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    1. MIA: Matt Ryan , QB , Boston College- Franchise QB to start a Coach's (Parcells) team off right, face it John Beck was a bad pick barley got into games on a 1-15 team and he's already 27, Parcells needs a cool under pressure QB.

    2. STL: Calais Campbell , DE , Miami (FL)- Need a consistent pass rusher, You can't teach size and athletisism, Dorsey better player but Carriker plays the posistion that Dorsey would be most useful at which means Carriker would have to change positions and Carriker isn't a consistent pass rusher, which would leave last years pick a waste.

    3. OAK: Glenn Dorsey , DT , LSU- Warren Sapp retired leaving a big hole, Can't pass up on the best Defensive Player in the Draft, now have Jamarcus to build around on Offense and Dorsey to build around on Defense.

    4. ATL: Darren McFadden , RB , Arkansas- No Quarterback has stepped up to take be taken this high (yet), so they take the most explosive offensive weapon in the draft and go from their.

    5. KC: Sedrick Ellis , DT , USC- Smart Player who can do it all at the Defensive Tackle spot and helps immediatly with a consistent player in the middle, with this pick it would probably make them the best D-Line in the League.

    6. NYJ: Chris Long , DE , Virginia- 3-4 End that is hard to move and provides a strong pass rusher in the 3-4 spot. A much needed upgrade to the Jets front seven.

    7. NE: Keith Rivers , LB , USC- Leader who can play any linebacker position, hopefully be the successor fot Bruschi when he leaves or begins to wear down.

    8. BAL: John David Booty , QB , USC: The Suprise pick, has all the tools and composure you look for in a franchise QB , without him USC looked average with him they looked like the best team in the land, the USC pedigree continues with another proven leader.

    9. CIN: Vernon Gholston , DE , Ohio State- Defense needs help, Gholston is the best defensive player available, rumors of Justin Smith leaving Cincy, at worst he's a major upgrade over Geathers.

    10. NO: Mike Jenkins, CB , USF- Somewhat of a reach, but New Orleans desperatly needs a corner who has the potential to be a shut down corner, next year atleast they can count on one corner to stay with his man.

    11. BUF: Derrick Harvey , DE , Florida- Buffalo's front four offered almost no pressure on the Quarterback, Harvey is the best pure pass rusher in the draft that they hope can develop into a every down player.

    12. DEN: Kenny Phillips , FS , Miami (FL)- Can play both saftey spots, simply put hes a playmaker, hopeful successor to John Lynch and can play along side him until he retires.

    13. CAR: Brian Brohm , QB , Louisville- Needs a face of the franchise at QB, none of their QB's can stay healthy, Needs more work than the other 2 QBs taken, but he has the tools but needs some time adjusting to the NFL Game, giving Delhomme another season to see if he can do anything with the team anymore.

    14. DET: Jake Long , OT , Michigan- First Tackle taken, immediate starter at Left Tackle from Day 1. Drops due to questions if hes just a brute or if hes the complete package at Left Tackle.

    15. CHI: Rashard Mendenhall , RB , Illinois- This may be giving up on Cedric Benson to early, but Mendenhall immediatly adds toughness to the offense which Benson seems to lack (rumors that Chicago rather find a proven QB rather than draft), best player available in the draft left.

    16. ARZ: Jonathan Stewart , RB , Oregon- Edge is slowing down and everyone can see. Stewart has great hands and has incredible vision for a runner. Hopefully helps James extend his career along with bringing a homerun threat to Arizona.

    17. MIN: Malcolm Kelly , WR , Oklahoma- T. Jackson played well late in the year, so might as well give him a weapon and see what Jackson truley is, Hopefully a stud reciever can stop teams from loading the box for Adrian Peterson.

    18. HOU: Ryan Clady , OT , Boise State- Charles Spencer looks like hes not coming back and Ephraim Salaam is not the answer. Quick Feet makes him a great fit for a zone blocking scheme and can hopefully keep Schaub from getting killed.

    19. PHI: Phillip Merling , DE , Clemson - Jevon Kearse will never be the same and Juqua Thomas is not a solid DE. Merling is a devestating pass rusher and with his 6'5"/270 frame can hold his own in the run, Unrealized potential right here.

    20. TB: Andre Woodson , QB , Kentucky - May be most phyiscally gifted QB in the draft but has shown inconsistency and makes bad decisions at time, plays calm and his teammates rally around him. Boom or Bust Prospect, (Hopefully Boom)

    21. WAS: Lawrence Jackson , DE , USC- Andre Carter showed he can be a solid DE, Weakest part of Washington D is their pass rush from the front four, adding a talented player like Jackson could make them the best D in the NFL.

