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JBond93-Two Round Mock, Want lots of feedback.

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  • JBond93-Two Round Mock, Want lots of feedback.

    I'm not the best, but I feel like I make decent Mocks. I sometimes mess up (i.e. picking the same position in both rounds,) so if you catch that, let me know. I'll be glad to debate any pick, and admit when I'm wrong. BE CONSTRUCTIVE! Or I may get angry. I may format it later if I get bored.

    1. Miami Dolphins-Chris Long DE/Virginia

    I feel like he is just the best fit for Miami, works well, and his draft status could increase…

    2. St. Louis Rams-Vernon Gholston DE/Ohio State

    Gholston is a beast, and a pass rusher is always a premium. St. Louis needs one pretty badly, so he gets the nod over Dorsey.

    3. Oakland Raiders-Glenn Dorsey DT/LSU

    McFadden or no McFadden? If Oakland wins the coin flip and Dorsey/McFadden are both still there it will be a tough choice. Fargas played well at the end of the year, and Dorsey is a play changer, so I’ll lean that way.

    4. Atlanta Falcons-Darren McFadden RB/Arkansas

    Dunn is done, and Norwood hasn’t gotten a chance to shine. McFadden in Atlanta could replace the Vick factor and give them a Minnesota like rise next year.

    5. Kansas City Chiefs-Sedrick Ellis DT/USC

    Ellis is a legit Top 5 pick. If Long can play LT, they likely go him. If not, I think Ellis could just bolster the D-line even more.

    6. New York Jets-Jake Long OT/Michigan

    Long falling to 6 is blessed for NYJ. They put him on the right, they have a DOMINANT O-line. Mangini loves the trenches, so I wouldn’t put it past them.

    7. New England Patriots (from San Francisco 49ers)-James Laurinaitis LB/Ohio State

    Maybe they trade down, but Laurinaitis could fit right in with the system, give NE a guy to replace Bruschi down the line.

    8. Baltimore Ravens-Matt Ryan QB/Boston College

    Ryan is a legit NFL QB IMO. He has the intangibles, and though I love me some Troy Smith, the new regime may want to build from the QB through.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals-Kenny Phillips S/Da U
    If the Bengals keep Marvin, this likely won’t happen. If they go with another coach who buys into Phillips being an alright guy, he would help them on the field, no doubt.

    10. New Orleans Saints-Mike Jenkins CB/South Florida

    Mike Jenkins may be the best corner, and NO sure needs corner help. Physical, exactly what they need.

    11. Buffalo Bills-Keith Rivers LB/USC

    I like Rivers more than most, and think he could be the 2nd LB off the board. Buffalo needs to continue helping themselves out at the LB position.

    12. Denver Broncos-Jeff Otah OT/Pitt

    So, I like Otah, sure me. O-line in the first for Denver? Doubtful, but if they do, it will be Otah. He isn’t better than Clady, but fits the system better.

    13. Carolina Panthers-Kentwan Balmer DT/North Carolina

    Balmer is a wildcard, but he may be someone Carolina looks to in the middle. His stock could definitely rise.

    14. Chicago Bears-Brian Brohm QB/Louisville

    They say they don’t want a QB? Could mean they really do want a QB. Brohm has all the tools to be a great NFL QB, and he could fit in with the Bears well, but their offense has a lot of rebuilding to do.

    15. Detroit Lions-Ryan Clady OT/Boise State

    Clady fell too far, but a HUGE pick-up for Detroit. With Kitna and Stanton in the future, Clady would look good there.

    16. Arizona Cardinals-Leodis McKelvin CB/Troy

    Early for McKelvin, but I think he is a better fit for Arizona than Talib. And they showed last year they pick up value when it is there, and if it isn’t, they will reach for who they want.

    17. Minnesota Vikings-Chris Williams OT/Vanderbilt
    I went back and forth on this one, but ultimately Chris Williams and O-line help in Minny could only help AD and their offense.

    18. Houston Texans-Rashard Mendenhall RB/Illinois

    I like Mendenhall a lot, and the Texans really found out they need a RB threat, a 1st round RB threat.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles-Calais Campbell DE/Da U

    I like Calais, and though not a huge need for Phili, they almost always take a big O-line or D-line guy. Who knows if Phili’s DEs will hold up, and I love Calais.

