like to see a DE, I really don't see Justin Smith staying.


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                              I guess we'll have to trade up if we want Sedrick Ellis. Everyone has him going to the Bengals at 9.



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