    22. PIT: Jeff Otah , OT/OG , Pittsburgh- Alan Faneca looks like hes gone, Otah can step in at Left Guard and play immediatly, hopefully down the road ends up being the starting Left Tackle. Otah is a very raw O-Lineman who could turn out being the best OT prospect in the draft.

    23. TEN: Limas Sweed , WR , Texas- Vince Young needs wideout more than any QB in the league, him and Bo Scaife hit off from Day 1, maybe throwing Sweed in with Vince will be the same.

    24. DAL: Felix Jones , RB/KR , Arkansas- Julius Jones is gone and Marion Barber is a thumper not a home run threat like Jones, Felix Jones can step in and help a poor punt/kick return unit right away and can become a more explosive complement than Jones offered to Barber.

    25. SEA: Chris Johnson , RB/KR , East Carolina- Shaun Alexander needs to go, he has lost something since he has gotten his $$$, Chris Johnson is a explosive player who doesn't quit. Has the potential to be a franchise back.

    26. NYG: Kentwan Balmer , DT , North Carolina- Helps a weak middle of a tenacious Defense. When Strahan leaves Tuck will take his spot, Tuck currently play DT on Pass Rush downs, Balmer is very atheltic and has proven he can be a presence in the passing along with the running game.

    27. JAX: Early Doucet , WR , LSU- Consistent Reciever which is what Jacksonville lacks, hopeful can become the deep threat needed to stop teams from loading the box against Jones-Drew and Taylor, or atleast give Garrard a reciever he can count on.

    28. SD: Erin Henderson , LB , Maryland- Really have no weak spots on the entire team. Adding a player who they know fits their style and gives them a athlete in the middle of their LB corp.

    29. DAL: Marcus Griffin , S , Texas- every week all you hear is how can we take advantage of Roy Williams in the passing game. Its time to move on, maybe somehow move Roy Williams to Linebacker because hes a amazing run stopper. Griffin gives them a complete secondary that can be counted on in the passing game.

    30. SF: Jordy Nelson , WR , Kansas State- Looks like an absolute monster on the field and on the stat sheet. Needs help on his route running rather than relying just on speed. San Francisco is going to need some weapons for Martz, Martz preaches Route Running which is what Nelson needs to become a complete reciever.

    31. GB: Macho Harris , CB , Virginia Tech- Harris and Woodson are getting older and their almost no depth behind them. Macho offers the same physical, playmaking knack that both current corners have. With some teaching hopefully he will be the next great cornerback for the pack.

    32. NE: -(Pick Taken For Cheating)-


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    ummmmmmmmmmmmm good pick for KC umm ok haha. interesting picks
    my scent? making love to a lumberjack
    <TACKLE> i will ngata give you a bj raji
    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
    <+ScottWright> Why not. Baldwin does need a sparring partner...
    Originally posted by Hermstheman83
    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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      me thinks you gave chicago mendenhall just because he's from illinois...they wont invest 2 1st rounders on RB's IMO, especially with such a deep class


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        Double Post
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          Absolutely horrible Mock. Campbell second overall? John David Booty top 10? Marcus Griffen first round?

          Awful Mock, i think you should redo this one

          San Fran got the steal of the draft. Jordy Nelson at 30, what a steal, he will elevevate the team into super bowl contenders.


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            TERRIBLE Tampa Pick.


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              WOW, That is probably the worst ever pick for the Ravens AND in round 1?!
              AND Vernon Ghloston is right there!!!! No way we pass up Ghloston for JDB, he's not Top 10 worthy, even a 1st round worthy.

              Baltimore: 7-4


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                Keith Rivers isnt going to play ILB, Pats would be better off with Dan Connor.


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                  If Andre Woodson was our starting QB we would break the single season sacks allowed record.

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                    Jake Long falls to 15..... come on. And John David Booty on the 1st day?

                    Sweet Living

                    I remember 9/24/08


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                      pretty terrible mock overall i gotta say. bad giants pick too

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                        Jordy Nelson & John David Booty in Round 1? Really?

                        Baltimore: 7-4


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                          Was this a joke?

                          Dolphins Dream Draft: 1. Jaylon Smith 2. Artie Burns 3. Landon Turner


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                            Jordy Nelson is a lock to go #1 overall.


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                              I would muuuuuch rather have Clady at that spot. Plenty of WRs in this draft. We can get a solid one in the second or third round.




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