    20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-DeSean Jackson WR/Cal

    Jackson would make for an interesting choice in TB. I liked the odd match, it could work really well.

    21. Washington Redskins-Phillip Merling DE/Clemson

    Not sure how much I buy Merling, but I’ll trust him as a legit NFL end, which Washington still needs.

    22. Dallas Cowboys (from Cleveland Browns)-Aqib Talib CB/Kansas

    Maybe some people hate the Talib fit in Dallas, but he is versatile, has a lot to offer the big D.

    23. Pittsburgh Steelers-Michael Oher OT/Ole Miss

    Oher could step right in and start in Pittsburgh. I’d love to have him.

    24. Tennessee Titans-Limas Sweed WR/Texas

    Tennessee needs an offensive threat. What do you do? Pair VY with Limas Sweed.

    25. Seattle Seahawks-Jonathan Stewart RB/Oregon

    A likely pick, Stewart to Seattle, but Alexander is done, Morris isn’t legit. I think Stewart is def. a 1st rounder.

    26. New York Giants- Antoine Cason CB/Arizona

    Some NYG fans will be happy I imagine. Cason is a big play corner, who is well-suited for NYG.

    27. San Diego Chargers-Gosder Cherilus OT/Boston College

    I don’t know what to pick for SD, honestly. Gosder may not be a first rounder, but O-line is never a bad pick.

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars-Malcolm Kelly WR/Oklahoma

    Jacksonville and a WR may be a bit off, but Malcolm at 28 is a steal, they NEED better Wrs to pair with Garrard.

    29. Green Bay Packers-Jake Igwuonu CB/Wisconsin

    Hometown boy goes to the Pack

    30. San Francisco 49ers (from Indianapolis Colts)-Duke Robinson OG/Oklahoma

    I like the Duke in SF. Though, Martz may make a difference if a legit WR is on the board. If not, protection is always needed.

    31. Dallas Cowboys-Chris Johnson RB/East Carolina

    Johnson is a nice little RB that pairs well with Marion.

    32. New England Patriots-Cody Mahan OG/Baylor


    33. Miami-OT Phillip Loadholt OT/Oklahoma

    Loadholt is a 1st round pick, nice work by Miami.

    34. St. Louis Rams-Sam Baker OT/USC

    I like Baker as a 1st rounder still.

    35. Oakland Raiders-Derrick Harvey DE/Florida
    Someone has to fall, every year someone does, I think it could be Harvey this year really. Sure, Oakland just got a DT, might as well finish it off!

    36. Kansas City Chiefs-Carl Nicks OL/Nebraska

    May be a little high for Nicks, Chiefs need some O-line first day.

    37. New York Jets-Quentin Groves DE/Auburn

    I love the Groves fit as a tweener.

    38. Atlanta Falcons-Andre Woodson QB/Kentucky

    Woodson falls, Atlanta adds more to Offense.

    39. Baltimore Ravens-Charles Godfrey CB/Iowa

    Baltimore def. needs the corner depth, no doubt.

    40. San Francisco 49ers-James Hardy WR/Indiana

    Hardy with Martz? Yum.

    41. New Orleans Saints-Dan Connor LB/Penn State

    Connor falls like Pos, NO picks up a much needed LB.

    42. Buffalo Bills- Patrick Lee CB/Auburn

    May be a bit high for Lee, but I could see Buffalo taking a corner.

    43. Denver Broncos-Curtis Lofton LB/Oklahoma

    Could move DJ back outside.

    44. Carolina Panthers-Joe Flacco QB/Delaware

    Carolina needs someone to groom, Flacco makes sense.

    45. Chicago Bears-Dre Moore DT/Maryland

    Big pick-up by Chicago, definitely.

    46. Detroit Lions-Erin Henderson LB/Maryland

    I like Henderson, Detroit needs more OLBs.

    47. Cincinnati Bengals-Lawrence Jackson DE/USC

    I like Jackson too, will the Bengals find a legit DE?

    48. Minnesota Vikings-Early Doucet WR/LSU

    Minny continues progressing their offense.

    49. Atlanta Falcons f/ Houston-Ahtyba Rubin DT/Iowa State

    Big Dts are rarely a bad thing.

    50. Philadelphia Eagles-Martellus Bennett TE/Texas A&M

    LJ Smith is out, Bennett COULD be the first TE off the board.

    51. Arizona Cardinals-Alex Mack OL/Cal

    Mack can play guard or center. Arizona will continue to beef up their line.

    52. Washington Redskins-Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie CB/Tennessee State

    I like him more than most, and Washington needs depth.

    53. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Chris Ellis DE/Virginia

    Ellis seems like a legit DE, Tampa could use another.
    54. Seattle Seahawks-John Carlson TE/Notre Dame

    Solid TE all around, could catch and help O-line.

    55. Pittsburgh Steelers-Adarious Bowman WR/Oklahoma State

    Injury push him down? Pittsburgh will take a chance.

    56. Tennessee Titans-Fred Davis TE/USC

    I didn’t think Titans and TE match-up, but I was wrong.

    57. New York Giants-Geno Hayes LB/Florida State

    I’m a big Hayes fan and he would fit into the intensity of the NFC East.

    58. Cleveland Browns-Jamaal Charles RB/Texas

    Charles, yummy. I don’t know if Cleveland gets a RB, but if no value anywhere else…

    59. Jacksonville Jaguars-Jason Jones DE/Eastern Michigan

    Small school guy, pass rushed Jacksonville needs.

    60. Miami Dolphins f/ San Diego Chargers-Oniel Cousins OL/UTEP

    Cousins may go higher, and two O-line picks could start to rebuild Miami.

    61. Indianapolis Colts-Terrence Taylor DT/Michigan

    Indy lost plenty of Dts two years in a row, draft another.

    62. Green Bay Packers-Andrew Collins OT/Kansas

    Would he work in GB?

    63. Dallas Cowboys-Andre Caldwell WR/Florida

    Small, fast, and replaces Glenn.
    64. New England Patriots-Justin King CB/Penn State

    NE has a luxury to take a chance on a raw corner. Meet Justin King.
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  • #2
    Don't know much about Chris Williams, but Early Doucet in the second is a great pick.


    • #3
      Perfect first round picks for the cowboys. not high on Caldwell that early...but i've heard the speculation that he could go that high...good overall mock.


      • #4
        Giants first round pick is good, idk anything about the second


        • #5
          Not the biggest Sweed fan, but I wouldn't necessarily be disappointed. If they have him rated there, it's a fine pick because it is obvious we need playmakers on offense. Fisher has even come out and said it, which doesn't really seem like him.

          Love Fred Davis in the 2nd.


          • #6
            Love the second pick. Oher is nice too who can play multiple positions.


            • #7
              not sure why you put players in there who said they were going back to school

              william moore
              cornelius ingram


              • #8
                For the Titans, Sweed and Davis are fine, but I honestly think Davis is more of a first rounder than Sweed. So maybe just reverse the pics as crazy as that sounds. If Davis was a 2nd rounder, I think I'd rather have Kelly in the 1st.


                • #9
                  WOW! I love the Raiders draft. :)


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by foozball View Post
                    not sure why you put players in there who said they were going back to school

                    william moore
                    cornelius ingram

                    Anyone have feedback on the mock as a whole? I'm glad I gave some people team satisfaction, but I think everyone is slotted about right position wise too.

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                    • #11
                      Dunno if King's a good fit, but it's interesting. He'd have to really work on his zone coverage - New England plays more zone than man.


                      • #12
                        Not a bad NYG draft but I would probably make different picks. If it was me I would go Connor in the 1st and a CB or DT in the second. Maybe Tracy Porter or Pat Sims.


                        • #13
                          if Long is there for KC to take I doubt they pass even for Ellis.rd 2 give us Hardy or Doucet


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                            15. Detroit Lions-Ryan Clady OT/Boise State

                            Clady fell too far, but a HUGE pick-up for Detroit. With Kitna and Stanton in the future, Clady would look good there.
                            Hallaluyah! Hallaluyah!

                            Henderson is a very nice pick in Rd. 2 as well. I would be thrilled if Millen pulled this off.
                            R.I.P. L.E.F.
                            "I am the one who knocks!"


                            • #15
                              A 2 round mock and no Ikegwuonu? McKelvin, Godfrey, Cromartie, Lee, and Justin King go before him?

                              He would be my first choice for the Packers. Had he been gone Godfrey is a good pick. Absolutely not on Barton. Tackle isn't that big of a need, and I don't think he really fits the ZBS. 2nd round seems very high for him too.



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